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  1. Yeah I wasn’t referring to the few dozen forum members who would be attending each show.
  2. Except if everybody did that there would be no show.
  3. Harsh. People do keep attending the shows, and enjoy them, who is to say they stop, just because it is a constructed social ‘norm’? I for one am quite happy they’re still touring. Perhaps the biggest surprise, 4 years down the line is that the shows are for the most part, great. Has the Rolling Stone reporter seen one recently? Probably not. Smacks of lazily filling columns inches imo.
  4. Ha! Pretty cool. Gonna hunt down this beer.
  5. Sofi stadium in LA isn’t even built yet?
  6. Search on Facebook. (Hopefully this hasn’t contravened some rules, if it has please show leniency)
  7. 06/25/20 - Glasgow, GB - Glasgow Green

    The number of gigs in Glasgow could be a factor, Glastonbury imo would not be. There are enough people in the UK to go around for both events! Guns will be a big draw in Glasgow/Scotland/ north of England. Green Day is completely sold out.
  8. 06/25/20 - Glasgow, GB - Glasgow Green

    Wouldn’t be expecting a late finish for this, especially as the start time is given as 5pm. It’s a city centre (ish) open venue. Could see it wrapped up by 10pm, 10:30pm at a push. I guess we’ll see.
  9. Glasgow show announced

    Only other headline performance outside of London in the UK, will be fans from all over. Not to mention lots of big acts play in Glasgow to big crowds. Unfortunately yes, it will be day light for the duration of the show.
  10. One in a million lyrics

    Thanks Blackstar, I’ll accept it now. From an official Gn’r source. I guess it make sense if you put it like that, I hadn’t thought of it like that before, it’s actually kind of good!
  11. One in a million lyrics

    Ok I like your 6th and LA line, but that isn’t what lyric sites have (and we know there aren’t lyrics in the album cover). So if that’s wrong, then the “tv” one could be too. I accept that song writing doesn’t always follow rhyme or reason, but that would be the only line in the song which wouldn’t fit properly, everything else is a statement. Plus, the words don’t fit the sound to me.
  12. There a couple of lines in this song that I question, I’ve seen a couple of interpretations of the words that follow “so I thumbed it......) I’ve always heard “down the sixth and LA, I accept that these are probably wrong, although I don’t know what’s right. There is one lyric site that has “9-0-6-10 LA” which seems ridiculous. Also the “don’t watch that much tv”, other than that sentence not fitting into the verse, or song for that matter in anyway (unless there’s a meaning to this I’m missing), the words don’t play right to me. It doesn’t sound like that at all. It sounds some thing like “there wasn’t much..???? to me??” That half at least fits with previous the line “don’t need your religion”. What do you reckon? Unless I’m categorically wrong and these are the lyrics, we might not never know for sure.