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  1. Rumor of a new album???

    lol... WAAF played CD from front to back the night it came out.. People were trashing it so hard I never heard them play another song from it again..
  2. Rumor of a new album???

    You hear a lot of GnR on the radio around here. They play the shit out of Jungle, Sweet Child, Paradise City, KOHD, YCBM, November Rain and Civil War. You hear Patience and Don't Cry quite a bit.. It isn't uncommon to hear Nightrain, Brownstone, My Michelle and Used To Love Her and even Rocket Queen from time to time. Hell, they even play Chinese Democracy songs once in awhile.. Actually wait. They never play Chinese Democracy...
  3. Rick Rubin... I know he gets a lot of hate but he has also done some great things.. I thought he did an awesome job with the last Black Sabbath album. That was was a quality album with an old school feel for a bunch of old men.. Clink sounds great but the production on UYI's sucked ass.. Whoever produced World Of Fire wouldn't be a bad choice either.. How about Dave Grohl?
  4. Didn't they already jam together since all that? I could be wrong
  5. Rumor of a new album???

    Gene/Paul/Ace and Eric Singer seems more like it than this being about Gn'R... But who knows, it is very vague... Or Pumpkins..
  6. I think that every time I see him without it. It has become very cartoon like and cheesy these days.. He should still use it but sparingly.
  7. Exactly.... Totally different styles.. I prefer Slash's style to Shredders like Randy Rhoads....
  8. If Fortus was a better fit for the band then yes.. But he is not.... He is a footnote...
  9. THE Best gnr tribute band ever ?

    Yeah, these guys are good. The singer is great and they don't dress like clowns... Just about every other one I have ever seen\heard has been horrible..
  10. I have heard things about it but never really heard the whole story.. I always thought that maybe that is what he was talking about here at the 11:30 mark.. If not, does anyone else know what "hassle" he is talking about?
  11. You said it.. no one takes him seriously.. His obsession with Fortus is kind of creepy to be honest
  12. If the World Discussion

    Another case for CD being a shitty album
  13. I agree with you about Axl.. While I don't believe it is for lack of effort, he doesn't sound good on half the songs and anyone that says anything else is fooling themselves.. Slash on the other hand is what is making it work.. The guy is a beast close to the entire night and helps to pick up the slack when Axl is struggling. The line up could be better too but it is what it is for now I guess. While the tickets are vastly over priced and the product isn't nearly as good as good as it was back in the day. I do not think it is for lack of effort and they are still good to great shows/experiences. I do think for the most part they are giving it 100% every night.. Also I could care less how prepared Slash is for CD songs.. Most of them aren't going to be any good either way... Such a waste of space...