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  1. James Bond Thread - No Time To Die (April 2020)

    Oh, well. You also like the new Star Wars. Since I didn't know too much about her and hearing this news, I listened to some songs. Don't quite know whether I like it. It's different-ish, but then again, all she does is kinda same-ish. So I guess that grows old soon. Still shudder though that this brat really is the only option for a Bond song. Does she even know James Bond?
  2. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Well. Standing in front of someone is absolutely my thing. Wouldn't want it any other way. But I'm surely as hell not going to pay twice as much for early entry. And anyone who does is a fucking wanker. Queue up and run if you want to be at the front.
  3. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Why should it, when the setlist stays the same and there is no new album?
  4. Open Letter to FERNANDO...

    Why do you need to know? If it comes it comes and if it doesn't it doesn't. You will see either way. Those 6 months are up soon anyway. And when it comes in 9 montha you will see it too. If they are ready to announce something, they will. No need for stupid open letters. And really, someone who is holding their breath for GNR albums in 2020 has different problems.

    LOL yeah. It's time to give it up then. Considering that Rogue and Solo did 1 billion and .4 billion respectivly, which is some ways off from the "proper" Episodes, which all did more, I'm hoping that those are really only the dumb people you know.

    Yes. Because people realized it was starting to turn to shit. It had all the good will with TFA, even though it being a rehash. Then it disappointed many with TLJ, which halted multiple viewings and it disappointed further with TROS, hence diminishing returns. If Disney had played their cards right, there would have been no reason for it at least to do equal (or better) than TLJ. Traditionally the third one always did better than the second. Doesn't look like that will happen this time. Agreed. Would have been way better than to turn him into a man-boy who doesn't really know what he wants.

    No. It encourages them to make movies that are not good. Obviously it's not up to me whether people throw more money at them or not. If it was, all copies would get burned. But big business shows them, that quality, continuation, creavitity and integrity don't matter and they have a hit either way, because "Oh, it's Star Wars. The movie is crap, but it is Star Wars.". And that is a undisputed fact. As long as their pockets are filled, there is no reason for them to strive for better. And that was my point, to which you injected something that was actually totally beside my point, which makes you the one missing the point.

    I'm sure I read stuff like that on this very forum, when it comes to the current tour, Chinese Democracy, the merits of Axl and the players involved, Steven's skills as a drummer and so on... and sorry, that is my opinion and I will stick with that. And if that opinion triggers some, not really my problem. I don't agree with the opinions that the movie is great. And I'm not the one throwing the "you're aware that there are tons of people out there who genuinely enjoy the movie, right? " around, like if that means anything and makes a shit movie a great movie and to which I've responded. As for my reaction, A) I wouldn't care and B) for a moment in a low moment, I maybe would check if my assessment of the band is so off and then I probably would go back to A). I certainly wouldn't send mods on someone who stated his opinion.

    Just because there are people who like some shit doesn't mean it's good taste. And obviously because some of you are on the side of liking it, you feel offended by me stating that. How predictable.

    Which brings us back to the point that you want to like it because it's Star Wars. Would you go pay the Cinema several times to see a bad movie that doesn't deal with Star Wars?

    Yes and no. Yeah. He was inspired by the serials of the 40s and made things up as he went along and moved things around accordingly. But some of those things were due because he couldn't know how successefull it all would be and if he could make more than one movie. But even when he made up things as he went along, he still had some sort of Vision and an overarching arc and was pushing the envelope to make that vision happen. And like I stated somewhere before, he started at a point where money was still an issue (the OT), where he still had to go from movie to movie and still what came of it is way more cohesive and in continuity than the crap Disney came up with. A multibillion company with unlimited resources (and access to top personell).

    Well, they put aside their plans for further spin offs after the failure of "Solo", didn't they? And the next trilogy is scrapped too, isn't it? All because of them making less money then expected with "Solo". So the only way to get something changed is thorugh their pocket book. And whatever, the doofus Kennedy is still going to be at the helm. And didn't you mention the problems with story, pacing and whatnot too? And still you reward the crap with multiple viewings at the cinema, which is all Disney cares about. Yeah. People with no taste. You are aware that there is an equally ton of people who hate it and do not just excuse all the problems it has, just because it's Star Wars and they desperately want to like it.

    Right and make Disney screw up the next one even more. Who cares for story, when it's SW and there are nice images? People are gonna watch the shit anyway.
  14. Ticketmaster / LiveNation: Tickets are too cheap

    Only works if you want to see those bands. I don't. Once the dinosaurs are gone, I'm done with concerts too.
  15. Ticketmaster / LiveNation: Tickets are too cheap

    Yeah. It is. But at the end of the day, the only ones responsible for this are fans, who see nothing wrong with paying extortionate prices on the secondary market. If artists, Live Nation and Ticketmaster want to do something for the fans to cut out the scalpers, the only solution would be to personalize tickets, but obviously, they don't give a shit about fans and only care to line their pockets.