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  1. Kick ass fucking show https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/joe-perry/2018/house-of-blues-boston-ma-33ecc86d.html
  2. Sounded really good.. Gn'r always had great background vocals with Izzy, Gilby and Matt. While Duff doesn't haven't the greatest voice, it is perfect for Gn'R backing vocals.. Fortus and Frank obviously can't contribute in that form so they use Melissa which just sounds wrong on the heavier songs. I wish she was just hiding out and laying low in songs like "Out Ta Get me"
  3. I just got around to actually reading the article. It wasn't even bad and he didn't come off as "whiny".. I know some people just get off on trashing the guy but anyone chastising him over this interview is being a bit over dramatic.
  4. I love to see SMKC play Gn'R tunes. I don't ever want to see Slash without him playing some of those songs.. Aside from the vocals the band plays those songs better than the current Gn'R do.
  5. There were great points at almost every if not every show.. Some songs he consistently sounded great on but more that he didn't. I thought over all he was good just enough for it to work.
  6. And chasing every latest trend in music along the way...
  7. Kudos for all that for sure but for the most part it was all at least 10 years too late.. The tour was a huge success but Axl doesn't sound very good for the majority of the sets.. Never mind what he looks like.
  8. Locomotive vs. Coma Live

    Most people just want to see Slash play it anyway... It is a given that Frank will suck and Axl will struggle on that one.. I'd be happy with an instrumental with Axl just playing piano and singing the outro with some help..
  9. Not only boozing but didn't he write about shooting up while in VR? Screwing Steven and Izzy out of the reunion didn't happen in the 80's.. It was 2016.
  10. Locomotive vs. Coma Live

    I think Locomotive would make a great replacement for COMA at this point in time...
  11. Just looked the album up, he does.. Tried to find it on youtube but couldn't
  12. Does anyone know if Slash only played the lead on that song? Who is on vocals? Do I hear Eric Dover in there too?
  13. I didn't like that song too much but there are a couple pretty good ones on his album.. Should be a good show though. Brad Whitford will be on guitar.. Tom Hamilton is going to do a couple songs.. Terry Reid and Gary Cherone on vocals.. Not a Cherone fan but whatever.. Joe played some really cool old school Aerosmith songs like One Way Street, Seasons Of Wither, Chip Away At The Stone and Pandora's Box when he did a couple shows a few months ago. That is the shit I am hoping to see!
  14. I used to have the magazine with that bottom pic..