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  1. In Poland we got it 2 days earlier than in the US, 21.11, don't remember about rest of Europe, though
  2. 2008 was a great year for a GNR fan !
  3. Especially for us, international fans, who don't have a clue/are not in any way interested in US politics, thx
  4. Did Guns N' Roses ever use ghost writers?

    yeah Slash and Adler used them for their books Adler was even haunted by his ghost
  5. some say this was the longest GNR show in Europe ever
  6. one more from me
  7. concert guide (in Polish, with maps etc.) http://www.lntvglobal.com/media/361955/info-ln-guns-n-roses-pl_d.pdf
  8. Early Entrance: 16:00Doors: 16:30Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown: 18:00VOLBEAT: 18:50Guns N’ Roses: 20:00
  9. So what? Brain's still the best drummer that played with GNR I don't compare him to anyone who didn't play with GNR, 'cos it's pointless
  10. "While Taylor is Champions League, Frank and Brain are 3rd League." lol Brain ist the best live drummer GNR ever had i say live because in studio maybe Freese could be on the same level
  11. Ricardo Fortuso - once playa wiz Enriqa, now hiz playa DA ZIKA !!!
  12. I go for a nap during Coma