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  1. "Mission control"? > Ready to launch ?
  2. Untitled Axl Rose biopic

    https://www.thetalentmanager.com/talent/66630/eleanor-palmer https://www.backstage.com/magazine/article/how-to-get-cast-when-a-non-fiction-project-needs-an-actor-69269/ Probably a one hour docu about Axl's life....no breaking news but when it's done right it shall be a nice thing to watch I guess.
  3. Not sure if the next South American / Europe legs will be all new and different but I guess this Miami show was one just between the last leg and the next....not related to whatever and business as usual... (...and for a first show after a time out it was very good....there have been worse first shows)
  4. Not odd....not about being a fan or not. Kobe seems to be a legend. I am not into his game at all but I can imagine he was hero for all the fans in the sport....not only Lakers or whatever he played for.
  5. The "New Album" Thread

    D.....none of the above/fuck you Miami gig is an extra show....not connected to next leg or last leg....maybe you can call it a "Goodbye to NITL -tour". I hope I am wrong but I think it will be nice show....but nothing new.
  6. (I wanted to post a screen shot from the 670 Score website in the Google cache...but can't post a picture yet.)
  7. What radio station had that deleted webpage ?
  8. I asked FOX29 ....unfortunately they don't broadcast the festival highlights ("Maybe FOX or FOXSports" they said)
  9. Hoping for this channel but not sure if it can be seen here: https://www.fox29.com/live
  10. The "New Album" Thread

    New Looney Tunes - S03E44 1080i HDMania.ts Complete episode of Rock the rock Loony Tunes feat. Axl Rose is out now ! (Waiting for the album but we have that one at least)
  11. The "New Album" Thread

    Axl's next ?