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  1. the audio from the dvd has no clip... the best choice is rip the audio from there, also the cd version is bad eq'd
  2. Ask Staff Anything!

    is there a way a get my original nickname back? imsorry thats it,back in 2006 got banned for the leaks and the system seems to keep it,thank you.
  3. GN'R Demos Update 05/21

    Mixes n Qsound was a tough task but at the end the result is great.
  4. I cant even imagine how many hours of hard work u put on this videos congrats and thank you!
  5. Build your own NiTLT 2016/2017 bootleg FLAC

    29 tracks already up next week another batch .
  6. U read right doesnt matter what order u put the tracks them will switch smooth from one to another, the only thing u have to do is label the track order 01,02,03...uploading the first batch ill try at least share 3 or 4 tracks of each track played so far (dunno how many weeks it will take), mostly will be sdb but i found great audiences that will make u pleased! All tracks are eq to a nice range to make it a great experience! Enjoy the ride! And a big Fuck You for those youtube snitchers ure are disgrace for the community. https://mega.nz/#F!ovAV2T4C!4fDLau37giowwMRFjORSxw
  7. this guy mixed SOYL and thats why drums sounds different
  8. Rocket Queen 2010 (Pro-shot)

    this idiot ask for copyright i think his behind all the strikes today Uzi Suicidal, LLCwfuckinga-4143@pages.plusgoogle.com
  9. Rocket Queen 2010 (Pro-shot)

  10. If i can get that sound ,imagine they with the source's them have.
  11. The Ultimate Live Era 87-93 - Reissue - 2006

    When I did it i used the regular one's everybody has, just cleaned and EQ... im waiting this new Canadian source and will share it in lossless but will be 91/93 this time will make an 87/90 for the purest hehe
  12. GN'R Demos Update 05/21

    Mystic a guy send me it asking for clean he said ripped it from soundcloud storage not sure... think about you need more work i dont know about niven wrong pitch its an EAC copy from the cdr and i just did my thing.