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  1. I never heard the old one.. I will definitely give it a fair shot if they ever release a new version of it
  2. Hopefully this album is a smash hit and Frank wants to commit to the band full time forcing him to step down from Gn'R
  3. Did I say it was a bad song? I just said the clip I heard didn't excite me.. Axl's voice was the biggest turn off
  4. The clip I heard from that soundcheck sure didn't seem like anything to get excited about. Maybe if Axl didn't sound like crap...
  5. NITL live videos on youtube

    I think we can retire the "Axl only sound like shit because the are cell phone recordings" excuse now That would make too much sense to release songs from shows where Axl actually sounds fairly good
  6. Not me, I will watch him "noodle" all day hahaha. Waiting for a good "Select" of his solo.. Hopefully not the Godfather.. They should have released a video of his solo into Sweet Child.. To me they go together.
  7. ALG was good musically but Rod Jackson never did it for me on most of the songs.. He sounds good on some though.
  8. NITL live videos on youtube

    Someone did I think and he said something like it didn't make sense to release shit from other lineups.. Fucking stupid.. I would rather see and pay for some of that classic stuff any day of the week. Guns hardly have anything out there compared to other bands.. Show the younger world why they were a phenomenon back in the day. Just about every band out there released stuff from past lineups.. Why be so petty?
  9. NITL live videos on youtube

    The longs clips are fine but they should crop them into individual songs after. Then we can share the ones worth sharing.. Not there have really been many yet..
  10. Because Axl is that bad... I was just trying to watch the Download performance again and his voice is just so unappealing.. It was actually a relief to hear Duff sing a song lol. The footage is top notch but Slash and Duff are the only ones worth paying attention to. Helps to drown out his voice a bit..
  11. Andrew Stockdale would have been a much better choice for Slash to have picked. He is a good songwriter too.
  12. NITL live videos on youtube

    Me.. I love seeing all the classics live.. Plus they haven't been here is 3 years.. And I go of tons of shows.. In my opinion they really do switch it up more than most bands. If people weren't analyzing set lists online every day it would be a non issue. I would say yes for the most part. I am sure there are nights they feel like shit and would rather not be up there but it must still be a high playing in front of all those people who are there you see your music.
  13. NITL live videos on youtube

    The disco is terrible.. So is Fortus on this one... His solo doesn't even sound like it belongs in the same room as the song.. Just doesn't fit.
  14. NITL live videos on youtube

    I was tired as fuck last night when I watched it but though it was better than the last one.. This lineup just is just good, not great.. It is what it is.. They quality of the footage was much better than the last "Selects" they released. Good selection of songs.. Although they were all ones Axl struggles with. That said he has sounded worse. Definitely a better crowd than the Salt Lake City show. You could feel the energy more and hear them singing along with Axl with makes the experience better on the songs he struggles with. It is apparent more than ever that if he used a lower register voice during the Slither chorus it would sound much better. Fortus still annoys me during Rocket Queen. His show solo doesn't fit the song in any way and isn't needed. And then he is just trying to hard and doing way too much during Slash's solo and makes it all sound rushed and sloppy. How are you supposed to solo over that shit? Slash still gives it an A for effort. Similar situation at the end of DTJ. Much better release than last time. Still nothing mind blowing that I would like to share with friends. I will watch again tonight. I really which they would release all the songs as separate videos so we good share the best ones. You know, actually help promote the band...
  15. It is quite apparent Gilby didn't act as a lead guitar player in Guns.. He played his role perfectly.. As well as in Snakepit and he also let Slash play lead on two songs from PAwnshop Guitar. Also have never heard Slash say anything negative.. Fortus is the one who wants to be a lead player. Constantly overdoing it. Watch the Rocket Queen from down load and his solo still doesn't fit the song at all. Then hoe the hell is Slash supposed to solo tastefully over whatever the hell he is doing in the background during Slash's solo? Less is more when being a rhythm guitarist unless you can tasfeful intertwine.. He can't..
  16. I would love to see Gilby back in the mix. Slash and Gilby always played great together.
  17. I wouldn't pay for a stream from this lineup... Not that they would do it anyway.. Good idea though
  18. Just to clarify, I was just referring to their performances of Guns N' Roses songs live.. Not their original material
  19. There chemistry topic seems to be splitting into two categories.. I wouldn't even categorize whatever interaction between Slash and Axl on stage as chemistry. They seem to be up there having fun or whatever.. When I bring up chemistry it is in reference to the musicians playing instruments in the band and how well they play together. That is real.. The pace of the songs, Franks drumming style, the inorganic nature of whatever Melissa does and how it fits into hard rock, how well Slash and Fortus styles mesh (or don't mesh) together, the greatly exaggerated but still present drop off in Slash's playing with this lineup compared to any other band he is in. I just don't think it all 100% clicks and you can often hear it on the performances. Taking vocals out of the mix, Slash's solo band sounds and feels more like Guns N' Roses than this lineup does (when playing Guns songs)
  20. Same. An album from this lineup and current day Axl Rose doesn't sound very enticing.
  21. I don't hate Slash or Duff but I don't admire them like I once did. As a player I still think Slash is great. He is the only reason I even follow this band at all and in my opinion he carries the shows. That said I think he plays better with his solo band than this Guns these days. I just don't think there is any natural chemistry with this band and it shows in his performance. I think the reunion is half ass and I lost a little respect for them all around when they went against everything they ever stood for for what appears to be just for the money. The whole Steven and Izzy situation is kind of sour. I always had great respect for Duff but he is kind of a turn off these days. I will go see them play live but my interest has certainly dwindled the last couple years.
  22. That was just a bad all around show over all.
  23. WTF Finck Solo

    That must be the case because when I was still following Gn'R early on he was terrible. I saw them live almost 20 years ago and I still remember his awful solos.. I stopped following the band for almost 15 years after that.