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  1. I was going to ask the same thing. He showed up, they sounded the best they have the entire tour.. That was a debacle? So what if he talked a little bit about how shady he was treated. It is what it is..
  2. Vote AFD for best rock album

    Couldn't figure it out
  3. That would be pretty fucking bad ass if they did Slither and You Could Be Mine with Matt. Actually Slither and anything
  4. I wasn't following the band when he was in it but I did see a few videos on TV and stuff.. Nothing really popped out at me to understand why everyone hated him so much. Maybe IU didn't see enough. He seemed to play ok.. I can't see him being any worse in this band than Fortus.
  5. Paradise City

    With Dave Grohl.. Good stuff...
  6. I just watched that Paradise City with Grohl like 4 times in a row.. Chills...
  7. I wish it was a copy and paste of the 92 setlists! Both would be cool changes. As long as Pretty Tied up isn't at the expense of a classic Guns tune. Drop a CD song or a cover.
  8. Nah just retire the current version.. The song is a staple in the set and the crowd definitely gets off on it. It's just their weakest rendition ever..
  9. I bet it could! Why not? Any chance we get to see another drummer behind the kit is a win for sure!!
  10. I'd rather them just cut out the Fortus solos and let Slash get after it like he used to back in the day..
  11. All valid choices... Would love to see Mama Kin as a cover too. Wouldn't be nearly as cool seeing Dust N' Bones without Izzy, but I am sure Duff could do the vocals justice..
  12. Well they are doing 5 or 6 CD songs a show now and it blows...
  13. I went to three shows... The set list never really bothered me because I love all the classic material.. That all changed last show.. I am not a fan of CD at all.. I can deal with a couple songs but 5 was way too many.. It was the only time I have seen GnR where I actually felt lulls in the set. The encore had two CD songs in it.. That was brutal. It was my least favorite out of the 6 shows I have seen. Now I see that they are playing 6. I honestly wouldn't pay 300 bucks to see that shit again. Throw Black Hole Sun and Wish You Were Here in there and that is 8 songs I could care less about.
  14. They have to play the hits and they should but they could still switch up a few songs. It really only takes a few changes to keep a set list fresh. They don't have a tone of material but these are all viable options for the most part. Think About You You're Crazy Anything Goes Reckless Life Move To The City Mama Kin Nice Boys Out ta Get Me Dust N Bones You Ain't The First BAd Obsession Back Off Bitch Don't Damn Me Dead Horse 14 Years Get In The Ring Breakdown Locomotive Pretty Tied Up So Fine Down On The Farm