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  1. And I'm sure even (or especially) in America that is not applicable. Even Ticketmaster can not retroactively change the terms of an already fullfilled sale.
  2. Well. I'm guessing most of these shows actually are "postponed". Nobody wants to cancel shows. Unless the show isn't selling.
  3. Good luck with them enforcing that. They can not retroactively change the terms of the sale. No matter what they state on their website, if you can't make the new date, contact them and threaten legal action if nesssesary.
  4. Yeah. Appropriate enough for some MFs to get offended, rather than actually listening and trying to understand.
  5. Nope. The ones with heads in the clouds are the ones too stupid to get what I was saying and rather choose to be offended. Not buying shit you can't afford has nothing to do with being or not being able to live like someone. It's just simple logics. You either do it and suffer the consequences or you don't and have peace of mind. And when 500 $ puts someone in a pickle, well, then the person couldn't afford it.
  6. Who says I'm offended and/or angry? I'm mostly amused, by the people who rather choose to be offended and wants to hit back (you) than to think and understand (and by the people who make stupid financial decisions and then have to worry... but that's an observation, not a problem). It kinda figures. But whatever. I'm set and got nothing to worry about. And all of that due to choices I've made. I won't have to return the concert tickets I've bought for this year to get by. I can ride it out.
  7. You clearly didn't understand a single word I said. Why? I'll never know. Maybe reading it again would help, or stay offended if you want. I don't care. Don't even know what you're talking about here. But Whatever. As for looking around, I see people, who are prepared, don't have to worry. Others have to sell their tickets.
  8. Obviously when a concert doesn't happen on the promised date, people should have the option to return their tickets. Never said anything else. As for the second part of the question: Oh, look at all the offended people here tonight. Fuming at the mouth, too stupid and offended to get what I was saying. Well, to answer to you and to others. Yeah, if you can't afford it, you shouldn't buy overpriced tickets to a rock show. If it means, less food on the table, because 500 $ is a huge sum to you, then you probably shouldn't do it. If you don't have enough savings to get by for a while, when loosing your job or any other unforseen thing, without having to beg for that money back, then yes, it probably is not a smart and responsible thing to pay that sum in the first place. It has nothing to do with privilege or that enjoyment for the low paid should being outlawed.... What a stupid thing to say. It has to do with being responsible and smart with your money. Expect the unexpected. Have a backup plan and savings. If that offends you. Well. 2 bad. I heed to my advice and don't have to worry and ask for my ticket money back, as I buy the stuff that is within my means. I'm responsible with my money, even though I go to a lot of rock shows. I'm not paying 500 $ for a stupid concert ticket, when I could get one for 150 $ that gives me the same, just without the fancy stuff. I don't pay 200 $ for a hotel, when I could get one for 70. I don't book stuff, that is uncancelable. The list goes on.
  9. If 500 $ make or break you, then yes. Total dipshits. That's why you have savings, so you can get by should something unexpected happen. And I never disputed that the option should be there.
  10. You asked, Duff answered, from Blabbermouth: GUNS N' ROSES bassist Duff McKagan spoke to Riki Rachtman Radio's "The Triple R" podcast about how he and his family are coping with quarantine life during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. He said: "We're looking at it very serious. I have two kids and a wife. We live in Seattle, so that was the first hotspot [in the U.S.]. We were down here [in L.A.] as a family. I was rehearsing with GUNS, ready to go out and do a South American tour, into Europe, into America. So, as the virus hit, we stayed in place in L.A. Mae [Duff's daughter] had come home from college, from New York, on March 11th, and that's kind of the day and days that things started really getting serious." Duff went on to say that some people seem unable to grasp the profound gravity of what could lie ahead of us if we don't take aggressive action immediately. "It's an exponential thing, and people who maybe invest money and know compounding of interest — if you get eight percent on your money compared to seven percent on your money, how much more money you can have over 20 years? This is compounding," he explained. "This is an exponential thing that happens when people don't stay home. I'm not blaming it on all the people that aren't staying home, but it's really fucking important to stay at home. Don't go out. Because it's not just you — we're not just talking about you. We're talking about two other people you're gonna infect, and then the four other people they're gonna infect into eight, and that happens [really quickly], that it can grow into 32 people you can infect." McKagan also talked about the pain facing the U.S. economy as the coronavirus pandemic makes its swift pivot from public health crisis to financial catastrophe. "I don't know what the outcome of this is gonna be in jobs," he said. "My most important thing right now is keeping the people that work for me employed. We have eighty-plus people on our crew that we're terrified about right now. We have to figure out what we're gonna do and keep them from losing their house or something like that. The only thing I can do is keep the people that work for me employed. I'm able to do that. I think it's a responsibility. I think it's patriotic — whether they're working or not." He continued: "We have truck drivers. And we have hotels that we've booked, we have all the people that work in those hotels, the people who are working in parking lots and concessions, and everybody works for us, which is a big traveling group. We have riggers and carpenters and lighting people. And then, of course, the backline, people at the monitor, the sound people. And it adds up. Every time we go into a city, people come from outside the city and get their hotels to come stay and see us play and buy food at restaurants and all that kind of stuff. So we bring small economies to these cities we go to, and everybody's gonna feel it, of course. "So, yeah, we feel a responsibility to get back out there," he added. "Of course, we can't until it's safe. So we sit here. We talk about it. We try to keep abreast of everything that's going on daily." https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/guns-n-roses-bassist-duff-mckagan-its-really-fking-important-to-stay-at-home/
  11. Yeah. Also Melissa Etheridge is pretty cool. Doing a live mini concert from her home every day since this shit has started. Today is #25.
  12. Well, I guess those dipshits shouldn't have spent that money to begin with. Serves them right.
  13. Aerosmith, System of a down, Faith No More, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, Rammstein, Lenny Kravitz, Sammy Hagar, Alanis Morissette, Lionel Richie, Hollywood Vampires
  14. Where did I say that? All I said is that so far only one act has confirmed that their tour is postponed. And I'm not slated for some club acts. I'm talking about arena and stadium acts.
  15. Yes. Out of all the bands I was slated to see this summer, only Queen has postponed. So you don't start the nonsense.
  16. If the show doesn't take place on the date that is stated on your ticket, you're well within your rights to demand a refund. But like Erica said, what's the point when you wanna see them anyway. Unless you need the money. Or your seat is bad and you are hoping to get something better.
  17. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    When the respective governments tells them, they can't do the shows. Nobody will cancel before that, as they will all lose out on money. It's different, when the state forbids the concerts.
  18. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Yeah. Because so many 80 year olds actually remember the war times.
  19. COVID-19 Outbreak

