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  1. I'm actually really enjoying this one. It's different but strong.
  2. The Bumble version, and the 2002 are the exact same version. The 2002 is just minus Bumbles track.
  3. It could end up being longer, if ever released. Don't forget that IRS for one, was slightly extended compared to the demos.
  4. It’s not impossible that that’s how the track was rendered!
  5. EYE ON YOU SNIPPET 33 sec

    Definitely fake!
  6. As far as we know, it isnt. However, apparently '3 dollar pyramid' is 'Better', so it could be on there under a different name.
  7. I'm really buzzing off this track. The more I listen to it, the more intense I find it!
  8. Well, only a month and a half until we find out!
  9. I'd say the first line is 'I know this shade of blue'
  10. I do wonder if this song is 'The General', but an early form of it.
  11. But that version of TIL did leak, most of us (if not all) have that track.
  12. Do not listen to this with headphones in, and on loud! Ouch my ears!!!
  13. Really? I’ve heard state of grace is circulating