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  1. It's the most ant-democratic vote in the world, where voters are forced to vote for unelected bureaus. How did they vote? ...And will Europe be living out a right fantasy of wide spread goose-stepping? Here're some projections: https://europeelects.eu/ep2019/
  2. European Parliment Election Results 2019

    The elections would be invalid if a member state didn't participate, that's why. As for leaving, it's as likely as it was 2 years ago. Parliament isn't going to back leaving without a deal short of an election. Anyway tldr for those that weren't reading/watching. Torries got almost wipped out, UKIP too... both sets voters went with Farage. Lib Dems and Green surged, on the back of Labour not backing a second Referendum and trying to fudge. Brexit party is biggest party, but this is pr. Remain parties overall got more votes on a whole whether your dubious about the Labour fudge. Across Europe the centre left types (labour ect.) and centre right (conservatives ect.) got squeezed, but are still biggest blocs.Centre/soft liberal (see Lib Dems) got more votes this time and the greens (like the greens surged). The far right didn't surge despite the tabloid fantasies. However the loonies (national front, la pen) in France did pick up slightly more than Macron in France, despite lossing ground, but basically like the last election in 14. Nothing changed. In Germany the greens surged, no afd goose stepping (Farage fantasy) sweeping all (they came 4th). Basically you can read whatever result you mean into whatever. Nothing really changed. I'd voted Green if I had the chance fyi. Unfortunately in Northern Ireland we'll end up with 1 DUP/1 sinn Fein and probably alliance as the 3rd seat. I'm dubious on Alliance, but they're the much lesser evil.
  3. British Politics

    Hunt's management of the NHS contributed to those NHS stories and Brexit in the first place. He's one of those priviatize the NHS types. Also said anything and everything on Brexit at one point or the other. Don't think he believes in anything other than his career. Hand cock is void of ideas. His career has consisted of him being a political surrogate where he defends gov. on TV. Only thing learned about him of note lately is that he wants to be pm. Stewart stands no chance. His views (when he's spoke on TV) are more in line with the Labour right or tigs. Tories aren't going to elect him. Not a basketcase, but not right wing enough. Rudd was never running. Ultra marginal seat, 50/50 chance of her surving last election. It took recounts, there's no chance of her surving next time. Besides someone who's career revolved around deffending arm sales to the Saudias and dropping bombs on kids? Yeah, that's really grab the non Tory vote. Javid is another one. Who knows what he really thinks. He's an ethnic minority who doesn't like coloured people. The member ship would never vote for him. The only thing that matters about them, is which of the 9 circles their political views belong in.
  4. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I'm sorry, but I feel very uncomfortable already watching a double amuptee getting best up. Not a smart move on your first show. -edit- First match over. I wasn't keen on that. Little too carny. Pre Show is on ITV box office.
  5. British Politics

    I wasn't joking fyi. That's what was on the list of redacted items under her name: from the Tory whip's office list of how to get MPs to vote: that the papers leaked. I imagine it'll never be mentioned again by the tabloids if she makes the final 2. Yes of course on Johnson. Has an NDA agreement with someone's aide for something he supposedly done. Raab has an injunction against him too for harrasing a woman. Hand cock was sleeping with his assistants (pretty light let's face it). Rory Stewart's entry just reads (asked female researcher to do odd things). Rudd who isn't running supposedly had an affair with Kwassi Karteng (who was also one of Liz Truzz's conquests). Don't think there was any of the other leadership candidates listed.
  6. Star Trek: Picard

    The first proper Star Trek in almost 20 years.
  7. British Politics

    Baker is a right winger obbessed with Brexit above all else. Raab the right wing basketcase who looks he'll vomit when he sees anyone who's poor. A Trump impersonater. Likely to lose his seat at the next election, regardless of the election results. Esther Mcvey, pure evil. Hates the disabled and the poor. Penny Mordant a standard right winger. Doesn't stand out, not winning. Andrea "I'm a Mother" Leadsom. Right wing petulant basket case. Seeing her speaking as leader of the house is like watching an angry teenage girl. Gove, the book version of Littlefinger. Liz Truss a basket case who is more looney than the others. Slept half the male members of the conservative party apparently and her assistants. The conservative party chairman. Actually pretty respectable for a right winger I thought, until he put forward that remove backstop amendment. Sajid Javid. Never winning because of the colour of his skin, which is ironic considering he hates ethnic minorities too. Jeremy Hunt aka the man in charge of the NHS crisis over the past decade that wants to priviatize the NHS. Good luck if they pick him. Matt Hand cock. One of the lesser evils, he mainly just shows up on TV to defend the government, doesn't seem to have any discernable views. Rory Stewart. Not winning, not worth talking about.
  8. Game of Thrones - The Final Season (***SPOILERS***)

