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  1. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Apparently njpw have bought stardom. Very interesting, it was rumoured for a bit. Supposedly njpw's parent company had been putting cash into Stardom behind the scenes since last year. So Stardom is the defacto NJPW women's wrestling.
  2. British Politics

    So Saturday it seems might be the last decent chance to force a second referendum.
  3. If every song with a piano and guitar is called circus maximus, yes. If not, no. Sounds nothing like it.
  4. Rick played a central part in multiple cds worth of un released tracks from the band leaking, including tracks that will probably be on the next album (if there is one). He then posted about it on the biggest Guns N' Roses forum on the net and on social under his real name to get attention. Suggesting he'd spread them, then they spread. He then buys a VIP pass to their concert with his name on a tag soon after expecting to meet the band. He might not behind the personsa(s) in question spreading them through Discord or Evo, but he put himself front and center for attention. Sorry guys, but get fuckin' real if your really think ole Rick was hard done by. He should be grateful he's not facing legal action, never mind expecting gratitude. We can all be grateful we heard these tracks, but don't expect the band to be.

    You are my Solskjaer, My Ole Solskjaer, You make me happy, When skies are grey,
  6. Star Trek: Picard

  7. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Building to the biggest show of the year. WWE Bad Blood Money in Saudia Arabia.
  8. The Joker

    We've seen so many takes on this before. We really didn't another Heath Ledger's man with a plan, Jack Nicholson playing Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill's cartoon villain or whatever was going on in Suicide Squad. This is a film grounded in reality, based in the 80's before mass surveillance. It's not a Batman film, it's entirely plausible that most of this could happen. I wasn't personally interested in watching a superhero film.
  9. The Joker

    No offence, but that reads like a pretentious movie review from someone who was thinking more about what to write, than what they saw. Seen it today at the 2:PM showing here. Cinema was usually filled out abit for a afternoon showing. It's normally abandoned. I really like this, but I didn't love it. It's not that the trailer gives away too much, it's that it includes too many scenes from early on the film. So you know what's going to happen in alot of scenes, until the second half. I can see the criticism of the director being too in love with the scenes, but honestly so what? I don't however get the idea that this is conservative propaganda as some reviewers are desperate to go out about. I think with the early buzz, people were just looking for a reason to hate it. imo just treat it as a film on it's own merits. Although I would be intrigued to see another film with Joaquin Phoenix, I just don't think it's necessary. This doesn't work if it's a Batman film.
  10. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Wrong thread. This site isn't mobile friendly.
  11. Does anyone speak to nameless_girl?

    You can find him posting gnrevolution.com/index.php
  12. Sebastian Bach Axl late story

    I always remembered that, I was actually going to post a clip of it till I seen this. It's a shame channel 4 haven't done another one since I was a kid. 2 other great parts in it: The one where they tell the joke that Axl kicked everyone out off the band and tried to kick himself, but he wouldn't leave. The bit where Kiss say they're finished, it's over.. yet a few moments later they're back on tour and playing a carpark.
  13. British Politics

    It'd actually make things much worse. A poll in Ireland, would be another Brexit campaign but with bombs. Those that think this is an exaggeration, clearly do not live here. Simply put, the troubles weren't that long ago. The GFA was only 2 decades ago. It may have dramatically deescalated things, but the tensions are still there and paramilitaries still operate here. This applies to whatever way the vote went. That's also why Northern Ireland is better off where it is, in the middle. Personally I was opposed to unification pre 2017. Now, I'm not so sure of my support, but I am sure that there shouldn't be a poll. The DUP shouldn't be Northern Ireland's only voices in this. There are other parties other than the DUP/Sinn Finn. fptp is seriously flawed. edit He's trapped now. The court documents they submited said they will ask for an extension if there's no deal by October 19th. He's trapped now, regardless of what he says in public about leaving with no deal.
  14. Paul Huge and the new album

    I don't think people realize Paul was still in the background as late as 08. He's all over these tracks we've listening too and played on the original versions of several older tracks. Think people people not to stop solely blaming Tobias for the split and consider the reality that he was actually a good song writer. If Gun's record anything from the Chinese Democracy sessions, it'll be something Tobias originally played on. So Jimmy is right, regardless of the cynical comments he gets.