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  1. British Politics

    Isn't that not vote for the Torries? I mean after all their projections of 2015 at the start of the decade, now say mid 2060s
  2. British Politics

    Honestly think budget Trump might be the least worst option. He's such a buffon, he'd probably end withdrawing article 50 by mistake. As for the others; Mogg's someone so stuck in the past that he'd probably bring back chimney sweepers as a kids job. Mcvey is pure evil. Raab is the kind of person who's looks like he'll throw up anytime he sees someone who's working class. A cunt. Javid is a neo con. Jermery Hunt is a cunt who was in charge of the NHS for most of this decade. Leadsoms is a looney if you remember her before she got leadership of the house. Liam Fox is probably too busy with rent boys. David Davis is a buffon and the one who helped negotiate the deal he's complaining about. Damian Green is the one who spent 10 hours plus a day on his parliamentary computer watching porn. Rudds in a marginal seat and likely to lose it. Apart from that she's the one that goes on tv and defends the Saudi's killing kids, nevermind helping cover for May and wind rush.
  3. British Politics

    Leadership contest is tonight between 6 and 8. Not sure what the lesser evil is.
  4. British Politics

    Leadership contest takes awhile. No chance Reese Mogg or Johnson would be standing un opposed.
  5. US Politics/Elections Thread

    You do know the 10 mps that are keeping May in power don't believe dinosaurs ever existed?

    It's all cool. This actually works out pretty well if they don't equalize .
  7. British Politics

    Got a relative a 15 pound Christmas gift of Ted Baker perfume, then turn on the news tonight 3 hours after I've posted it. Sigh.

    The whole certain teams being guranteed play offs that'll probably qualify normally anyway, meaning those play off spots go the next highest ranked team mumbo jumbo that's going to lead to confusion... Well basically maybe they're not entirely fucked even if they're smashed by both the Germans and the Dutch. Northern Ireland are ranked 24th. So they need the other 23 teams based on Nations League rankings to be the top 23 to make the play offs??? Wouldn't hold my breath. Then again Germany have been miserable recently. -edit- Kosovo and Scotland ranked lower than Northern Ireland already make it impossible. They'll have to beat the Germans or the Dutch. My mind heads just reading the rules.
  9. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    There's no way they do more than 2 seasons of the whispers. I bet the show ends up cancelled next year, if they don't change direction from the source material and I don't mean changing the order of deaths. The saviours thing went on long enough.
  10. US Politics/Elections Thread

    fyi Jared Kushner owns that company.
  11. The T.V. Show Thread

    Unfortunately I'm not sure where it aired this side of the world. Did see it get praised in a Guardian article talking about The Wire though. I'll add it to my long "watch someday list".
  12. Catcher sounded like a classic 70's rock track in the Bryan May demos. On the album it's a musical abortion with way too much guitar. All the demos leaked prior to early 07 in my opinion apart from Madagascar sounded better in demo form than on the album. Just needed mastered. You can also hear Tommy's base on them, where as on the album Bumblefoot's additional guitar parts are recorded over it. I really think even without hindsight, it was indefensible that those tracks still didn't get released for years later. Better got played on uk radio almost 3 years before it was offically released. No wonder it didn't matter when it eventually was.
  13. The T.V. Show Thread

    Binged watched "The Wire" on Sky Box sets not long ago. I loved the show. Wasn't really the ending I'd have prefered, but it was still another great HBO show that didn't fall down a cliff after a few seasons. Only wish I'd watched it when it originally aired. It would've been like weekly crack.

    You do know they all support Rangers? ...And no I don't support the Republic. I'm not Irish.

    I have as much love for Northern Ireland team as I do the DUP/Sinn Fein or Rangers/Celtic. Most of those in my neighborhood that wear those shirts come from paramilitary families. In otherwords I couldn't give a fuck.