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  1. So what? It's his job. When he does a concert in front of 3.000 people and then 2 hours after the concert is over lets the bus drive right in front of the door, so he can avoid the 7 people, who are still waiting for him, he's a dick.
  2. Sorry, but I think that's a load of bollocks. One thing doesn't have to do anything with the other. And if they really would be the grifters with ulterior motives, some clearly are making them out and wanting them to be, it wouldn't be in their interest to block and hinder album releases.
  3. He doesn't like photos. He gladly gives autographs. If you get to see him that is. Since the reunion he tries to avoid fans whenever possible.
  4. I agree. And I think it's ridiculous to a point. You can disagree with their business decisions (at least the ones they are really responsible for... after all they still have to work with and do what Axl wants) and their perceived ineptitude at handling some things, but their importance to Axl's general well being shouldn't be understated. Like I said before, I don't think Axl would still do it, if they wouldn't be in his life.
  5. He has got his solo project to be busy with and be artistically challenged. GNR pays the bils and provides to keep up his lifestyle, regardless of what business SMKC does. And I don't think he will voluntarily give up the ability to play stadiums in any city of the world.
  6. I doubt Axl sees it that way. And who are these real people of his you're speaking of? As far as I can tell from the outside, TB are his real people. I don't know who else would be there.
  7. And? Who's to say that that had anything to do with the leaks? Who's to say that they were ready to release anything by the time or shortly before those leaks happened?
  8. Seriously, why would a leak delay a release?? If anything, it would hurry up a release.
  9. But that is the problem. He's not just a hired guy. He's family. He will get away with what others don't. If anything, he will get a slap on the wrist and that will be it.
  10. But there is no law that they have to play an unfinished songs now. Especially if they want to make it a surprise. So them not playing a new song, really means nothing.
  11. I meant in the GNR world. We don't have to deal with him anymore.
  12. A hanger on, who pretends to be a manager. Edit: But let's not shit on them too much. If they wouldn't be there, I doubt that Axl would still do it.
  13. And look what happened to him/where he is now. Because they live/used to live in Axl's household. There is no other reason.
  14. Did they actually talk or just text/e-mail?
  15. So, in other words, he didn't confirm it was his account, because he knew he fucked up by blurting out that there will be a new album (at least in his mind) in 6 months and he believes he could get in shit for that, but he also doesn't want to flat out lie to you guys and deny that the account is his??
  16. Yes. But that was Nick Cave. Himself. Not GNR, who are giving vague non answers since years. Well, I'm sure they are not angry about it. If anything it saves them the trouble to do it themselves and keeps things curbed... if they aren't doing it themselves anyway.
  17. Seriously? There are people simply called Fernando. That guy is a member since 2005. I doubt back then many knew about Fernando. And if so, he just was the housekeeper's kid then. Without any real consequence or importance. Just use common sense.
  18. Thank god, no. But like Russ said. I'm not working with her at the same company and travel with her for most of the year.
  19. None of the principals in GNR is willing to confirm an imminent album release or even confirm concrete work on it happening, but the "manager" of GNR just guesses he announces a new GNR album to arrive within 6 months on some obscure board where no one knows for sure it is actually him?!? Yeah, right. And pigs can fly.
  20. The big "Fuck Bob Ezrin" thread

    And? You posted this to show that Kanye is a clueless idiot, who can't stand people criticising/not liking his stuff??
  21. The big "Fuck Bob Ezrin" thread

    Seems like the world agree's with him though. CD is far from a masterpiece and dismissed by most. Also not sure how he would have delayed anything. According to this quote it seems like he worked 2 mins on it.
  22. The big "Fuck Bob Ezrin" thread

    Or maybe you all go fuck yourselfs. Bob Ezrin's track record more than speaks for itself. The man produced countless classic albums.