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  1. What? The Stones are in another stratosphere. They released highly relevant music through most of the 60's all the 70's and early 80's and have a catalog of almost 450 songs. They have had close to 50 top ten singles never mind all the mindblowing album tracks. Guns were huge for about 5 years.. Disappeared for almost 25 and are now a shadow of their former selves.
  2. Have to agree to disagree on that one. While I think there would be a big initial buzz about new Gn'R music I don't see it packing a stadium. Maybe 10 years ago but I just don't see the world hanging on for music from a 60 year old Axl Rose. I thought Black Sabbath's 13 album was pretty solid. It even went number one in quite few countries, but it didn't sell tickets. Everyone still wanted to hear the classics. I do think that the tour itself if promoted more (which I think it will be) will do a it better. There just isn't any urgency to buy tickets. Come show time, I still don't think the tour will be a failure. They will slowly sell tickets along the way and more so as it gets closer. I am sure they will start promoting more if they feel they need to and I wouldn't even rule out new music yet. Will they be sellout shows? I doubt it but a 75% full stadium isn't bad for a band their age. For better or for worse, I do have a feeling that you are going to get new music though.
  3. Do you really think the average fan cares about new music from this band though? It may sell a few more tickets to die hards but I don't see it making much of a difference to casuals. I think the decline in ticket sales has more to do with high prices more than anything. An average or casual fan has probably seen them once or twice recently and doesn't want to shell out $200 to see them again new music or not. Especially in a stadium. I know a lot of people that are or were into Gn'R and I don't know of any of them that care about a new Guns N' Roses album. My cousin (who went to Vegas with me) said the other day he would rather them not release anything than something that isn't very good. A guy from my work said he is waiting for more SMKC (even though he didn't like the last one). That same guy skipped all the shows because of ticket prices. I know other's that have as well. I know a couple that were bummed Izzy wasn't back. I have been a die hard for over 30 years and I could care less if they released anything for several reasons. I think the excitement of the reunion has worn off and a lot of people see it for what it is and what I often called it out to be in 2016. A barely passable lineup that charges too much for tickets, doesn't play a good portion of the songs exceptionally well at all and has a singer that sounds awful most of the while incredibly painful to look at. They may have been able to pull off stadiums for the initial reunion but to try it now is just dumb. Hell, they weren't even a stadium band in the states during their peek. If the tickets averaged $100 and they played arenas and amphitheaters they would have a successful tour no new music or not. There are other bands whose legacy and discography's far exceed Guns N' Roses and realize they aren't a stadium band anymore. Guns N' Rose aren't the Rolling Stones. Far from it. my two cents man
  4. I overpaid for my ticket but I don't care. I got a good seat and it will be a good time. They have added 5 songs since my last show and my night would be made to see them all. SOYL, Slither, Dead Horse, You're Crazy and Locomotive! I could care less if they played music. New music from Axl in 2020 will most likely be terrible.
  5. The "New Album" Thread

    I always really liked them. I prefer listening to the audio as I had bootlegs of it though. Even back then I thought Axl looked very cheesy with his biker shorts combinations with blazers, the leather coats, cowboy hats and belly shirts and made it tough to take serious at times.
  6. You are obviously referring to me but what I said isn't really about them not making new Gn'R albums or how much money they make.
  7. I always greatly admired Slash and Duff's integrity through the years. Not so much anymore
  8. The "New Album" Thread

    if dreams came true
  9. LTD came across as very lazy. May have been a little better with another singer but Myles doesn't help the cause.
  10. There are 15 thousand comments on that facebook post. I didn't read them all obviously but scrolled through for a while and literally EVERY single one I read was trashing Axl.. Good job dude.. Here are some . "Great job, alienating possibly half the people who would have bought your concert tickets. Stupendous, really... 🙄" "I saw them in concert 3 years ago and the one thing I can say about Axl Rose is he has a hard time accepting reality because if he did he would know its time for him to retire. He sounded terrible. Slash was still awesome." "Guess I should have tried to see them in the 90’s/early 2000’s. So nice when I go to a concert now, I have to expect everyone’s “thoughts and 2 cents” on politics. But keep rapping and singing about killing your girlfriends and burying them. Too funny!" "Did you hear him sing at the super bowl concert? Ditch his washed up butt and make GNR great again? Heard better Sweet Child at karaoke night. At least Slash hasn’t lost his skills to pay the bills." "I'm just curious....does Axl actually have fans of his current "my dog runs, whining and hides under the bed", dying crow, screeching that he calls singing??" "AXL- Making Taco Bell great again. Can't sing, never could." "He Looks Like The Woman in "Throw Mama From The Train." 😂😂😂" "Axl....why don't you make plastic surgery and Twinkies great again?...has been" "Love the band. Was thinking of going to the concert here in Dc this summer. Not anymore. Why would I want to spend $ to listen to politics at a rock concert?" "Oh hey, he must've bought Rosie O'Donnell's how-to book on digging out of the grave plot of irrelevancy. 😆 Truthfully, I didn't even know this guy was still alive 👍" "Exactly the tweet you should put out prior to your band going on tour..... “Here’s Your Sign”.... & Thank You! I’ll now save my $ on a ticket." "Has he looked in the mirror lately??? He should probably be more concerned with what ever you want to call it that is looking back at him!!! He looks more like an old woman instead of an old rockstar 🤣🤣🤣" " It’s good he’s able to take a break from chasing the Goonies and searching for one eyed Willy’s treasure, to tweet about Trump." " Axl.. how about you make music great again and stop performing. Your day in the sun has long passed" "Sing your songs, dance your Davy Jones dance. I’ll pay for that. Your political opinions I could care less about. In fact, no new music in over 20 years, I think I care less about your singing and dancing too now." "Nobody cares about celebrities opinions. Especially an old, washed up has-been from the 80’s who wears eyeliner. Take a seat." "This Jack-hole shouldn't criticize. He's and absolute disaster of a human being. Always loved GNR. Always hated Axl. Such a tool." "I hope nobody shows up at his tour!" "Make Axl skinny again !!" "I am no longer considering going to see your show on NJ. Going to support with my wallet elsewhere. "
  11. I saw this on a facebook post and read the first 20 comments. Each one totally ripped into this douchebag. That should help sell some tickets..
  12. I didn't read the article but did he blame Trump? It seems that all these tent cities reside in Liberal run states.. Aside from a couple that border Mexico....
  13. Wiki says that Slash only plays lead on two tracks.. Anyone now if that is accurate?
  14. agree JuJu hounds was great... I really liked Believe In Me at the time but it didn't age well aside from a few songs. I couldn't disagree more on 5 o'clock. I am not huge on a lot of the vocals but the songs and music are there for sure. Throw Axl in his prime on that album and holy shit.. I agree 100% on CD.. Now they are all past their prime.. Although I thought Living The Dream was the worst thing he ever released, I think Slash has the most potential only because there was some great guitar on WOF. I have zero expectations for anything good out of Axl. I don't see how Izzy's contributions could do anything but elevate the quality of any music they decide to release.
  15. He didn't sound great but could have been worse. He was out of breath at parts and he didn't come off as very well rehearsed. Mickey was there but he nailed the outro. The song overall with the whole band was still pretty good for their first time. Or at least good for when Guns do a song live for the first time.. I bet they cudl nail it after a couple tries. Hope they keep it.