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  1. 3 hours ago, Tom2112 said:

    This, but at he same time he's an entertainer and if he's way over weight (which he's not obese, but he is not in shape), then it's impacting his performance. 

    But it is distracting looking at Axl with that weird hair, I think his cornrows looked more natural than this current thing.

    Yeah. I know it's shallow as hell, but that's one of the (several) reasons why I've decided to not see GNR this year (also I already had my fix with seeing Slash and Duff solo a couple of times this year). Saw the pictures with his new her and I was like "No, not feeling that. Don't wanna see that.". Of course, when I see videos of everything else that is going on, I still kinda would want to see it, but that was a major turn off for me (amongst others).

    As for the rasp, I do think, he can. He just chooses not too. He has been talking about not wanting to hurt himself before and I'm sure that rasp thing, doing it 3 times a week for 3 hours, is not the most easy thing. Singing without rasp, with less power is easier and less demanding.

  2. 1 hour ago, Oldest Goat said:

    It was sarcasm, dude. $20 an hour seems low for cleaning your house and raising your kids. You should have more respect instead of mocking her humble holidaying aspirations on the internet. I bet she works hard for that standard pay. How many hours does she work?

    If for example you had her make the effort to drive all the way out to your place to work for, say 1hour, would you just give her $20? If so, you're a fucking cheapskate. In that kind of situation her payment should be bumped up to save everyone's dignity. If you can afford to pay her more than a standard rate then do so and if you can't maybe show some respect and forgo some personal luxuries so you can.

    Why do you assume he can??

  3. 11 hours ago, zigzagbigbag said:

    This. Absolutely this. 

    I take this opportunity to say thank you very much to you for everything you did for the fanbase, @estebanf

    What most people (including @Dexter and @Fernando) don’t get is that people like you did more for „GNR“  during the dark decades (!) than and they did themselves. 

    Unfortunately, I have to disagree. This view of things is short-sighted and does not work for me (any longer).  Because TB act in the name and on behalf of GNR, especially Axl Rose. At minimum they tolerate TBs actions, if they have not even instructed TB to do so (what I personally expect to be the truth). I cannot just kill the messenger and still love the sender. I am fine if that way of thinking works for you but for me it is to simple and it is nothing but lying to yourself in order to justify yourself still being a GNR fan. 

    Don’t get me wrong. I for myself have a very hard time to realize and accept what this band - the band of my youth and favorite band of all time - has become. I am at the point where I tend to think that it would have been better if the reunion never happened. 

    If you know the industry a bit, there is no way any management of any band - especially a b(r)and in the size of GNR - is able to communicate in such a disrespectful way to the artists fans without the artist being aware. Its not that TB statements have happened behind close doors or have been a one time thing. They happened countless times ... via social media, this means in public. There are so many people within the GNR camp (including band members) that use social media that it’s impossible that none of them didn’t take notice. 

    This is why the „its all just TB“ or „fuck TB, hail GNR“ way finally does not work for me anymore.


    But even if so, what do you expect/want to happen? To Axl they are his family. He is not getting rid of them. Rather some hardcore fans being unhappy, than him shutting out the, presumably, most important people in his life. And as long as Axl sees it that way, there is nothing Slash and Duff could/would do about it. At the end of the day, Axl has made now millions. He don't need this reunion no more, if push comes to shove. I do think he rather stops the reunion (e.g lets Slash and Duff walk away... even though that will never happen as I don't think they are willing to give up GNR again over something that, at the end of the day, has no bearing on them) than to remove these people out of his life. So really, they are here to stay. Either you accept that or you blame Axl for it and leave.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Sisyphus said:

    His voice is in shambles. I really don't get it how he can keep delivering these terrible performances. I honestly can't watch it anymore. Gutted really. My favourite band becoming this. It doesn't matter if the play 3+ hours, it doesn't matter if the bring more deep cuts. As long as it sounds as terrible as this it's all irrelevant. To me at least. He KNOWS he sounds like Mickey Mouse and he keeps doing it. Embarrassing.  

