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  1. Duff in Philly Tonight

    I think he's got a cool voice. Doesn't work for everything and obviously doesn't have the range of Axl, but I like the punk-ness of it.
  2. Duff in Philly Tonight

    Literally no idea what you're referring to, so I doubt it. Thanks, it's me. That's kind of you to say. I don't know why my gender tag is female - I think it was a joke and now I don't remember how to change it.
  3. Duff in Philly Tonight

    Haha this was one of my recordings. When the opening notes started I was like wait, they're doing Mad Season?! So cool.
  4. Duff in Philly Tonight

    That girl absolutely tore it UP on Dead Horse.
  5. Duff in Philly Tonight

    I was front row and it was surreal as he literally climbed on top of me at the end when he semi crowd surfed. Here's my recording of dust n Bones and I have a couple others under my channel there. I started recording another song (honestly forget what it was now) and was pissed because it got cut off accidentally 3/4 through. Here he is in the crowd with me. If you skip to photo 4 or 5 there's a close up of his face and that's when he was literally climbing over top of me and my reaction was to take photos because why not. I think he was basically using me as support and when he was finished I helped kind of guide him back over the rail, but it all happened really quickly and it'd be funny to watch a video of it if someone uploads the song later. I've been up since 4am yesterday, so... exhausted and going to bed, but it was a killer show and I was so impressed with Shooter. The girl on violin was SO GOOD.