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  1. Posters

    Post the eBay link please when they go up.
  2. That tattooing pic must be rare af (alhough less so now). Axl really likes bandanas huh? Mar ‘94 is my favorite, thanks for posting Fashionista.
  3. Funny how 1994 Axl is wearing exactly the same outfit he wore for 2002 VMAs, must have liked it, and 1996 Axl is badass.
  4. Awesome Coma vid. Feels like an appropriate time to say thanks to the band for a fantastic two and half years.
  5. Great post @GibboRunning Slash is awesome.
  6. I’m going to be so gutted when it’s over.
  7. That Out ta her me with Steven really was class, could have been the nineties. Houston Rocket Queen almost sounds like nineties Axl too.
  8. I support the band and Axl in this situation, and take the reason given for the interrupted set at face value. I do question the management’s role in all of this however given Fernando’s choice to watch the F1 race in the afternoon of the show in light of Axl’s ill health.
  9. Slash’s guitar playing during this show
  10. It’s cool, acoustic to electric. Axl displays some great showmanship on the intro too.
  11. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Not east coast main line. London - Edinburgh, and beyond.
  12. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Don’t think Leeds is on East coast rail line. Unusual location for a show for sure though, I know Doncaster dome as being a swimming pool/leisure centre, have been to the pool many years ago. Strikes me as another “Stoke” type show. Strange too indeed that they’ve gone from large arenas (that seemingly sold well), to these places.
  13. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    Did some of these shows start in darkness then?
  14. Cool thread, thanks for the direction.