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  1. The truth, and the end.

    Or maybe they thought CD was a letdown?
  2. They should fax him a letter to say he is fired like Axl did to Gilby....
  3. The term butt rock to me means outdated cheesy 80's rock.. That isn't saying that all 80's rock is cheesy and outdated because I do love a lot of it.. I don't hate ALG and enjoy a few songs but overall I just think it is weak and am not a Rod Jackson... Music is subjective.. For instance everyone seems to love Serial Killer but I think it is sounds corny as hell. Mostly due to Rod.. The guitars are great but Rod just makes it sound like a joke..
  4. Cool footage.. Terribly boring song..
  5. They should fire that band back up now that they are a bit more well known.. They must be tired of playing other peoples songs anyway.. Go for it fellas!! It will be tough but Gn'R will be fine without you!
  6. Yeah.. I am not a big fan of ALG.. I could have probably moved IFOS up a bit.. Musically it is amazing but Dover's vocals didn't age well for me over the years. I still consider it a solid album though
  7. ALG is very over rated.. It has it's moments but overall it sounds very butt rockish.. I would rank his discography something like this. Appetite LIES UYI II UYI I Contraband World On Fire Slash Libertad TSI IFOS Apocalyptic Love Ain't Life Grand Living The Dream
  8. 100%.. That is pretty much the all around consensus from the vast majority of feedback I heard or read... That was certainly mu experience.. And when Axl sounds like crap which is a good portion of the time, you still have Slash to make those songs salvageable.
  9. I need to get Aftermath.. I have BTB but aside from a couple songs don't really like it and what I have heard from TSMR hasn't impressed me too much either. I do like 12x5 even though it is mostly if not all covers. One thing for certain is that The Stones have an insane catalog of music!
  10. I would even accept Fortus with open arms if we could have the rest of that scenario.. Aside from the Beggar's and Hangers riff I agree...
  11. I don't know how anyone can say his vocals are good overall these days.. He has his moments but for the most part even his good moments are only good because they aren't terrible.. 2016 the best of the last few years but for every song he was goo don there was two that he wasn't.
  12. I don't how you define writing but Adler has recorded some iconic drum parts to some of the best rock music every recorded.. Songs like Paradise City and Brownstone stand out and have some of the most memorable drums parts in rock history.. The whole band had writing credits on Appetite I thought?
  13. Didn't they hang out a few years ago?
  14. I disagree with you on a lot of things Gn'R but I always like "debating" with you. You're always remain respectful of differing opinions, not afraid to admit when you agree and have well thought out answers. Even when they are wrong