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  1. The Leak History

    Do we know why Tom Zutaut was selling a locker with his belongings? Where were the articles posted online for someone to see the discs? Also these idiots as you call them - are they from this forum?
  2. I’ve been following this band for a long time and the most fascinating but also most disappointing period was through the whole late 90s -early 2000 recording sessions and what exactly went on during this period. I remember at the time there is so much excitement about what was being done, who was being brought in, how great music may or may not be, etc. There was also the Spin magazine article, there was other interviews with Axl, but at the time there is no clear answer on what exactly was going on. I’m 41 years old now, with my two kids at home, and I’m not quite keeping up with the band like I used to in my 20s. Maybe that’s also a sign of old age. LOL I was a little late in discovering the leak madness we’ve had in recent weeks. As a result I am unsure how this all came to be. I understand there was a storage locker that may or may not have been purchased by a fan. However I can’t seem to find one good post that lays out exactly what has transpired the last few weeks. Can someone or some people reply to this post and maybe we can collect all the information that happened with respect to the leaks. At a minimum, we will have a diary on what’s gone on so far, which will allow us to look back in many years when the song leaks still haven’t been released officially … Just kidding… Sort of. Some questions I have are - who sold the locker? Where was the selling of this locker advertised? Do we know who bought it? Is there only one person who has all the leaks? Is the person in possession of the leaks an active member of the GNR community? Etc. etc. Please, anyone with any answers or useful information, pictures, etc. please post below.
  3. Back in Time: Las Vegas 2000

    The Vegas concert was cool and I’m happy I saw it but seeing it again on YouTube, Axls voice was clearly not what it was back in 1993. The rasp is totally not as powerful as what it was back then. Only in 2010 and with Axl/DC have we seen something similar. Do we think something happened to his voice or it truly is a case of a guy that went balls to the wall for 8 years (1985-1993) and who took a long break and never got it back to what it was?
  4. Ok - reading all these posts about the VMAs has me thinking back to Las Vegas December 31, 2000. This was a fun night. Backing up a little here, I had decided to fly to Las Vegas on my own as a 22 year old to see the return of Axl Rose. I was (and still am) a huge GNR fan at the time and spent a lot of my time on the Guns N Roses newsgroup (who remembers newsgroups?) and decided to stay with two guys that I met from the newsgroup: Dennis and Bob. My friends thought I was crazy to stay with people who I never met before especially considering the internet was much newer back then. However, there were so many of us diehard fans at the time that we had formed a strong bond it seemed. When I arrived in Vegas I met Dennis and Bob and three of us met up with the other fans that we had all been chatting with in the months leading up to the show (Ravi, John M, Jan, etc). We had a few drinks and then lined up for what seemed like 8 hours talking and most importantly standing (securitiy wouldn’t let us sit!) and finally we entered at around 3:30am and the show started. What a cool experience. My biggest regret is at the end of the show Axl slammed down his mic and it bounced right into my chest and I didn’t catch it. I looked on the ground for it and it was gone! The purpose of my post is first and foremost to see if any of these old fans are still around. I’d love to see replies from you. I also met a local Toronto fan (Vangie) and would also often talk to Rattus and John Mac. who had an awesome band in London ON I believe. There was also a dude named APoet from Louisiana I believe. Are any of you fans still here? Also Jeff Boreio (sp?) was the admin of the newsgroup at the time. Id also love to hear stories from other fans who were there that night. One of the best nights of my life! 🤟 Andrew