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  1. Fly GNAIR

    What is this shit?

    They were on sale in Berlin, I bought a pair I don’t think they were on “display”, but they’re there and wouldn’t be surprised if they’re at every show.
  3. Fly GNAIR

  4. I agree mostly except for a small correction, Richard wrote the middle, heavy riff within Better.
  5. It amazing that Axl had literally sung with these guys twice before. How does he do that?
  6. Love how many new songs there are in this, by (mostly) the band who wrote them. And it’s the best they all sounded too. Robin displays some serious chops here too, and you can hear Paul “Huge”’s guitar clearly in parts which is interesting, guess he had a semi important role during these early shows.
  7. Finally Coma. (Sheds tear at not being there)
  8. Like that Axl bought back his Union Jack hat for the UK show.
  9. Cool for the guy anyway.
  10. Favorite GNR Concert

    Anything from ‘88. Tokyo ‘92. RIR ‘01 Las Vegas 08/04/16. Disclaimer: I was at one of these shows.
  11. Ticketmaster now only listing “Premium” tickets at inflated prices, as well as the €35 ones
  12. Fos2 sold out but fos1 still available I would rather fo2 I think as fo1 is too close to the stage.