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  1. All songs by Guns N' Roses with lyrics..... seems legal to me. (If not then remove this post please) https://genius.com/artists/Guns-n-roses
  2. https://www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl/news/2018/08/yann-pissenem-merck-mercuriadis-and-polo-molina-to-participate-in-ade-s-conference-program/12802707/?utm_source=Facebook post - Yann Pissenem%2C Merck Mercuriadis and Polo Molina&utm_campaign=ADE 2018-08-Conference&utm_content=Facebook post&utm_medium=Social Former GNR manager Merck Mercuriadis will speech at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) ....maybe he has something interesting to say about his time with the band (or not). Any EDM lovers around who will follow this for us ?
  3. Google "Guns Roses Lyrics Genius" and you will find all released songs with lyrics and some covers....and a link to Youtube. Searching on Youtube won't help you.
  4. I heard lot's of things some time ago but 3:56-version is kinda new to me. Is there more to tell about it ? (*NO LINKS* ofcourse)
  5. Fooled yourself. I don't think Evader pretended that it was GNR/real thing. But indeed a damn good job ! (Hoping with you for more to come...more GNR...and else more Evader to kill some time )
  6. Haters gonna hate is what they say.... (And for all who complain or are not satisfied....try to do something with art/music/whatever for yourself...and good luck with that)
  7. Not sure how much but Northern part stays light these days I think. (Not dumb at all....being afraid to ask is maybe dumb)
  8. Once by a General...but twice or three times would be welcome to.
  9. Don't hold your breath....Probably the "standard" 3 hours + show with all the hits....2 new/other songs....some great covers and maybe some singing for the birtday of that one guitar player....what's his name....it's on the tip of my tongue.... half man, half animal.... and lot's of Vikings enjoying the show and some comments on the internet. BTW....nice momet to thank Axl and the band and the crew for doing another great leg. Axl....you know what I want but if it's just another tour we'll meet again for sure !
  10. Maybe because it was recorded with a cell phone....no seperate tracks to split or mute.....and the dirty noises / chitchatting is to much foreground I guess. But I am not into that technical stuff at all.....It's not a CSI-Vienna case that will be solved within 50 minutes without the commercial breaks>
  11. The future for Guns?

    The question is not "how much?"...the question maybe is "What's in the glass ?"
  12. Maybe a little bit OT....but then again....seeing the pic it's impossible not to think about Chinese Democracy http://theconversation.com/overtourism-a-growing-global-problem-100029
  13. Any body any idea/hint where to find ( a way) to more than 17 seconds audio ? (Apparently it's all "out there" but that's a big place...too big)
  14. "my hopes my dreams have died, now i rest my hate in the rumors as they're pushin through there's a child now chained to the bed now" Start I do recognize also now....my english sucks like hell... without having read them before I wouldn't hear it at all.