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  1. Are you sure there's Axl backing tracks on the Apollo recording? To me it just sounds like Dizzy, Duff & Melissa singing.
  2. They've already released live versions of both these songs (Rosie on the Japanese EP & Seeker on the Appetite For Democracy deluxe 2 CD/Blu-ray) so they're both technically part of the Guns 's catalog already, so it doesn't surprise me that get played frequently.
  3. I think they should just play so fine
  4. Personally I would love it if they somehow added Slash & Duff to tht this I love remix tht had the killer Axl vocals, but I have my doubts tht will happen. I still think their best course of action would be to record a couple new songs & then have Slash & Duff record over the CD leftovers that best fit their style & put tht out as an album.
  5. No way I'm missing the Gorge show, my favorite band at my favorite venue.