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  1. Why the negativity towards Axyl and GNR?

    Hahaha I love how everyone just went with Axyl
  2. Sebastian Bach Axl late story

    Wasn't that Rock In Rio '06? I remember Axl doing some weird creepy face while saying something in Portuguese. Come to think of it, it could also have been Download 2006.
  3. Both Maroon 5 and 21 Pilots get my blood boiling, can't stand that music. And the worst of all is Coldplay, I really hate Coldplay. Fuck you Chris Martin you generic tool
  4. Still hoping for Appetite for Reconstruction. It won't be AFD, but I've been interested in it since I heard the second half of SCOM on the Big Daddy soundtrack. Robin's solo was interesting and Axl sounded mean as fuck.
  5. Better song: Coma or Locomotive

    Locomotive, that riff is sooo good. Coma is a good song, and the (I believe) Chicago live version during the UYI tour is phenomenal, but I have to go with Locomotive. The fact that they brought it back is enough reason for me to buy tickets again.
  6. How ? I mean, I love GN'R and they're my favorite band but it'd be ignorant of me to say they're the best band in the world.
  7. Nah I don't believe that. My guess would be on either the Beatles or the Stones. GN'R doesn't have that much music out there. They probably are the artists that have the most videos taken down on YouTube tho. Edit: It's also pretty impossible to find out since there are so many videos that aren't released on official channels but still get tons of views. But 1 billion is a BIG number tho, November Rain went over a billion a while back right?
  8. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    You're going by what someone told you. A video is better proof than a story if you ask me. Sure, it can feel packed if you're standing in any crowd. Sure, Axl sounds amazing when you are right there (another example). But that doesn't mean it was either packed or that Axl sounded amazing. I'm not attacking you or anything, I just didn't get why you shot him down for judging something based on what he sees in a video. Only to come with a counterargument based on hearsay. EDIT: Also not saying that anyone is right or wrong here btw, I'm just enjoying the Locomotive video
  9. GNR songs ranked by popularity (streaming)

    Why is Breakdown so low on the list, I love that song. I also expected Prostitute to be higher up there.
  10. People really like this? I listened to it twice and can't put it much higher up the list than My World and Eye On You. I hear and understand where Axl was going with it, but his effort sounds too half-assed for my liking. But to each his own of course.
  11. I was already skeptic when I started reading that post, but no Mickey? Not In A Million Years
  12. Oh don't get me wrong! The internet got me into pretty much every band and artist I like today. I meant that I find it hard to find good new releases. I keep going back to music that's been released somewhere between the mid 50's and late 90's / early 00's. Even with hiphop it gets harder to find something I like. I get that music evolves and changes, but I can't get into this autotune codeine mumbletrap. So yeah, I'm very thankful for the infinite amount of music I can still find on the internet
  13. Axl likes all things Disney. He does these impressions of Mickey Mouse singing Guns N' Roses songs, classic No but I don't know, it's hard to get inspired by today's music. Actually, it's hard to find something interesting at all nowadays. Every song and singer sounds the same, it all lacks talent, effort and inspiration. It's depressing really.
  14. Haha fair enough. I can understand that. I'm someone who sings along, it's more lipsyncing anyway since I really don't like the sound of my own voice. Plus I can't sing for shit. But I can't help mumbling along with something I like. As for the screamers; The best ones are the people that know about 3 lines and the chorus but still manage to scream along for 3+ hours But trust me; I am a bíg hiphop fan, and I used to go to a lot of concerts and festivals when I was younger. But those crowds are the worst. These people dón't know the songs, they just know the artist because of instagram or whatever. They scream, take 70+ photos of their "squad" in front of the stage and the rest of the show they're just talking really loud because they have no idea what songs are being played. I have no idea what happened to festival/concert goers these past 2 decades. But they killed the vibe.
  15. There's a big difference between singing along and screaming like a Belieber, if someone is just singing along you won't hear them. At least not at a show with heavy guitars. Also, singing along at GN'R shows helps blending out the Mickey.