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  1. Well, I guess it helps that they all seem to like that kid and think he's some kind of future for rock. Add to that that the guitarist is Aersomith's Brad Whitford's son. So they know people and have connections and once you have your foot in the door you go from opening up one big show to the other. I've personally seen them opening up for AC/DC, Aerosmith and GNR multiple times now and I'm too kinda getting bored with it.
  2. Our Interview with Dizzy Reed

    Well. Are they? I don't see Slash or Duff wishing a happy birthday to Ditzy on IG.
  3. Our Interview with Dizzy Reed

    But he is not Slash and no one cares what fucking Dizzy Reed thinks. He made his feelings towards former members clear when they were, well, former members. We don't to know his kissing up to them now.
  4. Yep. Michael is my #1 too. Since 1988. And I got to see him 25 times in concert. And several other times.
  5. But total in line with stuff Slash would post on Instagram. At first I thought, 'Wth, Spongebob?', then I saw the big pic with Worms/maggots and stuff. It's actually cool. @ralphelmo charity and Slash. Well done. ;-) Better than standing outside his hotel, like what we did. How did you get in contact with Slash?
  6. Yeah. It's more the other way round. He isn't unsung at all. The people who care about such things act like he was the only songwriter in the band and the others only came up with crap and were worth shit without him.
  7. You should check your facts. They were constantly working with him here and there after VR fizzled out.
  8. Why is Chinese Democracy so hated?

    Hmm. Well, almost twice as many people bought AFD than the illusion albums. So that point is arguable.
  9. Why is Chinese Democracy so hated?

    And all of those mentioned songs suck ass big time. I hope come summer they have forgotten to play them. Other than Chinese, Better, This I love, Madagascar and There was a time, none should be played at my shows. I could live with Shackler's, minus those electronic noises.
  10. Why is Chinese Democracy so hated?

    Yes. And many people say those albums suck because of it.
  11. Why is Chinese Democracy so hated?

    That's where you're wrong. Axl's voice is not GNR, as Slash is not GNR. But both of it is a part of GNR. And that's were he made his mistake and hurt the acceptance of the album. On top of that it sounds different than what GNR is supposed to sound. With only a couple of good songs. It's reputation would be much different, had he released it under a different name and not destroyed GNR for that.
  12. Yeah. That Sorum guy. Dedicating his time to charitable causes and then talking about it... with that hairline of his. What an ass.
  13. Happy Birthday Steven!!

    Again. THERE IS NO FUCKING RISK FOR THEM IF THEY HAVE 2 DRUMMERS ON THE TOUR, which was my original point. Seriously. You are so thick, it's unbelievable. Stop riding on Axl, Slash and Duff’s dicks, thinking that they know it all, can do no wrong and keep Steven from the tour because they are protecting him. It's pathetic really. As is your compulsive need to butt in everytime someone expresses their wish that they would like to see the original members instead of stand ins. There are many touring musicians (including GNR) that are addicts or former addicts and still capable of going on tour. There is no telling that Steven couldn't do the same. The problems on his previous tours didn't soley have to do with his health. And Adler's Appetite touring and GNR touring are hardly comparable. The former is playing in shitholes, barely breaking even and the other is first class, fullfiling a lifelong dream and proving a point.
  14. Happy Birthday Steven!!

    He's a grown ass man who wants to do it, who says he's able to do it and who is clean since a couple of years. It's not for you, them or anyone else but him to decide whether he is up for it. But again, you're showing the pretentious ass you are by insinuating that it's a forgone conclusion that he fucks it up and the only way that would require Ferrer to step in would be something tragic. Giving him a chance to do it is way better than to fly him to god knows where, say, "WTF is he doing here?", letting him play one song and then sending him home. That is not looking out for him.
  15. Happy Birthday Steven!!

    Yes. No risk for anyone, when they have both Steven and Ferrer out on tour. And this insistance that there is no other way than Steven screwing up is presumptious, disrespectful, insulting and rude. He should be given a chance. Anyone assuming he couldn't do it is an arrogant self-rightous ass.