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  1. I think it"s funny that Freese gets so much praise from GN'R fans even though he only really plays on one song.
  2. My internet went down on Wednesday so I'm just listening to this, holy crap My Michelle, my fav song of all time and Axl goes full rasp, I'm about to cry that might be the best live performance of my Michelle I've ever heard. Also is OTGM Frank's favorite song? He requested it and like his only drum solo ever was before it in Tokyo.
  3. Thanks again for all your hard work man I really appreciate you taking time out of your day for us.
  4. hey i hate to be this guy but YCBM is missing from the mp3s
  5. Re-evaluating Libertad

    I'm glad in hindsight a lot of people appreciate this album, loved it when it came out & it's always been a favorite of mine.
  6. 11/29 Show To Be Broadcast On SiriusXM

    Im hoping for this show we get a lot of the alternate/added in songs that weren't on Apollo, I didn't mind Axl's voice on that one but if he's raspier on this one I won't mind lol. Idk about you guys but I'm gonna build a live record from these 2 shows.
  7. Are you sure there's Axl backing tracks on the Apollo recording? To me it just sounds like Dizzy, Duff & Melissa singing.
  8. They've already released live versions of both these songs (Rosie on the Japanese EP & Seeker on the Appetite For Democracy deluxe 2 CD/Blu-ray) so they're both technically part of the Guns 's catalog already, so it doesn't surprise me that get played frequently.
  9. I think they should just play so fine
  10. Personally I would love it if they somehow added Slash & Duff to tht this I love remix tht had the killer Axl vocals, but I have my doubts tht will happen. I still think their best course of action would be to record a couple new songs & then have Slash & Duff record over the CD leftovers that best fit their style & put tht out as an album.