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  1. This is awkward and I feel weird that I'm one of the few here that think this. However despite the fact that what you said is certainly true (in relation to bought reviews/pressure on critics to pretend this is the greatest), I honestly didn't think it was that bad. It's not an all time classic and there's definitely flaws like killing off Luke which everyone expected, but no one wanted. The entire side plot and adventures of Finn could have been taken out and the final section feels like a super hero movie in 2017. People surviving things that should have killed them. I just think however that most of Rey's story until the final stretch when it merges with the other side plots was pretty good. I really the island section and the confrontation between Rey/Kylo/Snoke. This film despite it flaws is still steps above the prequel trilogy and certainly Rogue one for me.
  2. British Politics

    The problem is Blair is so toxic he's a net negative to any cause. The Tories might have voted for it and done the same if they were in power, but Blair's the one responsible for taking those decisions a decade ago. So many people dead and it was all brushed off in the end.
  3. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2017 Edition

    Really should have seen it in the cinema. That film on a large screen with the audio is what the cinema is made for.
  4. British Politics

    They included the clause in the bill. So nope.
  5. British Politics

    Believe it or not Henry the 8th. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proclamation_by_the_Crown_Act_1539 The difference is a PM now has those powers. For those not from the UK, let's say a bill is passed... This kind of clause if inserted into the bill, makes it possible to change everything the bill covers retrospectively without vote. In other words changing the description of laws retrospectively after a vote has occurred and not allowing a re-vote. Sounds a bit silly using a 16th century technicality, right? Well not for these people.
  6. British Politics

    Actually there was an amendment on removing the Henry VIII powers immediately after that vote. The government won that one. That vote above that was the headline, was on making the vote on the deal actually mean something. So there is an obscure chance Brexit does get stopped in the end, but I still reckon the best chance is another election.
  7. Seen it early today. 6:30 AM showing at my local. I braved the sub zero temperature and ice for a special early showing in an empty cinema. All of those complaints said, I did feel like in certain sections this could have been the best film since Empire Strikes Back. They just got carried away with the silliness though.
  8. British Politics

    You mean like the Tories that have never been to this part of the country?
  9. British Politics

    Yes actually. EU Parliament is elected by proportional representation. The Council is each member's head of government, i.e the UK's is May. The commission which isn't elected is made up of representatives chosen by each member's head of state who is elected. It's technically more democratic than the House of Lords.
  10. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    Not overly excited this season, but I enjoyed the twist and deviation. Walking Dead unlike GOT is always better when it strays further away from source material. The show isn't going on forever and did anyone really think they were going to keep the actor on the show for another 8 seasons till they kill him off or the show ends? The show ain't going 16 seasons and I'd be shocked if they even got the show up-to-date with the comics. Needs to change course, so that they can come up with an end-game before the show is cancelled without an ending. They killed off the 2nd safest character in the show apart from Rick. Hooray twist!
  11. British Politics

    Given the comments by Tories today and over the weekend, I think they're trying to get EU to reject the deal. Every Tory Brexiteer/May are sending the message that we don't take the agreement seriously and we're untrustworthy so you shouldn't trust us anyway.
  12. All-Time Favourite Videogame Moments

    The choice of music kind of ruined the video, but moments like getting this FOS; Lots of FF moments and from Zelda, but had to go with that.
  13. British Politics

    EU and Japan finalize deal for trade zone covering 30% of global GDP To add to the barrage of news from Brussels this morning, the EU and Japan have finalized their free trade deal, which was agreed in principle back in July. Both sides have now agreed the text of an economic partnership agreement to create the world’s largest open economic zone, which will cover 600m people and encompassing approximately 30 per cent of global GDP, according to the EU. The deal, which took four years to agree, cuts tariffs, introduces cooperation on standards and regulations, and opens up public procurement markets. European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker and Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe said that while the deal had “considerable economic value”, it was also of “strategic importance”, demonstrating the regions’ commitment “to keeping the world economy working on the basis of free, open and fair markets with clear and transparent rules”. “It’s done”, said Mr Juncker, who described the agreement as “a powerful political signal to the world, keeping the flag of free and fair trade high”. “With the finalization of the negotiations, the path is now clear to complete the internal procedures leading to the signature, ratification and full implementation of the agreement,” Mr Juncker and Mr Abe added in a joint statement. But despite the months of negotiations on the details of the text since July, which were intended to allow the two sides to iron out any wrinkles, the deal announced on Friday dodges the contentious issue of investor protection, separating it out from the main economic partnership agreement. Investor protection was highlighted as a sensitive issue back in July, with Brussels rejecting the use of traditional “investor state-dispute settlement” tribunals — criticized by campaign groups as a tool for multinationals to undermine environmental and labour standards– and Tokyo resisting the alternative of investment courts. Instead, negotiations will continue separately on the issue outside the scope of the main deal, helping smooth the path towards ratification of the trade agreement by the EU’s member states. Source:https://www.ft.com/content/f0f093fb-89e9-395d-b12a-39a789c321a1
  14. Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek

    It can't be worse than any of the Star Trek spinoffs/reboots they pumped out since Deep Space Nine ended. I've despised the JJ Abrams Len's Flare, weak version of Guardian of the Galaxy films fyi.
  15. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    I thought Jurassic World was more about a Chris Pratt adventure movie and less about actual dinosaurs, which is why I was down it. Parts were cool, but there was no need for the silliness of Pratt ridding his bike along side the Raptors. Dislike that they're going to go back to it again.