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  1. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    There was very little to get excited about in that massive cache of leaks, give or take a riff.
  2. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    Bad Boys For Life Mike Lowh-ree

    I can appreciate the direction that Duel of Fates script tried to go in - because clearly, they were trying to tell a cohesive story that carried on what happened after Last Jedi. I cant attest if it would have been any good or not and a lot of it from description sounds like it lacks any sense of scope. But my instinct would have been to fully embrace Kylo Ren as the villain of the series. He had so much going for him in that capacity by the end of Last Jedi that I really thought you don't need a puppet master character like Snoke or the Emperor - Driver had really and truly grown into the psychology of this broken man. He still managed to find a way to make his character the most successful thing about the new films, but I think he was robbed a bit by Disney's ambivalence about letting him go full Snidely Whiplash.
  4. The Joker

    It's just somewhat funny to me...that people thought that the "twist" of Joker creating Batman was something fresh to hang their hat on. It was done in 1989! It was part of the personal vendetta that Burton crafted around the characters of Joker and Batman. Hell, I predicted such an ending in this thread months before the film was released (the only difference - Joker doesn't personally pull the trigger).
  5. The Joker

    As one of the most successful movies of last year, it seems all but a foregone conclusion that this will get a sequel, which brings me to my question "are they actually going to give us Joker?" I for one, was aggravated at how easily and seamlessly people accepted this iteration as being "The Joker." I saw this as a film that was clearly about Arthur - an individual - and not someone who has the presence of the devil himself. Which is the essence of Joker. So, how do you take a sad-sack character, a loser, essentially, and elevate him to the level of idolatry. How do you take Arthur and make him the Joker? "Well, he shot Robert DeNiro and he wore facepaint! He must be the Joker!" I think the "sequel" if it comes to be, will have a mighty difficult road in terms of concept and execution. This guy is no longer the frustrated white man that so many people can identify with - but is he the legendary Clown Prince of Crime? How will they make that nexus - that connection? Can you believe that someone who is so hilariously bad at crime can graduate to the level of being the "prince" of it? Maybe in comic-book land...but this isn't that (though it wants to exist in both: the real, and the pseudo realities). I think that they will have a helluva time trying to decide if this character is the lonely, flawed, sad white guy who people can identify with out of frustration, or, the larger than life, supernatural essence of chaos. Quite a lot of room between those two extremes and I have a hard time believing that a character could be both.

    It really moves like a kid who has no time to tie his shoes. It feels like attention-deficit-disorder. So many things happened in this that I missed at least half of them when talking with people later. They mentioned things to me that sailed right over my head because I was trying to take in all the information. Last Jedi was just sooo good at being deliberate and letting the emotional moments resonate. I still manage to tear up in that film because of how effectively Rian Johnson builds and executes the drama. This film just gives you so little time to experience it on an emotional or intellectual level. It robs itself of its own best moments in attempt to do everything. Also, I’m quite convinced JJ puts the plot into warp speed because almost nothing makes sense in the film and to move any slower - would draw extreme attention to that.

    Seeing it again with a clearer mind - this films biggest enemy is its editing. It is like being assaulted. George Lucas used to famously use a piece of direction towards the actors ,"okay, next take, faster and more intense!" I get the feeling JJ sat there in the editing bay and screamed the same thing at the guy cutting the show. "Faster! more intense!"

    I don't think I've ever seen an American audience cheer before a movie begins. Maybe they did for something like Force Awakens because of the thirty year gap between films, but American audiences don't particularly cheer - especially at the beginning of a film.

    Honestly, every episode has done more to play fast and loose with the rules of the force - to the extent that the "advantages" Jedi's have now are becoming detrimental to the plot. We can go back all the way to A New Hope where Obi-Wan advises Luke that a Jedi never uses the force for attack - yeah....because they didn't have CGI and couldn't make things float. Now, we're mightily upset if a new movie doesn't have razzle-dazzle force ballet fighting. Things floating. Lightning. You get the idea. In Empire, Obi-Wan advises Luke that if he chooses to fight Vader, there will be no spiritual assistance on his part - that he can't interfere - that force ghosts simply can't aid in a battle. At the end of Rise of Skywalker, EVERY Jedi is assisting Rey in the battle against the Emporer....that would have been nice if they had made that concession for Luke, when he needed to save the Galaxy... Finally...when you give your character the power to overcome death, to heal people - to cheat the finality of it - you've essentially made them a god. I don't know if only Rey and Palpatine have the power to "heal," but it bodes very poorly for future films because there is the precedent of no finality now. We've seen the Jesus hat trick pulled several times, so death means next to nothing if there is a powerful character enough around. How do you back-pedal from that?

