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  1. 4tus just posted a birthday pic of Frank, and Slash is standing behind him.. Not sure if it's an old picture or are they together now?
  2. Mine's more of a me problem than a GN'R problem. Worst one was 2017, Finland. Got about 2,5 hours of sleep the night before (too excited). We were at our summer house, which is 2 hours away from the venue, while our home is 5 hours away. Got up 6am, rowed off the island around 6:30am and started driving towards the venue. Parking was hard to figure out but finally parked, about 2 miles away from the venue. Walked to the venue and bought shirts, then started waiting in line for the gates to open. That took about 3 hours. Once inside we quickly wolfed down some food and went to wait for the band. At this point it was about 3pm, so had been on our feet and walking for 6 hours. Since it was the reunion show, I bought GC tickets and wanted to be as close as possible. We got second row. The 'floor' was a downward sloping metal thing, so sitting was not comfortable in any shape or form. Spent the next few hours sitting and standing in agony, until the opening acts came on, stood for them of course. Then began the wait for GN'R 😅 Husband was struggling at this point, so was I. We had a small water bottle to share between us as you couldn't bring more inside the circle. Then GN'R was an hour late 😭 I wasnt even surprised, cause it's just my luck lol. The excitement made forget about the pain, but once they passed the 3 hour mark, I wanted to amputate my feet. All worth it though! Don't think I'll do front row again haha. Then we walked back to the car, which we couldn't find, for about 3 miles and drove back to the cabin, I rowed back to the island in a thick fog, so just had to go by instinct. Once we got there, we had been awake and on our feet for 25 hours 😩
  3. Yes lol, in 2006 when they first came here since the 90s
  4. ... when you bullshit your way out of prison for a 2 day leave so you can attend a gnr concert. Was my first one ever, too Thank God mom got tickets, they sold out in less than 5 minutes.