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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    My Uncle had a ticket to the Cincinnati show for me. I live Mass. After Vegas and before the Stadium tour started I told him to give it to someone else. I didn't think traveling around to see this lineup was worth it. Fucked that one up big time..
  2. NITL live videos on youtube

    Almost said something similar to that too! hat It's So Easy is awesome the and OTGM and MM performances with Steven were the best of the tour.
  3. NITL live videos on youtube

    I almost posted this too..... Killer performance.. Probably the best It's So Easy of the tour...
  4. NITL live videos on youtube

    We disagree on this one. I honestly don't believe that they had a choice in the lineup and the lineup is the issue. It was join the band as is.... a take it or leave it situation.. Slash and Duff at least bring back some of the classic sound but Fortus, Frank and Melissa make it sound like a stale "Karaoke" band as someone described it above. Take Myles out of the equation and Slash's band sounds more like Guns (while playing Guns covers) than NITL does.. Same can be said for the HOF lineup..
  5. NITL live videos on youtube

    If anything these videos are proof how how bad Axl is and how inferior this lineup is to any of the classic era lineups..
  6. I never heard the old one.. I will definitely give it a fair shot if they ever release a new version of it
  7. Hopefully this album is a smash hit and Frank wants to commit to the band full time forcing him to step down from Gn'R
  8. Did I say it was a bad song? I just said the clip I heard didn't excite me.. Axl's voice was the biggest turn off
  9. The clip I heard from that soundcheck sure didn't seem like anything to get excited about. Maybe if Axl didn't sound like crap...
  10. NITL live videos on youtube

    I think we can retire the "Axl only sound like shit because the are cell phone recordings" excuse now That would make too much sense to release songs from shows where Axl actually sounds fairly good
  11. Unless it is from the 80's!! Or 93!!
  12. Not me, I will watch him "noodle" all day hahaha. Waiting for a good "Select" of his solo.. Hopefully not the Godfather.. They should have released a video of his solo into Sweet Child.. To me they go together.
  13. ALG was good musically but Rod Jackson never did it for me on most of the songs.. He sounds good on some though.
  14. NITL live videos on youtube

    Someone did I think and he said something like it didn't make sense to release shit from other lineups.. Fucking stupid.. I would rather see and pay for some of that classic stuff any day of the week. Guns hardly have anything out there compared to other bands.. Show the younger world why they were a phenomenon back in the day. Just about every band out there released stuff from past lineups.. Why be so petty?