    Supposedly the original season 8 plan had Jorah surving and going to the wall after the Winterfell battle while Danny matched south. They changed it, because this was apparently something they thought was a logic gap? So they killed him off instead in Danny's arms. The final scene was supposed to be Jon, Jorah and Tormund heading North of the wall. Just goes to show for the long term planning. At least it wasn't we had Arya kill the Night King, because Jon is the hero and this was unexpected terroity.
  9. Coming April 14th: Should be a proper non teaser trailer in the coming weeks. Since this, comes out April 14th you'll get to see what Northern Ireland looked like pre-Brexit! Official MYGNR SEASON 8 DEATH POOL:
  10. Star Trek: Picard

    It's set in 2399, 20 years after Star Trek Nemesis. The show is about him, not the TNG cast. I know they're going to just have the JJ Abrams films be in a alternative universe and nothing to do with this except the bit at the start about the end of the Romulus (I'd prefer they'd ignore this too), but I hope they don't try to reconcile this with Discovery. I personally want a series closer to Deep Space Nine (if not the TNG) than one of Abrams Guardians of the Galaxy Star Trek hyribids.
  11. British Politics

    I hope we don't get Esther Mcvey or Gove, Hunt, Raab. At least with Boris he'll lose his seat next time there's an election. He might be a nasty human being, but at least it's just about his career. With Mcvey she's actively evil.
  12. Who is Slipknot's new member 'Burn Victim' ?

    Imagine you're a very angry 13 year old, trying to be cool. That hasn't listened to much music yet in life.
  13. Game of Thrones Season 8 Death Pool *SPOILERS*

    FINAL LEADER BOARD: 1st: bran - 9 2nd =: Dan H. - 8 KiraMPD - 8 4th =: AtariLegend - 7 downzy - 7 Georgy Zhukov - 7 username - 7 Zoot - 7 8th =: AslatIE - 6 Daedalus - 6 -Jaro- - 6 Deb Rose - 6 TRIVIA NOTE: Congrats Bran.
  14. Think of 10 characters (only) you think won't make it past the final season next year. Since the scripts/spoilers/filming haven't came out/started yet there's no spoilers. The books have also gone in a different direction from the show. (Updated Rule) Points: 1 Per a character being killed 2 If the character is turned into a wight (whether they're killed again or not) Do not pick "The Night King", it won't count. Also please don't pick Ceseri's unborn child. For example; 1. Grey Worm 2. Melisandre 3. Samwell Tarly 4. Daenerys Targaryen 5. Beric Dondarrion 6. Qyburn 7. Arya Stark 8. Euron Greyjoy 9. Cersei Lannister 10. Varys You must know the name of the character you pick, don't say for example "the guy traveling with Brienne". Say Podric Payne instead. *You can edit your choices as many times as you like for the next month, afterwards any predictions you make by October won't count*. We can come back to this thread when the seasons airing to see who guessed correctly. LEADER BOARD; = -Jaro- AslatIE AtariLegend bran Daedalus Dan H. Deb Rose downzy Georgy Zhukov KiraMPD username Zoot
  15. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    It's been like that since what, the year 2002? It's not going to change.
  16. British Politics

    May supposedly going to quit tonight. Andrea "I'm a Mother" Leadsom supposed to quit the cabinet to run for PM. According to Sky News.
  17. Game of Thrones - The Final Season (***SPOILERS***)

