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  1. Ii think the interviewer might be jumping to conclusions, the song was probably originally done by Chester with different lyrics & then given to Lemmy later who changed them, kind of like nothing to say/chains & shackles
  2. Good work Russ, I sincerely hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears. If any part of the GN'R organization is reading this, peoples families are being threatened and although you guys do not carry all the blame, the lack of engagement with your fan base for the better part of 20 years has helped create this culture. We're not asking for new music or content this time we're simply asking you to help deal with a situation that is causing the most hardcore fans, the people that have kept this band/brand alive, grief on many levels some deeply personal. I love Brando's podcast and his content but for me the most interesting part of his program has been watching a fan without much experience in the deeper, darker part of our fan base getting immersed in it and seeing the highlights & incredible lows. It has further reinforced my belief that GN'R fans are the most passionate music fans in the world, and sometimes (more often than not these days) that's not a good thing. Okay rant over, waking up this morning and hearing this from Brando was especially frustrating. Often times me & my girlfriend will spend hours showing each other music on YouTube and after spending an extensive period of time last night trying to show her anything GN'R related that wasn't a basic studio album cut, even she thought this was ridiculous, and shes not a guns fan by any means.
  3. Also, there's a bunch of sound board slash shows available from disclive: https://www.disclivenetwork.com/detail.cfm?artistid=43
  4. Rank The Songs on LIES

    But Shadow was officially released, on the It's So Easy Single, the Live From The Jungle EP, and the Live & Let Die Single. Hell even the Hollywood Rose version was released.
  5. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    I guess I'm the only one who thinks hearing the CD songs with Slash & Duff was a pro, I felt like they gave those songs new life & they really felt like GNR songs finally (not to say CD is bad) The only real con of this tour for me is that there doesn't seem to be anything new on the horizon. I was really hoping Slash & Duff returning would speed up the process of a new album but seeing that Slash is going back to record with the Conspirators first seems very telling to me.
  6. This situation makes me so frustrated, I just had to explain it to my GF who's not a GNR fan at all and it was an ordeal haha. There's no one thing about this situation that's worse than the others but what guts me the most is how it's destroyed the downloads section of this forum, I've been using this site since I was 16 and the downloads section was like the holy Grail for me when I discovered it. Now we gotta ask for old live bootlegs like they're a leak of Atlas Shrugged.
  7. I've gotta give Axl credit he's been getting better and better on Slither but personally the Scott version of ISE will always be important to me. I remember ripping the audio of the download performance from YouTube to put on my ipod when I was a kid and being blown away by it when I saw VR.
  8. I've never heard it, but I've always heard about a clean version of it's so easy that was on a single with Alt lyrics.
  9. Where is Don’t Cry?

    Are the rest of the songs from the cassette from the sound city sessions?
  10. Was live like a suicide even remastered? It seems sonically similar to the normal EP besides the fade-ins/just being blended. Also I asked this earlier but does anyone notice an actual edit on Mama kin?
  11. I'm just hoping for slither, the crowd really came alive for that one.
  12. Just skimming through now, the plague is awesome, and i like how the made the live like a suicide tracks all blend together with shadow (this will always be my favorite version of the song) So is there anything actually edited about Mama Kin? I cant hear any difference beside the crowd noise. Also I gotta leave for work so I cant listen to all of sound city, the versions of Nice Boys & Heartbreak Hotel different then the ones released on those compilation albums a few years ago? Overall it seems like a great boxset, I do wish one in a million would have been included, and I've seen a lot of people complaining about no Alts. for ISE, Brownstone & SCOM being included. Seems to me they could have included the Censored Version of ISE, The Alt. Mix of Brownstone & The video edit of SCOM on the B-Sides disk, would have made a lot of sense.
  13. Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)

    This sounds pretty cool, so ist this a GN'R lies outtake? Since it's acoustic and clink produced it I assume so. Either way since this is the other big song being touted from the box set it would be cool if they busted out an acoustic version for the tour, maybe it could replace Wichita
  14. I know it's a bit off topic, but I'm pretty sure the 3 albums of material thing was started by Baz, that being said, axl has confirmed there's at least one other album, and brain confirmed he played drums on somewhere around 30 tracks, and he doesn't seem like the kind of guy to make that up. So there's def. more material out there. Back on topic,. I freaking love this version of SOD, it gives me nostalgia because it's the same arrangement as the live version I heard when I first got into gnr, much better than the album version. Makes me wanna compile an alternate version of CD with my favorite versions of the songs instead. Now we just need a verison of CD with the original short intro that had that cool synth part b4 the drums kick in
  15. I've been singing I bands for 10+ years and I'll often sneak off during a solo to grab a drink of water, save some energy & give the musicians some spotlight. On a side note karaoke is way more akward cuz there's no one to interact with.