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  1. Sp What Happens Now?

    The silver lining to COVID19 is that it's suspended the endless cash grab tour. Now would be the perfect time for Axl to do some intense cardio on the stairmaster step machine and write new music, but don't think that is happening.
  2. Worse in what way? I've never understood why people think the 2002 VMA performance was so bad. In fact, think his voice was spot on, along with his stage presence. At this point, he is the charismatic Axl Rose that I knew from the 80's and 90's. I am watching it again right now and reminds of me of the excitement I felt the first time I watched in 2002. I had a lot of excitement and anticipation for Axl and Guns N' Roses back then. I was sure Chinese Democracy was right around the corner along with new epic Guns N' Roses videos. Axl had assembled the most amazing musicians on the planet and was poised to take over the world! All that drive, vision, and purpose Axl had then, is nowhere to be found today.
  3. Axl sounded and looked 100 times better in 2002 than he does now. There is a stark difference between Axl's clean singing (2002) and Axl's mickey singing (2011-present). The 2002 VMA's Axl/Guns N' Roses is a dream compared to what we have now.
  4. This one is more legit https://www.concerthotels.com/worlds-greatest-vocal-ranges
  5. 09/21/19 - Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium

    At least Pittman added that cool sounding synth. Wish they would have kept him.
  6. This song is amazing. My favorite of the new leaks.
  7. US Politics/Elections Thread

    That is part of it, but moreover McCain was an old, boring stiff while Obama was electrifying. He's building the wall now. He got rid of the Obamacare mandate. He's deporting illegals. He's changing asylum policy. He's fighting bad trade policy with tariffs, which are resulting with jobs coming back or being created. As a Trump voter, he has more than followed through with his campaign promises and I will most certainly vote for him again next year. He's actually the first politician I've ever seen to follow through with campaign promises. Based on Trump following through with campaign promises and the excitement he has. The polls suggested otherwise in 2016 too.
  8. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Trump will win in 2020. The more exciting presidential candidate always wins. None of the democrats can match, or even come close, to Trump's excitement. This is similar to McCain versus Obama in 2008. McCain couldn't come close to Obama's excitement and thus, McCain got destroyed. On top of this, just about everything that Trump campaigned on, he has either already done or is fighting for every day. He's fixing bad trade deals, fixing immigration, and building the wall. Trump will get at least the same support he received in 2016.