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  1. Very good Interview. Very telling about the silent years of GN'R.
  2. September 11 16th anniverarry

    I'm curious what we are supposed to learn from this? Seems alot of people on the Left think we should let all kinds of for Foreigners into the country without any type of vetting whatsoever, who may seeks to do the same thing again. If that's not what you meant, IDK what else it could be?
  3. The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; but that they know so much that isn't so. ~ R. Regan

  4. Guns N' Roses cancer support shirts.

    I thought Slash was a cancer? Did Axl lie to me?
  5. Better - Guitar Cover

    Your playing needs work (no offense) but good effort.
  6. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Boy this forum is full of liberal crybabies. Trump is my kinda President, he don't take no shit. Conservative is the only way to go. I don't support homosexuality, large government, abortions or transgender rights. That's why I love having a President who agrees with me.
  7. Fortus solo during KOHD

    The band has changed. A new drummer (who sucks) a new guitar player, who can actually give Slash a run for his money. I would love Izzy back, but the more I watch Fortus, The more I see how good he is. He meshes well with Slash. Get rid of the shitty-ass drummer first, then we'll talk about Fortus.
  8. Fortus solo during KOHD

    Totally. Fortus is a fantastic player. Nice guy. Knows how to play rhythm and take the lead. Izzy is great for his contributions and being a founding member, but Fortus blows Izzy away on guitar skills.
  9. Alien: Covenant

    Got to watch Covenant. Boring movie. It's basically a 2nd act in a 3 part story arc. It would have been fine as a stand alone movie (if there wasn't like 7 previous films) It had no story progression, no character development. They're on their way to a remote planet, and at the end of the film they are back on track to the planet. So you can forget this movie ever happened except for the last 4 minutes, which is the only surprise in the whole film. Thumbs down.
  10. Well, yes touring and merchandise makes them more money then say an album, which could sell plenty but it would lose out to free downloads by you, me and 20 million other people. That's the reality we live in today. I seen Metallica back during Death-Magnetic and with every ticket sell you got a CD, which isn't a bad idea to pump up your sales.
  11. Not enough love Nice Boys NITL

    Franks drums are so bad. Ruins the song for me. He's slow or just playing it wrong. Steven played it quicker, while frank plays a simple beat, it's lame. Frank sounds like an amateur on this.
  12. GNR this leg of the tour plane?

    Some shows are the next day. IDK how the crews pulls it off.
  13. Why is my signature suddenly fucking huge?

    That's It!! Thanks Guns. Appreciate it.