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  1. 18 hours ago, Len Cnut said:

    And in that sense I guess religion is incredibly valuable.  Cuz everybody has something, something that holds them together, something that they lean on.  Every man can be broken, no matter how strong and if religion is the thing that keeps so many from breaking then it almost doesn't matter if its real for me, as long as its real for them.  That has the potential to sound awfully patronising but thats not how I meant it.

    Yeah. That's it. A crutch. Some take drugs to get by, others have religion. Both a tool to make you feel better. Both BS to me. <_<

  2. 5 minutes ago, jackparker123 said:

    Is the plan to give us a few songs every Thursday for the next few weeks then?

    If that's the case then I could see them compiling the videos and finally releasing a NITL tour DVD / Blu Ray with a bit of extra exclusive content.

    BS. If they do a BR release, it should be one full gig from one city. Otherwise they shouldn't even bother with it.

  3. 15 minutes ago, registra said:

    I find it so strange that a forum mostly filled with middle-aged men(I assume) get so fixated on the looks of a 60 year old guy. It's like, of all the things potentially wrong with the band, Axl haircut was what made your decision not to go? Seriously?

    And even weirder, it's just a normal haircut, that plenty of men of all ages have. Not sure why people see it as an issue.

    It's not like they're the Pussycat Dolls or something. How they look really shouldn't affect whether you want to go to the show or not.


    When I fly across an ocean and pay a shitload of money, I want to see Axl the rockstar and not Axl the sad accountant. And I can't help it and I do not feel sorry for it, but that look sucked and I'm not gonna pay money to see Axl like that. Concerts are also a visual thing. I was on the fence and that tipped me over/knocked me right back. I did not want to see him like that.

  4. On 19.5.2020 at 10:41 PM, dontdamnmeuyi2015 said:

    The Juke Box hero tour with Europe and Kansas and headliner Foreigner has been officially cancelled. It was for September 11 here in Dallas. I requested a refund. They also had credit, but who knows when concerts will be back? I want my money.

    Do you know that in some countries, when they cancel, they still keep your money? They give you a coupon, which is valid until December 31, 2021 and if you haven't used it by then, you get your money back. Total bollocks. I rather they postpone the shows and keep my money than they cancel and misuse me as a bank and keep my money either way.

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  5. 36 minutes ago, Chester 524 said:

    If Axl wasn't a rock star, what the hell else would he be?  My guess is he'd be an inmate somewhere, ruling a prison yard.  So he does owe the fans more than what he gives (I'm not talking about sharing personal stuff, just music). 

    I guess many of these artist types would be there or similar, if they wouldn't have found a profession that pays well, despite their shortcomings and lets them get away with it.

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  6. 10 minutes ago, DieselDaisy said:

    The fact that Rose is the only one, out of all the acts, who operate in this manner should tell you something. Take the archive thing; there is no logic in not delving into your live archives, releasing some fan friendly albums: A/ happier fan base B/ money for the band - a ''win-win''. Take the communication: there seems no logic in having no communication whatsoever. 

    But why spare the effort when they make millions with doing none of that?? Whenever he wants, he goes on tour, does his thing and gets millions. Case closed. Everything you suggest is extra work and decisions someone has to do and make. And clearly, Axl doesn't care about any of that. And there you have your answer: He doesn't care about anything but concerts.

  7. 12 minutes ago, DieselDaisy said:

    Rose likes to run the band like a sort of dysfunctional Area 51. This is presumably the way he likes proceedings; it has been that way since he power grabbed in the mid '90s. Fernando is a wanker but it isn't really his fault really (the dire merchandising is) regarding the lack of material and good fan relations. These two aspects were woeful before ''Team Brazil'' took over. The denominator here is Rose.

    Makes no sense to me why Rose would want to run the band like this, but then nothing about Guns does make much sense. It is a band that operate according to utter illogicality. 

    Why would he not do it that way? For him it works. They are raking in the millions. Everything else don't matter to him. Everything else would mean more effort and stuff he has to deal with.

  8. 25 minutes ago, BadApples87 said:

    Just to show how screwed up Ticketbastard is right now - Sammy Hagar cancelled his North American tour yesterday.  But, TM is still selling tix to the show.  WTF?!


    When GNR cancels or postpones, it will be a mess trying to get money back.

    Sammy Hagar said that Live Nation/Ticketmaster will inform soon. 

  9. 17 minutes ago, EricA said:

    In terms of recording and releasing new music, you and others are completely right, for this it needs Axl and the whole band to come out of their caves.

    I much more refered to his never ending unprofessional promises.

