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  1. When did Axl lose his musical and performing drive?

    For me, it spoke so much when Robin Finck bailed for the second time in the months that preceeded the release of Chinese Democracy. I don't believe he ever would have done that unless he knew that a part of Axl was over and was not going to rise to his ultimate moment...and he didn't.
  2. Mick Mars solo album with lead singer Adlers Jacob Bunton

    Mick is one of the best, if not the best rhythmic guitar player of the eighties. His riffs and grooves always stood out and I dare say that he gave Motley some respectability with his prowess. I know he's been at work at his solo album for years now, so I am very intrigued to see where he takes it.
  3. Alan Niven. good or bad?

    He's got a bit of the 'cunt' persona to him. It might just be how he has that high-horse mentality and is thoroughly outspoken about it. The kind of guy who has no problem turning his nose at something. He undoubtedly helped the band navigate the early pitfalls and created opportunity for them to get the music across to a national audience. As it pertains to Niven, I've always wanted to know what exactly it was that caused Slash to turn his back on his management. In Slash's book, he claims Niven, himself, Slash's wife and Alan's wife were partying one night and Alan got extremely weird as it pertained to Renne. In a very Slash move, he says in one sentence "I don't remember exactly it was he said..." but then, several sentences later, he says "...it was very weird and I never forgot it..." Which was it it? Does Slash remember what Alan said/did or doesn't he? Either way, must have been bad.
  4. Tommy Stinson interview from 2017

    Tommy Stinson came from The Replacements and had Paul Westerberg as a model for behavior and success. There’s no doubt why someone who would be no-frills, so to speak, would look at a completely eccentric guy like Buckethead (whom could become his character at any moment and disrupt all order) and sneer. It’s very old school values versus one person’s bizarre process of creativity. I’m sure he looked at Bucket and saw someone who was Uber talented but forced his uncompromising way of working on the band. Bucket really is an individual unto himself and you can see how someone who was so “band oriented” wouldn’t appreciate that.
  5. I think it took them many years (decades) to reach the same place in life that Axl settled into: just don't give a fuck. They had a lot to accomplish after 1996 and 1998 - namely, trying to create another band whose music was big enough to become a household name. They kinda did that - even if Velvet Revolver was only relevant for their debut album, they touched the sky with that band with the two singles which were pretty ubiquitous. After that... Well, Rock N Roll is built on memories, not on the path of tomorrow. They did their own minor things for periods of time but came to realize that if they wanted back into the tent of the big circus and the glamour of that - that they would have to develop an attitude of apathy and an acceptance that there is no forward momentum. Guns N' Roses is a lumbering touring machine and nothing more. It's a well oiled stage act that can command the highest ticket prices but cannot figure out what its identity is independent of its original albums. I think they both know that and they reached a place of apathy where there are very weak expectations as to anything else.
  6. Jesus Rolls (2020) Lebowski spin off

    I've read several reviews from people who have seen it and the response is that it is a very marginal movie that is more or less, just a faithful remake of the movie that inspired it. The fact that this is Turturro's character from Lebowski doesn't seem to factor into it in any tangible way - so its a fruitless spin-off, if you're to believe the reviews.
  7. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2020 Edition

    Ford v Ferrari was my favorite film of last year. It got very dwarfed at the Oscars, but it may be indelibly the best film I've ever seen about professional racing - and I hate professional racing.
  8. I'm not so much a Bond fan as I am a Cary Fukunaga fan. It's quite exciting seeing him tether himself to a big bombastic franchise. Not that I want that to become the norm, but for a guy who has played only in minor leagues before, I really want to see what he'll do with a huge canvas and a downright iconic character.
  9. The Joker

    I see where you're coming from and I totally agree, I just think that fundamentally the one thing that has always set Joker apart from other villains is the fact that he's an abstraction. He's devoid of form or reason and every time you think you've got a grip on him, he shifts. Its what makes him so fascinating - he's unknowable. Whether that exists in a grounded, reality-based plot like the Dark Knight or in a hyperbolic, comic-book world like Burton's Batman, it still stands out very much. The character is always larger than life, it's just part of the tradition. In trying to make Joker just like the rest of us, Todd Phillips undermined that central philosophy of being "unknowable." I have a hard time imagining the character of Joker masturbating alone in a dark room with whiskey tears. That's way too intimate and internal and just undermines the strength that the character should posses. I actually just don't want to imagine that sort of thing - it's ugly. Well, I can give an answer to that but I thoroughly realize its unpopularity: this shouldn't have been a Joker solo movie, nor should one have been made on that premise. It shouldn't have been called "Joker." My perspective is that this was most definitely a story about "Arthur" and it would have been more appropriate to call it that and then surprise people by putting him in Joker makeup at the end - thus making it a story about Joker only in its closing moments. But I get that they wouldn't have made so many millions if this thing wasn't called Joker and it didn't rest on selling it on the image.
  10. If you look at it, Rolling Stone is a magazine that is dedicated to not only culture, but music culture...and GN'R hasn't done one thing to further their music or its place in culture since Chinese. They are basically calling Axl out for living in his own universe and refusing to offer the world one thing that could amount to creativity. It should be obvious that a band that strictly tours - does nothing beyond that - would be held in contempt by the magazine because...they offer nothing new to the pages.
  11. Best New Song from The Village Sessions Leaks?

    Really only thought Oklahoma and Quick Song had potential. Was quite disappointed by the rest - especially those with finished vocals.
  12. The Outsider

    Can’t say I like it all that much. It begins like it’s True Detective and several episodes in, becomes something supernatural. I would say police procedurals and creature features don’t work so well together outside the X Files. Also, it’s kinda boring.
  13. R.I.P Kobe Bryant

    Helicopters are fucking tragic man. They are just so inherently dangerous because a minor crash is always a major crash. You are better off falling out of the sky in a plane, where a pilot can hopefully put it over a body of water and salvage the crash. Helicopters are death traps when they fall. I've never even been on one and I'm pretty terrified by the idea of it. It's always been on my mind that guys like Stevie Ray Vaughn really gambled their lives and lost by trusting in them to travel.
  14. Well...there is a level of worship and appreciation that comes with a massive pile of leaks from a band who has been in lieu of new music for decades. You'll inevitably get people who are so happy to have anything - let alone this whole buffet of stuff - that their appreciation is amplified by "how much they've been wanting it." I have to agree with the small contingent of people here who find only bits and pieces of these songs worthy. I personally was pretty disappointed in many of the songs - they just didn't measure up...and I guess that makes sense, because they were left off the one and only release that came to define that period of the band. I think, where the community diverges is the opinion that these songs could be successful today or that they could be valuable pieces of building blocks for songs that the reunited band could build on... My opinion? Many to most of them should be let go of. You could spend forever working on a particular group of songs (and he has - and then some!) or, you could let go of your bronze prize and try and grab for the silver, gold or platinum. I think this Chinese material is cursed in general - it's a product of a time and a creativity that has completely extinguished. If Axl Rose has anything of an artist left in him, he needs to realize that he is under no obligation to forever work on something he started twenty years ago. If he were to start fresh, I really believe that he would be more successful in completing songs. I think the Chinese material comes with a curse of in-completion.
  15. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    There was very little to get excited about in that massive cache of leaks, give or take a riff.