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  1. this is the story about being DETAINED
  2. Chinese Democracy hasn't aged well IMO

    Don't know... is a great song, thx for reminding me of this one
  3. Chinese Democracy hasn't aged well IMO

    how can one talk about ChD aging when the songwriting process for this record started in mid-90s? so in 2008 you got an album which already had "old" songs... back then it couldn't be treated as "new" album, let alone, now...
  4. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    these 'legal' actions by GNR camp are really pathetic it came down to this that you can't upload any vids which were recorded at their shows what are they going to achieve by doing that? discourage fans and earn less money from tickets? ridiculous really... if it was about leaks, then understandable, but live shows?
  5. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    just got my youtube account deleted with hundreds of clips not connected to music and gnr because i had some gnr clips from concerts, most of which, were filmed by me how can i restore my account, meaning the all clips unrelated to gnr?
  6. can someone transcribe the lyrics to the 37sec of checkmate/hard school/jackie chan? All cautions made Every chance was given No effort spared To save what we had ... can sb continue with the lyrics?
  7. this Hard School / Checkmate or whatever it's called [0:37] sounds really good... would love to have a full song
  8. Patience cough bullshit

    and in Poland 2017
  9. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    squeeze this lemon to death tour
  10. http://www.bigdamnband.com/axl-rose-blog/
  11. Tom Mayhue Interview (2018)

    this documentary was called King of Roadies, it's been 6 yrs now, and I only saw this promo I found a few mins more on vimeo
  12. https://www.metro.us/entertainment/movies/all-i-can-say-tribeca-film-festival?fbclid=IwAR1kel9Ygg5XxgRLWrt5lei8eJt6uhfl0tdKOI1HftlNxnpbLAoEtG92qWI https://www.facebook.com/allicansayfilm/
  13. hasn't started? no shit