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  1. Haha, perhaps, and of course their greatest success.
  2. Great read, thanks. (that and the other timeline piece) One thing I take from this unexpectedly is that from Axl’s POV, Guns N‘ Roses never really went away, and has existed, continually, with various members probably since 1986. Amazing really.
  3. Major Collection Update!!!

    How much for the banners? Seriously, they are shit hot. Would love to see some of this stuff in the flesh.
  4. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    Beautiful. Thanks Love Don’t Cry especially, surprised to hear that it’s been in existence for a long time!
  5. Fernando is married. I guess that was the big 2018 event that has been alluded to. We can deduce that Duff is present too.
  6. Robin Fink Interview 2018

    Thanks for the link. Robin is a cool cat.
  7. Always thought it strange people like him leaving the band, interesting that it sounded like he has a case "what might have been". I mean it's hardly likely to get bigger of better than that, somebody would have had to force me out. And if you stuck it out, who knows what would happen. It was frustrating that Brain couldn't remember song names! Pretty cool, I was a fan of him in the band, he just nailed it. I found it interesting hearing him talk about Steven's parts with something verging on admiration. When you think about it, the drumming is pretty great on that album (along with everything else).
  8. Sail Away Sweet Sister

    Easy, Tokyo.
  9. London: "y'know, I didn't want to live in my dad's shadow, so.. er..I played drums" Brilliant comment So this a podcast all about Guns, and there are forty of them? Will need to check out, the one they talk about with the the original rodey sounds interesting.
  10. 600 new unseen photos of the band from the 80's? Wow, awesome.
  11. Fernando said 2018 to be even bigger. Unless he was talking about his private life, I doubt it though. Thought his comment was fairly noteworthy.
  12. 11/29/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

    Unreal, I turned off hours ago.
  13. 11/29/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

    @GNRfanMILO Many thanks bro.
  14. What was today's pre-sale? (Not that it matters now)