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  1. Game of Thrones - The Final Season

    Not big on this ending of the White Walker part of the story with the Night King being killed and all the White Walkers and wight's vanishing or whatever. Seems lazy. Given the Night King is a show invention. Also confused as to why everyone exactly everyone believes Bran. Where was the scene where Bran explained to people he could see the future or proofing to anyone except Ed or Arya that he can see things? The whole three eyed raven thing is never explained in the show and it's safe to say it never will be. ...And what do D/D have against Ellie Kendrick? It's pretty bad if Meera doesn't show up again with or without her father.
  2. Game of Thrones - The Final Season

    I have to say. There's some relationships in this show where the chemistry isn't really that great or makes sense. I mean I don't buy why Danny would trust Tyrion. I don't buy Danny and Jon, though that's probably just the acting. Jon and Arya last week was weird too ect. However Sansa/Theon do have on screen chemistry, also much more believable. Do hope Theon makes it next week. I think Alfie Allen is one of the shows better actors. Theon's also one of my favourite characters in the book. I think alot of secondary characters are gonners next week.
  3. Game of Thrones - The Final Season

    Just watched it on a Russian site. Better quality than on Sky here in the UK. English. Not spoiling, but it was a good episode, better than episode 1. Lots of fan service for show and book fans, D/D silliness aside. Glad I can skip 2am tonight. Really looking forward to episode 3.
  4. Game of Thrones - The Final Season

    Episode leaked in Germany apparently.
  5. Best wishes to the victims and their families. Awful.
  6. British Politics

    You'll be able to buy a wanking pass at your local newsagent to remain anonymous though, as long as you don't mind being on a register of wankers. Though the BBFC might have a say on what types of appropriate porn people are watching and MPs like Damian Green of course will be exempt.
  7. British Politics

    So is there actual public support for this porn block (delayed again till June)?
  8. Realized that never mentioned how this would be scored and tie breaker. It's too late to announce a prize however for points just incase: 1 Per a character being killed 2 If the character is turned into a wight (whether they're killed again or not) The second part's important, as there'll probably be a tie otherwise.

    Don't fancy our chances if we need United to avoid lossing to City. Leicester seem like best chance for us. Skeptical.
  10. British Politics

    Read about that journalist killed. Should be bigger news and breaking on all news stations. I'm for peace, but in this instance should have sent army in and detained all the rioters to find out who was shooting. These people should'nt get away with this. Protestant or Catholic it doesn't matter.
  11. British Politics

    Neither left or right. Everything you say from now on should be dismissed as bollocks. Anyway the last time a party left of the right won the UK EU elections was in 94. In fact apart from 89 it always been the Torries or UKIP in 2014 since 79. This really isn't going to say anything in the end. People barely vote in these elections. It is typical though, that bang on about it being undemocratic to vote in elections. The glimmer of hope though is that yougov polling is generally rubbish.
  12. I was surprised to read recently that The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is for alot of people a prequel and Van Cleef is playing a different character from a Few Dollars More.
  13. It's like the Anti Alien 3. Brings nothing new to story and the protagonists are all extremely annoying. I remember hoping that the dinosaurs would gobble up the whole family. It's also a much smaller film. It feels like one of those films they commissioned before they wrote a script.
  14. Sol Pais

    Did she threaten a mass masscare though or did she just act like a teenager depressed teenager into Marylin Manson? Alot of these quotes on her blog being posted are from Nine Inch Nails tracks. Don't understand how someone can assume you're going to kill people from the lyrics to Sunspots. She was clearly sucidal and was thinking about how to get a gun. Also the impression I got from her former class mates that she was'nt accused of trying to kill weren't particularly nice to her. I think it's a particularly sad affair.
  15. Game of Thrones - The Final Season

    Please use Spoiler Tags @Deb Rose