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  1. 9 minutes ago, DTJ80 said:

    Hey Fernando,

    Hope you, your family and all of the guys are keeping well in these crazy, unprecedented times. Hope to see you all doing your thing once all of this passes - Got yet another European jaunt sorted, just keeping hold of everything til it gets rescheduled!

    Since the release of Chinese, has Axl continued to write and record music despite having a wealth of material left over from the initial Chinese Democracy sessions?

    The band haven't done any proper interviews since this whole thing got underway, would you ever consider doing a documentary/movie of some sorts where the band could profit on such a thing being released, sharing the stories of how everything came together etc, bundled with interviews and backstage bits etc? I'd throw my money at that.

    Sort of ties in with my next question, have you guys hired a professional crew at any point since this tour kicked off to film several shows with the intention of releasing to the fanbase to document this larger than life monstrosity? 

    Congrats on your success over the last few years, you deserve a lot of credit for your efforts too as long as everyone else behind the scenes. I can't imagine the graft that goes into pulling these massive shows off. 

    I wish you every success in the future and I sincerely hope that the guys manage to get a new record together soon. The world is fucked and could benefit from hearing that fucking voice do it's thing with a band that does what it does better than anyone else. 

    I'm optimistic about the future, Fernando. I hope you feel that I am correct to be so. 

    Love as always

    1. Thanks for the kind words, the entire family is doing great and social distancing. Scary times. 

    2. Axl’s way of writing and creating comes at all times, yes he has continued to write and create. His ideas are endless, which is great. 

    3. We don’t have any plans on doing a documentary or movie. We have shot a few shows professionally with one being released this year. We do have some ideas in place which was due to take place this year before the pandemic took over, however I am hoping it can still happen on our rescheduled dates in 2021. 

    4. You said it, it’s a team. We are a family, work together. 

    5. More than ever! 

    6. You and me both. 

    Again, thanks for the kind words. Nice to see nice in a world that is...

    Fan: What a massive kiss ass.

    Fernando: blablabla

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  2. 11 hours ago, EricA said:


    he can’t, he's not in the position to sort things out, all the people who have trouble with refunds, have to deal with ticketmaster/live nation themselves.

    But that's exactely the point why i posted his quote, cause he is completely clueless, and the only thing he does is telling people bullshit about what he can or will do...and as we all know, most of it doesn't happen in the slightest.


    btw, i for ones would rather wait a year for my money or even loose it, than asking Fernando for help.

    Well, some bands actually have said that they instructed their promoters to refund the money to fans. One would think that a band as big as GNR is capable of doing that too.

  3. On 8.8.2020 at 11:44 AM, Dazey said:

    Used to LOVE Russell Brand! His Radio 2 show was brilliant. Nowadays I just want to knock the cunt out. :lol: 

    Funny you should mention Geldof though. One of Russell’s finest moments was taking the piss out of Geldof. :lol: 


    Was it though? Geldof left him looking like cunt. I'd say Russel: 0 Gandalf: 1 :lol:;)

  4. On 7.8.2020 at 10:19 PM, Len Cnut said:

    If we are to take humans and animals on the same level as living beings then, really, there is no excuse, don’t you think?

    If animals are equal in value to humans then thats like saying Nazi’s require a transition period for their feelings about Jews.

    Animals kill animals for food. Sometimes more gruesome than you can imagine. So whatever. Doesn't mean that one can't care about animals. It's not all black and white.

    And the most innocent cat, who makes your daily live feel better, will kill anything smaller than them, if given the chance. So much for animals being innocent. It's not all black and white.

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  5. 15 minutes ago, allwaystired said:

    What on earth does 'jam' mean anyway?! To my mind it means 'messing about with instruments' and is far removed from 'writing and recording' . 

