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  1. or people affiliated with the band. Assholes either way

    They are having a sale on the site 25% off. I want to get the You're Crazy shirt. Does anyone know if those are the same crap quality as the Nightrain shirts? I usually take a Large but the Nightrain Large was more like a medium. I can't even really wear it. Just wondering if the shirts from the store are the same? I actually bought a shirt in Vegas and it fit great.. I am hoping the shirts from the store are the same.
  3. That would be the best option. Find some of the best performances of each song. Show the different excitement from different cities.. It is probably taking forever to edit so there isn't any unflattering angles of Axl's physique.. That could be a daunting task... Yes an I would buy one in a second. Plus they also release them digitally to be aired on AXSTV and streaming channels.. Those are usually edited down though so with the Blu Ray you usually get more songs and bonus features.
  4. Guns are done selling out Stadiums in the US regardless and Stadium shows suck anyway.. But I agree that new music won't have hardly any impact on album sales.. Most people going don't care about new music and just want to hear the classic material. The band has enough songs that they haven't or hardly played that they could mix up the set and make it fresh.
  5. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I am with you. The best songs of the entire tour were when Steven joined them on stage.. It just looked, felt and most importantly of all sounded right.
  6. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    The vast majority of the comments on that "album hasn't started yet" from Slash article mentioned Izzy and Steven. Mostly Izzy saying that they don't care or it isn't a Guns album without Izzy. Dunno if it was Ultimate Classic Rock or Blabbermouth. Either way I think more people care than people like to admit. Not saying that will make the album any less successful or not if and when it comes out.
  7. All depends on the fan. I waited 23 years for a reunion and kind of got one.. I stopped caring about new music from "Gn'R" when Axl was the only one left. For me it would be 3 years I guess. Even now though I am not really waiting. If it happens cool but it isn't something that really excites me at this time with this lineup. If they release something I will still be all over it but won't be bummed one way or another. Lineup and all I would still consider it enough to be a Guns N' Roses record. If it was released tomorrow then to me it would be the first Guns record of original music in 28 years...
  8. I just meant good to the masses that paying attention. All eyes and ears will be on that first song that gets out there.
  9. No.. I thought Libertad was way better than people here make it out to be.. Loved Slash and Friends.. AL was a mixed bag but did have some great songs on there including Anastasia which holds up to anything he has ever done. Loved WOF.. Thought the last one absolutely sucked though.. For the most part a lead guitarist is only as good as his band anyway. Slash isn't a singer. He isn't writing complete songs. He comes up with ideas and riffs and the band refines them. That is where the blandness in SMKC comes from.. It comes from Myles. Even in Guns, who knows what his songs would have sounded like without Izzy's Grit, Axl's unique voice, Duffs bunchy bass, Steven's touch an Duff and Izzy's fitting backing vocals perfecting the finished products. Another case where Izzy will be missed. Not only in the songwriting aspect but just his gritty guitar in general.. Him being low in the mix or absent all together made a lot of the UYI rockers sound pretty thin.. Then you have a song like YCBM where he is up front and center and you get a classic bad ass Gn'R vibe..
  10. Why wouldn't this thread be in the Guns section? He is talking about Gn'R not SMKC
  11. New pro-shot ? 13/04/1993 - Detroit

    How disappointing that just turned out to be.....
  12. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Apparently I am in the minority but I think the Looney Tunes song is lame. I am embarrassed as a Gn'R fan that it is getting airplay in some places.
  13. That little noise he makes before the solo is very similar to the ones he has recently added to the leads in songs like Civil War and Slither.. It is something that he seemed to start doing more recently and I don't ever recall him doing that in the old versions of SOYL. Was just something I noticed nit sure it proves anything one way or the other. And though Axl's voice has aged and deteriorated, I am pretty confident he could sound like classic Axl in the studio. Again, I don't know what all was touched up or re-recorded but I can't listen to that track and say it is a demo from 1986 or whenever.