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  1. He cared not to loose his life. He cared not to have a civil trial unfairly influence a potential criminal trial that could have put him behind bars. Had he truly cared about what people think, settling this civil case would have not been the right answer.
  2. What do you want me to explain. They wanted money, they got money. The civil case got dropped and Jackson could live somewhat in peace (with a tarnished reputation, but still). End of story.
  3. And really. Can we just drop the "bed". There is too much emphasis on "bed" and "sleeping with". Robson asked to stay in Michael's room. That he ended up on the bed, since well, apparently there was only one bed, really is beside the point. So yes. The kid probably might not have said, "Can I stay in your bed?" but very well might have said "Can I stay in your room?".
  4. According to him, he liked childrens presence because they didn't care so much about his appeal, fame and fortune, while others always ended up wanting something from him. Well, that clearly wasn't true in Robson's and Safechuck's case though.
  5. How is that logical? The logical outcome of 2 people sharing a bed ending up fucking each other is not the logical outcome. It is a possibility, but certainly not logical. Yeah. You don't do it because you know how it looks and are concerned with what other people might think. Jackson apperantly didn't. Even though in later years he said, he slept on the floor while the kids slept on the bed, sometimes even with another person present.
  6. Why don't they? What is better? Staying in an unfamiliar place in a dark room on your own or spending that time in the room with the guy who invited you and you had fun with the whole day. Children think different, obviously. They don't think that the other guy might be a child molester. So really, they don't think all that shit you think and think might happen if someone does that. You are looking at it from a grown up mind, but not from a child like mind. It is absolutely not unfathomable, that, instead of being sent to a room on their own in a place that is not their home, they rather want to spend more time with the guy who invited them and with whom they really hit it off with. And like Jackson said. It wasn't always him and a boy. Sometimes there were sisters and brothers and families there too. It seems like all of you people are lacking imagination, or well, imagination that is not out of a horror movie.
  7. I hope you're smart enough to figure that one out. Otherwise, you shouldn't try to figure out whether Jackson was guilty or not? But either way, again you're harping on what society deems "normal". As long as you can't get over that, you will never have an open mind and your reasoning will always go, he was strange so he must have done it, which really is way to easy.
  8. Where have I ever said it is normal?? It's the crux of the thing, that it is not normal, but everybody wants to assume the worst and is jumping to the worst conclusion. Why is it obvious that the boy was manipulated? Because you want it to be. Because you can't fathom that it was nothing than a huge room, a wide bed and a kid, who would rather, than stay with the parents or on their own in a strange unfamiliar room, spend more time with the person they had fun all day. Where you never a kid?? When I was a kid I sometimes had a friend stay with me at my grandparents. We could have slept in different rooms and different beds, but that thought never crossed our minds. We slept in the same room, same (double) bed and had more fun until we fell asleep. And yet according to Robson it happened, so what you believe doesn't really matter.
  9. And yet he looks like a schoolboy being schooled by his teacher, when he comes across someone, who doesn't fall for his bs: As for Jason. Just read the court transcript. No one really believed him about the molestation. He was talking about being tickled and at one point admitting to anything, just so investigators would stop their questioning and let him leave back in '93.
  10. Well, the prize tag hasn't been disputed by either side. This number is so outragous, one would think it would get disputed if false, since it hurts the credibility of the accusers. Until that happens I'm asuming it's true. Um. Yes. It's even in the mockumentary. Robson asked to stay in Michael's room. And really, no one knows how it came about in each and every situation, so I refrain from really judging that.
  11. Let's not get that twisted. It was the kids who asked to sleep in Michael's room.
  12. Hmm. Apart from the sexual stuff looks like a very strange love letter to Jackson. Do not really believe any of the sexual stuff. Too many inconsistancies and those guys really defended and praised him way too long. Only when it became more lucrative to go the other way they changed their tunes and sued for 1,6 billion $. Michael Jackson had unusual, maybe borderline relationships to children, which made him vulnerable and a target, but not really an abusive pedophile. But whatever, people believe what they want to believe, despite everything that puts this accusations in doubt.
  13. So, I've listened to a lot of Meat Loaf recently...

    Bat out of hell (the song and album) is one of the greatest ever.
  14. Anyone meet Slash after his solo shows?

    Yes. I think they even said, if someone takes a pic, they will leave right away.