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  1. I don't know but I wish he would share the stage with these guys again soon.... Life is too damn short....
  2. I couldn't get past just how awful he sounded... I don't remember him sounding that bad in the corn row era.. What time in the video does that happen?
  3. I was high but I literally watched it 5 or 6 times in a row laughing my balls off the whole time the night I posted this.
  4. Believe it or not I gave it a shot right off the bat.. I bought that soundtrack the day it came out and liked the song.. It still isn't a Guns N' Roses song to me but it is a good song and better than probably anything on Chinese Democracy..
  5. That and Better are the absolute worst parts of the show. I consider my self to have a pretty eclectic range of music that I am into but I just don't get what anyone sees in those two songs.
  6. This is real? That doesn't sound like Slash at all to me...
  7. Freese would be great too.. Brain, Freese, Adler, Sorum, Fitz.. Anyone but fucking Frank..
  8. Well then someone call him and get him back.. I wasn't a fan of NuGuns at all but everyone seemed to like his drumming.. He has to be a better option than what they are carting out on stage right now.
  9. It is sad but I would rather keep Team Brazil over Fortus, Frank and Reese... Exactly
  10. What is Axl up to these days?

    He is probably working his ass off at the gym with a personal trainer... Or maybe "Taco Bell, Pizza, Beer, TV shows and his pets"
  11. The would both be GIANT upgrade to Frank...
  12. Most of the world didn't give a crap about the original CD.. No one will care about the Re-mix either.. Let it die... Most people didn't even know or care what Guns were doing during that era. It would look kind of pathetic to go and release CD again on the coattails of a very successful semi reunion..
  13. Neither of these songs are songs that this lineup knocks out of the park.. Not bad but not great..