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  1. I believe it has also taken a hit from the whole "reunion" went down in general.
  2. Yup.. Remember the whole PMRC thing? That was Al Gore's wife.. Not conservative.
  3. I don't know how anyone could take the band seriously with that ass clown in it...
  4. Cure Me Or Kill Me (w/ Slash), Tijuana Jail (w/Slash and Matt), Skin & Bones, Dead Flowers (w/ Axl) and Hunting Dogs are probably the standout tracks. I wouldn't say it is a masterpiece but was a solid album at the time and some of the songs still stand up well today.
  5. Yup. I have been saying all along the reunion was 10 years too late... Gotta take what we can get I suppose but such a waste..
  6. I don't think I have ever heard anyone ever say that pro tools are what makes the music on CD bad.. Not even once.. That is how the majority of music has been recorded for about 20 years now.. I have heard people say they didn't like the lineup, Axl's voice, the songs, that is was too convoluted, too many layers and so on, but never anything about pro tools.. How did the shows work without a second keyboard player in 86, 87, 88, 89, 91 and 93? Must have been magic I suppose... Even Teddy Zig Zag was only used sparingly during the 92 tour for a couple songs a show.. You never got into Pawnshop Guitars back in the day?
  7. He went on a little late because of the of all the meet and greets and they cut Reckless Life as the opener.. I was really looking forward to seeing that.
  8. I wish he was just boring.. If he was just boring maybe you wouldn't notice him.. Instead his drumming sticks out like a sore thumb and not in a good way...
  9. Anyway.. I thought CD sucked 2008 and still think it sucks now.. I tried to give it a chance post "reunion" and still couldn't get into it.. Having Slash and Duff on the songs didn't make them any better.. You can't polish a turd.. There are actually two or 3 "ok" songs on there but nothing that matches the caliber of the Gn'R classics..
  10. Outdated only that the world is full of sensitive, easily offended pussies these days.. I still love that Anything Goes lyric.. Saw Adler a couple weeks ago and that song was one of the highlights of the show. The crowd definitely got off on it! That is fucking classic!
  11. Very accurate post.. We must be about the same age... That is exactly how I remember those days.
  12. Hall of fame material right there.. That song is terrible lol... Alot of people do the wind mill but Fortus does look extra douchey when he does it though. I guess it is the the way he punches the guitar strings.. I love when Izzy does it in the Sweet Child video!
  13. I could care less what they do with CD songs but Fortus brings me down on KOHD and Rocket Queen... Both in person and watching on youtube.. You do have a point with those Sorum drums solos though but those were the times haha. Thank god that trend is over. On the bright side, at least we don't have to endure a Frank solo!
  14. I agree with most except the part wasn't the best Slash pairing.. The music they made together speaks foo itself.. Their styles meshed together seamlessly and I think Slash's leads excelled with Izzy. For that short time I consider their chemistry together unmatched.