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  1. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    That reads like pure and utter speculation. If there’s going to be a Scottish date, changes are it’s part of Glasgow’s summer sessions, so would add to The Cure, Foo Fighters and Green Day. There’s nothing to suggest that they would swing by Edinburgh.
  2. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    And of course not all countries have even had one show.
  3. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Not really, I’m sure they will at some point. They’re eight hours behind of us for a start.
  4. March 18th - Costa Rica

    Duff did too, on Instagram.

    Where’s the moderation in this thread?

    This is confirmed FYI.
  7. I know how it’s commonly believed that Chinese Denocracy is overproduced, what I didn’t appreciate however is that has also applied to the vocals, and that there must be layers of the same vocal track on each song to the extent that words can’t easily be distinguished. Listening to Prostitute for example some of the lyrics I can now actually hear, with the words being properly enunciated. I guess with layers of a vocal track some enunciation is lost. I always thought it was strange how it sounded like Axl couldn’t say some words properly, I guess this explains it. Pretty sad really.
  8. Cool how Axl launches into November rain. Hope to get a mega download for this show. Wichita is really great by the way, like how they have a video for it . There aren’t many bands/singers who can cover that song as well as that, have seen REM’s attempt at it and it blows. Shame there was no Locomotive from this show for the front row whole show recording.
  9. 10/04/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    Cheers dude.
  10. 09/28/19 - Louisville KY - Louder Than Life Festival

    Hadn’t noticed the ‘post solo bridge’ part as being overly different (other than the blistering delivery) but I enjoy how the first verse is sung, he makes it catchier, more so than how Scott sung it.

    Limited edition ‘Louisville slugger’ engraved signed hardwood mini baseball bats, 300 at $60, tempted tbh.
  12. Sounded fine to me. It’s hard to make out exact words on the album. Was in tune and control from what I heard.
  13. It would be nice at this point for there to just be one song that isn’t played every night.
  14. Please no. I watched it this morning and it was fine, honestly seemed a breeze for Axl.