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  1. Hey guys! Progress report time! Currently we have about 2 songs recorded with great foundations in place. Linesman did an amazing job with Oklahoma and I have an early version of Circus Maximus in place. I'd like to work on the mixes to create some consistency in the project. We're still looking for someone who can sing in an Axl style to rerecord our vocals. I know there are around 5-6 other forum users who are working on other songs as we speak. I'd imagine in a few weeks we may have a solid collection of demos. If you want to contribute, pick a song, record your vocals on top, and PM me to join in! Let's keep this going... it's been quite a bit of fun!
  2. Is there anyone else out there who can sing like Axl willing to record some stuff? I have a couple of songs that need a singer!
  3. Song list updated. We have a couple of songs with two users assigned. I have no problem with that whatsoever... let's get all the variety we can get! I have another forum user who I've been chatting with via PM who is willing to record Axl-ey vocals on tracks if we can give him the lyrics and melodies. If you want to participate, please reach out to me and I'll send him the info. On a personal note - I've made some breakthroughs with Circus Maximus and started writing words to the melodies today. Hopefully I'll have something to send in by this weekend. Thanks for the participation guys! Can't wait to hear what we can come up with!
  4. Just adding vocals to the instrumentals. Pick a song and write your own!
  5. Hold onto it for now. I'll reach out to you individually. I don't wanna break any forum rules.
  6. Ah damnit I was gonna take that one! I'll roll with Circus Maximus then!
  7. Hey guys with all of these new instrumentals out there now, would anyone be interested in recording some vocals and creating our own community version of Chinese Democracy 2? I know we have some great vocalists on the board. I'm already finding myself singing my own imaginary lyrics to Oklahoma, Zodiac, and D Tune in the car. I'd love to hear some of the community's creative side. You don't need to sound like Axl or even be a relatively good singer. I just think it would be interesting to hear where we would take these songs if we had our chance. Some basic rules: 1. You must pick an instrumental. 2. You cannot edit the arrangement of the song. 3. You must be able to record your own vocals and add them to the track. 4. You will get bonus points if you make the song somewhat related to the title of the instrumental! If you're interested, pick a song, let us know what it is, and get to writing! I'll add your name to the list below! We'll figure out how to compile and share later. Current Song List with Vocalist: Soul Monster - Gibson_Guy87 D Tune - Axl2002 Circus Maximus - djtripp20 Circus Maximus - GansosYRosas Oklahoma - Bansidhe Zodiac 13 - Shacklermyrye Zodiac 13 - THELINESMAN Quick Song - THELINESMAN Dummy - Peffo Devious Bastard - wafflehead PRL - Darklotus1111 real doll (dot) com - Darklotus1111 Prom Violence - USEYOURDEMOCRACYIII
  8. Definite Crystal Method vibe. I remember this sound back in the 99 timeframe. It was pretty cool back then. Takes me back!
  9. Guys, everything he said is right. You need to be in the moment of 2001 when all of this went down to understand it. Yes you're excited about the leaks and so am I, but these are not great songs. They are not great songwriting plain and simple. It's copy/pasted production that Ezrin accurately described as something that had been brushed over too many times. Ezrin was looking to build the record that brings back GNR. This was NOT it. If it was gonna be Axl's solo project, then sure roll with it. But if his job was to help finish the next GNR album, then he was right. The best stuff we've heard so far is the bucket instrumentals to be honest. If I'm no mistaken all of that was recorded after this anyway. I get it, we're all fanbois here. But you're lying to yourself if you think this stuff was ready for release.
  10. I never said he did. I said that's what the public were looking for back then.
  11. That's a great quote. Haven't seen that one before. Thanks for sharing!
  12. He's honestly right. I mean it's easy for us to look back now that we are in 2019 and say "Holy shit these are amazing Axl is God bla bla" but back then Axl had a reputation. He had a reputation of a badass rock star with an unique and powerful raspy voice that layered perfectly with the bluesy licks from Slash. This is so far gone from old GnR that if he had released this he would have been the laughing stock of the music industry. GnR was a joke back then in that moment. Those of us who were around back then remember the disappointment. It was a band of clown characters and Axl was winded and sounded like Mickey Mouse. Ezrin was actually right. The songs aren't GnR... at least not then. Today we kind of expect the industrial sounds and bucket riffs, but back then people were looking for the next Sweet Child or Jungle. These songs are not that plain and simple. Now I'm a huge fan of NiN, KMFDM, and NuGNR so I love these new instrumentals. I think it would be a kick ass record if Axl made his own band. But to call this GnR in 2001 would have been a mistake. Ezrin at least had the balls to tell Axl that. That said, here's my current playlist (someone was asking which songs to listen to): Dub Suplex Dummy Eye on You Going Down (still a fav of mine) Hardschool Me and My Elvis Oklahoma Perhaps Prom Violence Quick Song State of Grace The Rebel Zodiac 13
  13. Am I the only one that feels like the weakest part of these songs is Axl? I mean back in 2002 all we were talking about was how bad Axl sounded. He had no power, no rasp, and sounded like Mickey Mouse. Yeah the sound of these instrumentals are HUGE! But then again the instrumental of Rhiad sound great too. It's the whiney Axl vocal that makes you go ehhh. I wish he recorded these songs with that voice from 2006 on. It just had so much more growl. I'm surprised he kept the recordings from 99 all the way through release. Also, moment of appreciation for Bucket. Holy shit. His work is unmistakable.
  14. The General cell phone clip is the most intriguing thing left out there for me. It sounds so friggin mean man.