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  1. (REQ) Argentina 1993

    Not me
  2. I got 11 years old afd demos removed, one of them sweet child o mine which hasn't even been released
  3. A 5.1 file played in a stereo system sounds weird, because the mix wasn't meant to be played in stereo, I mean, duh... Some people don't seem to understand what a 5.1 mix really is.
  4. You have no idea how YouTube works huh
  5. 1. unheard / unreleased songs 2. The rest
  6. It's not a shame because we got to hear it all on detail. What is a shame is UYI Easter eggs that we'll probably never hear
  7. Bach's vocals on Sorry, not really a easter egg but definitely buried in the mix
  8. Yea but It's the closest thing to stems that we will ever get
  9. Rank The Songs on LIES

    You're Crazy One In A Million (questionable lyrics but good honest song) Patience Used To Love Her and far far away... these Reckless Life / Nice Boys (dead even)Mama KinMove To The City
  10. Unfortunately only lies was mixed by Filipetti who tends to completely isolate vocals, whilst afd was mixed by Schneider who mixes vocals with bass and drums, but besides that it's good material
  11. You can hear Axl's jewels jingling