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  1. Why hasn't anyone mentioned Bucharest 2010? Just like everthing else it got thrown off Youtube. But that was easily the best show since the 90's
  2. Pokemon Sword and Shield

    I had no idea people still played Pokémon haha. I really tried to play some newer games but I don't like most of the new Pokémon, they seem to go for cuter designs nowadays. I played Red, Yellow and Silver to death when I was a kid. Gen 3 had a few decent Pokémon but the story was a bit boring. I really did enjoy Fire Red and Soul Silver tho. The kid in me died when I saw what they did to Dugtrio and Exeggutor. And when I saw what Ash looks like nowadays. Said kid in me hadn't recovered from what they did to Goku when Dragon Ball Super just started. But maybe I'm just bitter about it, and both series are still good since both fanbases have been growing each year.
  3. Who is The King of Rock N Roll ?

    Couldn't agree more. Elvis is a very close third to me.
  4. Who is The King of Rock N Roll ?

    Chuck Berry or Little Richard for me, but if I had to go with one it'd be Chuck Berry
  5. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    I only just noticed that pretty much every GN'R video I ever watched is removed from Youtube. I don't have any bootlegs
  6. Not if they're asking €100,- or more. I was more than happy to pay that once when Slash and Duff returned. But I need a new album before I pay that amount of money again. And Locomotive.
  7. are you ever getting bored with GNR?

    The band: Yes. The music: Not so much. I have a policy of not adding my favorite bands and songs to my playlists. Just because I don't want to grow tired of them. So whenever I feel like listening to these bands or songs I have to look them up first. I don't listen to them when I'm not in the mood, some songs lose their magic that way imho.
  8. I'd like to say that he could pull it off. But it'll depend on the moment. Axl's rasp is inconsistent. As people have been pointing out, his voice cracks a lot more than it used to. Pretty much every song could be hit or miss nowadays. It's not that he has good nights where he sounds steady and strong, he has some good moments where the old Axl comes back for a few minutes every now and then. And that's something people have to deal with. He's also getting older. Axl ain't no Benjamin Button.
  9. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    While I understand many of the points you guys bring up, I can't be too bothered anymore. I stopped looking for live GN'R footage in 2011, mainly because of Axl's voice. The videos I did check were of SOYL, Locomotive and Dead Horse. If they release a "Best Of Not In This Lifetime", I'd probably pay for it. If they'd release a record, I'd buy it. And if they'd follow that up with a tour, I'll go see it. Other than that, intercourse this joke of a band. I do feel bad for the people that still showed enough interest to look for these videos and for the fans that just wanted to share the good time they had.
  10. Y'know.. I always thought Tommy was the better singer, but he didn't capture the right feeling singing backup for GN'R. Duff's voice is really interesting, it belongs in GN'R. And his solo stuff is always worth checking out. I still play Wasted Heart from time to time, it's a simple song but I really like it. Wouldn't mind hearing that instead of Slither with Axl.
  11. Josh or Brain

    Josh won me over once I heard his work on the leaks. It really fit what they were working on back then.
  12. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    Listen. We know who are behind the takedowns, why not hunt them down and beat the shit out of them. I have Italian roots so people expect me to act like that anyway. Also, I grew tired of these people after all these years. We should go to War. Not for GN'R, because fuck them, but for us.
  13. MYGNRFORUM YouTube Policy

    You know, I'd be really pissed if this was 2006 or 2010. But I could do without hearing Axl suck 95% of the time. What's sad is that we don't even have the option to share these videos, no matter how bad they are, with the 17 people that still kinda cared.
  14. Your Top 10 Albums Of All Time No GNR

    This is one of the hardest questions ever haha. But I'm going to try and name 10 in no particular order: Led Zeppelin II - Led Zeppelin Paranoid - Black Sabbath The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust etc. - Bowie Abbey Road - The Beatles 2001 - Dr. Dre Let It Bleed - Rolling Stones Ten - Pearl Jam Demon Dayz - Gorillaz Illmatic - Nas The Wall - Pink Floyd EDIT: Man I see you guys naming some really great albums as well, I feel like I left out so much good stuff. But these albums helped me through a lot.