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  1. New LA Show Sep 21

    Yes. Of course. But I doubt that they are Live Nation's bitch at their beck and call where Live Nation can just dictate any odd gig on them without further compensation. Yeah. Most likely, but still. Putting a fan in their place, one thing. Unfollowing Susan because of that, totally another.
  2. New LA Show Sep 21

    And again. It's an assumption that they agreed to such a thing. Also Live Nation is not the only concert promoter. They could go with AEG and have the same success. So no, they don't need Live Nation.
  3. New LA Show Sep 21

    But how many people would that be? How many people would really really sign up and be willing to fly to Los Angeles or New York to attend a small gig? Most likely she meant the new leg.
  4. New LA Show Sep 21

    Wow. A triggered little lady. ;-) I get the comment, but unfollowing Susan because she posted a pic with one of her friends?? Silly.
  5. New LA Show Sep 21

    You're assuming here. They will not do this show for free. They will be compensated for this show. And it's silly to assume that they won't make extra coin for this show. There is is not someone saying, oh, and by the way, you will do this show because you have a contract with us. That might happen with some newcomer, but certainly not with an act who's last tour grossed 400 mio dollars.
  6. New LA Show Sep 21

    What comment?
  7. New LA Show Sep 21

    Well. At the end of the day, it will be a regular gig in a smaller place.
  8. New LA Show Sep 21

    Because that doesn't give them any extra coin. But having a special small show for Citibank will. They are not in the business of doing something for the fans. If you want that, you should go check out Metallica.
  9. New LA Show Sep 21

    The only chance we get new songs, is when someone dies. And what is Kevin doing in your Avatar??
  10. New LA Show Sep 21

    You forgot "Black hole sun". They are probably gonna add "Take me home tonight" now too.
  11. New LA Show Sep 21

    Or to break a foot.
  12. New LA Show Sep 21

    A well paid live rehearsal. One that Axl is not able to skip.
  13. New LA Show Sep 21

    Yeah. But quite clearly, they don't give a shit. As long as their cheque is big enough. Sickening to think that a great majority is not even allowed to buy tix for that gig. But whatever, I'm on the wrong side of the world anyway.
  14. At least with those leaks back then it made some sense.
  15. Right, they leak a 20 year old demo of Axl with some random people, to drum up publicity for the current tour featuring Duff and Slash. Seriously?? You believe that?
  16. Why? Slash comes up with shit rather quick. Then have Duff and Axl work their magic on it and boom, we have songs. Much better than having Slash and Duff play over pretty much completed CD songs.
  17. LOL at the thought of Axl being self-reflecting. Ever. I think that is one thing he's not capable of. Especially not in the year 2000.
  18. Well. Maybe him not being part of GNR is a reason for episodes like this.... assuming it wasn't just an accident.
  19. Axl is the singer, Steven is the drummer.
  20. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    That is not true. Stubhub is owned by Ebay. Ticketmaster has their own reseller site though. Or they used to have, now they let resellers sell their tickets directly on the Ticketmaster-Website.
  21. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    And that is "us". Every single one of us that buys tickets and everything he has to sell.
  22. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    We are the ones that kept Axl in business. What do you think would happen with their service if none of us would take it?? They would have to change the service they offer or stop.
  23. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    If you really look at it, he's not wrong though. We're the one that kept supporting him doing what he does. If all of us would have stopped supporting him financially (buying his albums, tickets and merchandise), he would have had to make some changes. But probably he would have just stopped then.