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  1. Friends HBO Reunion Special

    Don't even pretend you never watched Friends. 1 off special, funded I assume thanks to the money HBO used to spend on Game of Thrones! https://amp.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2020/feb/21/friends-cast-reunion-hbo-max-special
  2. The Outsider

    I like this show, but it clearly was not 10 episodes worth of story. This was the 8th episode and at least 4 of them had very little plot advancement. This would have worked better as a 2 1/2 hr long film.
  3. Star Trek: Picard

    The first proper Star Trek in almost 20 years.
  4. Star Trek: Picard

    It wasn't a great episode, but it was cool that they brought back Icheb randomly (even if it was a different actor). If you had to name 50 characters you'd expect to re-appear, that one would struggle to make it. Jeri Ryan is supposed to be a reoccurring character, I hope she ends up more as a regular. One other random thing, apparently one of the bars on that planet was called "Quark's Bar". That would have been a fun cameo. I like this show as a Trek fan, but the 45 minute format just doesn't work. They can't get the balance between character development, exposition and plot right currently. Then there's the fact that it's only 10 episodes. 1/2 way done already.
  5. Friends HBO Reunion Special

    It's not like it was one of my things when I was a kid, but everyone did watch it. There's still 3 or 4 channels that still show 4 episodes of repeats every day. Sky and Channel 4 used to do nothing show episodes of friends every day. I do have a certain fondness though for things that remind me of being a child in the 90s.
  6. Best TV Shows of the Decade

    Finally got to see see Season 2 and 3 of the Leftovers over the past week. It really was a fantastic show. Probably could have made a top 10 out off only HBO shows.
  7. Final Fantasy

  8. Final Fantasy

    This is probably my favorite video game series and they just released a new trailer last week for the remake for the most popular (not the best ) game in the series. Looks fantastic and I'm fine if they're using FFXV game play for it. I would have been hyped for this bigger than a Star Wars hardcore for a new film, if they didn't announce that this is coming in multiple releases and they said they can't say how many yet (. Apparently we get a fleshed out Midgar, but what 4 or 5 discs to play through the story? I'm actually looking forward to XV more and it's approaching "Chinese Democracy" levels of wait time.

    Oh no! Poor Manchester City :(.
  10. Yeah, Guns N' Roses suck?!
  11. Star Trek: Picard

    So I've seen episode 3. It was true, 1-3 are basically the pilot. I'm still loving it, because it's a 24th century star trek sequel. However the music in every scene in episode 3 was a mistake. It's a little too much Rise of Skywalker imo. TNG era treks had music, but not during every dialogue scene. I'll over look it for now. I'm looking forward to seeing Seven at some point in the coming episodes, as long as we can hear her over the ost.
  12. British Politics

    @SoulMonster Look if you really want to know why Brexit happened, then this will explain the mindset of posters like BrayWyatt
  13. British Politics

    For those not in the UK and confused. After Friday we enter a transition peroid where nothing changes (except we can't remain) until the end of the year. Basically part of the EU, but without any influence.
  14. Star Trek: Picard

    Minor spoiler.
  15. 1917

    Seen it an hour ago. I liked this. Was good, well made and filmed. It's the kind of film you expect to pick up awards, however it was more Darkest Hour than Dunkirk for me. I don't think I'll remember much about it in a month. Dunkirk was more of a "you have to see this in a cinema". This is more of a Sunday afternoon film on BBC 1 during the holidays. Again it's good, just not a classic.
  16. Star Trek: Picard

    There's as many bad episodes as good episodes...in the first season. It is however one of the greatest non serialized shows ever shortly after. I rewatched Measure of a Man just a few days ago and it's a happy reminder of how good the cast was and how it's a shame modern sci fi shows don't feel that anymore. Honestly I'm just excited that not only do we have Patrick Stewart as Picard again, we have a Star Trek set back again in the 24th Century, soon to be 25th. Enough of these lazy prequels. On the wish list for a second season, John De Lancie... they did use Q alot, but he and Stewart had great chemistry. Also just 1 scene with Stewart and Beverly. ...and maybe a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine sequel series with most of the same cast. I might be pushing this.
  17. Star Trek: Picard

    Honestly thought most of it was cynical and bollocks. It's a 10 part story crammed into 45 minute parts. Shouldn't judge the show based on a short introduction.
  18. It's easy to say what you liked, but what about the mainstream shows this decade you wish you never started watching? House of Cards seasons 3-5 Dexter Seasons 6-8 Fear the Walking Dead Season 1 American Gods Season 2 Heroes Reborn Season 1 Sherlock Season 4 The War of the Worlds BBC
  19. Star Trek: Picard

    Yeah, what's to say. It's Patrick Stewart back as Picard. One of the all time great tv characters. The only real negative I can say given it was an opening episode to set things up, is it's paced like a Netflix series that was dropped in 1 day...except Amazon Prime or CBS is releasing this 1 episode at a time. It really would have been great if the whole season dropped at once. It's a little odd too, especially in this format to go back to 45 minute episodes. I've been used to all my favourite shows being close to an hr or more for the last decade now.
  20. Impending US/UK war with Iran

    Iran just seized a UK tanker in retaliation for the UK seizing a tanker from Iran last week. The UK gov said the Iran tanker was in breach of EU sanctions (Spain claimed the US asked the UK to seize it) and bringing oil to Syria. This is obviously going to escalate and with Johnson who's campaign is being ran by Ian Duncan Smith (Tory leader at start of Iraq war), we can look forward to another war. So looking forward to team US/UK/Saudi Arabia/Israel waging a war to maga?
  21. British Politics

    I don't see how we have freedom of the press when for years we had Murdoch running The News of the World, The Times, The Sun, Talk Radio, Sky News, others. We have haven't had an election in this country where someone that Murdoch hasn't backed won since Pre Thatcher in the 70s. Then there's the Telegraph (who owners run the Spectator) and Mail (which owns the I) ran by nom doms. All back the same political party. All of which do nothing but run storys attacking people of colour, the working class, immigrants, judges, police, fire, nhs and people who don't vote conservative. The Express and Mirror are ran by the same people too.
  22. The Witcher (Netflix)

    I'm very surprised there wasn't already a thread on this. An expensive tv adapation of the novels that spawned one of the greatest video games of this decade:
  23. British Politics

    I ask again. Which issues? Did you watch the debates she took part in last year? I'm just curious if you can give a few specfic reasons other than what you read online? Again not one of my prefered choices, but the attempt to portray her as the anti christ is taking the piss. I think she's an attractive woman, not sure why it would matter otherwise anyway. So posting an Alison Pearson article of all things, I would thought would have been below you Dazy.
  24. British Politics

    Personally I'd prefer either Stammer (who's probably winning), Lewis or Thornberry. However I'm curious what exactly it is you have against Baily?
  25. US Politics/Elections Thread

    What you don't support our troops? Are you a traitor, weak, communist or maybe even a Czech Republic spy? *Using the logic Rupert Murdoch*