    What a stupid saying. Not many of those left. And those who really remember are mostly not chilling.
  20. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2020 Edition

    Elvis & Nixon. While Michael Shannon looks nothing linke Elvis, Kevin Spacey was spot on. Just an absurd story, that made for some hilarious scenes. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction.
  21. COVID-19 Outbreak

    What exactly does it change though? It's been said from the beginning that people with underlying medical conditions are more likely to be severly affected by this Virus and obviously also younger people can have those.
  22. COVID-19 Outbreak

    I get the sentiment, but really, do you need bows out of sheets to get hope or show support?! Seems like an irrational waste of effort to me. Talk to other people instead. Have fun. Don't do something that at the end of the day really helps no one. As for the masks… those are kinda useless too, as they don't protect you and to be safe and protect yourself, you still should keep the distance and once you do that, they are useless to protect anyone else. It seems more of an alibi move to me. To make people "feel" more safe.
  23. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Yeah. Even Axl said over 30 years ago: And I don't worry about nothing, no Because worrying's a waste of my fucking time We've also been singing that a Million times. So now is the time to heed to it.
  24. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Why get so worked up about that shit? There is nothing you can do anyway. Worrying and getting upset won't change a thing. Whatever happens happens. Keep calm, think positive and ride it out. If it gets bad, it gets bad without you worrying and getting worked up and you've wasted the last time you could feel somewhat good. If it doesn't get all that bad, then all the worrying and getting worked up about it, was all for nothing and just made your time miserable.
  25. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Bad to Wurst?? Bad to sausage?? If that is funy then the british humour is not what it once was.