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  1. @cineater plz stop post on threads like these we know ure a "Lies" puppet thank you.
  2. When you upload a video usually yt detected the content and told you its copyright and if u do nothing UMG will start monetize the video since day 1 so them are making money from all GN'R fan channels for years so that's not the issue, the issue is the 3 Little Pigs who thinks they are something...and act like they are from GN'R camp ROFL, but them The 3 Little Pigs can make money selling unheard stuff, nice .
  3. If life isnt good for them just pull the trigger what is not right is what they are doing with everybody, lots of ppl spend many hours of hard working editing/uploading/etc for a NOBODY come and fuck everybody's up, and even worst is the ppl who still on their forums and come here to defend those lunatics!
  4. Cornshuker CD Lossless source (FLAC LVL 6)

    flac britate i usually do level 8 the highest the standard is level 5 dunno why he choose level 6 to ask for.
  5. In my opinion its a really serious situation The 3 Little Pigs goes to far this time im pretty sure even the supposed official taken downs riaa , ifpi, umg are fakes youtube doesnt check the veracity of the claims them dont wanna get in trouble and just take the shit out its easier and faster for them, also i dont think its anything related with the box released either for me its more related with those leaks recently and the shit it brought.
  6. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    im working on it will be a final version more polish and small changes here n there, to remove the drums its created some unwanted artifacts there i will take care on the final mix,thx for the feedback.
  7. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    thats cool Wagzilla no offense was taken i though this vocals was asking for it the hip hop melody is already "happy" hehe
  8. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    thx i need fix some small things but its pretty much done, pretty satisfied maybe in the beginning of the long solo ill add some orchestra i fell a hole there dunno hehe
  9. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    The hip hop remix became a rock remix.
  10. Shadow Of Your Love

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/lzucawdat93jtcz/guns_n_roses-shadow_of_your_love_(live_at_graspop_metal_meeting_dessel_be_06_21_2018) .flac?dl=0 unfortunately my soundcloud is frozen due strikes by The 3 little pigs but u can get or listen there.
  11. Should i remove the absurd in the middle?
  12. the sound is bad but u can fix it pretty easy and ill help u out... First extract the audio open it in an audio editor select one channel doesnt matter which L or R invert the phase of the selected channel save Now use an appz to replace the audio without reencoding mktoolnix can do the job , replace the original done. Notes never touch the size lenght or it will not sync ,u can convert the wav to a smaller file i suggest m4a the end.
  13. its a remix of 1999 and the leak its a stereo mix of the full leak same above stereo mix of the full leak the above is the same cant figured out how to remove lol