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  1. Yes. It is. And I saw people in front of the hotel, who were there, but couldn' t afford tickets.
  2. Nope. They don't. Around 200.
  3. The ticket prices are my only real complaint about this tour. I would have seen more shows, had they kept the regular ticket prices. I think it really is a slap in the face of all those fans, who supported them in their various incarnations over the years. But that said, people are stupid, if the top priced ticket cost 100, then ticketscalpers will snatch them up and fans will still pay 300 on the secondary markets. I'd rather give the money to GNR than reseller assholes. But it still leaves a bad taste in ones mouth.
  4. That is true for the stadium, but the indoors stage is low. So it's even more the best spot. And the pit is tiny, so even towards the back of the pit, one should be close. So unless one is in the front row, right behind the pit, it is the best spot, with a chance of front row.
  5. Geez. I was on Duff side and hardly saw Fortus. I barely notice that there are other people on stage other than Duff, Slash and Axl.
  6. Pit is the place to be. Fuck everything else. And don't you dare to come back liking the show. ;-)
  7. Wow. What happened for that to happen?
  8. He can delude himself like you do, but it still isn't GNR.
  9. GNR are the ones that wrote and performed on Appetite for Destruction. The ones that got a record deal as GNR. The ones that became known as GNR. The ones that made GNR what it was. It doesn't matter, if there had been some other people in the band, for 2 minutes, way before any of the songs were written and an album was recorded. But even if we go by that criteria, there were still 2 original members on AFD. 2 members can be a band. 1 can't. CD had one member, plus hired musicians, who had nothing to do with GNR or the creation of any of the GNR songs or their success. And now stop playing dumb.
  10. And still it's only one person of what used to be GNR. So no, it is not a GNR album. It's a fake. But I see you live in denial. So, I will stop it now.
  11. It's not a problem. Just a fact that it is not.
  12. Naww. It's a Axl Rose and assorted, unrelated musicians, who have nothing to do with GNR, album. It's a fake, but not GNR.
  13. That doesn't matter. It's an Axl album, but not a GNR album.
  14. But UYI are GNR albums and CD isn't.