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  1. NITL is over, finito?

    Well. That wouldn't be the first time, wouldn't it?
  2. NITL is over, finito?

    And wouldn't make much sense. To release an album and then do festival dates would be a waste. A new album warrants a new headline tour.
  3. Yeah. I know it's shallow as hell, but that's one of the (several) reasons why I've decided to not see GNR this year (also I already had my fix with seeing Slash and Duff solo a couple of times this year). Saw the pictures with his new her and I was like "No, not feeling that. Don't wanna see that.". Of course, when I see videos of everything else that is going on, I still kinda would want to see it, but that was a major turn off for me (amongst others). As for the rasp, I do think, he can. He just chooses not too. He has been talking about not wanting to hurt himself before and I'm sure that rasp thing, doing it 3 times a week for 3 hours, is not the most easy thing. Singing without rasp, with less power is easier and less demanding.
  4. Copyright Strikes....

    LOL wow. He woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day?
  5. Copyright Strikes....

    Why do you assume he can??
  6. Copyright Strikes....

    Nothing is closed. Case is wide open. Anything is possible at this Point.
  7. Copyright Strikes....

    But even if so, what do you expect/want to happen? To Axl they are his family. He is not getting rid of them. Rather some hardcore fans being unhappy, than him shutting out the, presumably, most important people in his life. And as long as Axl sees it that way, there is nothing Slash and Duff could/would do about it. At the end of the day, Axl has made now millions. He don't need this reunion no more, if push comes to shove. I do think he rather stops the reunion (e.g lets Slash and Duff walk away... even though that will never happen as I don't think they are willing to give up GNR again over something that, at the end of the day, has no bearing on them) than to remove these people out of his life. So really, they are here to stay. Either you accept that or you blame Axl for it and leave.
  8. Right. I suggest you listen to some of the bootlegs from the 90s. The screeching and croaking that has been going on in some of those shows can not be considered the gold standard he needs to rise up to now. Could his vocals nowadays be better? Sure. But Axl never had a perfect voice when it came to live shows.
  9. And then you have some other expert who claims Frank can't drum for shit. It's always funny when these self proclaimed experts behind a computer screen think they know shit better than the professionals, who spent their lives earning money being musicians.
  10. And what exactly was he saying? Allthough it's quite clear, that regardless of what he was saying some have some issues that go a bit deeper.
  11. Umm. Yes. When going to a concert, sitting in the upper section is not an option. At least when you really care. If that's all I'm made to be able to afford, then I stay home and not go through the trouble to leave my house, city, country and attend a show.
  12. I agree with everything, except the last paragraph. A rant, even though he has nothing to rant about, just to appease people like you??? Kinda like an actor pretending to be in a certain mood?? That's a bit jumping the shark, isn't it??
  13. If he truly were that bad as you claim, I'm sure real musicians like Duff and Slash would notice too and do something about it. So maybe, he is not really as bad as you claim.
  14. Yeah, but geez, rehearsing a song to play at a concert. Who would do that? It's funny how with this band (*cough* Axl) we already assume from the get go, that they haven't rehearsed enough. And of course, playing rare songs the fans want to hear, right from the first concert of a leg and keeping it in the set?! GTFOOH. I guess only wankers would do that.
  15. Somewhere on Blabbermouth. The guitarist said that he was "dragged" to the Cher concert in Las Vegas by his ex-wife and "her buddies," and was less than impressed by what he saw. "I had to leave for every song and go outside and smoke," he said. "And I think I'd worn myself down from smoking so much, and Cher just took me over the top. Every time she revisited one of those periods [during the concert]… She had a closet on stage and she'd go in the closet and she'd come out and she'd be the Indian. Every single thing that she's been over her career… When she started with the Sonny & Cher thing, it just killed me — I couldn't take it. So I would smoke… I just didn't have any fond memories of that show or any of the other stuff." https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/slash-cher-helped-me-quit-smoking/
  16. Well. Have you asked him? The way he said it, he hated everything about it. Didn't sound like a joke to me.
  17. Well. He had some not so flattering things to say about a concert of hers he attended a while ago. And it's not like him to slag off other artists like that, so all things considered, I gather he doesn't like her too much.
  18. Yeah. And Slash's (who apparently hates Cher) girlfriend is best friends with Cher's best friend. And when I told that friend that I'm a big GNR fan she told me that one of her best friends is Slash's girlfriend, which is funny, because I found her IG, due to Meegan mentioning her. It's all connected.
  19. Well. We also have people saying that AC/DC make noise and that punk is just yelling. We are a diverse (and strange) bunch. But Cher definitely belongs on the Top 100 singer list. 73 and still brings it.
  20. LOL these lists are bullshit anyway. How do you rate it? But Bob Dylan at #7?? LMAO And where is Cher?
  21. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    Uhm, yes. You can ditch KNOHD. It's a bore and drags on too long. And it's not a GNR song. If 2 of the most interesting GNR songs is too much for people, then they should just go to someone else's shows. Or use it as a long bathroom break.
  22. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    and @Lio What's the point of having it at some shows, but not at others, but still shoving down covers people's throat!? What's the point of when having it, removing the only other interesting song, but keeping the covers!? Why can't they play both GNR songs for the fan, who knows their shit, but drop one of the covers, if they really need to drop a song when playing Locomotive. There is nothing cry baby about it, just legitimate questions, for why can't they can't keep the only new GNR song they are playing in the 4th year of their reunion as a permanent fixture in the show?
  23. 10/20/19 - Tijuana, MX - Estadio Caliente

    Wow! Those white couches. How metal. At least people are also allowed to stand.