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  1. First ever GnR song that you heard?

    There was a late night film review show here in the UK on ITV that reviewed/hyped the latest releases. Terminator 2 had just come out, and they played the "You Could Be Mine" video during the credits. I was like 3. It's one of my earliest memories.
  2. British Politics

    Feels like all hope is lost, unless the polls are as wrong as they were last time. Labour surge seemed on, but only in safe seats they were going to win anyway. Seems like they'll run wild in London, but lose the Midlands and the North. They also seem to be going backwards in Scotland too. Successfully unseat Ian Duncan Smith, but lose 40 or more seats in the process. Then again the pollsters are almost always wrong.
  3. Video Games You Never Finished


    Errr wait a minute. Are we 11 points clear or is something wrong with my eye sight?
  5. British Politics

    Daily Mail now owns the i newspaper...
  6. I'm a little ocd on finishing games once I get into them, but Temple of Elemental Evil for example was one I never finished as a kid. It's completely unplayable even with all the patches. There's a silly amount of unforgiveable bugs and crashes with no fixes.
  7. British Politics

    Channel 4 leaders debate on now. Boris and Farage refused to show, so channel 4 are using two melting sculptures to represent both.
  8. British Politics

  9. British Politics

    The messages were dubious per the source. Someone typed it up then tried to pass it off to Sky as messages they had been sent. Unfortunately the Neil interview wasn't. It was the low point of the past few years. Perfectly timed, given Labour started trending upwards again and were half way back to a hung parliment. This is almost a killer blow if it stops the climb or reverses it. Supporting Labour at this point is entirely about stopping Brexit. Corbyn has to go now, even if there is a Christmas miracle of the Tories being denied a majority.
  10. British Politics

    The worse thing is, I'd have leaned Lib Dem before 2010. Charles Kennedy was one of the few politicans I admired when I was a teenager. In 2010 Clegg effectively had them abbadoned everything appealing about them and litterally fuck over everyone. Swinson during that peroid litterally voted more line with the conservative whip than a who's who of the current conservative cabinet. The whole idea of saying you want rid off student fees, get elected then treble them with the Tories is actually one of the lesser evils they commited. I'd never trust Lib Dem again.
  11. British Politics

    I honestly couldn't give a fuck about Andrew, nounce or not. This is the most important election of our life time and when the Torries win that'll mean basically 5 decades where the only one to win an election that wasn't a tory was blair. Every single pm in this country that's won since Maggie Thatcher was backed by Murdoch. To make matter worse, after 9 years of attacking the disabled, homeless, poor, doctors, teachers and the nhs close to 50% of this population is really going to vote for another term? Fuck you England.
  12. British Politics

    Not in the bbc adaption imo, pretty sure the viewer jumps out the window if they watch the whole series.
  13. British Politics

    Not politics, but I decided to watch the first episode of War of the Worlds that aired on bbc 1 last weekend. Had tapped it, but not got around to it. It's one of the most boring pilots I've ever seen. Can't believe the tv license went on it and I'm a sci fi buff.
  14. British Politics

    Nope. They only voted to take it to the next reading stage. Which although further than where May got it, meant that it was the point where changes could be put down. They also voted to get rid off Johnson's timetable demand that everything was voted on in 3 days with as little discussion as possible of the details. Yes Brexit had been talked about non stop for years, but that was the first time to actually see what was written down. It's very likely given the timetable of 3 days being blocked that a customs union would have ended up attached, that's why Boris decided to pull the deal before the election vote.
  15. British Politics

    It's not about Corbyn, if there was a hung parliment again it'd be a second referendum. That's the reality. The conservatives would not be able to block it. A hung parliment doesn't happen if the Conservatives take much more seats than they lose. As for this deal, you do realize it's basically just a hard brexit, harder than May's deal? Aside from that the Torries would basically have until the middle of next year if this deal passed to agree a trade deal in record breaking time, unless they want to extend the extension which Boris keeps saying he won't. Which basically means the news will be filled with talk about no deal next december too and likely years. This deal passing, doesn't end the process. It just means Brexit cannot be called if it is.