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  1. December 2006. Insane wait. I was 16,dad was getting impatient. Too young to drink. 2010, Axl was earlier. I think around 11 or so. I had some woman next to me who said she was in from south dakota to see them. "This is the first time they've ever come close enough for me to see them." I told her they were her in Winnipeg 4 years prior while she called me a liar. Uh, okay. Then she offered me a literal American dollar bill as a tip to go get her son a sprite from a consession stand. Woman was mental. 2011 in Minneapolis. Remember them putting out axls mic stand and mic indicating it was almost show time at 1030. Mind was blown by how early it was. Now wife was with me and for some reason didn't dump me in the spot for spotting and explaining to her who Fernando and Beta are. Me and ankther guy tried getting a DUFF chant going. Didn't go anywhere. 2017 Winnipeg. Wife did her usual bullshit of deciding right before a show starts that she wants a drink. Got up to concourse, knew the band was doing 830 sharp, checked watch, saw 825. Bailed and went back to seat.
  2. Hey do u happen to have the HOB 01 show? I’m late to the party. Can’t find it anywhere!!