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  1. What happened to Steven Adler?

    Fitz would indeed be great....
  2. Boston St Patty's Day 93 was a near riot.. Bottle thrown on stage.. Band left the stage for about 1/2 hour.. Very drunk Boston St Patrick's Day crowd.. You could feel the tension growing and but growing.. Axl came out to loud boos but defused the situation and resumed teh best show I have ever attended.
  3. ahhh. I didn't know there was a "New" default theme.. Thanks!
  4. Not sure if you are serious or not but I am never sure what people are looking at when they say she is..

    Just listened to the Live Era version a few times.. Sounds like Izzy to me...
  6. Just read the article.. Pretty cool and might check out his album.. Kenny Arronoff is an amazing drummer.
  7. As is Cure Me or Kill Me.. Lot's of good ones on that album and his work with Slash on IFOS was great as well... Don't want to argue but I still think this reunion would have been better with Gilby as the second guitarist.
  8. 09/08/17 - San Antonio, TX - Alamodome

    ZZ Top would be a killer opener for sure
  9. Where is my fucking like button? \m/
  10. They do it all the time...
  11. 09/06/17 - El Paso, TX - Sun Bowl Stadium

    I agree but it is apparent they will continue to play CD songs.. I have come to peace with that but they still put waaayyyy too much effort and focus on those songs and there are too many in the set when they start playing 3 or 4 of them.. I actually wouldn't mind Madagascar. I used to really like the Rock In Rio version (minus the samples). The studio version wasn't as good but I wouldn't mind hearing Slash on it. I wish it would just replace This I love or Better though. Those are just bad songs all around.
  12. Terrible. I heard that the like feature will be restored soon without having to change themes. Lets hope that is the case.
  13. Thanks for the info.. You know I may have heard it back in the day but it was so long ago now that maybe I forgot about it. I do remember hearing about the song Rusted Heroes but I just have the standard version of the CD. Thanks for the info and link.