    Right. I suggest you listen to some of the bootlegs from the 90s. The screeching and croaking that has been going on in some of those shows can not be considered the gold standard he needs to rise up to now. Could his vocals nowadays be better? Sure. But Axl never had a perfect voice when it came to live shows.

    2 hours ago, Sisyphus said:


    2 hours ago, Sisyphus said:


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  5. 4 hours ago, Ifdworld said:

    Frank was probably the guy that had the song nailed perfectly. Slash fucked up the solo, Axl doesn't know how to count. Frank did no wrong. People just like to say shit about him. His Locomotive was perfect. Everyone made mistakes, he takes the fall. Could it be because he is black? I really don't get why everyone thinks they are drumming experts and Frank sucks. I play guitar since i was 7, have been in bands since i was 17, i think Frank is great drummer. He changes things, because he wasn't paid to copy notes but to bring his own input. But these last 2 new songs are great. No complaints from me. 

    And then you have some other expert who claims Frank can't drum for shit. :facepalm: It's always funny when these self proclaimed experts behind a computer screen think they know shit better than the professionals, who spent their lives earning money being musicians.

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  6. 1 hour ago, allwaystired said:


    That's true - there are cheaper seats. I was sort of forgetting that. 

    I was making a generalization more about the sort of people that make up a GNR crowd now, as opposed to the past. I wasn't suggesting that the only people who go fuck people over......more about how the expectations of the crowd now are very, very different to those of the past. And let's face it - a lot of people going to see them these days are the EXACT sort of people the band railed against in their younger days, and the sort of people who would be horrified by encountering the band in their youth. That's more my point- the the generalization was an exaggerated stereo type really. Probably a bit clumsy. 

    I do think that income equality is kind of represented in concerts though - there's no doubt about the fact that prices have rocketed and younger/poorer fans are now relegated to the rafters at the back, or totally locked out of a lot of live music. That's very sad to me- it used to be that kids could buy a ticket, queue up and get to the front. In my view it made for more enthusiastic, excited crowds and a more lively live music experience. Looking back at old footage of concerts with crowds going wild you can't help but wonder how different things would have been if all those kids at the front were stuffed at the back in favour of those with the cash to pay to be up close. Probably all a discussion for another time though! 


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  7. 1 hour ago, nycgunner said:

    Agree to disagree.  There are plenty of $50 tickets in the upper sections for these shows. $300 isnt a default

    There are different price tiers for a reason.

    Umm. Yes. When going to a concert, sitting in the upper section is not an option. At least when you really care. If that's all I'm made to be able to afford, then I stay home and not go through the trouble to leave my house, city, country and attend a show.

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  8. 8 minutes ago, Crowebar said:

    Yup if Axl can't or doesn't want to go to soundcheck he should at least spend some serious time listening to whatever song that has potential to be performed since he wrote it. He also could very easily watch how it used to be performed on uyi tours since every show was filmed apparently?

    No offense intended Axl.

    I think you lurk here or else why would Coma/Locomotive/Dead Horse start being played after so many of us begging for deep cuts for years on end?

    It's either Axl or tb lurking and reporting back to Axl/Gnr that the hardcore fans want more deep cuts and less covers. Which we do 👍🏻😊

    'Black Hole Son' ?? Come on dude... I can understand doing it a couple/few times as a tribute to Chris but it's been done and it was time to move on a long time ago. BHS isn't that good of a song. 

    Axl/gnr (hardcore original) fans want to hear Guns songs. I get the whole "but we have to play the hits or else blah blah blah..." dealio 

    While I'm on a semi-rant it'd also be nice if Axl did the odd semi-rant here and there and preferably not a bs woke Axl Political rant. Do a semi-rant about me and others bitching about the covers/setlist and shit once in awhile dude. Doesn't even have to be an angry one either 👍🏻

    I agree with everything, except the last paragraph. A rant, even though he has nothing to rant about, just to appease people like you??? Kinda like an actor pretending to be in a certain mood?? That's a bit jumping the shark, isn't it??

