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  1. The idea to think that someone would know an album, but not know this song, like it's the Bermuda triangle, is foreign to me. If they "know" the albun, but don't know the almost 9 Minute song on it then guess what, they do not really know that album.
  2. If you know the fucking album, you know the fucking song. If you don't know the fucking album of a band who has not 16, but 3 fucking albums you're not a fan, but a casual listener, who probably owns a greatest hits album. I feel like I'm repeating myself here. GnR catalog is so tiny, that there are no obscure songs to fans.
  3. Exactly. Bitiching about it is totally alien to me. Especially in this day an age, as shows constantly seem to get shorter (while the artists are getting older).
  4. But that's the point. If you only enjoy 2 songs, then you are not a fan of the band. You are a fan of those 2 songs, but not of the band, because then you would also enjoy the other songs. And if you enjoy other songs but don't know them, then you are just a casual listener and not really a fan.
  5. Now that is fucking ridiculous. Wearing band shirts and not having a clue. These people should be ashamed. But that's the problem. They don't give a shit. So obviously they are not fans and never will be. But I do guess, at least some of them are just to high, drunk, stoned, whatever to remember and knew at one point.
  6. Agreed. Well. When you stand at the concert and when they start to play Coma and/or Locomotive and you ask the people around you what songs those are, that certainly would put your fanhood in question. One could argue though that you are more of a Axl fan. Even though even then it could be expected that you know most of his songs. But either way, there is still something like a casual fan. I wouldn't quite consider them a "real" (despite me hating that distinciton) fan. There are just nuances of fanhood.
  7. Yeah. And there's where we disagree. Some people use the term "fan" to lightlly.... kinda like calling all the people following you on Facebook "friends". Well, they are not. And it's not just a random 2 minute throw away forgettable song. It's a 7+ minute semi-epic in an already small back catalog of 3 albums.
  8. I like AC/DC. I go to their concerts. But I own exactly 4 CDs of them. I do know many, but not all songs of them. I would feel a fraud to call myself an AC/DC fan. I like them. But I'm not in the category that would get me called a fan. And again. In the case of GNR we are talking about a band that has exactly 4 albums. We're not talking about Alice Cooper, who has 20+ albums or Prince, who has 30+ albums. We are talking about a band with 4 albums. I would accept people not knowing CD stuff, as that is not really GNR. But a fan who doesn't know the songs of AFD, UYI 1 + 2? Get the fuck out of here.
  9. Considering that fan comes from fanatic, knowing the songs of the band a person claims to be a fan of is the least anyone can expect. So yes, it is strict.
  10. No, you can't. When you're a fan of band who only has released 4 albums in 30 years, you know every song. Or you just simply are not a fan but a casual listener. Obviously all original songs top any cover. But any cover tops shorter shows.
  11. I saw 21 shows on that tour. And I saw no one fall asleep. If you can't appreciate a band giving you something for your money and giving their all for 3 and a half hours, maybe that band isn't for you.
  12. Yes. After the money they are asking, they better give a long show. You can leave, if it's too long for you.
  13. Geez. Get your head out of your ass. That they played Locomotive is great, yes. But they ditched Coma for that. And a 3 hour 40 minutes show is always better than a short one. And seriously, Train kept a rollin? Another fucking cover?? They can do that once they played the fuck out of all the Illusion songs. Before that, any of those are far better options.
  14. Yeah. And for that you paid a shitload of money. Don't miss those days.
  15. No, they should not. They should play both and throw out the covers.