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  1. Because all of them, except when travelling on their plane, do their own thing when they are not at the venue.
  2. Just make sure you stand in front of the right stage.
  3. Yeah. I really like to think that it's the fact that Slash and Duff are back in the band. That it's the feeling of having his band back and that things are somewhat right again in that not all the heavy lifting is lying on his shoulders and that GNR is on top of the world again. But looking at him, I wouldn't be surprised if it's also the right meds. His behaviour on stage is just day and night. I've really started to like the guy again. His waving and reacting and responding to people during the show. During Coma, after "I never really wanted to live" the guy next to me yelled, "Axl, I love you." and Axl was responding "And I love you too.". Just amazing to see the seemingly grumpy and never quite content Axl behave this way.
  4. Fly GNAIR

    Well. If I would be the one selling it, knowing there's fools out there buying it, I probably would be too.
  5. Fly GNAIR

    Is that the stuff Fernando was so stoked about?? That kid clearly has a different kind of interests.
  6. It's an open field. Not so much that can go wrong.
  7. If you have the means, go. South Africa is awesome.
  8. And only crappy seats. No FOS 1 or any other good seats/areas. So no need to beat oneself up about it.
  9. Yeah. If he's a dear friend, then I have to ask why he isn't there? Why couldn't they even come to terms for a guest spot in a city of his choosing? While in '06 he did almost the whole european tour.
  10. Front of stage 1 = Golden circle
  11. Has Axl lost his piano chops?

    2. He also plays Layla.
  12. Nightrain Membership

    Should have read more carefully. The items? Didn't have any item the first time I joined them. For the second, joined in November of last year and got the items about 1 - 2 months ago. Yeah, I don't think there were shipping fees, just whatever the membership did cost. As for tickets, like I said, it really depends on which seller they are going with. It's different from country to country. Usually you can choose.
  13. Nightrain Membership

    1. It depends on who is actually selling the ticket. You don't buy it at GNR, you just need the code to unlock the password protected sale on whatever service they've chosen to do the presale with. Could be Ticketmaster, Eventim, See, Ticketone, whatever company who sells the tickets in the region. 2. You get the code right away. You just have to log in and check out your membership page, should be there.
  14. Well, money talks and bullshit walks. I find it ridiculous that they made a 31 year old video an apple exclusive. Why not just release on the gnr website? That said, can't wait to somehow see the full thing.
  15. Isn't it absurd, that we have the original drummer, who played on GNR most important album, go out with a bunch of unknowns to play that very album, arguably better than the current drummer, because the others won't let him back in, because he screwed up almost 30 years ago?