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  1. Copyright Strikes....

    It's stuff like this that makes me care less about this shitstain of a band. How can 2 psycho fans keep doing this. Someone needs to hack the life out of them. Or SWAT them like angry gamers do. And Fernando, you're an asshole for letting this happen.
  2. Kindness

    Hahaha oh I'd cry myself to sleep each night if most people were intelligent know-it-alls. And I know I'm one of the many assholes but you should've met my dad. I still blame that crazy mtf for that
  3. COVID-19 Outbreak

    Not in a million years do I see someone approve something so ridiculous I'm not even sure if American history books will mention or acknowledge him once he's out of the office.
  4. COVID-19 Outbreak

    I heard this. This is serious ? If this was ancient Greece or the Holy Roman Empire the place would go bankrupt because of all the Trump statues he'd order.
  5. I laughed but at the sime time I feel sad that this is our only way to get quality GN'R material
  6. "Cancel Culture" Opinions?

    The cancel culture is going a bit far. I've heard of make up brands removing words like "whitening" from their products. And while I agree that there are things that could/should be approached differently, there's no need to cancel or boycott someone's business or career over something so small. Social media is the biggest issue here. It's way too easy to gather a following on Instagram or Twitter, a lot of them are just in it to troll.
  7. Kindness

    On a monday must be that viking dna. Good post tho (didn't quote the full thing because it's almost a damn essay) Edit: @EvanG wtf dude I can't get through yours without forgetting which sentence I was reading
  8. Kindness

    I had this conversation a couple of times with different people. I don't care about humanity enough to save them from anything, I'd choose to save whatever animal instead of a human being. There's just too many of us on this planet and the majority are assholes, dicks or just really really dumb.
  9. COVID-19 Outbreak

    The fact you chose to reply with this and without quoting a particular post cracked me up way more than it should.
  10. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    I finally sat down to give Kingdom Hearts 1.5, 2.5 and 3 a try after I didn't understand how any of it worked back when I was 14. But man this story is ridiculously complex, I'm really digging these games and am currently playing KH3. But the story has me all kinds of confused Love how they make Donald Duck say all kinds of complex words and stuff tho. You hear his voice actor struggling sometimes.
  11. Axl Rose has trademarked his own name

    I'm not even sure if I thought I caught a whiff of a new album yet, let alone a solo effort.
  12. I don't know. Rocket Queen turned out pretty good. Kinda sounded like 2006 Axl. November Rain on the other hand, that's where Mickey showed up. I hate the Live Era version. Estranged is a mess with Axl going from 90's Axl to CD demos Axl. That was some bad copy-pasting. My Michelle and Nightrain were okay if I recall.
  13. I have questions that need answers!

    Who cares, I'm just glad for him that he's still alive after the stuff he did. The guy always had a million dollar smile when playing the drums. Kinda like a young labrador.
  14. COVID-19 Outbreak

    You get one every year? My last one was probably as a kid 18-20 years ago. They vaccinate elderly people yearly tho. But I can't recall ever getting the flu. I'm an outside person and spend a lot of time in the rain and snow. Maybe that helped my immune system.
  15. COVID-19 Outbreak

    That's the fault of my gargoyle looking parents, not some virus. I'll take my chances, I'm pretty sure I'm immune.