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  1. It makes me happy! I think it’s ok that fortus gets some c.d solos
  2. they were playing nightrain. gnr fans are getting old. lets say they are not wild anymore
  3. Generally the drummer have the metronome and other dont. That way, slash should not be bothered by it. Ps: duff probably has an intro click for easy. Yeah i do. I like how he uses the ride in soft spots and how he accentuate some punch at the end.
  4. One would think there is since the entire show is synched with videos. Speed has been consistant the entire tour. Slow down at same spots and on same songs. Anyway, i dont really care. Steven has been mess8ng up with tempos since gnr’s very debut and it didnt bother me either. Internet has made us very picky and unrock n roll lol
  5. The band was meh. His drumming was good on most songs. But he messes with the tempos during songs. Just like in the old days. Not bad overall anyway, but it certainly don’t convince me to fire frank. I mean, the guy just follows the click tempo playing in his in-ear monitor wich were previous’y chosen as a band or by the big 3. It wouldn’t have been a bad move to have Adler play the appetite stuff and frand the rest... even if i like frank’s playing. It doen’t bother me one bit. I like his additions in jungle, estranged etc. The band probably like them too, i guess.
  6. So now we know steven doent know/ cannot play you could be mine ´s intro
  7. Wow. His voice aged 10 years since
  8. Can't accept the fact that he sings i feel good 90´s axl... but sings powerless mickey on a lot of his songs. I mean, dont do i feel good and put this effort on you could be mine.
  9. He should do whatever the fuck he wants lol. Some want him to wear a cap, others whine about hats. Personally i like both. What he should do (cause he is a singer) is sing yesterdays the way he sings i feel good.
  10. On my way! Have a good show everyone!
  11. Still, november rain is arguably their biggest hit. (But I know what you mean) I love big production n all but i think it should remain a rarity on a gnr album. (Coming from a guy who's favorite album is c.d)
  12. If it wasn't going to be izzy, i'm glad fortus is there. He earned it a lot more than gilby. Damn he's been there since 2002 and played on chinese d. Gilby only did a tour and played on spag. He never wrote a song with axl.
  13. Finck. No question for me. I like slash, but this solo totally did it for me and i can't stand any of his attempts. This is disappointing for me because it's one of my top 10 favorite gnr song. I get why some may not like it, but to me this is a desperate love song and i feel the honesty in it. Also.... Piano/orchestra instrumental version is just awesome.