  9. 3 hours ago, shotsfired cro said:

    Let me reimind you that Ax never did show up for rehersals post '89 shows, but it always did sound half decent because the band played well.

    Now we have a guy butchering the songs for years on drums and after so many years it does become irritating.

    If you want, saying that I call out for awful playing a guy who is at rehersals every single day over a guy who isn't. that fact should just make him better than the guy who isn't - not as bad or worse.  It speaks volumes about his playing capabilities.

    LOL, you can't justify his awful playing by 'yeah, but unlike Axl, he shows up for rehersals daily'.

    And honestly, I don't care about his playing, I am concerned where is the end of his tenure in the band by now.

    If he truly were that bad as you claim, I'm sure real musicians like Duff and Slash would notice too and do something about it. So maybe, he is not really as bad as you claim.

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  10. 17 minutes ago, Gold top 78 said:

    So good to hear Dead Horse being played. Sure it wasn’t the best version but they probably haven’t rehearsed it enough , I still thought it was still good to hear though. Overall to have DH followed by Locomotive is something I didn’t think I’d ever see on the tour 

    Yeah, but geez, rehearsing a song to play at a concert. Who would do that? <_< It's funny how with this band (*cough* Axl) we already assume from the get go, that they haven't rehearsed enough. And of course, playing rare songs the fans want to hear, right from the first concert of a leg and keeping it in the set?! GTFOOH. I guess only wankers would do that. :lol::facepalm:

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  11. 17 minutes ago, janrichmond said:

    I will. Where are these quotes?


    Somewhere on Blabbermouth.

    The guitarist said that he was "dragged" to the Cher concert in Las Vegas by his ex-wife and "her buddies," and was less than impressed by what he saw. "I had to leave for every song and go outside and smoke," he said. "And I think I'd worn myself down from smoking so much, and Cher just took me over the top. Every time she revisited one of those periods [during the concert]… She had a closet on stage and she'd go in the closet and she'd come out and she'd be the Indian. Every single thing that she's been over her career… When she started with the Sonny & Cher thing, it just killed me — I couldn't take it. So I would smoke… I just didn't have any fond memories of that show or any of the other stuff."


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  12. 1 hour ago, Ratam said:

    Why Slash hate CHER ? Weird, maybe Slash meet she through his parents, Hollywood world is an little world and all meet in an moment of they lifes. 

    Well. He had some not so flattering things to say about a concert of hers he attended a while ago. And it's not like him to slag off other artists like that, so all things considered, I gather he doesn't like her too much.

  13. 12 minutes ago, Flake said:

    I guess Coma and Locomotive are just "too much" for one night for the average fan (= 95% of the attendance). Plus it's even badass they're playing any of them. You can't ditch LALD or KOHD. As much as die hards are sick of it, the people want to hear these songs

    Uhm, yes. You can ditch KNOHD. It's a bore and drags on too long. And it's not a GNR song. If 2 of the most interesting GNR songs is too much for people, then they should just go to someone else's shows. Or use it as a long bathroom break.

  14. 4 hours ago, Flake said:

    Like little babys who cry because the presents they got are boring after two days and they want something else. It's so ridiculous.

    and @Lio

    What's the point of having it at some shows, but not at others, but still shoving down covers people's throat!? What's the point of when having it, removing the only other interesting song, but keeping the covers!? Why can't they play both GNR songs for the fan, who knows their shit, but drop one of the covers, if they really need to drop a song when playing Locomotive. There is nothing cry baby about it, just legitimate questions, for why can't they can't keep the only new GNR song they are playing in the 4th year of their reunion as a permanent fixture in the show?