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  1. I know it's a bit off topic, but I'm pretty sure the 3 albums of material thing was started by Baz, that being said, axl has confirmed there's at least one other album, and brain confirmed he played drums on somewhere around 30 tracks, and he doesn't seem like the kind of guy to make that up. So there's def. more material out there. Back on topic,. I freaking love this version of SOD, it gives me nostalgia because it's the same arrangement as the live version I heard when I first got into gnr, much better than the album version. Makes me wanna compile an alternate version of CD with my favorite versions of the songs instead. Now we just need a verison of CD with the original short intro that had that cool synth part b4 the drums kick in
  2. I've been singing I bands for 10+ years and I'll often sneak off during a solo to grab a drink of water, save some energy & give the musicians some spotlight. On a side note karaoke is way more akward cuz there's no one to interact with.
  3. Yeah I thought that too but I was trying to find the easiest way to explain it since a lot of people seemed confused about them.
  4. Just for anyone that's confused on the source/mix of these tracks, they're from the same scorce as going down but somebody removed bumblefoot's guitar and made them mono. (The original going down leak had bumbles guitar in one channel and a mono version of going down in the other)
  5. Wow after being a guns fan for 14 years (pun incredibly intended) finally a studio version of silkworms! It's definitely interesting, when axl said the chorus was gone I didn't think he meant that they literally just cut the vocals to the chorus out and replaced them with axl screams lol, everytime that part hits I can't help but sing the chorus to myself. It's a shame whoever leaked these cut out the bumblefoot overdubs, I bet they would have filled out the sound more.
  6. Great performances from Axl tonight, I could tell there were a lot of issues with the last show but hes stepping it up tonight. What's weirder guys, seeing Axl sing Slither, or seeing Dizzy sing backup on Slither! Either way it's cool to hear, Axl used that voice that he uses on the better choruses on the bridge tonight and it was a vast improvement.
  7. Dope, is there a video or something of it?
  8. Wait did Slash & Myles reherse it or did GN'R?
  9. Paul Tobias

    It's kind of funny because it occurred to me the other day that Paul has had some sort of contribution to GN'Rs last 5 singles (6 if you count street of dreams), guess he has some impact on the band.
  10. Idk if this has been talked about a lot but according to setlist.fm the SCOM from this show has the since I don't have you intro, which will be cool to see in pro-shot
  11. It sucks cuz I probably would have bought the super deluxe if one in a million & cornchucker would have been included, but now I'll pass, might pick up the 2 CD version but that's about it.
  12. 200$ and no one in a million or cornchucker? Laaaaaammmmmeeeee.
  13. I really like the UYI I DVD version the best, mainly cuz you can hear Slash's backup vocals so well.
  14. I am super stoked for this record, I've loved every album slash has ever put out so I doubt I'd be dissapointed. That being said it bums me out that this is happening before new GN'R music. Makes me worried that the band is gonna either disband after NITL or just be a touring band while everyone works on other side projects.
  15. Have you thought about doing a version using the Coachella recording from the Apollo pre-show? I think that's the best version of the song quality & performance Wise