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  1. I've been saying this for a while, if they're using CD leftovers, I hope they use material for the 96 sessions too, would love to hear that.
  2. Same, I'm at work for 3 more hours would love to know!
  3. I'm not trying to get my hopes up, as he very well could be coming in to lay down overdubs on a NITL live album, but damn if this doesn't look promising. I know it would bug a lot of people but I'm ok with the new album being touched up old stuff. They haven't done a record together in 26 years, they've never even done a record without Izzy, this is a great way to tread the waters & rediscover chemistry. Part of me believes that stuff from the 93-95 sessions will be included though, since that post about GN'R management picking up the tapes from that storage space a few months ago.
  4. Is Frank Ferrer the worst GNR drummer ever?

    I'm pretty sure that's freese
  5. You know you're a die hard fan...

    When you treat SiriusXM concert streams like you treat new albums from other bands.