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  1. Hmm. Well. As much as I not like Ditzy and would love to blame him, at the the end of the day he's irrelevant and that distintction of who ruined GNR would go to Mr. Rose.
  2. Yes. Against everyone elses wishes. Slash didn't want a keyboard player.
  3. LOL at least he didn't make a mother joke.
  4. Hmm. Maybe he just got a raise from Fernando? Or he transferred his asshole of the day quota to Fernando? The times I saw Fernando he was the one that kinda was cool.
  5. There are 7 fans present when the band (minus Axl, Slash and Duff) arrive at the hotel and are only standing about 5 m away. 2 of them call out his name and ask him specifically for an autograph. He just pretends that nobody is there, doesn't even turn around and just stands there for a couple of minutes before entering the hotel, ignoring the fans. That was this year, when I was at the band's hotel. Last year, they were about to leave, came out of the hotel and walked to the car. Again one fan, out of a group of fans, standing between hotel exit and car, called out his name and asked for an autograph. Again, he just totally ignores the request and rather stands in front of the car for another couple of minutes, instead of spending 5 seconds to honor that fans' request, before driving off. I didn't like the guy before and I can't stand him even less, after I witnessed this behavior twice. On one hand you have nobodies like him, acting like a total ass and on the other hand you have people like Johnny Deep, signing autographs for 20 minutes after a concert. Or the Dead Daisies, who met up with the band later and actually did step outside l to pose for photos with fans and gave autographs. And of course, when that happened, Dizzzy pretended to embrace the fans too. The very same ones he first ignored.
  6. Yeah. But he's still an arrogant ass towards fans.
  7. Thoughts on Street of Dreams?

    Unlistenable crap. Glad they don't play it anymore.
  8. Well. He's a fool for not getting a prenup. A guy in his postion marrying a nobody like Perla and not working things out in advance is insanity.
  9. Adler's Appetite Has New Singer

    Nah. It is not. Most likely the fact that nothing he does makes any serious money for everyone to live off is the major reason for the rapid turnover.
  10. The is BS too. The only reason for him not being there is him giving up (voluntarily or forced) the partnership almost 30 years ago and having no real leverage to get paid what he wants to get paid for participating.
  11. Why make it more complicated than it is? Money prevented his long term involvement in the tour. That's why he issued the statement prior to the tour that he won't be part of it. After Axl and Duff's interview about him being flaky, he set the record straight and said it was about money issues. After getting over whatever he needed to get over, he apparently/supposedly (assuming he really was at that tour stop) was willing to at least do a guest spot at one show. He went there, didn't like what was going on and went back home. Easy as that. As for Slash saying they just did Coachella and Mexico, got along and decided to tour. That's bs. As the day of the troubadour show, the tour dates already got released. So the decision to tour was made quite a while before Coachella. And really, it doesn't make much sense anyway to get together only to do Coachella (or do an AFD reunion only for Coachella... a fucking hipster festival that has nothing to do with rock and at the end of the day means nothing).
  12. No more AXL/DC? Looks like AC/DC have reunited with Brian Johnson.

    But none of them ever said they were done with AC/DC. Both of them wanted to be there but where forced out. Whereas Cliff decided out of his own free will that he was done. If Brian and Phil were the reason, he simply could have waited to see whether they would come back and not make that public statement.
  13. There where 6 (7) shows and by the time they did Troubadour the tour was already announced. He must have been a fool to not believe that there will be a tour. So I don't think that mattered. It was the principle that he didn't get what he thought he should get. And obviously Slash meant that Izzy answered well... just take out the part after between the commas and it's quite clear.
  14. No more AXL/DC? Looks like AC/DC have reunited with Brian Johnson.

    Cliff said he's done with AC/DC. Why do you think he's not sticking to his words?? It's pretty obvious why there is no pic of Cliff. He is not there.
  15. Obviously they make a profit. What do you think other bands do? But compared to other gigs all floor tix did cost 150 €. With seats even more expensive (a reason for why many eventually were empty). So they where about a third more expensive than on most of the other gigs.