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  1. The British Kim and Kanye

    Bizarre wonder how she feels now. She was what 17 at the time? Obviously several years too old for his usual taste.
  2. Black Panther

    I thought the same. The entire final 3rd was very disappointing and predictable from the moment That's the point when it went from a pretty good film, to just a better than average Marvel film. It's not a bad film, it's good and it's awesome that this is a rare big blockbuster where the cast is mostly Black. Kudos on that, cool. Still doesn't make it Citizen Kane. The people calling it the greatest movie off all time, suggesting that it should win best picture at next year's Oscars are out off their minds. Not sure why Martin Freeman's character was necessary tbh as well. Though I've never read the comics. From the recent Marvel films that I've seen, I enjoyed Ragnarok better. It wasn't a better film on paper, but it was very fun and didn't feel like the same old. I did enjoy Black Panther more than Guardians 2 though.
  3. *FAKE* Silkworms Intro clip

    While it's obviously fan made, just want to point out that this track in particular was supposedly fairly different and mostly instrumental according to both Classic Rock and Mick Wall when they got to hear the tracks years ago. Even Axl said this during the chats afterwards; Dexter wrote: Which is important for some to keep in mind when people keep posting fan made studio versions using the Rio performance on forums and youtube.

  5. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Honestly, never going to play... but for 2018? Still seems silly. Just read that this years WWE hall of fame class includes Ivory (completely fucking random if you lived through the Attitude era), Jeff Jarret (who outside of TNA is infamous for being mid-card for life and a disaster as WCW champion in the Russo era), Hillbilly Jim who was famous for being awful and Kid Rock (because why not?). Does this mean they'll induct Fred Durst too? Personally I'm hoping Headbanger Mosh gets in next year, just to read their article on his legendary career. Why not Missy Kitty too?
  6. I've seen people saying Black Panther should be nominated for best picture next year. It's Get Out all over again. Black Panther was a fine better than average marvel film, that still has a predictable CGI over the top mess for a final 3rd. It's not the best film of all time. Get Out for it's political relevance at the start of the movie, is still just a solid b-movie horror film that remakes the Stepford Wives with a silly final act. It's insane to have that film compared to something likes of The Shape of Water or a Dunkirk. I seen some people trying to suggest Shape of Water winning was regressive and that Daniel Kaluuya gave a better performance than Gary Oldman, therefore racism. I seen Altered Carbon recently. Liked it at first, but I think it fell apart slightly when it randomly becomes a super hero show half way through. It was more interesting in the earlier episodes as a futuristic mystery. Will still look forward to a season 2. Blade Runner 2049 although it wasn't the best film I seen last year, deserved a nomination. Fantastic film that felt different to the competition and wasn't stream lined for anyone with a short attention span. Yes, it wasn't the most succesful film... it was critically acclaimed though and better than certain other films nominated.
  7. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I played one of the WWE2k games for the first time on PSNow. So bad, gameplay worse than N64 games in 1999 and graphics from a decade ago. The commentary was also shockingly bad, but the most realistic thing was they kept burying Bryan Danielson for being a losser and his appearance. With the obnoxious mentions of the Yes Movement, when they tried to brand Bryan. I'm conviced they were trying to turn him heel. Only 6 people in the ring at once too, was mind boggling for a game this decade. At least the shity half-baked game suits the company.
  8. 2018 Oscar Nominations

    Been trying to binge watch the best picture nominees recently. For me; The Shaper of Water ****3/4 (Absolutely loved it, very memorable and deserving) Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri ****1/2 (Very good and even though it's a different type of film, reminded me of No Country for Old Men. Not predictable.) Dunkirk **** 1/2 (Excellent big screen experience and what the cinema was made for) Darkest Hour ***3/4 (Gary Oldman's acting is great at certain points and elevates it) Get Out *** 1/4 (Solid B-movie horror remake of the Stepford Wives, but not best picture worthy)
  9. The Winds of Winter Snow in Europe 2018

    Stay out off this thread you filthy foreigner.
  10. The Winds of Winter Snow in Europe 2018

    Well there's still 43 Tuesdays left in 2018.
  11. So while the arctic is heating up, in my lifetime this is the most snow I've ever seen (Northern Ireland). It literally has snowed here every other week over the past few months. I remember when I was a kid in the 90's and it rarely snowed. Anyone in the UK enjoying the constant snow?
  12. Winter Olympics 2018 - Pyeongchang, S. Korea

    I haven't been paying too much attention to the games and don't know much about skating, but I did watch that last night for a bit in the early hours of the morning. Those 2 girls were very impressive and looked like stars compared to the others. Especially Evgenia (the girl the commentators here expected to win, but came second) The others (Americans, Candian, South Korean ect) just looked like just girls who could skate comfortably on ice and do a jump. As someone who knows nothing, I couldn't tell a difference between almost of all them unless they fell down.
  13. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    Something from modern times; Finishing Personsa 5. Not a perfect game, but really a great game none the less that took my back to my childhood and by the time the post credits scene played after I put in over 120 hours the first play through I felt I'd been on a real journey.
  14. Which songs should they add/drop?

    This is my ideal setlist tbh;
  15. The Daily Hate

    So what are people's thoughts on the angle that the tabloids have been pushing over the last while that Corbyn was/is a traitorous communist spy that should be tried for treason?