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  1. Well, I'm pretty much sure that BHS and WL will be dropped. If they keep it, they do it to spite the people who want to see it dropped.
  2. For me it's mostly because I would have preferred a clean cut. Throw out everything that has to do with the FakeGNR era and get the Appetite/Illusion guys back. But obviously Axl would never allow that.
  3. Be glad that he plays those CD songs at all and move on. He doesn't have to learn shit his 3 stand ins did note for note. Also he doesn't have to play the other stuff note for note the way he recorded them 30 years ago. That would be boring as hell. Slash does it great the way he does it now.
  4. Yes. On the first round. And then they would complain and be upset and feel they have been cheated and certainly would not go a second or third time. Seriously, you freaks should just stop. People go to these shows because they want to see Axl and Slash do these old songs. Period. Anyone claiming something else is a fucking fool.
  5. Seriously you must think that Izzy is a total tool bag. He left GNR partly, because he was fed up having to deal with a nutty singer, who could hold the band hostage at a whim. When there was talks about forming VR he wanted to be in a band, but not risk having to work with a nutty singer again and preferred to work with supposedly easier going guys like Slash and Duff. When they didn't want to do that, he left. Fair and square. Don't you think that he knows that reuniting GNR involves being in a band again (with said nutty singer). You think the he forgot that reuniting GNR means being in a band again? It just slipped his mind when he was asked about it? Seriously, stop it dude. Your dislike for Izzy being in the band is irrational and borderline pathological.
  6. ....playing those old songs. Without them there is nothing to see. This tour would have been done, had they only played CD, Slash and Duff solo songs. Everything is based on these old songs.
  7. Might not agree on every point, but in general sounds about right. At least that's the impression we could get as outsiders based on the infomation we have and not privvy to every single internal information.
  8. Good. I thought I would have to get you help somehow. So you can simply close the thread and leave, if it bores you that much.
  9. Geez. Is there someone with a gun sitting next to you, forcing you to read these threads?
  10. Again. Just stating the obvious. Based on what they all said over the years. Not blaming.
  11. I don't want you to put words in my mouth. I dare you to show me, where I blamed anyone. I'm just stating the obvious we can take from his tweet, Axl and Duff's interview, Axl's general opinion of a reunion of all 5 original members and how things went down. Also I can see both sides, why Izzy is justified in wanting an equal share of the money made on this tour, which doesn't make him nuts and I can also see why the other's see it differently. The partnership is no real issue for me though.
  12. Now that is speculation. But whatever. Done with this topic. Too many deluded people here, who make things up as they go along.