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  1. Slash on Marc Maron's WTF Podcast today

    Highly satisfying conversation between Marc and Slash I wish it was longer but they seemed to cover pretty much everything. I didn't know Slash didn't like coke after a bad experience when he did a gram and tried to play guitar on stage and it didn't go so well. I always figured he was coking it up with Duff and Matt on the UYI tour. He did smoke crack with Duff as the MGM plane was taking off though so maybe he gave it a second chance. Slash broke out his patented "All things considered" 2 or 3 times and Marc responded like it was a thoughtful thing to say instead of Slash's go-to conversation filler Cool to hear Slash's thoughts on the state of rock today and that rock will always come in and out of fashion but it remains a constant for a certain segment of the population that enjoys it and knows when something is genuine and real (like me!).