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  1. That is pretty cool.. Who is Grace? Duff's daughter?
  2. Same here.. I wouldn't give a fuck about this band if he wasn't back in it.. I am guessing the majority of fans in those stadiums they are selling out agree since they were no where to be found during the dark years.
  3. I said Fortus makes those two specific songs drag not the show... The show is 3 1/2 fucking hours long.. They can't keep "momentum" for 3 1/2 hours.. There is bound to be ebb and flow.. Most bands would just take an intermission but Guns don't.. Why not have Slash solo for 15 minutes instead? If yourself or others want to take a piss, have fun.. I guarantee you are exaggerating when you say the majority though.. Anyway you go take a piss while the guitar god does his thing and I'll go during awkward songs like this I love and Better...
  4. Fly GNAIR

  5. Minority for sure since I have never "heard it".. I actually hardly ever see it here either aside from one or two knobs..
  6. Agree 100% and your post got quite a bit of likes so I am pretty sure the majority agree. I had a lot of friends/acquaintances that went to the Foxboro shows and so many people were posting on facebook about how awesome Slash was after the show. His solos are also a little different every time which is cool. It adds a little freshness to the shows on top of changing up songs. If anyone needs to stop noodling it is Fortus.. He makes KOHD and RQ drag.
  7. My all time favorite slash live performance.. Just because.. I think he loses something when he plays it with that guild double neck.
  8. That and Out Ta Get Me with Steven in Cincinnati have to be my favorite two performances of the tour..
  9. I agree with most of this but man I think Axl 86 - 93 had one of the most bad ass and unique rock voices of all time \m/ I used to listen a ton of bootlegs all the way through and love that shit.
  10. I am pretty sure it was the Hampton NH show last tour that sold out and there wasn't even anything on Stubhub. Either way, I just got me two tix.. Also for all the Myles haters, I am not a huge fan either but it is great while you are there. Kind of like Mickey Axl... I would actually argue that a bad Myles sounds better than Axl's Mickey voice. Myles was also a lot more listenable on World On Fire so I am hoping for more of that!
  11. Depends on the venue.. I know people that waited til last minute and got screwed recently because it sold out.
  12. People have just lowered the bar.. myself included.. Not terrible and somewhat listenable = good.. Pretty good = Awesome. Good moments = great
  13. I am with you buddy.. Slash is the only reason I am following this band again.
  14. They could still do that.. Fuck it