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  1. why was Estranged retired for many years?

    It was never a huge hit on par with their other singles in its day, and it was always something of a deep cut by comparison-- but Axl reads the forums (or at least he did back then) and he probably saw the die-hard fans' love for it. Could have also just been something they randomly added during a rehearsal and it stuck.
  2. This. Plus, comedians are known to exaggerate for the purpose of being funny -- that's what they do. Accusing a comedian of "lies and innuendo" for embellishing a story to be funny is just kind of silly. Even Fernando (perhaps sarcastically) said it was a funny sketch. It's also from almost a year ago.
  3. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    I was at the Electric Factory show in Philly and it was awesome. Seeing Slash in such a small club venue is the way to do it! I have to say that Myles' stage presence was also a lot better (or at least different) than during his solo acoustic gig that I caught a few months back. He may not be as dynamic as Axl but he definitely had a stronger presence this time, while still letting Slash do his thing and command the stage. They sounded great. The new record grew on me a lot and it was fun hearing some of those tunes live. Slash also absolutely shredded on Rocket Queen. Here's my recording of Shadow Life for anyone who cares:
  4. Eminem - Kamikaze (08/31/2018 Surprise Album Drop)

    I was getting really optimistic during the opening track because it reminded me of old-school Eminem and, combined with the Beasties artwork, I started to get really excited about the idea of a throwback Slim Shady record. A few tracks in, my enthusiasm quickly dissipated... I'll give it a few more spins, but I felt like it quickly devolved for a variety of reasons. Also it kinda amuses me that he's going after Tyler the Creator because Flower Boy was better than any record Em has released in many years.
  5. "Going Down" rights sold to another band?

    I really like Going Down. It definitely sounds like a Stinson song, though... he should have put it on his record and asked Axl to do backing vocals on it if they didn't intend to ever release it under GN'R.
  6. Which songs should they add/drop?

    The thing about LALD and KOHD is that the audience at the shows really eats them up, and those songs play well into the overall stadium environment. I never really cared much for LALD studio cut relative to their other big hits, but the crowd goes wild when they play that song. I get that the covers are probably a bit of a break for Axl (Wichita Lineman for example is much less intensive on his vocals), not to mention they probably enjoy not playing all their hits back to back to back, but I definitely wouldn't mind a couple less covers/solos and a couple more original tunes.
  7. Greta Van Fleet

    For as much as the singer gets compared to Plant, he also reminds me a little bit of Gene Ween doing Plant...which is a good thing. Looks like he could be his son, too!
  8. Last full album you listened to?

    Really digging the new Father John Misty album.
  9. New U2 Album 'Songs of Experience' Out Dec. 1st // Tour Starting in May 2018

    @Black Sabbath and I attended the Apollo Theater show this past Monday. I'm still recovering from it. It was epic! It also made me appreciate some of the new tracks even more hearing them live, although I'm still rather bummed they didn't play "The Blackout." Seemed like a perfect venue for it! Here's my recording of Every Breaking Wave:
  10. Anyone have a clip of Slither?
  11. The audience eats it up at the live shows, and most of those people aren't sitting through live streams and bootlegs beforehand.
  12. It's nowhere close to VMAs. It's not their best Jungle from the last couple years but it's not remarkably bad or different either.
  13. I'm stoked for Slither.
  14. Last full album you listened to?

    Awesome! How/when did you meet him? I want that vinyl...
  15. I, Tonya (Movie)

    I thought it was alright but maybe wasn't in the best mood when I watched it. It struck me as trying a little bit too hard to be GoodFellas with ice skating and it's ironic because that's the blurb I saw on the poster after watching it. I admire their attempt to really spice up the story and make it less conventional but I'm not sure all the camera interviews and soundtrack choices worked for me, it just didn't seem very organic. But I think I need to see it once more.