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  1. Lies

    I like the UYI version of Don't Cry but I could do without Axl sounding out the whispers and sighs.. And the end ayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayaya part is cheesy as hell.
  2. Lies

    You're Crazy is my least favorite song on Appetite.. Still not a bad song.. I like the UTLH on Live Era.. I like all those live electric versions from the 80's.
  3. If they picked the right 3 songs he could pull it off. I have no issues with a rock n' roll band playing live shows....
  4. Lies

    They are both great.. Overall I think I would go with the Live Era version but that Slash soloing on the Late show is incredibly good.
  5. So this is the fault of the band? I thought it was just a couple disgruntled losers?
  6. That would be awesome.. I just cranked that song last week.
  7. Lies

    That is unfathomable to me.. The production on that song is absolutely perfect to my ears.. I wish a lot of the illusions tracks were mixed and produced like OIAM.
  8. Happy Bday CD!

    People used the non promotion angle as an excuse as to why it didn't blow up. The also played the whole album front to back here on WAAF which was one of the bigger rock station in the country and it just didn't get a good reception. People were calling destroying it on air the following morning. Most rock fans knew it was coming it was just that not enough cared as some would have hoped. It was a pretty big deal. It charted pretty high due to the anticipation the Gn'R name. They also miscalculated the demand and shipped way too many copies which bloated the initial sales. It just wasn't solid enough to have any legs and fizzled out immediately. I know some people love it but it just didn't appeal to the majority of fans that made the band one of the biggest bands of all time.
  9. Lies

    I could write an essay of where I thought Axl's head was at when he wrote the song and why and relate it to my own personal experiences and how I viewed things when I was younger compared to how I view them now. In a long and complicated way I can almost see what the poster was trying to say there but I would have to take some time to carefully articulate that to have it make sense. This is something I have wanted to do for awhile. BTW, I am not siding with the person who posted that at all and One In a Million is still probably my 2nd favorite Guns songs.
  10. That was an awesome song and video.. I would also love for Fergie to use me as a stripper pole.. What is wrong with that?
  11. Happy Bday CD!

    SHortly after that they were literally found in the .99 cent bin
  12. Happy Bday CD!

    I get it
  13. Happy Bday CD!

    I assumed someone would see it that way but releasing it under the Gn'R name got the album more attention, sold more records and got it more hype than it deserved.
  14. Happy Bday CD!

    I literally hate all those songs and that isn't me just being stubborn.. Aside of maybe the chorus of Better they have zero redeeming qualities for me. There are a couple songs on CD that I find ok or have potential but definitely not those ones lol. I liked the RIO versions of CD, The Blues amd Madagascar but I really don't care for what ended up on the album or what I have seen live this tour.. I thought Sorry was ok this tour and CITR had potential but way too much crap going on the album in it and it was also terrible live. It really is too bad Axl didn't have the balls to release it as a solo album. That would have been much more of a respectable move.
  15. I was actually never a fan of the Who either and knew the song but wasn't overly familiar with it. But I love the Guns version. Went back to listen to the original too. Not only is the song in Axl's pocket but he seems to really get off on singing it and you can see some of that old school swagger in him when he does. I wouldn't mind a hearing a studio version of it on an album if they did one.