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  1. Gnr Missing Out

    Well, so far you had to pay that amount per show.
  2. why was Estranged retired for many years?

    Thank god he doesn't play that shit song anymore. With Slash back, Estranged even more so is a highlight amongst the set list. The only time I saw it before with Slash was in '93 in Munich, where they used the footage for the video. I was delighted when they finally started to play it again.
  3. Robin Finck pissed off

    So?? That doesn't make it better or excuse anything.
  4. Robin Finck pissed off

    That still makes him an unprofessional dick. And a spoiled entitled prat.
  5. Thanks. I've posted videos of every GNR show I've attended and so far haven't had a problem.
  6. If he doesn't have a contract, how does that make him a hired hand? He's not hired if he doesn't have a contract. Or have you deliberately ommitted the comma or dot and mean just that?
  7. I'd prefer Eric Dover. Having recently listened to a bootleg, I really would love to see that revisited.
  8. Especially considering they are doing the same show since 3 years now and there is zero surprise on how the show will play out.
  9. Well. A half empty stadium or less would be an embarrassing last show. Also a promoter could pull the plug.
  10. True. But the states is seated and the middle section in front of the catwalk is seats. So there are 2 sections.
  11. Yeah. I know. I was in Iceland, but that was different. It was on the way home, 2 days after Gothenborg. Before Hawaii there is a 9 day break. That kinda worries me. They might as well say 'Screw that. We're going home right away.'
  12. On Ticketmaster "Welcome to the jungle - Early Entry package" is only offered for Pit 1 (Slash's side), not for Pit 2 (Duff's side). Does anyone know if the only offered Early Entry for Pit 1 from the get go or did they offer it for both sides, but Pit 2 is sold out. Both scenarios don't make much sense to me. Why would they limit sale (and lose cash) for Early Entry? And why would Duff's side sell out first? Also there are still plenty of tickets left. Is anyone going worried that they might cancel?