    If there was a plan for the series following TFA - they would have protected it. But the fanciful idea they had was that they were going to dance in the moment. They were going to let it develop piecemeal and let these prestegiously talented filmmakers change the direction of it, in the moment.Maybe JJ had a plan for what he wanted to see next, but Disney didn't want to stifle creativity and wanted to take ideas as they came. So Rian Johnson got to make what he wanted and they supported whatever he came up with. The Last Jedi is the only one of these films where there wasn't a major script problem, if you can believe that. Rian knew what he wanted to do and he didn't hit a brick wall like Michael Arndt did when he was writing Force Awakens. He didn't get lost in the editing bay and develop a dozen different cuts like Rise of Skywalker. Rian was sure of himself and as a consequence, The Last Jedi is a supremely confident and well made film - regardless if you hate what it does with the characters. Disney was the master - Rian was just working within the framework they allotted him. So, if there's anybody to blame, it's Disney because they were responsible for the trilogy. Rian was just responsible for his film. Somebody should have stopped him if they felt he was trampling on the plot, but they supported him. JJ himself, whether sincerely or insincerely, gushed about how great Rian's script was before production on that movie began. https://dorksideoftheforce.com/2015/12/22/j-j-abrams-wishes-he-was-directing-episode-viii/

    As far as Rey being a Palpatine - that was essentially the idea I had going into this, that she "belonged" to him. But as far as her being a direct blood relative - that I wasn't expecting. I thought she would wind up being a clone herself - of someone who was very powerful, possibly a Sith. I think that would have been more appropriate with idea of her parents being "nobodies," in spite of her amazing ability. I thought, that scene in The Last Jedi where she goes into the cave and asks the Dark Side to reveal her parents, and it turns out to be a representation of herself, would have been a nice way of the force literally telling her her origin - and she just misunderstood the meaning of that moment when she reflected later with Kylo...

    I've arrived at the conclusion that one of the problems (and there were many) of the production was the choice of Chris Terrio as co-screenwriter. For awhile , I admired Terrio's writing on "Argo" and how he was able to take a political incident and turn it into a seventies themed adventure movie that owed quite a bit, to Star Wars. He impressed me, with that movie, just like he impressed JJ. But look at what the guy has been involved in since; Batman V. Superman and Justice League. Taken together, Batman v. Superman, Justice League and Rise of Skywalker are chalked full of ideas that are incoherent and are ill-prepared for a major tent-pole movie. All three films had huge parts of them shuffled, edited, spliced and thrown in the air. They are all narrative messes and none of them stick to the landing. Basically, I realize now that Chris Terrio wrote a simple and great story for Argo because the story was already there. The work was done for him, he just had to figure out a way to make it as cinematic as possible.

    What I really don't care for in this film is there is no attempt to explain "why." We start the film and it's like we've missed a whole forty minutes of buildup as to how this malevolent evil has resurrected itself. Instead, it's like coming home from a long days work and your house is completely haunted - there's no reason why this is happening - you're just knee deep in ghosts and you haven't even got your work clothes off yet.

    I was shocked to feel like I was watching a Michael Bay Transformer movie. And one of the Transformer sequels - at that. There was just no coherence. It was crammed frame to frame with whiz-bang action and people running places and making quips and NO SENSE to narrative. The film begins and you’re stupefied at the “why” and “how” of the plot and things just happen. Lots of things. Very few moments work in this movie, at all. As far as narrative deliverance - holy shit, I’m going to pretend Last Jedi was the final film in this slate of New Jack Skywalker. This movie falls off the screen.

    My friend tells me that this film is similar to the way The Dark Knight Rises felt like a direct sequel to Batman Begins - while dancing around the middle chapter. I didn't like Dark Knight Rises. I really did admire Last Jedi. I never fell into the vitriolic void that wanted to tear the movie from limb to limb because it was a "betrayal." (Star Wars aint my favorite sci-fi franchise - I'm a Terminator nerd and I've acted appropriately towards those turkeys, though..) I just think Rian Johnson is head and shoulders above almost all young filmmakers - certainly those who work in genre films. There were lots of things in Last Jedi that I wouldn't have done if I was holding the pen or the camera. What I truly, truly appreciate about the film is the fact that those subversive moves work for me and the drama of Last Jedi - is the purest and best since ROTJ. The moments that are supposed to mean something, really work for me. It just never bothered me who was ramming a spaceship into a star destroyer. Whether that character was a SJW construct, whether she should have had purple hair, whether she should have been Admiral Ackbar, whether the logic of all ships having deflector shields that would theoretically prevent such things....the fucking drama of that moment when the sound dropped out in the theater and everyone gasped at the devastation of the heroics...that's the mark of an effective filmmaker.