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  1. Well he is better than the old one
  2. It's almost like we've been deprived of music by a band for years on end or something, eh? PM's welcome. I haven't seen or heard it anywhere yet.
  3. Fuck, can't find shit. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  4. Wait what the fuck did I miss
  5. Give it time. They have 3 shows here? Sure they can't play the same show all 3 times. ... They can't, can they?
  6. Maddy sounds damn good. Always loved that song. Now get Street Of Dreams in there.
  7. I love Axl and I defend him every fucking chance I get. But YCBM, those yeahs and ohs right before the chorus? Close my eyes, I'm sitting at my mother in laws with her old Disney movies playing in the background. Ouch.
  8. Your concerts in 2017

    Just saw Cheap Trick opening for Nickelback (yeah go ahead and say it). Never identified as a fan of Cheap Trick, didn't get their appeal despite trying over the years. Holy shit were they great live. They sounded fucking great for their age. Was not expecting that.
  9. I know I know, I should have snapped a pic. But I forgot to mention that one of the tour shirts inside the venue had missed Winnipeg on the list. Skipped from Ottawa to Regina on the back of the shirt.
  10. 08/27/17 - Regina, SK - Mosaic Stadium

    Have a good show. Beautiful new stadium you got there. Looking forward to our Blue coming to kick some Green Saskatchewan ass next weekend!
  11. He joked and pretended to forget his name. He milked it a bit at the crowd ate it up in anticipation of Axl saying Slash.
  12. Slash is a beast. Holy shit. That guy plays like a mother fucker. I've seen him twice with Myles and crew but this was something else. That being said, I've seen GNR in 06, 10, and 11 and this was a night and day difference. Stadium was packed. The odd open seats but damn near sell out. The crowd was loud. Axl even commented on it (quite the difference from them being in Winnipeg in 2010 and Tommy saying we were boring him). The crowd was the most alive looking crowd for a Guns show u've ever been too. Made it a much different experience. My wife was with me and she's just a casual fan. She commented how it didn't seem they all interacted with each other on stage. Maybe she's right, but I'm personally more than happy with them on stage together. Axls voice. Okay, I was a skeptic, reading the whole "his voice only sounds weak on video" schpeel. I was wrong. Did he have full rasp all the time? No. I don't expect him too. But his "weak" voice in person? Fucking powerful. RQ and YCBM weren't what you hear on record vocally but he still sounded fucking amazing on them. His voice has a power to it. Setlist was the same as previous shows. No surprises, but being in the moment I didn't even care. Damn near perfect setlist. My Michelle, Used To Love Her, Don't Cry and Patience got played which I loved. Heavens Door couldn't be dropped IMO but I understand why they keep it. Majoeoty/casuals love it. Seeker was played too. It gets a lot of hate but it's a fun short song so I dont mind it. No ACDC covers today. Duff did Attitude and I lost my shit at that because I love their version. Also Chris Jericho was there. I didn't see him but friends of mine in my section were in line near him. Apparently he seemed annoyed with everyone nagging him. Can't really blame him.
  13. My Michelle yes. No out ta get me. Patience and don't cry in encore. Used to love her got tossed in about midway.
  14. On the bus home. Amazing show. More review later. Same set. Don't even care. Fucking loved it.