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  1. British Politics

    Just know that he's a man of the people who has videos and twitter bots talking about how he's a working class man of the people. His rich father the former High Sheriff of Sommerset, Lord Reese Mogg was the former editor of The Times and used to be one of those that ran the BBC. He himself is worth £150 Million and his investment firm (that he co-owns/co-founded, but claims he has nothing to do with) has many millions tied up in ciggarettes/oil companies/ect. has shifted to Ireland to benefit from Brexit. The only thing he has in common with the people he's portrayed as a hero to, by Murdoch, Mail and Daily Express is that he thinks there's too many ethinc minorites in parliament in the Tory party.
  2. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    White has won me over completely since last year's G-1 Special and all that followed. He's a great heel and really made the character worked, improved his matches dramatically since he returned from excursion. Really loved Okada/White at Wrestle Kingdom too. Going to be fascinating to see who he defends against at MSG. It wouldn't be shocking if it was White/Naito or White/Ibushi (who has apparently signed a multi-year deal) instead of White/Okada. However on WWE; Personally never seen the strong matches Drew has had. Honestly as great as AJ, Bryan and Nakamura are... their big matches have been underwhelming. I literally almost fell asleep during that Bryan/AJ match at the rumble and it wasn't because it was 3:AM. The AJ/Nakamura matches were not that good and it felt like two completely different wrestler than the ones that had that Wrestle Kingdom match. A.J./Steen wasn't that great either. Nakamura/Seth wasn't that great. Personally apart from his matches with Cena, I thought AJ's best match was with Brock. Bryan too recently. WWE just isn't a work rate promotion and the crowd's wiliness to chant "this is awesome" like the "what" chant, means they'll never have to be. fyi I did like Ronda/Sasha recently. Felt it ended to short though.
  3. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Was he though? What were you're favorite Drew matches?

    You have failed us Tottenham. On the other game though; I get a real kick out of Ramos's "tactical fouls". That said, this Madrid side is barely a shell of what it was before the season started. They're probably going out in the quarters without an easy draw.
  5. British Politics

    Also has one of the safest seats in the country. Has one of the highest proportion of over-60's area in the country and with the except 2 or 3 election has voted conservative for literally 100's of years. That's why this country doesn't work politically. Also it looks like May is still pushing back the vote on her deal being rejected till the last possible moment, when this is supposed to happen next month. How are people still defending her?
  6. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    So they had Jay White win the title. I know people were suspecting it might happen, but it's a surprise that it actually did. So the Madison Square Garden show's main event; it looks like it's him defending against the winner of the New Japan Cup (possibly Okada, Naito or Ibushi - with the former being the most likely). Oh and Ibushi thankfully popped up half way through the show and said he's staying in New Japan and not going anywhere. Wouldn't be surprised if he does a few dates for AEW though, but fortunately he's not leaving. Would have been a big loss.
  7. Possible bug?

    I've always suspected that there was a conspiracy as to why I don't get many likes . ...But I'm more intrigued by the idea that there's a white color layout format for this forum?
  8. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I listended to the Observer interview. Tbh he came across as insecure and harbouring resentment towards the people that ran it and Tana for exampled. Seemed to think he was a bigger draw in NJPW than Okada/Tana in Japan and that he didn't like the bookings. Also seemed to think that triple threat with Cody was what people wanted to see from a NJPW main event. AEW is taking Omega and presumably Ibushi, along with a dozen other talent. Why would NJPW go out of their way for AEW or use Omega on a handful of dates a year, when they've made themselves a direct competitor for their talent? If the Beretta situation or the AAA relationship didn't do it, then losing Ibushi surely does. No announcement on Ibushi, but Omega made it sound like it was happening and even talked about doing their big match in a bigger building for AEW in the US.
  9. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Looks like she'll get Andreas story. Again it needs to depart from the comics. There's no chance the audiences will stick around for muliple seasons of another evil group story, this time with a mostly different main cast.
  10. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Down on the last year of his run tbh. Had a fantastic G1, started that run as champion with the Okada match ending with the Tana one. However he acted like such a child in interviews. All those Elite matches like the triple threat and Cody matches were low points. Feels like they were building towards a big omega/ibushi match, that we'll never see in NJPW and that they held back Naito (who was their most popular star in Japan, by having him do very little for the Omega story) to the extent that it's cooled off abit. Abit of NJPW's fault too. I don't think Cody and The Young Bucks make any difference to NJPW. However they invested alot in the Omega story for it to end abruptly. Scrull's contract is up in April as is A.J. Styles. I assume there's no chance they get Lesnar (which would be a bad fit) and would be surprised by Styles, but Scrull presumably is definitely headed there. Hope Devitt and Nakamura head back to NJPW.
  11. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Is the National Enquirer the equivalent to the UK's Daily Express?

    Maybe we'll have better luck next year. I think we've lost our chance.

    If Arsenal win tommorow, I might start believing we can actually win the league. I'm very skeptical still.
  14. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    I'm worried, that I'm becoming addicted to Fornite even though I'm awful at it.