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  1. What is community to look for? Cannot find a good bucket-forum.
  2. Mr NeonKnight never said it was a GNR song. He just said it existed. Just like ballad of death is not GNR. But maybe its from the same session that Bumble recorded the acustic version of better?
  3. Allright, interesting, Thanks for the info! So you know for sure that Atlas, The general etc is out there for sure? Could you share something about who these "clans" that are in the possession of the songs are and how they got them in the first place?
  4. You know stuff about the song, right? Could you share your info on whats out there? Im very curious about all chinese material.
  5. haha yeah I edited the post becuase I realised that it could sound like an insult. I mean that I am impressed with your production skills but Im even more impressed that you actually spent the time doing it. To actually take the time doing that and doing it that well. I will nominate you for the 2018 MyGNR Awards.
  6. Ok. Thats impressive. Not impressive in produiction skills because it doesnt sound superduper good, I mean its good but not GNR-good, but to actually make that effort and spending time is impressive. Good work! But I have to say that the long recording sounds really heavy. So did you Evader sing that also?
  7. Oh shit. Really? Thats cool! But there is no way any one, even a pro audio engineer with the best tools could clean up the audio recording with people talking into that 7 sec clip. Im not questioning what you are saying but maybe you could explain further. I see how someone can create the long audio recording with the clip in the background of people talking but I cannot see how you can do it the other way around.
  8. Thanks for confirming that. Good work with it. When I heard the recording with that song in the background and people talking I really thought it was real. Then I would say that its pretty much confirmed that all three are fakes. At least in my opinion. I would love if they were real and leaks of them was on the way but I dont think it is.
  9. Well, you are right. But The Blues 2001 is for sure real. Im willing to promise you all that the 2 second soul monster clip is fake because its to obvious when you hear it. The quality is just so bad that a 15 year old with a $50 guitar could record that guitar in his room on a shitty computer. Its just not studio quality. Far from it. So I would say that its fake for sure. When we get a legit leak we will hear that its legit it in the quality instanty. Edit: And if Evader here says that he knows that the general is fake than all three (Thee general, Atlas and Soulmonster) are fakes. Thats my opinion.
  10. Soulmonster clip is to shitty to be real. The guitar sounds so cheap.
  11. Shit. Looks awesome. What a dream to get that shit!
  12. Would be very cool to see the whole thing. The band and Axl sounds amazing!
  13. Nice of you Fernando to come by and answer some questions. Thanks for that. Could you share some cool fun stories from the NITL-tour? Some fun happenings behind the scenes? Also, is there anything at all you can say about new music from GNR? Take care man!