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  1. Song text posters

    No.....missing my left half....I'm always right.
  2. Song text posters

    LOL.... same here.... and I am half of a twin
  3. Your ears are far better than mine; thanks....and now let's find/get Axl's version :-)
  4. At 50:30 I "hear" something like "Where do you come from?" but I first had to find a list with all his songs to compare it with ( https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lijst_van_nummers_van_Elvis_Presley ) Could this be the song ?
  5. Maybe a little bit OT...but then again....not that much...
  6. Already felt a bit lonely but definately +1
  7. Should be the complete soundcheck with vocals before and after that instrumental....probably a few $$$ worth for others... I don't pay for unofficial releases.
  8. Down hill ? I would say just another hill...
  9. https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/nl/youtube-converter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms0KkYabh5M Works fine
  10. And they are doing a concert tonight according to Axl....without kilt but still...
  11. Definately maybe Fortus....coming faster than you think !
  12. OP says on Facebook it has been aired and he posted it....waiting for approval by his admin now he says.
  13. Sail away sweet sister (Queen) / Bad time (Grand Funk Railroad) ! Aloha....please.... end this year with a big bang on Hawaii and do this one one more time.
  14. Mickey Rourke reminds me/looks like Raoul Silva in James Bond Skyfall (Could have picked uglier pics but this one is OK)