    Like the recent one, to upload video stuff ...there's no need for the band to do it.

    It's only on him to get things done, with what ever company they are working with, to finsh the material.

    Don't promis shit, not even talk about it, if you've nothing on your hands, just DO it, and then get out a proper announcment.

    Oh, well. Is it professional to talk about unlaid eggs? Probably not. But if he would say nothing, what would we have to bitch About? And we always want to know shit. So, I don't know. :shrugs: Maybe he spoke about it too early, but I don't want to believe he is just full of shit, so maybe we really just have to be a Little more patient with those video things to happen. That at least seems an easier task than to release new music. One that doesn't involve Axl's Input.

  10. To be fair though, at least what he says in term of the copyright strikes makes sense and if he is speaking the truth and following up on seeing to it that those strikes get removed, kudos to him.

    Edit: Also the fact that he mentions the Troubadour recording, the financial issues they had with the Company that recorded it and that they are still Looking into what can be done with the material, also in conjunction to help the Troubadour, is pretty cool. Of course, on the assumption he's not full of shit and really is following up on it.

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  11. 16 hours ago, EricA said:

    No, this only confirms that he is a complete failure as a manager. A real professional manager MANAGES to make things happen, that's his job!

    Well, you can be real and professional all you want. That won't help you when you have to deal with Axl Rose. There were plenty of real and professional managers along the way and not many things were made to happen. ;) But yeah, at least you would know not to promise things you, deep down in your heart, know you can't promise. But that's why he never confirmed it was him on Reddit. He wanted to say there is an album coming, but he wanted to not bite him in the ass, if it isn't.

  12. 10 hours ago, Russel Nash said:

    Hey Fernando, do you wanna be a REAL Manager? Make the band release something that's not a GH or remasters of old songs. Make the band work together in new music. Walkin beside Axl Rose everywhere he goes makes you a walker.



    No one does "make" Axl do anything, except Axl (and even he has a hard time convincing him to do something). Fernando knows that. That's why he's the manager. Others didn't. That's why they are Ex-managers.

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  13. 13 hours ago, Spuffy78 said:



    Release a remix album of CD stuff until you can properly release a new album if it's real. The fact these dumbfucks can't figure this out is astonishing. 

    He is right in that regard. Absolutely no one wants a fucking remix album with songs even further ruined, of an album, no one cared about in the first place, of a line up of GNR long gone, which never was considered to be GNR by anyone anyway. It would be the biggest joke to release that in the 4th year of the Axl/Slash/Duff reunion.

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  14. 13 hours ago, UsedYourIllusion said:

    This just makes me wonder, if Fernando has to constantly keep deferring to Axl, almost unequivocally, what the hell does he actually manage or do? Does he help with the tour? Does he do anything tangible that we can see? I'm not trying to insult the guy, it seems like a quite difficult job. But with Axl having an agent, a record label, along with everyone else having an agent (and also being one of the biggest bands in the world), i just simply wonder what his week to week job consists of in the GN'R operations..

    Telling those people what Axl wants, so Axl doesn't have to talk to them personally. Otherwise I think he's just a gloryfied assistant, doing whatever Axl tells him to do/doesn't want to do himself, because he's a star, with occasional own ideas, which he has to run by Axl to get it done. And bitch about the ungrateful fan base (the one, which affords him to live a life, 90 % of us never get to live).

  15. 7 hours ago, alfierose said:

    Jesus to a Child is one of the only songs that makes me teary if I listen to it. There's just something about it that's really from the soul.

    He did incredibly well for a singer that started out quite 'boyband'. He really grew as an artist.

    "Careless whisper" is where it's at. Also "Freedom". Yeah. He had some great Songs.

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  16. 1 hour ago, Chewy2 said:

    I'm watching it now.  My memory is fuzzy after 30 years but I remember watching this over & over on MTV back then.  I remember some of the bands also had their sets mixed in or maybe that was the way MTV cut the show?  Was that a different day of the concert or something?  I seem to remember GNR being on during daylight.

    Nope. It was all in one go. First the band individual performances, then the Queen performance with guest singers stepping in. Only U2 was a transmission, as they were on tour in the US. It was amazing. Even the pay TV channel broadcast that show live and for free. It was an event. Even though I though the GNR song choice boring and had hoped for more songs.

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  17. 2 minutes ago, adamsapple said:

    I'm available! ;)

    But seriously, they wouldn't even have to offer that much, just a little something, a small note, something nice and personal to connect and let the fans know they care and are excited to perform the cancelled gigs would do.

    Yeah. But unfortunately all of them totally lack the "caring about the fans". They see us as their bank accounts.