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  1. Definitely not Axl, but it's a pretty good imitation.
  2. Judas Priest - 'Firepower'

    Four songs in. This is a damn good album that you just want to crank up.
  3. 2018 Oscar Nominations

    I was expecting either The Shape of Water or Three Billboards and would have been happy with either. Lead and Supporting awards I was happy with as well. Glad to see Oldman get his dues, but part of me did want to see DDL up there.
  4. I've never been to a show with the stage in the middle of the venue (besides U2 360 tour), but I don't see why that would have an impact on people moshing.
  5. What Are You Watching On NETFLIX? (All things Netflix)

    Mute was better than Bright, but that’s not saying much and I still wouldn’t recommend either.
  6. As for signs and shirts, that's always been at the security's discretion. Someone had a three piece "cornshucker" sign in Montréal last year I believe it was (or maybe Buffalo?) and Axl saw it, smiled, and got Duff's attention to point it out to him too. He didn't mind it obviously, but security when and took it away.
  7. Yes. I was front and center and she got hoisted up right next to me, literally when Axl was standing on the risers yelling the Paradise City "good fucking night" scream, and I'm guessing his eyes were closed because he didn't see her and she went right passed him, right to Bumblefoot. He hugged her and she said something to him and Axl stepped down off of the risers and was kind of like "Wtf, who is this on stage" and I think Fernando and someone else came over and ushered her off of the stage.
  8. Ha, wish I could have bought a GN'R one, even for $2,000! I still would have saved and probably hit even more shows. Also, got my ticket to the State College show today.
  9. And honestly, it's an awesome fucking deal and idea.
  10. Weird ass itinerary, but I'll be going to the State College, PA show. Maybe Cleveland.
  11. What Are You Watching On NETFLIX? (All things Netflix)

    Dark was great. Finished it in 3 days basically. Been watching an episode of Black Mirror each night before bed as well. I had watched the first episode quite some time ago, and I'm on the second episode of the second season. It's good enough, but overall I find it to be a bit overhyped.
  12. What Are You Watching On NETFLIX? (All things Netflix)

    I have two episodes of Dark left and I highly recommend it. I would also recommend watching it in German with subtitles, as the English-dub seemed distracting, and you get the real emotion with the original version. Engrossing and intriguing story with great writing.
  13. I’m hoping for DC, Philly, and NYC.
  14. Compared to assault rifles, I think they should still be within the "right to bare arms", but should have more stipulations to being able to get one, as well as waiting periods, etc. Gun abolishment would be fine, but will never happen, and albeit still unlikely, I'll settle for gun "control".
  15. Handguns and certain hunting rifles should be fine (though a child being able to hunt starting at the age of 12 is questionable - I mentioned that to a friend and he said “It’s been an American pastime forever basically”), but the second amendment should not include assault rifles such as the one used in this most recent shooting.