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  1. Game of Thrones - Prequel TV Show

    Actually supposed to be the original Long Night. How the White Walkers came about ect. The Night King. Problem is, George and different people are running this. Jane Goldman is the show runner and no D/D involvement. No D/D is great, but they made a mess out of the White Walker (the little they told) story before they finished the show. The book character The Night's King is a different character to The Night King on the show with different origins/backstory. This could get messy, because of random scenes D/D included with no thought put in. This show is going to dramatically contradict Game of Thrones. Deffinitely watching and glad that Northern Ireland is getting more exposure, however I generally don't like prequels. fyi. The video I originally posted wasn't real. Got fooled by one of those copy cat accounts. I am curious though, will there be Ice Spiders?
  2. British Politics

    What about the several hundred thousand dead Iraqis that no one ever talks about and the destabilising of an entire region with all that followed. Which is one of the many reasons we should have nothing to do with this US/Iran situation. Just a reminder too that the right were begging for blood too. Most of the conservatives backed it. Gove is one of those that believes it was one of the best decisions this country has ever made. The biggest contribution Blair could make to the remain debate is staying away for it.
  3. British Politics

    Hope they release the audio in the end. Imagine the mixes in the run up to the election? Fingered crossed it's similar.
  4. USA almost attacked Iran

    I think you can tell from their previous comments on politics that everything they believe comes from Fox News. The idea that anyone could talk up the possibility of this war as a good thing and speak positively of the Saudi's is unbelievable.
  5. British Politics

    1 day too late. Dodged the bullet though given the Iran situation. The man who still thinks Iraq was one of the UK's best foreign policy decisions in modern history is the last one we'd want in charge now.
  6. British Politics

    It'd be hilarious if he ended up withdrawing because of this, however I assume this will only endear him more to the Tory membership.
  7. British Politics

    Apparently the guardian have audio recording from Johnson neighbours of a domestic incident last night were the police were called out. So Boris assaulting his girlfriend to get votes? #notshocking
  8. USA almost attacked Iran

    Israel gets a free pass, because of the Bible. The Saudi's because they're a good source of income for the west and because the countries they commit warcrimes in tend to be countries the US wants bombed anyway. Isn't that it? I mean the right wing argument for arm sales is always, if we (the UK) don't sell them bombs to drop... someone else will Honestly think we should't be selling arms to anyone.
  9. Anyone here ever sell a online gaming account?

    Basically trying to sell Warcraft account and Blizz games accounts that I haven't used in years. Not sure where to sell though. Mostly dodgy sites. The game itself became very toxic a few expansions back, when Blizzard started focusing on micro transaction s and streamling everything. Honestly as fun as it was almost a decade ago, I do regret getting into it. Haven't played it in years, but I have lots of old obtainable things on it. I know people used to sell things on it and people were using it for bitcoin trading several years ago, before it became a big money thing. Bit too late now, but I do want to get rid of the account. Though I am aware the days of getting a grand for it are long gone.
  10. USA almost attacked Iran

    Actually even some of the us news channels here in the UK had people questioning why, the US was flying a millitary drone where it was even if it wasn't in Iran airspace and if it was then they'd be within their rights. It was likely an attempt to bait them and it worked. Not trying to defend Iran here, but I remember very vividly how Iraq played out and that was under governments less prone to hyperbole and mcarthyism (bush and blair).
  11. USA almost attacked Iran

    Worth pointing out that although the Iranians probably were responsible, that isn't the conclusion the French, Germans, Japanese ect. drew. The EU wanted more proof. The UK's stance was just that there's no reason to doubt the Americans.
  12. USA almost attacked Iran

    Just a reminder for some here. We'd be following the US if this happened. It'd be the USA with it's allies the peace living Saudi's, Israel and Tory Britian. Hunt was talking up the prospect just days ago. Yet someone the Tory leadership race was further up the headlines. I think it's outrageous that we're in danger of being dragged into another war by team America, just over a decade since Iraq. One that'd be many times more costly likely.
  13. British Politics

    Like I said, that happened in 2017. However the Torries managed to make it an election on Brexit and with first past the post, that's what we got. Alot of those supposedly hard left policies appealed to voters. The centre ground ie Blair is what ave us Iraq. The other centre, the Lib Dems gave us the Torries and austerity. According the media, Cameroon is the centre ground too.
  14. British Politics

    Miilliband wouldn't have rallied the young and the left. He's the kind of MP that campaigns for refugees that he probably voted to bomb. Sure, maybe less austerity and complaining about it wouldn't exactly have been a huge selling point. The tabloids would have found a way. You don't remember his father being portrayed as a traitor to Britian?