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  1. British Politics

    BoJo in intensive care.
  2. British Politics

    So after years of attacking the nhs and playing his part in staff shortages, Bo Jo is hosptialized. Again mixed feelings, but I don't wish harm on anyone.
  3. British Politics

    First of all, it's the honeymoon peroid after a election where the opposition has been beaten. Second of all, we're in a crisis comparable to a war. Most leaders get bumps at time's like this and many have. He gets to pretend he's churchill and doing everything in the country's interest. The backlash comes later. Thirdly it's yougov, apart from those 2 mrrp polls... it's often not the best indicator of public view. There's a bit of a dubious history of how they frame questions and the answers they let you give to major issues. Finally... there's still a pretty decent chance we end up with a no deal brexit in December or a deal that might as well be no deal. As for Keir... like Dazy said, the Torries have a massive majority. Labour have little to no role to play short term. The election is more than 4 years away, almost a full term (unless Theresa May luck striked again). It's too early to say anything about the election. Alot can happen. @Padme Keir was behind Labour's brexit position during the election. It was basically a brexit so soft, it's basically remaining vs. actually remaining via referendum.
  4. Star Trek: Picard

    So it's over now. Season really was a mixed bag with alot little issues that could easily be corrected. However, it's Jean-Luc Picard and Seven of Nine... I just want to see these characters forever on tv as a fan. Jeri Ryan actually seemed the most comfortable in her role throughout. Just a shame she didn't get much to do over the season. I assume she'll be a regular in season 2 though. I wonder however if there was a rights issue with this show. They really shyed away from showing the different Starfleet ships and the klingons were absent. Hopefully though if we do see Worf for example in season 2... it isn't with that new design for klingons in Discovery or the jj films. Also less music and lense flares please.

    A 25 point lead with 9 games to be played assuming they don't just call off the season and award the title. Heart breaking .
  6. Westworld Season 3

    Apparently this on tonight! Only realized while skiming through the Sky planner. Really curious what direction it'll take. I like the show, but I hope they don't keep killing people off, to bring them back again.
  7. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    Enterprise is the one I'd skip if I had too. Enterprise's greatest crime apart from being a lazy prequel is that most if it was boring imo. So bad that they never pay off the main arc about future Archer being the mystery villian and instead made a new mini episode of tng with Riker and Troi to end the show.
  8. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    Chakotay as I recall ends up moved to a side character who doesn't have much to do in the later seasons. Seven gets introduced as sex appeal by the show runners, but her character really grows towards the end. I'm sure you've seen it, but Move Along Home an early ds9 episode is worse than all those imo. Robert Picardo? who played the emh is to be in Picard season 2.
  9. Best TV Shows of the Decade

    Most of the way through binging Mind Hunter. The show's really good. Netflix ought to have promoted it more.
  10. COVID-19: Quarantine Self Help Group

    The later seasons once the characters start to grow, but there are still some bizzare episodes that never should have been aired. Theresold is just bizzare for example.

    Imagine Boris standing at the press box to tell people Euro 2020 is getting canceled or delayed and football isn't coming home.
  12. Star Trek: Picard

    I like the show, but they're really over doing the score. No need to have music playing in every scene. Barely made out what was being said in the Rios/Raffi scene in the latest episode. Hope they take note and get rid off it in season 2.
  13. COVID-19 Outbreak

    One of the most right wing hateful looney's in the gov. That said, I don't wish harm on anyone.
  14. The Outsider

    I like this show, but it clearly was not 10 episodes worth of story. This was the 8th episode and at least 4 of them had very little plot advancement. This would have worked better as a 2 1/2 hr long film.
  15. Star Trek: Picard

    It wasn't a great episode, but it was cool that they brought back Icheb randomly (even if it was a different actor). If you had to name 50 characters you'd expect to re-appear, that one would struggle to make it. Jeri Ryan is supposed to be a reoccurring character, I hope she ends up more as a regular. One other random thing, apparently one of the bars on that planet was called "Quark's Bar". That would have been a fun cameo. I like this show as a Trek fan, but the 45 minute format just doesn't work. They can't get the balance between character development, exposition and plot right currently. Then there's the fact that it's only 10 episodes. 1/2 way done already.