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  1. Village Sessions Art & 2002 Live: Nampa / Tacoma / Boston

    Pretty cool, dude. But can you try to do a complete artwork? A mean, front, back, labels, etc
  2. https://giphy.com/gifs/wow-will-smith-1live-l2SpXyO9TOJCrCbo4
  3. Sites For GNR Cover Art

    https://briggsygnrcovers.weebly.com/ https://gnrdvdcovers.webs.com/ and search in facebook Guns N' Covers
  4. Well, I think the reunion deserve a noisy celebration. So, let's get start the noise with the old stuff. And this bootleg it's a good start: The Ultimate Live Era 87-93 - Reissue - 2006 (Fan Made) Set list: Disc 1 01-Nightrain (Live In Chicago 1992) 02-Mr. Brownstone (Live In Chicago 1992) 03-Live And Let Die (Live In Chicago 1992) 04-It's So Easy (Live In Tokyo 1992) 05-Used To Love Her (Live In Tokyo 1988) 06-You're Crazy (Live In Tokyo 1988) 07-Bad Obsession (Live In Chicago 1992) 08-Attitude (Live In Oklahoma 1992) 09-Welcome To The Jungle (Live In Tokyo 1992) 10-Double Talkin' Jive (Live In Chicago 1992) 11-Civil War (Live In Oklahoma 1992) 12-Wild Horses (Live In Oklahoma 1992) 13-You Could Be Mine (Live In Oklahoma 1992) Disc 2 01-Dead Flowers (Live In Argentina 1993) 02-You Ain't The First (Live In Argentina 1993) 03-Dead Horse (Live In Argentina 1993) 04-Patience (Live In Argentina 1993) 05-Coma (Live In Chicago 1992) 06-Don't Cry (Live In Chicago 1992) 07-Dust N' Bones (Live In Indiana 1991) 08-Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Live In London 1992) 09-14 Years (Live In Indiana 1991) 10-Yesterday's (Live In Las Vegas 1992) 11-It's Alright (Live In Paris 1992) Disc 3 01-Whole Lotta Rosie (Live At The Marquee 1987) 02-Out Ta Get Me (Live At The Ritz 1988) 03-My Michelle (Live At The Ritz 1988) 04-Right Next Door To Hell (Live In Indiana 1991) 05-Perfect Crime (Live In Indiana 1991) 06-So Fine (Live In Tokyo 1992) 07-Sweet Child O' Mine (Live In Chicago N' Tokyo 1992) 08-Pretty Tied Up (Live In Oklahoma 1992) 09-Move To The City (Live In Chicago 1992) 10-Rocket Queen (Live In Tokyo 1992) 11-Down On The Farm (Live At Farm Aid 1990) 12-Estranged (Live In Tokyo 1992) 13-Paradise City (Live In Tokyo 1992) I would like to thanks to www.bootlegcoverart.com for the covers Password for all my bootlegs: Enjoy it ;D