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  1. Which type of baby is Gracii having?

    Just read on BBC news that, apparently in the last 12 months no parent named their child Nigel in honor of Brexit. Not a single child. However there were 18 boys called "Thor", 63 called "Odin" and 29 called "Axl".
  2. MyGNR

    Is it really as bad as actually having 19,000 PLUS posts though ?
  3. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    It's not like they were going to be making much money off doing top 10 lists and the ad revenue. I doubt WCPW is very profitable either.
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Trump's speech today was horrifying. It's like living in an alternative reality. You Americans are living in a bubble and are going to end up getting us all killed one day.
  5. MyGNR

    Ad Revenue I'd guess, from just typing Guns N' Roses or Guns N' Roses forum into google. Surely a few pages that redirect to other sites and doesn't get updated doesn't cost that much to keep online?
  6. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Watched a bit of CMLL's 84th Anniversary Show at the weekend. I really think it might have been my 2nd favorite promotion if I actually had time to watch wrestling regularly. The camera work/presentation is all what wrestling should look like in 2017 in my opinion, it's anti-AAA. AAA comes across as a carny Mexican equivalent of TNA. CMLL looks fantastic, probably better than NJPW at major shows. I can't watch SmackDown!/RAW with the camera work with those silly angles and zoom-ins is headache inducing. If you've never watched CMLL before, this is what it looks like;
  7. September 11 16th anniverarry

    Just remember that hijackers had nothing to do with Iraq and what followed did not make the world safer.
  8. Game of Thrones Season 8 Death Pool

    You already knew. Anyway they're building the sets, filming starts in a few weeks. So if anyone wants to sign up like @bran or @OmarBradley, there's 2 weeks left before the spoilers get out. Unfortunately we'll probably know the end of the show before Christmas. *Hope I'm wrong*.
  9. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Pretty shocking of Vince to have Kevin do that. The Shibata thing was only a few months ago and let's remember, it was Shibata that got the injury giving one. Forget that Vince is 72, Owens could injured himself. They're in the middle of a concussion law suit too.
  10. British Politics

  11. Let's have an appropriate jokes thread

    Sure this isn't the bad jokes thread?
  12. British Politics

    You know @Georgy Zhukov the bill some of us are talking about goes further than anything the Republicans have done recently and has the potential if utilized to do more lasting damage to this country than Trump will ever do to the US without a war?
  13. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    In fairness he uses alot of verbiage in this thread that I've never heard/seen anyone else use. Honestly can't believe the term "IWC" is being used in 2017 either, but hey no offense intended. Not sure on Kari, but supposedly it was Io who they tried to get at the same time that would have had to take a pretty big paycut. Io was the top star in Stardom, so it's probably slightly different from Kari. However Stardom don't exactly run huge crowds. It really makes me question how much money some talent in NXT are getting paid working for a billion dollar company if a niche indie Women's Wrestling company that can only draw a thousand on their best day is out paying WWE. As for what they'll do with her; we've already seen from history what they do with female talent, especially those that get over before Vince has had a chance to mold them; see Bayley/Sasha.
  14. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Hojo's so much better than the other female wrestlers they have, it's just a shame WWE isn't a wrestling promotion and she's not going to be doing 1990's AJPW Women's style matches anywhere anyway. Hope she makes alot of money before they Bayley her. Apparently agreed to a pay cut to work there (though I might be mistaken and it was Io Shirai).
  15. US Politics/Elections Thread