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  1. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    It was the G1 final from 2 yeara ago. People hadn't seen him since Sakura Genesis and his match with Okada several months earlier. There were alot of rumours and supposedly alot of the wrestlers didn't know how he was doing. If you take out the fact that Shibata's brain injury ends his career and almost kills him, it's one of the greatest matches ever imo. It's more of a 90's ajpw big match than a current njpw big match.
  2. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    I am too, however Shibata possibly returning is just wow... Shibata vs. Kenta at Wrestle Kingdom is going to be amazing if it's happening.
  3. Final Fantasy

  4. Wrestling Thread Vol. 3

    Just a reminder that it's G1 Finals weekend from tommorow. Ibushi vs. Okada, Ospreay vs. Tanahashi, Naito vs. White, Kenta vs. Zack Sabre, Juice Robinson vs. Jon Moxley, Goto vs. Shingo before the final itself.
  5. Gardening

    Most of these candidates are awful, can't understand why anyone would vote for any of them other than Sanders or Warren. *edit* Wrong thread.
  6. British Politics

    Boris is a threat to all those things.
  7. British Politics

    McVey is getting a job, what a surprise.
  8. British Politics

    Like UKIP was going to take 100 seats in 2017? Nah. Fyi UKIP and Eurosceptics always do well in euro elections. Labour hadn't won them since 94. So it doesn't hold hope and the UKIP/BNP vote never copied over into the general elections. It's unlikely too this time. General elections can't be won on single issue politics.
  9. British Politics

    They were literally presented as the remain party by the press in 17. They sucked up most of the remain vote and their vote went up in most of those areas (not all). There entire manifesto and sales pitch was for a deal so soft it was basically staying in and could never be delivered. So this doesn't hold up.
  10. British Politics

    Difference is Hillary Clinton wouldn't be representing this party. How about a compromise though, I assume you wouldn't take Emily Thornberry, what about Keir Stammer? He can hardly be called a Green Party mp, but isn't tainted by as many of sins of the past so to speak? Also I disagree about Corbyn leading to Boris, Boris was on a path for downing Street before there was ever any chance of him winning Tory leadership. He was literally born to rule, rich family, private school, establishment family, cushy Telegraph job and allied with the right people from the start. He was always getting there.
  11. British Politics

    By centrist, you mean one of the defenders of austerity, pro Iraq, blarities like Cooper or Chukka? You've already got the Lib Dems. The Blaritie tribute act. Led by Jo Swinson who voted more over the past decade with the Tory whip than Jermey Hunt. I'm not joking. No thank you. Centrist is just code for the people that created the conditions for this. The term "moderates" just mean pro bombing, arm sales and austerity. While I think Corbyn quiting would be preferable, I'm not fond of any of those that'd likely replace him. The election is coming sooner than later either way. fyi on getting routed up north. It didn't happen in 2017. Despite what some may believe, alot of Labour voters that voted Brexit might vote Brexit again, but they don't really seem to prioritize that above everything else. Many of them still voted for Labour who monlipized much of the Lib Dem, Green vote in that election. Also absorbed some SNP vote (hence vote splitting that got a few Tory seats in Scotland).
  12. British Politics

    Probably, but it's the truth. That is the only way, as unlikely as it seems. Personally I think the best case scenario is for God to start an early rapture and beam up all of Westminster and xylophone man. Countries fucked, they're all horrible
  13. British Politics

    The only way they get the deal through is the EU letting them throw NI under the bus and fortunately that's not happening. The DUP are not representative of their own voters let alone NI. English Brexit voters could not give a fuck about NI or Scotland. Only way to stop Brexit is a no confidence CE motion has to pass as soon as parliament returns and Labour have to win a snap election on a remain platform. *edit* Raab just been named foreign secretary and Gove as defacto deputy pm. Horrible.
  14. British Politics

    What rambling nonscence, yikes. Disappointed CNN in the UK is choosing to broadcast this instead of the Mueller hearing.
  15. British Politics

    From austerity, Grenfell, the disaster of brexit over the past few years to enabling Boris (putting no deal is better than a bad deal into the national pshyce), prioritizing fox hunting, presiding over raising homeless rates, life extepentacy going down, "the will of the people", wind rush, never answering questions ect. Absolutely horrible. How can people pretend there were positives just because she was female?
  16. 2 more Halloween movies

    This year it's a Halloween brexit. It'll be the first scary one in years.
  17. British Politics

    Other than Brexit, aren't the modern post Charles Kennedy Lib Dems pretty close to the Torries on alot? They both did alot of damage together this decade. Again Jo Swinson voted for most of the horrible things the Torries did this decade. Austerity? Check. Dropping bombs? Check ect. Just saying. Fyi I'm one of those that would have backed Lib Dems pre 2010. They're just as bad as the Torries. There's some things voting remain doesn't over ride.
  18. Star Trek: Picard

    The first proper Star Trek in almost 20 years.
  19. Just read this is released in the US a month before the UK. A real shame. I'd have really liked to go see it, instead I'll probably end up catching a stream before it gets spoiled.
  20. Star Trek: Picard

    Yep. I was very skeptial of this given the producers, but for context: I just turned 31. I've litterally spent more than half my life waiting for another proper star trek. The Next Generation does have some wacky episodes (especially the earlier seasons), but it is classic TV. Deep Space Nine was different, but it's the same quality. The good things about these characters *see Patrick Stewart* is that they generally elevate the bad stuff. Insurextion and Nemesis objectively aren't very good films, but Stewarts pressence elevates the nonscene and makes it watchable. There's also the nostagia factor with Brent Spinner for example who might have evolved how he played the character, but it was always the same character. Voyager is certainly the weak link of the 24th Century shows. It got better as it went along, but there is alot of filler episodes that aren't very memorable and don't go anywhere with a lack of creativity. However it is still better than most modern sci fi shows and Seven of Nine who was obviously only their for fan service at the start, did grow into a much better and memorable character by the end of the show. Basically no matter how bad this is (as long as it isn't X Files revival bad), I just want to see these characters again.
  21. British Politics

    Just a reminder for anyone with a short memory and who doesn't pay attention to how people vote, Jo Swindon voted for almost everything bad thing the Torries did over the past decade. Backing a second referendum doesn't simply erase the past.
  22. Star Trek: Picard

    I'm beyond excited. Really looking forward to this, despite how much I hated most of Trek's output since DS9/voyager ended. Only thing it was missing was a cameo from Q and Sisko. I hope they don't try and guardians of galaxy/JJ Abrams it and I'm all in.
  23. Impending US/UK war with Iran

    Iran just seized a UK tanker in retaliation for the UK seizing a tanker from Iran last week. The UK gov said the Iran tanker was in breach of EU sanctions (Spain claimed the US asked the UK to seize it) and bringing oil to Syria. This is obviously going to escalate and with Johnson who's campaign is being ran by Ian Duncan Smith (Tory leader at start of Iraq war), we can look forward to another war. So looking forward to team US/UK/Saudi Arabia/Israel waging a war to maga?
  24. 50 Years Ago Tomorrow the First Man Walked on the Moon

    Just a reminder that in 1982, this is how 2019 was imagined: This is 2019 in 1988 the year I was born:
  25. Not to be confused with the 1999 Jim Carey film and REM ost. Do you think humanity will survive long enough to get further than perhaps Mars (if at all) before we all kill each other and this planet? How about somewhere like Titan?