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  1. I'll be honest - I have a ticket to see them in London in May, but if the tour is cancelled because of this virus, I would be delighted..... as long as they use the time to get busy in the studio.
  2. Imagine if Slash comes up with something really good - some brilliant riff, solo or song melody. At this point, with all the uncertainty, what is he likely to do with it? Is he gonna give it to GNR, knowing it might be buried and disappear for ever, or will he use it with his solo career with Myles Kennedy??? Axl's bullshit is now in danger of directly affecting the quality of any forthcoming album. We're in danger of Slash and Duff getting to the stage where they just phone-in their live GNR performances for the cash, and use their solo careers to express themselves artistically.
  3. First Single Guesses?

    It might be an unpopular opinion, but I don't think anything we've heard is nearly good enough for a single. A couple of them would be okay filler, or maybe as 2nd rate songs - but there are no big hitters yet.
  4. Good - I totally support this. It IS boring. I'm sure if you polled the fans on this site, a massive majority would prefer new music to more touring.
  5. One thing that I wonder..... Slash is a creative, productive guy - and always has been. He writes all the time, including on the road. Axl is the opposite, as we all know. So let's imagine Slash has been writing some stuff for the last year or two, and that some of it is decent. What happens to it? Does he give it to GNR, knowing it might never get out to the fans? And meaning his work with Myles Kennedy is just the left over crap that GNR doesn't want? Or does he give it to GNR knowing that if it ever gets made and released, Axl and Duff can probably take it to another level completely? What would you do???
  6. I have to say I prefer the official version of the album. Some of the production changes are slightly better ; some slightly worse. It more or less balances out. But this rough mix version lacks Shacklers, This I Love and Better - 3 of the best songs on the album.
  7. I wanted to make a thread about this track, as I noticed there wasn't one already. I can't believe fans aren't talking about this leak - I'm more excited about this than any of the others. Why? I always loved this track - LOVED it - from when I first heard the live version with Buckethead and Finck way back at Rock In Rio. The thing is, the final release just didn't live up to its potential. I think this track, more than any others, suffered from the obsessive level of over-production and removing parts recorded by previous band-members when they left - I much, much preferred Buckethead and Finck's solo melody over the Martin Luther King speech. The version we ended up with, rather than being this inspiring, epic song, was more like a funeral dirge. Such a waste. Hence my excitement at this version leaking. I can', can't, CAN'T wait to hear it. For those who have already listened to it - what do you think? What do you think of Roy Thomas Baker's production? Does it give you much insight into how the album would have been if he remained as producer?
  8. 2 things : 1) Thanks to the leaker who brought this stuff to us all. You, my friend, are an absolute legend! 2) Unfortunately, the quality of this material is pretty average to below average. I can see why it was left off Chinese Democracy. Imagine if Chinese Democracy 2 came out next week, and this was the standard of stuff on it - Hardschool, Atlas, etc.... It would be 2 star review time. So yeah, I'm happy we got to hear it, but like a few songs on Chinese Democracy (Rhiad, Scraped) , I wouldn't care much if I never heard them again.
  9. Guys - I get that we're all demented waiting for new music and desperate for this guy to leak what he managed to get. But do you really think he should risk his ass to please a bunch of online strangers??? He would get into so much legal shit that it would be crazy. If I was him, I'd be looking out for number one, as the saying goes.
  10. Slash is a classic rock style guitarist. Duff started out as a punk style guy. When you combine that with Axl's love of the big piano ballads, I think they compliment each other really well. Slash and Duff will hopefully reign in Axl's soppy ballads, and Axl's love of crafting melodic rock will stop Slash from going down the generic, plodding rock he's been guilty of a lot on his solo / Myles Kennedy stuff. I would just love..... LOVE..... Izzy to be involved in the writing process.