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  1. This is true... This lineup's version is a bit lifeless....
  2. Top 10 GNR Guitar Solos

    I have no idea... no order aside from SCOM Sweet Child O Mine (Favorite solo of all time) You're Crazy (from the Late Show) Double Talkin Jive Outro (Tokyo) KOHD Argentina 93 (Forget which show) One In A Million Dead Horse Don't Cry Whole Lotta Rosie (Marquee) Locomotive Outro Estranged
  3. I just watched the most amazing and somewhat emotional version of Patience. It was just recorded a few days ago live in her home on a piano. Look for it. I would love to share it here but our band sucks.
  4. Nope. Just not a fan of NuGnR, so never had any interest in the leaks.
  5. The rehearsal was the first time I heard any of this song. Small sample size but I definitely don't know what all the hype is about.
  6. I didn't say they didn't know the pace. I was saying that most people don't think the songs sound good at such a fast tempo and it blows my mind that they don't feel the same when they play them. Some songs just lose their groove played too fast. Usually a band can feel that while playing.
  7. They play everything too fast. We have been saying that since 2016. Blows my mind that we all hear it but they don't.
  8. I sent the clips to my friend at work. He said he sounded "sickly" on Hardschool and was most excited about Pretty Tied Up
  9. Axl certainly did sound good in these clips..... Pretty Tied Up sounds really close to the album. Is it possible they just piped his vocals in for that one? That was the first time I heard any of Hardschool.. Not a very big sample but mehhh Think About You gave me chills.....
  10. Where can I hear these rehearsal videos of PTU, Dead Horse and You're Crazy?
  11. White people can't be the subject of racism? lol Get a fucking clue
  12. Just watched Dead Horse and it sounded good. Would love to hear You're Crazy if anyone has it.
  13. Best (No Order) Jumpin Jack Flash (Acoustic) might be my favorite Knockin On Heavens Door (classic lineup live versions) Mama Kin Nice Boys Whole Lotta Rosie (Marquee) Down On The Farm Ain't It Fun Look at Your Game Girl Salt Of The Earth and Free Falling are amazing but they aren't really covers. It is just a member or two guesting with the actual bands. Worst NITL KOHD Black Hole Sun Wish You Were Here Sympathy For The Devil
  14. Same. For 23 years I wanted a reunion more than anything else in music.. Then we got this half assed reunion with a singer that looks and sounds like shit for the most part. It was good enough at first but now it is tired. Frank still blows, Axl sounds and looks like crap and I would love to flick Melissa off the stage. At least in 2016 Axl still had some jaw dropping moments that helped to make it work. Unfortunately for my wallet, as long as Slash is still in the band playing those classic songs I will still be attending the shows.
  15. Just wasn't a very tight show by the band and hearing soundboard Axl is cringeworthy.