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  1. Yeah I did it in 2011 and just couldn't. Enjoyed the hell out of it but after standing for so damn long (late starts were still the norm) and after spending the day driving 8 hours to the venue city my back was like, dude get the fuck outta here.
  2. Favorite post 93 version of Axl

    2006 for sure. He was in great shape and looked and sounded badass. Also was the first incarnation of the band I've seen live after getting really into them that year so that version always holds close to me. Plus thinking Chinese Democracy was actually coming out that year. To be 16 and naïve again.
  3. Thread title has been changed. Initially did. Was kinda shocked for a second there reading that haha
  4. When you say new vocals, are we talking new like, recorded recently?
  5. Fuck THIS is the holy grail
  6. Yeah that Shackler's is brutal. No interest in the remixes. TIL was the only bearable one based on the new vocals alone.
  7. I've been so on the fence about this reunion so to say since it was initially mentioned last year but now that it's happening I'm so hyped for it. I've loved the band and the last 2 albums so I'm super excited for that. Plus Brent is a Winnipeg legend and Todd is local enough and I love those 2 so them getting out there again on such a stage makes me happy to see. Hope they hit Winnipeg. Got passed by on the World On Fire tour unfortunately.
  8. Hey do u happen to have the HOB 01 show? I’m late to the party. Can’t find it anywhere!!

  9. OK I've never seen this before, that was 1991?! Yeah I'd shit having a classic era GNR show in that quality. Side note, Dave's drumming around this time was top fucking notch. VMAs 1992 being my favourite.
  10. He's been telling lots of jokes on tour the past 10 years from what I've read on the forums. Maybe he's realizing he's funny.
  11. What's the scoop on Catcher there? I see it's Brian May on it but the quality seems better than what we've previously had. Is it an actual version by the band or just touched up by a fan?
  12. Blues is my favorite version of the song. Have yet to hear TWAT but still looking for that one. Still can't believe what's happening here
  13. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    I'm guessing the vocals were from 1999 IMO. Sounds very similar to the re-recorded Live Era vocals in my opinion. Either way, digging it a lot.