    From Grrm himself: NOT A BLOG PREVIOUS ENTRY An Ending MAY 20, 2019 The last night, the last show. After eight epic seasons, HBO’s GAME OF THRONES series has come to an end. It is hard to believe it is over, if truth be told. The years have gone past in the blink of an eye. Can it really have been more than a decade since my manager Vince Gerardis set up a meeting at the Palm in LA, and I sat down for the first time with David Benioff and D.B. Weiss for a lunch that lasted well past dinner? I asked them if they knew who Jon Snow’s mother was. Fortunately, they did. That was how it started. It ended last night. I had no clue, that afternoon at the Palm, that I was about to embark on a journey that would change my life. I had optioned books and stories for television and film before. Some had even been made There was no way to know that this one was going to be different, that this pilot would not only be shot, but would go on to become the most successful show in the history of HBO, win a record number of Emmy Awards, become the most popular (and most pirated) show in the world, and transform a group of talented but largely unknown actors into major celebrities and stars. Even less did I imagine that I would somehow become a celebrity as well… and if truth be told, I’m still not sure how that happened. It has been a wild ride, to say the least. I want to thank people, but there are so many. There were forty-two cast members at the season eight premiere in New York City, and that wasn’t even all of them. And the crew, though less visible than the cast, were no less important. We had some amazing people working on this show, as all those Emmys bear witness. David & Dan assembled a championship team. The directors were incredible as well. I should start naming names, but then I’d miss someone, there were so many. But I do need to mention David Benioff, Dan Weiss, Bryan Cogman (the third head of the dragon, as I said in the recent VANITY FAIR piece about him), and of course the great team at HBO, headed by Richard Plepler. Any other network, and GAME OF THRONES would not have been what it became. Most other networks, this series never gets made at all. I could go on and on… and have, as I’ve been writing this post in my head… but there’s really too much to say. Parting is such sweet sorrow, the Bard wrote. In the weeks and months to come, I may post about some of my favorite moments from the making of this show… now and again, when I am feeling nostalgic… but just now, there are so many memories, and no time to do them all justice. Let me say this much — last night was an ending, but it was also a beginning. Nobody is retiring any time soon. David and Dan are going on to STAR WARS and other projects beyond that. Amazon scooped up Bryan Cogman, and put him to work on developing shows of his own, as well as helping out on their big Tolkien project. Our brilliant cast has scattered to the four winds, but you’ll be seeing a lot of them in the years to come, in all manner of television shows and movies. Our directors are keeping busy as well. I suspect that you have not seen the last of Westeros on your television sets either, but I guess that all depends on how some of these successor shows turn out. And me? I’m still here, and I’m still busy. As a producer, I’ve got five shows in development at HBO (some having nothing whatsoever to do with the world of Westeros), two at Hulu, one on the History Channel. I’m involved with a number of feature projects, some based upon my own stories and books, some on material created by others. There are these short films I am hoping to make, adaptations of classic stories by one of the most brilliant, quirky, and original writers our genre has ever produced. I’ve consulted on a video game out of Japan. And then there’s Meow Wolf… And I’m writing. Winter is coming, I told you, long ago… and so it is. THE WINDS OF WINTER is very late, I know, I know, but it will be done. I won’t say when, I’ve tried that before, only to burn you all and jinx myself… but I will finish it, and then will come A DREAM OF SPRING. How will it all end? I hear people asking. The same ending as the show? Different? Well… yes. And no. And yes. And no. And yes. And no. And yes. I am working in a very different medium than David and Dan, never forget. They had six hours for this final season. I expect these last two books of mine will fill 3000 manuscript pages between them before I’m done… and if more pages and chapters and scenes are needed, I’ll add them. And of course the butterfly effect will be at work as well; those of you who follow this Not A Blog will know that I’ve been talking about that since season one. There are characters who never made it onto the screen at all, and others who died in the show but still live in the books… so if nothing else, the readers will learn what happened to Jeyne Poole, Lady Stoneheart, Penny and her pig, Skahaz Shavepate, Arianne Martell, Darkstar, Victarion Greyjoy, Ser Garlan the Gallant, Aegon VI, and a myriad of other characters both great and small that viewers of the show never had the chance to meet. And yes, there will be unicorns… of a sort… Book or show, which will be the “real” ending? It’s a silly question. How many children did Scarlett O’Hara have? How about this? I’ll write it. You read it. Then everyone can make up their own mind, and argue about it on the internet.
  18. Game of Thrones - The Final Season (***SPOILERS***)

    In the original script for the season 2 vision it's snow. Some on the show though said it was a mistake and it was Ash on the throne in an attempt to retcon a spoiler. They didn't know where the story was going when they included those visions in earlier seasons. They probably did assume the story ended with Jon on the throne. Also think Bran's vision in season 4 was a mistake when they didn't include snow. So maybe that's why they had it not snow in episode 5? People are thinking this is long term planning, but really they're retconning past scenes to try and make things make sense. Not that it matters, but I'm surprised Daario was never mentioned again.
  19. Game of Thrones - The Final Season (***SPOILERS***)

    Fyi I did love this show, despite the writing post season 4 and will miss it. Anyone seriously comparing the finale though to Dexter clearly doesn't remember Dexter. The finale of that show was a seemingly intentional fuck you to anyone that forced themselves to watch it past it's season 4. D/D kinda forgot that Winter came, went then came again in the space of 7 episodes
  20. Game of Thrones - The Final Season (***SPOILERS***)

    One reason I think it's obvious, that doesn't happen in the books, is because in George's original draft Sansa wasn't even a principal character. Add in Rickon. You could say maybe George told them Rickon would die, however given the contempt they treated the character with I'm not sure. They litterally wouldn't even let him speak in season 6. Also if the great houses were the ones voting, why no Howland Reed? Again it can only be explained if they hated Ellie Kendrick.
  21. Game of Thrones - The Final Season (***SPOILERS***)

    One thing I'm confused about. Do people other than the Starks and Tyrion actually know who Jon was at the end?
  22. Game of Thrones - The Final Season (***SPOILERS***)

    Bran comes across very poorly in this. They changed parts of his story in the earlier seasons and then in season 5 litterally left the character out, because they thought it be too boring. You litterally have a character who can see through time and control animals/people with his mind, that does nothing for seasons. Then the dialogue they wrote for him, makes him into a creep and makes it look like he planned this all so he could end up as king. Just bizarre. I'm convinced that the Sansa, Bronn, Tyrion, Arya and Greyworm endings are things they came up with themselves. I think though that ask me again in 10 years line is fitting, if George ever finishes the books. Bet if the prequel is a success, there's going to be alot of demand for a sequel spin off show.
  23. Game of Thrones - The Final Season (***SPOILERS***)

    Did you not still get Googly eyed watching Jon pet Ghost for the first time since season 3?
  24. Game of Thrones - The Final Season (***SPOILERS***)

    There was another named bloodrider of her in the show that they killed off in episode 3. On a phone, so not googling the name. He had no dialogue for a few seasons.