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  1. Especially considering they are doing the same show since 3 years now and there is zero surprise on how the show will play out.
  2. Well. A half empty stadium or less would be an embarrassing last show. Also a promoter could pull the plug.
  3. True. But the states is seated and the middle section in front of the catwalk is seats. So there are 2 sections.
  4. Yeah. I know. I was in Iceland, but that was different. It was on the way home, 2 days after Gothenborg. Before Hawaii there is a 9 day break. That kinda worries me. They might as well say 'Screw that. We're going home right away.'
  5. On Ticketmaster "Welcome to the jungle - Early Entry package" is only offered for Pit 1 (Slash's side), not for Pit 2 (Duff's side). Does anyone know if the only offered Early Entry for Pit 1 from the get go or did they offer it for both sides, but Pit 2 is sold out. Both scenarios don't make much sense to me. Why would they limit sale (and lose cash) for Early Entry? And why would Duff's side sell out first? Also there are still plenty of tickets left. Is anyone going worried that they might cancel?
  6. No. It's not. Axl is a "stupid" rock star, only responsible for himself. Trump is the president of the USA. A person, who should serve the people of the USA. A person, who should be a leading example. And as that, even a "stupid" rock star can call him out, without looking like a hypocrite. And as you said, Axl has cleaned up his act for the most part.
  7. Uhm, yeah. You said "merits of teetotalism". Not sure what the other means. But why would he be laughed out of court (?? which court?) if he would talk about the former. Why can't a former alcoholic not say that it's better without alcohol? He experienced both. It's the same like when someone, who never took a sip in his life, talks about the "merits of teetotalism". He only speaks theoretical, but doesn't have first hand experience. And still nobody would laugh him out of anything.
  8. And? So? He has these opinions either way, regardless of whether he posts them on Twitter or not. So what do you need to reassess?? You prefer to not know about his views, especially when they are not the same as yours, so you can continue to claim ignorance and live in the bubble of not knowing as oppossed to know what the man feels on certain topics? And then, what does that change?? Does his music suddenly start to suck, because he has different views than you? Does your fantasy picture of him crumble, because it turns out he might not be the guy you thought he was? As for Slash, why would he not be allowed to give his views on teetotalism, especially given his history and first hand knowledge of what alcohol can do to a person?!
  9. Nothing wrong about Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. He even had his own fire brigade.
  10. Once they get the word to evacuate, like all the others, who did already, they will do so. Or they already have, depending on how many animals there actually are. Either way, I'm sure they are cared for.
  11. Well. Obviously someone will be there to take care of Axl's animals. He's on tour for a month.
  12. As long as GNR is happening, I say, no way. Slash either does the group, which is GNR or his own thing, which is MK + Conspirators. What would be the point to resurrect another band to juggle? Same for Duff.
  13. I get the sentiment and in a way a agree (especially when these millionaires get on their IGs asking people to donate, if the wealthy community of Malibu/Hollywood/L.A. gets together, they could sort things out for anyone not that wealthy), but just imagine your house burning down. Even if you would have the funds to replace everything, it's a pain in the ass and there are things no money in the world will bring back.