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  1. Sail away sweet sister (Queen) / Bad time (Grand Funk Railroad) ! Aloha....please.... end this year with a big bang on Hawaii and do this one one more time.
  2. Mickey Rourke reminds me/looks like Raoul Silva in James Bond Skyfall (Could have picked uglier pics but this one is OK)
  3. Now that you mention "a better chance".... Do you think "Better" will be on the setlist ?
  4. Even stranger rumor is that they will play "It's so easy"....maybe even open with that one.... Don't hold your breath....and if so I will eat my hat !
  5. Preferred Democracy

    Thanks a lot.... but I think I have all what has been shared....and it's illegal (site rules I mean) to share unreleased songs. (Studio demo is nice but still a demo....the finished product will be better I guess)
  6. Preferred Democracy

    And ofcourse a bonustrack: 15. Silkworms (Played live so it is real but a studio version would be nice) More bonus tracks are OK but belong in another topic I guess.
  7. "Really enjoyable"it is ! Thanks for mentioning this one.... listening right now and like it a lot.
  8. All songs by Guns N' Roses with lyrics..... seems legal to me. (If not then remove this post please) https://genius.com/artists/Guns-n-roses
  9. https://www.amsterdam-dance-event.nl/news/2018/08/yann-pissenem-merck-mercuriadis-and-polo-molina-to-participate-in-ade-s-conference-program/12802707/?utm_source=Facebook post - Yann Pissenem%2C Merck Mercuriadis and Polo Molina&utm_campaign=ADE 2018-08-Conference&utm_content=Facebook post&utm_medium=Social Former GNR manager Merck Mercuriadis will speech at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) ....maybe he has something interesting to say about his time with the band (or not). Any EDM lovers around who will follow this for us ?
  10. Google "Guns Roses Lyrics Genius" and you will find all released songs with lyrics and some covers....and a link to Youtube. Searching on Youtube won't help you.
  11. I heard lot's of things some time ago but 3:56-version is kinda new to me. Is there more to tell about it ? (*NO LINKS* ofcourse)
  12. Fooled yourself. I don't think Evader pretended that it was GNR/real thing. But indeed a damn good job ! (Hoping with you for more to come...more GNR...and else more Evader to kill some time )
  13. Haters gonna hate is what they say.... (And for all who complain or are not satisfied....try to do something with art/music/whatever for yourself...and good luck with that)
  14. Not sure how much but Northern part stays light these days I think. (Not dumb at all....being afraid to ask is maybe dumb)
  15. Once by a General...but twice or three times would be welcome to.