    Well, it's the stuff happening before you go recording. The throwing ideas around, working on stuff. By the time you're recording you're supposed to have your shit and songs together. But I don't see Axl as that guy. Maybe Duff and Slash, but I see Axl more as the guy doing stuff on his own.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, jamillos said:

    I know you can do this stuff remotely, but I'd say they'd definitely want to jam etc., like Axl and Slash did in Axl's studio the other day. Like the old times, you know, for the chemistry to flow. All I'm saying is, we might see this as an unbearably long pause, but the guys may be just taking their time, relaxing more or less, and waiting it out...

    Right. Axl, the guy who doesn't show up to rehearsals, wants to jam??? I don't really see that a reality.

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  7. 10 hours ago, tsinindy said:

    How is that?  you have to do something...other than for cancelled shows they don't just refund tickets, you have to ask for a refund.  So, you either had tix to shows that got cancelled or you did something.

    All my US and Canada shows got cancelled and I got an e-mail for each, saying that the show was cancelled and the money would be refunded. Obviusly, if the show is postponed, they need to be notified, whether you wanna go to the new date or want your money back. All I said is that you get your refunds with TM USA, Canada and Ireland easily. It's just TM Germany, that was a problem, but that was due to the promoter Live Nation Germany handling things differently. But in the end they were easy to work with and promised to refund my tickets.

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  8. @jackparker123 and other foreigners

    Wow. Got a response from Live Nation. They quoted the new law regarding postponed and cancelled shows due to Corona and that customers in these cases do get a coupon, but since I'm not german and live abroad, they will not make use of that and refund me the tickets. I have to mail them to Live Nation and they will instruct Ticketmaster to refund the money. Yay. So, for all of you non german people with tickets for Hamburg, write to Live Nation and ask for that refund.

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  9. 1 hour ago, dontdamnmeuyi2015 said:

    You can still listen to their music, but since Steven Tyler has fallen off the stage a couple of times during his performance, I think his body is telling him he's too damn old to perform anymore.


    Well. And yet he can still sing, unlike Axl, who's body even more tells him to hang it up. And 50 % of the times Steven falls off the stage, he's pushed off by his guitarist.

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  10. 17 minutes ago, JY2016 said:

    I have sort of accepted that the German government has passed law that enables the promotors to give vouchers rather refunds, assuming that it will benefit the many people employed who would otherwise lose their jobs. For me it is okay as I do not need the money immediately and the cash would have been gone by now anyway if the show would have taken place. I can just wait for next year. But of course, appreciate everyone’s opinion if they want their money back. 

    So aside from whether you want a refund or a voucher, what really frustrates me in this digital age is:

    (i) that Eventim wants you to fill in the bar code of your ticket online to generate a PDF that you have to print and send with the original ticket back. I am considering registered mail since I don’t want to have them claim that they never received it back. But that means additional costs. They can send you mails about developments regarding the show, recognise the barcode, but yet you need to send the hard copy??? It’s worthless anyway since the show is fully cancelled (talking about the Aerosmith gig), so it is not that you can resell the ticket.


    (ii) Ticketmaster has a button online to request your voucher which will be granted in a few weeks, although they have no problem finding you with three e-mails with the same topic within an hour. Why not immediately generating the voucher code?

    I had Hamburg but purchased FOS1 for Munich this week (yes, I really did). I would have gladly used one of the vouchers but the above has made it impossible to do that. So now I have paid €175 but have some €375 for vouchers pending to be granted. 

    And if you do not use the voucher before you Dec 2021, you can get the refund ultimately but only if you apply for that by the end of December (they hope you will forget it? I am sure they will not send reminders that the voucher is about to expire)


    A voucher system in itself can be defended although again, I appreciate the many people that want their money back. What I find unacceptable is that they give so many hurdles to get the voucher in the first place, that is really outrageous in this digital age. Why can’t this be generated automatically?


    Is there any institution for consumer representation in Germany where complaints can be filed?

    Yeah. It's a total shit show and absolutely bollocks, ridiculous and backasswards.

    Unfortunately it's not only Germany that has changed it's laws to the detriment of customers. I've posted the link several times before, here you can find some more Information on how the countries handle it and also where you can complain:


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