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  1. It seems to me that Quentin Tarantino wanted it both ways. He wanted the shadow of Manson to loom over the movie but in no way did he want to use him as a character and be accused of raising him to the level of cult hero. He wanted us to use our imagination as far as the guy's involvement. I didn't need to see Charlie raise a kinfe (because he did - he did in fact kill - in a separate incident) but I wanted to see the influence of his character on the other characters. As it is, he is just someone whose first name is dropped a few times. If Quentin really wanted to juxtapose the old guard of Hollywood versus the Slippies, he needed to give Manson more dimension - any dimension. There are so many young people who went to see this movie who don't know about the Family and come up with questions by the time the last scene rolls around. I'm not saying it wasn't a good movie - it was - it could have been legendary, though. On my part, there was way too much about old Hollywood and we only skimmed the surface of the underbelly. That's where it came up short for me. It was like we had a brief peak into the window of what was going on the other side of town - but it wasn't enough. I guess Quentin can't be blamed because very early on when people were reporting this was a "Manson" film, he got out in front of the rumors and claimed Charlie's part was so small it was almost inconsequential. He wasn't lying, so kudos to him for shooting straight. I look at it like this though; if you have the balls to viciously kill Adolf Hitler to great audience acclaim, where do those balls go when you need Charles Manson to say a few lines?
  2. I'll take you at that, because I don't know much about Bruce Lee. It just seems that if he didn't practice zen and if he wasn't humble, I don't understand what his daughter is complaining about. There's nothing in the Bruce Lee scene of the movie that reflects negatively on him other than the fact that he's braggadocios. No. Manson and the Manson family are played by nobodies, to reinforce the idea that they were nobodies.
  3. The Irishman

    They’re going to gas him up with juice, feed him like a horse and put a bunch of digital dots on his face. At least, that’s the hope. Jamie doesn’t get younger every year the movie isn’t made but they think the technology gets better. In all sincerity, Jamie has been doing the Mike character since the beginning of his career when he was just a comic. He’s got the dramatic stuff down now and I don’t doubt he can do Mike better than any other marquee name. At least as good as Smith did Ali. One thing is for sure, only Robin Givens can play Robin Givens. I bet she’d do it in a fucking second, too.
  4. The Irishman

    I don't know what it is, maybe I expected far too much from the technology, but I expected these dudes to look like young men, not old guys with no wrinkles. I'd heard so much about this "revolutionary" technology that was going to de-age Pacino and De Niro...I guess I expected a miracle, because they look like they just shaved a decade off them. As to how good this movie will be, I'm sure it will be amazing, but the trailer is kinda ho-hum. This isn't the kind of extravagant, throw-it-in-the-blender mob movie that Goodfellas and Casino were. This looks like it is serious and dour. I heard Jamie Foxx recently say that Scorsese was still interested in doing the Mike Tyson biopic with Jamie, but wanted to see how successful the "youth technology" is, as it is going to be the basis they make Jamie look like an early twenties Mike Tyson.
  5. The Bruce Lee scene is easily one of the best in the movie and the actor who plays Bruce, is very aware he is in a Tarantino film. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s a scene stealing moment because of how colorfully Bruce is played. Maybe it’s just splitting hairs, but you always have people come out of the woodwork when characters are based on real life people (celebrities , especially) who claim “you didn’t get my dad, my mom, my uncle, my pet pony Justice, etc..right...and I want some money for that!” Does it reflect negatively on Bruce? Not really. It presents him as braggadocio and since he has no reason to believe anybody can really challenge him, that belief is justified. I thought it was a great scene and it wouldn’t have been if Bruce just remained “zen” and passive. Now, Tex Watson might find the movie uncomfortable, but his digs have been meager for quite a long time.
  6. Terminator - Dark Fate

    Dude, it's down to the shots. We've gone way beyond plot points. We're (consciously or unconsciously) repeating the way something was shot in a number of different films. That's just shows that not only can they not help repeating the same plot, but the way they present it to the audience. When you see the side by side comparison, its no doubt why Terminator has reached a place of diminishing returns.
  7. 2 more Halloween movies

