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  1. I would love that, but it seems like it depends on his mood more than anything. I was throwing together a bootleg compilation from the Sirius XM broadcasts and I found myself punching in extra stage banter from the Rio show cuz I felt he didn't talk enough.
  2. I think an EP of old Axl tracks combined with a few live covers from NITL tour would make a great package.
  3. Im starting to get the feeling this is gonna end up like the 2006 Checkmate leak or the 2013 snippets where this is all we're gonna get. I'd love to be proven wrong though 😀
  4. Wow after all these years hearing more of the song is mind blowing! Sounds like classic GN'R, I hope beyond hope we get to hear the full thing someday. I'd happily chip in some cash to buy this thing if it was well organized
  5. I really REALLY wanna get excited for this guys, but part of me is afraid this is gonna end up like the whole axls laptop leak from a few years back. If I do actually finally get to hear Checkmate/Jackie Chan/Hardschool I might loose my shit lol.
  6. Live Era

    The dizzy bongos are A+
  7. I started using this forum back in 2007 shortly after Madagascar leaked, if you told me then that 12 years later the forums are still freaking out over 5 second clips of tracks from 1999 I'd have been one bummed out teenager. Anyhow, the clip is just about what I expected it to be, I'm hoping that this leak doesn't destroy any chance we had of hearing the songs like when checkmate leaked.
  8. I've been saying this for a while, if they're using CD leftovers, I hope they use material for the 96 sessions too, would love to hear that.
  9. Same, I'm at work for 3 more hours would love to know!
  10. I'm not trying to get my hopes up, as he very well could be coming in to lay down overdubs on a NITL live album, but damn if this doesn't look promising. I know it would bug a lot of people but I'm ok with the new album being touched up old stuff. They haven't done a record together in 26 years, they've never even done a record without Izzy, this is a great way to tread the waters & rediscover chemistry. Part of me believes that stuff from the 93-95 sessions will be included though, since that post about GN'R management picking up the tapes from that storage space a few months ago.
  11. Is Frank Ferrer the worst GNR drummer ever?

    I'm pretty sure that's freese
  12. You know you're a die hard fan...

    When you treat SiriusXM concert streams like you treat new albums from other bands.