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  1. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Pretty bad ass ending https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_Tb-2b6u-g
  2. I am digging these so far
  3. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Everything about his playing is better with this band than NITL
  4. Mean Bone?

    The great debate
  5. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    I agree 100%.. I was following SMKC closely prior to the reunion and saw them like 5 times. I don't care what lIp service Slash is giving about the NITL lineup, his playing is far superior with SMKC lineup that with the NITL lineup. There has to be some reason for the sudden drop off in his playing that many people were pointing out during the NITL tour. He was playing better than he ever had leading up to that tour.
  6. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Sounds much better without the NITL synths....
  7. Now that would be a good time.. Of course I would have to sell my Trailer Park Boys tickets though..
  8. Or a GnR fan with good taste I wouldn't have known either. I just don't get how some people like that song.
  9. This is awesome.. One of my favorite bootlegs is the Perkins Palace show when Fred was filling in for Steven. I also love Steven's shirt here.. RIP WBCN.. Old school..
  10. I don't think it was Download but I remember a recent COMA where he did the same thing. It seemed like a mistake but that one line in his lower register voice sounded so much better. I agree with everyone that he would sound better using a lower register voice over Mickey in some songs. It would be different than the originals but would sound much better. His lower range voices are just as unique and bad ass. He can also still hit the screams when he needs to.
  11. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    Aside from maybe a handful of favorable camera angles Axl wasn't anything close to trim at any point of the reunion. Slash might be a little well fed but at least he looks healthy.. Axl doesn't even look like the same person any more.
  12. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    Not really a fan of the lyrics or chorus mostly . Musically it is cool.. Guess I am just not a big Rod Jackson fan.. He has a very butt rock and cheesy element to him.. He kind of sounds like Paul Stanley.. That "Just wanna kill" in the intro is cringe worthy too.
  13. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    I think it would be awesome if Axl dropped like 50 pounds and came back looking like he actually gave a shit.
  14. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    Die Hard Slash fan but never understood the love for that song.. cool?? That would be a dream come true!