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  1. Finally got around to listening to it this morning at work. I mean, it's a good album. I'll go as far as to say it's really good. Not great, in my opinion. But very solid. I guess maybe part of me would much rather have literally any new Guns music which will make this album fall a little short for me. And I get that that's selfish. They don't owe me anything. Just a preference. Given how much I enjoyed, and still do enjoy World On Fire, this fell kinda flat in comparison. Still enjoyed it though.
  2. Man I suddenly suck at torrenting. Like, is every torrent site of the past gone?
  3. I say this fully intending to buy a physical copy in a few days, but has this really not leaked yet?! That's insane in this day and age.
  4. Duff in 2010,dont even have to think about it. I was so shocked when I saw the image of them posted on stage together. My opinion of course, but that right there was the start of a reunion.
  5. I'm at the point where I'll take whatever I can from this band in terms of new music. Record the fucking alphabet or happy birthday for all I care. But seriously. Yes. CD outtakes/re-recordings, original material, whatever.
  6. GNR for sure. Soft spot for 2006. That's when I got into them. Rock Am Ring was the first bootleg DVD I bought. I overplayed the shit out of that DVD. The band was a fucking force to be reckoned with in 06. And while we all shit on axl's looks in the 2000s, I thought he looked like a total badass in 06. Doesn't hurt that he was in phenomenal shape. Give me that Axl any day of the week.
  7. I thought Death Magnetic was received very well, although that's probably because it was a departure from St. Anger. I though the last 2 ACDC albums were accepted as solid. Nothing special but very solid albums nonetheless. Van Halen's last one got great reviews. Unfortunately with Axl I think we'd get something a little more experimental and not in vain of what the puclic accepts as the classic Guns sound which would hurt it. Sure Slash would get some songs in on it but still. Even if they just get Slash and Duff on a few CD session songs it'll still be Chinese style songs and we know how that went over with the general public 10 years ago.
  8. GN'R Ex-Guitarist Busted for DUI SWEET MUG O' MINE!

    I must have missed the tweets. Is everything alright with him? I, like many here, have an opinion on the guy but you never wish these kinds of problems on anyone. His mug shot makes him look pretty rough.
  9. First listen. Bridge right after second chorus sounds just like Standing In The Sun. Hell it even has the same lyrics for the first 2 lines. "She's the dark to light, never satisfied." That said, I'm a huge fan of this band. This song isn't reinventing the wheel or anything but it's solid. I like it. World On Fire is one of my favourite albums of the past 5 years so if this new one is in the same vain I feel I'm gunna enjoy it a lot.
  10. Wait is this actually out there? I saw the link 2 pages back but I'm getting an unknown error popup when I click it...
  11. Yeah I did it in 2011 and just couldn't. Enjoyed the hell out of it but after standing for so damn long (late starts were still the norm) and after spending the day driving 8 hours to the venue city my back was like, dude get the fuck outta here.
  12. Favorite post 93 version of Axl

    2006 for sure. He was in great shape and looked and sounded badass. Also was the first incarnation of the band I've seen live after getting really into them that year so that version always holds close to me. Plus thinking Chinese Democracy was actually coming out that year. To be 16 and naïve again.
  13. Thread title has been changed. Initially did. Was kinda shocked for a second there reading that haha
  14. When you say new vocals, are we talking new like, recorded recently?