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  1. Mygnr Fantasy Football League

    Didn't expect to pull off the win in this league this week!
  2. Stephen King's IT (2017)

    The new movie was much much better than the original, which was only saved by the first half and the kids performances, along with Tim Curry. God that miniseries is unbearably bad in many parts. The limitations in budget did the absurdly long source material no benefit. I would say the new film is okay. Skarsgard is amazing, and the kids were pretty good too. Sadly it felt excessive and over the top too often, and I was disappointed that a lot of otherwise good scenes were ruined with jump scares and obnoxious loud noises. To be honest the book wasn't really all that great for me. There's no reason it needed to be so long, and too often King throws way too much shit at the reader, half of which is excellent writing, and half of which is inexplicable garbage. He is rarely cohesive or efficient with his writing, and oftentimes is saved by brilliant movie adaptations that cut a lot of the nonsense. I'll go see the sequel, and I hope its decent. I'd like to see a little more plot and a little less clown popping up out of every object on screen.
  3. Mygnr Fantasy Football League

    Crushed it in both my leagues this week!
  4. But you don't really like any modern mainstream blockbuster directors right?
  5. I'd say it was controversial in its critical reception, but perhaps Trevorrow is a bad example. Either way, Jurrasic Park fans have much greater leniency with that franchise than SW fans have with theirs, and I was never confident in Trevorrow as the right choice. For the record, I though Jurrasic World was fine. Probably not a film that will have a lot of staying power, but it accomplished what the studios wanted so I concede on that point.
  6. I think its a toss up. D&D have become quite predictable, so Theon bravely dying to save a Stark seems like a high probability. On the other hand he may yet survive GoT for as of yet unknown reasons. Jorah was basically born to die for Dany, and so it seems pretty likely that will happen. Plus he is old and at this point unneccisary to the story, and unlikely to be useful in an epilogue as Lady Mormont not only rules Bear Island but is a fan favorite and unlikely to die in the show.
  7. Mygnr Fantasy Football League

    I had Hunt benched in my other league for Gilislee (who got me some decent points). I expect a more consistent season from Gilislee. Still kicking myself though. Hunt picked up 6 more points than all three of my Pats/Chiefs players combined. Reworked my lineup for this league last night and I'm ready to fuck you up. Projections have us pretty well matched now
  8. 1. Queen Cersei Lannister 2. Ser Davos Seaworth 3. Daario Naharis 4. Ser Jamie Lannister 5. Lord Berick Dondarrion 6. Ser Gregor Clegane 7. Qyburn 8. Melisandre 9. Euron Greyjoy 10. Ser Jorah Mormont Swapped Theon for Jorah
  9. Mygnr Fantasy Football League

    Goddamn autodraft! Goddamn Irma! I haven't even looked at the damage yet. Kinda scared too now
  10. Mygnr Fantasy Football League

    Ah fuck. Well I guess I better rework the lineup lol
  11. New U2 Song 'The Blackout' Out Aug. 30th // New Album Info Sep. 6th

    I don't think either singles have mainstream appeal, sadly. Hopefully the album meets the needs of U2's fans. I personally haven't cared much for their post Pop albums. Still consider them one of the greatest bands ever though.
  12. Safety Not Garunteed is a pretty mediocre film as well, and its what launched his career. At some point it became trendy for big studios to pick up indie film makers and shove them onto big blockbuster franchises without even considering who the director is, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Thus you get horrible flops like Fantastic Four, Jurrassic World, and Blair Witch Project, which destroy the budding indie director's career. Trank, Trevorrow, and Wingard's reputations are ruined, and with only a handlful of films under their belt and barely a start to their careers. All three made indie films that range from okay (Safety Not Garunteed) to great (The Guest) to excellent (Chronical). Such a waste of talent.
  13. Mygnr Fantasy Football League

    I'm in now
  14. The Boxing Thread

    I can see why people got caught up in the spectical and trash talking, but did anyone think McGregor stood a chance? I kmow little about MMA and boxing, but from what I do know, both require different things in terms of strategy and physique? Why woukd anyone think McGregor could stand a chance? How could it even be an interesting fight
  15. Mygnr Fantasy Football League

    PM me the link and I'll sign up after work