    They should really go back to the widescreen format of the first two Halloweens. Whether people know it or not, that beautiful 2.3:51 aspect ratio played a huge part in how the "mood" of those first two films was established. Digital video, really does not cut it when you're trying to make a scary movie - it looks too "real," hardly cinematic. These are film nerd grievances but I don't think the audience realizes they should care about them. Can you imagine if Hitchcock had shot Psycho on a digital camera? It would not have carried the same weight nor would have evoked the same responses.
  8. Terminator - Dark Fate

    This is a pretty funny video. Hits the nail on the head on how Terminator can't help but recycle everything about itself. I can only imagine how much more is in Dark Fate that we've seen before in other Terminator films.
  9. It was meant to be Manson and the Manson family. The fact that the murders are mentioned and one of the girls is shown in a flashback on the lawn of the Polanski home, standing above a woman with a bloody knife. The difference is that Drew Goddard cloaked Thor in a different name than Charles Manson, to make it less controversial and Tarantino chose to explicitly go with Manson, but then pulled his punch by refusing to show Manson do anything.
  10. Top 10 favorite horror films/ general horror discussion

    I don’t really like horror. I did in my teens, but that was when that stuff was forbidden fruit in my house. I am an admirer of psychological scares: -The Changeling (probably scariest film ever. Stephen King and Scorsese agree with me). -Poltergeist -The Shining -The Mothman Prophicies -Hereditary
  11. When you folks go out to see this movie, keep in mind another movie which belongs in the conversation with this; Bad Times at the El Royale. Both are late sixties alt-history noirs. Both films use the Manson family as villains and both films end with an eruption of violence. In fact, many of the songs QT uses in this film we’re used last year in Bad Times. There’s a little bit of redundancy there. But keep Bad Times in mind for comparison. In my opinion, El Royale used the Manson family much better as villains. Tarantino clearly had an ambivalence about using Manson, which is too bad. He pulled his punch on that one.
  12. So, in this instance, it wasn't just the trailer. The film has a very loose plot. In fact, it has almost no narrative drive. It's weird, but it doesn't move with purpose. Sometimes, I think Tarantino's films could be much better than they turn out and this was one of those films. It was very enjoyable, but it could have been a stone cold classic had it done a little more. The Manson thing was never a factor for QT and the lack of development of that fails to make the final act all that special. Had he invested a little more time on Charlie and the gang and a lot less time on old cable cowboy shows, you would have a film that was more interesting, more dynamic and more well rounded. As it is, the Slippies feel shoe-horned in to make it more exploitation - but only when it's convenient and only at the end. I had a different film in my head than the one this turned out to be. I don't know that he stacked the deck on this one. Like it a lot more than H8FULL 8, not quite as much as Django and it's pretty well behind Inglorious, which was my favorite post-nineties joint.
  13. Terminator - Dark Fate

    I have a fairly strong feeling that the movie won't be terrible. In fact, I have a feeling that it will be a great film in spite of how fast and loose it is going to play with Terminator mythology. We've had any number of Terminator sequels that aimed to follow in the footsteps of the Cameron characters, but despite that, they've been awful. Now that we're throwing away everything except Arnold and Linda...is it possible to have a movie that fails to honor the original story, but blows our socks off in terms of how good it is on its own merits? I think the movie will be damn good but I think the story will leave a whole lot of disappointed Terminator fans.
  14. Terminator - Dark Fate

    Put it this way, if they do a CGI version of young Eddie Furlong and then Eddie Furlong does the voice-over dialog...Eddie Furlong is in the movie... If anybody thinks burn-out Eddie is going to feature in this movie, well...keep smoking that good shit.
  15. Terminator - Dark Fate

    He’s supposed to be a Terminator who arrived off screen with the T-1000 in T2. Doesn’t make sense why he never caught up to the action in that movie, but that’s the idea. This movie is going to be very divisive and in many ways, off -putting...but the feeling I’m getting is that it will be a really solid thriller and the character development will be worthy. I can’t speak to the plot trajectory, but as far as the action goes, I think this one will be really satisfying.