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  1. And it includes takes from how many vocal sessions? We have proof of some but we'll never know. I wish it had been done all at once. He sounded really great on "Angel Down" which gave me hope he'd sound the same when Chinese Democracy finally came out but it was all stuff we'd heard before.
  2. I had the same opinion of him as you until the Hammerstein shows in 2006, I went to the Sunday one and he was suddenly a huge star. He finally looked like a badass and not like that skulleted freak on the VMAS, and he was on fire all night.
  3. The rest of the band raved about how he was able to step in and rescue them after Adler was fired. It was close to breaking them up before they found him.
  4. Book stores are considered non-essential.
  5. I think at this point I prefer leaks with vocals to an official release.
  6. I was born in '87 so I don't really remember them being on top. But to me it seems like he wasn't seen as an enigma until after '93. Definitely an interesting personality but not reclusive.
  7. If that's true, and I don't remember him saying that, it's total nonsense. I don't remember reading a single complaint about May's guitar parts and I was around from the second it leaked.
  8. That can't be right because Shackler's Revenge was inspired by the Virginia Tech shooting in 2007.
  9. Was there a rumor or something that it was postponed?
  10. It's definitely way better. Nothing can ever recapture the feeling that first shitty demo gave me though. I played it over and over and never got sick of it.
  11. This probably has some merit to it, however, the best Illusions song Axl wrote is "Right Next Door To Hell", so in my opinion, he just needs to start throwing wine bottles at bitchy neighbors again and we'll have some classics before we know it.
  12. Unless something has soured between them they seemed to be pretty friendly before Slash re-joined GNR. https://www.loudersound.com/news/richard-fortus-couldnt-leave-guns-n-roses-for-slash-band
  13. I think they do stuff with the setlists to troll us for sure. There was a big wink and nod with "Prostitute" on a leaked setlist after a leak but it was spelled incorrectly, which to me (or I was reading way too much into it) was poking fun at all of the arguing on forums about whether or not the lyric is "prostitute", because it's not sung clearly.
  14. Yeah but we thought that leaks were over and done with until this Zutaut thing. This story will never stop getting weirder.