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  1. Excited for Westworld and this trailer just got me more excited lol
  2. First Single Guesses?

    I'll guess hardschool... But no idea if we will ever get one lol have learned to not get hopes up or expectations to high
  3. North American Tour Dates Announced

    Thanks for the help Chester! Really appreciate it. Will probably hit you up closer to showtime for some ideas.
  4. North American Tour Dates Announced

    Thanks a lot for the info! Big baseball fan too. So it will be cool to check another ballpark off my list.
  5. North American Tour Dates Announced

    Have a wedding the night of MetLife show. So cant do that one. Debating whether to road trip down to philly or Boston. Been to Fenway a few times for baseball games. How is stadium in philly ?
  6. Hoping for some album or single announcement... probably will be let down lol but still hoping for something
  7. Down in The Farm would be great live. Feel like it fits very well with Axl’s current vocals. Would love to hear it!
  8. Oklahoma sounds amazing. Really enjoyed dub duplex too... sounded very bucketheadish which is always a good thing
  9. Some of these versions are incredible and better than album versions. I always loved Brian May Catcher Demi years ago and didn’t love final album version, Madagascar didn’t love on final album either and loved live. These versions are amazing. Loved perhaps and atlas on this version as well. Listening to other songs now. But so far loving it !
  10. 09/21/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium

    Hahahah I thought the same thing then as well. Just trying to be optimistic. Maybe in 2045 I will learn lol
  11. 09/21/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium

    If new songs get played this will be amazing.... also good sign that new material officially being released is on the horizon 😍🔥
  12. Zodiac instrumental sounds really cool. Would love some axl vocals and slash guitar on it. Quicksong also sounds good. But I’d say I am most intrigued about a finished zodiac
  13. Atlas is way different than I expected but I really dig it a lot. Can’t wait to hear more! Hard School sounds awesome as well!
  14. I’ve been out of the loop awhile ... is hardschool something new ? Or is that a newer name for an old leak?