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  1. Why no Street of Dreams?

    I doubt that if they weren't close at one point Axl would have gotten so mad at Slash leaving.
  2. So what happened with pitman?

    Uhm, well. She came in, after he managed to get himself kicked out. I'm not sure how you could spin that into making it her (or Brain's) fault. Yeah. You seriously have to shake your head at some people's comments. Does he really think that or is he just kissing up to Pitman?! Which both would be equally sad.
  3. So what happened with pitman?

    Yeah. Although that doesn't really sound like the Duff of nowadays. For what would he slam him against the wall? For calling it a nostalgia cashgrab? They are playing 30 year old songs and haven't created one single new song since. What else was it gonna be? I'd like to think that Duff is a bit more realistic and intelligent than to take issue with that.
  4. So what happened with pitman?

    TB most certainly is NOT Gnr. They may represent GnR, but in fact they are NOT GnR.
  5. Yes. And all of them have released at least some worthwhile songs separately since. Now imagine if the 3 of them work together again. Izzy hasn't exactly set the world on fire since either. But Slash has.
  6. And? But you have heard those good songs that Izzy had no hand in writing in. The lack of other albums has nothing to do with Izzy not being there.
  7. Copyright Strikes....

    They don't care. Actually, I'm betting that they are glad it's happening. So they don't have to be the bad guys (if it isn't them anyway). If they really wanted they could put a stop to it and identify to Google/YouTube who is their representaitve and who has a right to file a copyright claim on their behalf.
  8. They have no problems shutting out Steven. I'd rather they shut out Dizzy. He had a good ride.
  9. Why no Street of Dreams?

    Any not so good live version of Estranged is miles better than any Street of dreams version could ever be. Estranged and Coma are highlights during the show. Without those 2 I don't think I would have went 21 times.
  10. Estranged, November rain, Dead horse, Coma, Back off bitch, Civil war, Locomotive, So fine... The notion that they need Izzy to make a good album is ridiculous.
  11. I never do. Seriously. I'm always surprised when I see her on pix, as I haven't seen her during the show. Then again. The same goes for Fortus and Ferrer. Never watch them.
  12. Why no Street of Dreams?

    Thank god no one listens to you. Replace one of GNR best song with that whiny pile of crap? Seriously? A request as genius as the one that asked to take Coma out of the setlist. Some of you people are so clueless.
  13. Why no Street of Dreams?

    Because it's a crap song. Slash probably said, fuck that shit. I'm not playing it.
  14. All of your posts regarding this topic. He was asked point blank if it was him. Any sane person wouldn't want someone to impersonate him and state that it is not him when that Topic is brought up. Yet, he choose to not answer and ignore the question. A non answer also is an answer, thus it is obvious it is him. And I guess most of us know GNR enough to know, that even if it was him stating there will be an Album within 6 months, it is no guarantee that we really will have an album within 6 months.
  15. Read between the line and you know exactly what Fernanado meant: "Yes, it was me, but I'm not gonna confirm it.". If it is wasn't him, there is no reason for him not to say that it wasn't him. You're the only one who is desperately not wanting it to be Fernando.
  16. Obviously he has his reasons. It's beneath him now. He doesn't have to do it anymore. Right. And he likes to take the credit of a troll, trolling the fan base under his name.
  17. GNR doesn't have a management company. TB is handling GNR management.
  18. Wow. Desperate to proof how stupid you are??
  19. Geez. Then why the fuck wouldn't Fernando deny it's him???? Seriously. Some of you people are so thick. He choose to not deny that it is him. So I will attribute anything that is said under that account to him.
  20. Why arer you so desperate to think it's fake?? His action pretty much speak for the fact that it indeed was him. Either that or he is a bigger tool than some of us think.
  21. He could simply say "No, that is not me. And when I choose to start another account where I talk about GNR business, I'll let you know, otherwise consider it a fake.". End of it.
  22. Seriously. This discussion is ridiculous. He was asked whether the account is him or an imposter. If it is an imposter, the most logical thing for him would be to say, yes, it's an imposter, because who knows what kind of shit that imposter would say in the future. But he choose to not to confirm it's an imposter. So he (Fernando) is free to continue to say whatever he wants to say on Reddit and if he gets called out for it, he still can say that it is not him. As unproffesional as announcing that album on reddit is, him not confirming that the account is fake, pretty much is an admission that it was him. And realy, Jarmo would do shit to confirm or deny, if not even Fernando does it. Unlike Fernando he is not family and shit like that could put him on the outs. Also that guy doesn't seem like much for fan service. So he won't risk anything. Exactly. Plausible deniability.
  23. Yeah. Also they are not managing Axl because they are managers and that's what they do, they manage him, because they are in his life and his liaison to the outside world. His spokespeople, so to say.