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  1. GN'R should make a movie

    they should release new music!
  2. there is 3 versions of omg from me: 1 gtr mix its around for over a decade i made an update mix recently more pollish. 2 a mix of 1999 and the leak 3 a mix of the leak i can upload it later ...
  3. The truth, and the end.

    The record company only removed the videos associated with afd re release everything else are from the weirdos.
  4. The truth, and the end.

    Oh ok i got 15 min free and will make a multitrack video ... doenst work like that. guys like Fransad and Ferno spent hundred or even thousand of hours on those videos and its sad seen them work got deleted by the real weirdos.
  5. The truth, and the end.

    You guys that had no clue what this thread is all about should stop post here with your non sense crap.
  6. OD there is a movie about him kissed by god. AI was an amazing surfer.
  7. lucky bastard hehee, i dont remember the date when its happened even a forum was created for this ... hhaha
  8. not really u still can hear Axl rant in the background they slowed down it mixed drums or samples over and it and god knows what them record more all live era got the same drum sound wich means they add new drums or samples over the originals to make it sound like the same concert.
  9. One thing about that era something i really regret was removed the aim sounds should never done that, 2006 to 2008 was really special and frustate time to be a gunner
  10. So lots of ppl got it before the release date and only the mexican guy leaked it in 128 kbps he was on dial up uploaded one by one it took hours to finnish rofl