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  1. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Yeah. Whatever gets you by.
  2. COVID-19 Outbreak

    And I'm surprised why one would take issue with making plans. Isn't it the best Thing right now to look forward to a time when things will be better? Think positive and don't lose all hope. I'm also looking forward to travelling again. And like I said, if there is another outbreak/shitshow in the fall, things will get cancelled anway and you get your money back (unless they have changed the fine print for travel that is booked right now). And well, some people simply do have some savings, so they can spend money for some travel at the end of the year.
  3. COVID-19 Outbreak

    So what is wrong with booking for the end of the year. Either things are somewhat back to normal and you got cheap travel or it's the same shitshow and things get cancelled.
  4. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Why? Do you suggest that all travel is banned until all eternity?
  5. COVID-19 Outbreak

    If only he would be forgotten about in 3 weeka.
  6. Slash Axl and Duffs Finances prior to Reunion

    I'm sure they still had more than most of us. If not in cash, then certainly in assets. So what's the point of this thread?
  7. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Well, I guess the strategy to not bother doing anything is a hard strategy to keep up when around the world everyone is advising to shut everything down and when people are dying.
  8. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Yeah. And really, when they really absolutely need 500 cans of that shit (seriously, who drinks that? It's not even that good), why didn't they just go in seperatly and bought seperatly. Nobody would have said anything, although the partnerlook, both in cloths and body type, would give them away. But I guess they would have to have some selfawareness and some sense of what is going on, to be that smart.
  9. COVID-19 Outbreak

    I don't know. I don't think it is. It definitely isn't when you're fully able-bodied to get your shit on your own. Yeah, getting 500 rolls of toilet papers sucks, but getting 3 10 packs is totally okay. Over here they have an offer every couple of weeks, where you get 3 10 packs for the price of 2. So that's what I'm always doing. Today I only got 1 10 pack though, as I was running low. And when everyone is stocking up in their usual amount at the same time, in order to minimise trips to the shop, they are out soon. So it's not just senseless stockpiling. But whatever. It's not an issue here. We got plenty of toilet paper.
  10. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Right. Because you are the norm for how it has to be? It's easier to buy your shit yourself than relying on somebody to deliver it to you.
  11. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Or they just try to limit the times they have to run to the store, which makes sense when you try to isolate yourself. All this judging without really knowing is a bit stupid.
  12. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Good for you. Because reading too much stuff about it, just makes you go crazy. I've been catching myself lately, paying way too much attention to all of this, just because of the stuff I've been reading. I mean, I see 2 people walking together and in my mind I go 'Are you crazy? How can you do that?', which really is ridiculous. All your senses are heightened when you read too much of that stuff and you lose all perspective.
  13. COVID-19 Outbreak

    I get the feeling you are a bit paranoid. You have been since you started posting about it. Just relax and you will be fine.
  14. Rolling Stones Eternal Touring Thread

    Now you can change the title back to reflect that it's postponed. See, the title wouldn't be informative, if you hadn't changed it.
  15. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Well, what was the last tour they haven't postponed? They always postpone.
  16. No. You don't. You're just thinking you know.
  17. Exactly. That user has been pushing this agenda ever since it happened. Those people were "dirty motherfuckers" because they broke his fucking piano. Not because they are "dirty mexicans". It's just low to insinuate that he meant something like that.
  18. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Well. In this instance I think you have good chances. Maybe not a full refund but a coupon or something. I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask. Of course depending what exactly and with whom you've booked. And in case there is a still active travel warning, you might have even better chances.
  19. COVID-19 Outbreak

    I don't think there is much joy, when everything is shut down and people are locking themselves away.
  20. Yeah. That is really strange.
  21. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Yeah. That sucks. Luckily I only booked one of my flights for this year (Dublin for only 99 €). But then again. If the airline cancels it, I might even get my money back. I had planned to go to the Toronto/Chicago area in late july. Not sure what to do about that. I guess I will wait as long as possible and then see if I can get a flight. Already have a bunch of concert tickets though.
  22. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Yeah. I guess people just need to adjust to the situation.
  23. Well. Most likely GNR wanted to do the tour. Otherwise they would have just fallen in line with Live Nation and AEG pulling all their major tours. They only stopped when Governments shut shit down.
  24. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Yeah, well, spontaenaity is a thing of the past (or should be, but fuck it, if I want it, I still go get it), like going to many gigs. I got about 30 planned for this year. I wonder how many I will actually get to see. Yeah, the idea is to limit the amount one has to go to the store, hence "hoarding". Speaking of, I just was at the store and it looked pretty peaceful to me. And everything was stocked.
  25. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Well, if you want fresh stuff. Like salad and fruit and shit, once a week might not do it. Anyway, it was an example. Let it be every second or every third day. Or simply if you spontaniously want stuff. Whatever. The idea behind "hoarding" is to limit the times you have to go to the store and not the hoarding per se. Of course, that's the theory. Someone buying 750 rolls of toilet paper and 100 kg of pasta is a different story.