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  1. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

    Jumanji is killing it at the box office. Almost $700 million on a $90 million budget. I'm going to see it today with some Family.
  2. How did you come up with your forum name

    Actually Yes I did. But it's been 10 years now. So, I didn't want to change it now. lol
  3. How did you come up with your forum name

    I counted 31 songs on the Illusions albums. Each song can be considered an Illusion of sorts. Thus the name 31illusions.
  4. Locomotive. Love the outro. Anytime I need a tag line or quote somewhere I use this. It's pretty much my favorite lyric. I know it looks like I'm insane Take a closer look I'm not to blame If love is blind I guess I'll buy myself a cane... Love's so strange
  5. TWAT: Demo or Album Version?

    Your version sounds great I can actually hear the instruments clearly. I like it. I noticed you cut out the "who gave head" part. lol
  6. Nothing wrong with being a silly cover band, but there is something wrong with scheduling them to be on David Letterman.
  7. Nice. As a drummer, I noticed that in the song but never figured it out. I would sometimes do it without knowing what I was doing too. Always loved Stevens' playing.
  8. She is a random. Look at what Maz Kanata said in TFA. "You already know the truth, whoever you are waiting for.. they're never coming back" Kylo said "Your parents are nobody, they were filthy junk traders, who sold you off for drinking money" and yet people try to make it into something else. The question of Reys' parentage has been resolved. TLJ ending kinda' confirms there are more random children out there who are strong with the force. I'm sure it's a set up for the next movies which will have none of the original cast in it, and feature all new characters to build on.
  9. That may be incorrect, according to the director himself. He doesn't believe Kylo is lying to Rey, but that it is what he saw when they touched. http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/910135-last-jedi-spoilers#/slide/1
  10. I thought it was fine. Stuff I liked and things I thought was just okay. It's a very different movie than the others. I did walk away thinking "did I like this?". A little mixed emotions. I remember reading JJ Abrams saying there would be a gay character in the movie, turns out there wasn't. Possibly the Rose character was, but they changed it to be her sister. I'm glad for that, it always was geared towards children. Nonetheless, Luke, Leia, Han, Snoke and Phasma are all gone. So all I can say is...... "Where do we go now?"
  11. Marc speaks. Hadn't hear from him since he was on the forum and then poof he was gone.
  12. Most of the lithos are pretty great. Some not so much. I personally wouldn't pay 50 bucks for one, but it's nice to have a show specific piece of art to take home home. The large & odd shaped ones seem like it would be difficult to frame though.
  13. What are you currently playing? Last game played?

    Skyrim on the Switch. It's new to me and very different game than say Zelda. Evidently I can't just go around killing people. I must be nice and follow the rules. lol. I like it so far.
  14. 11/14/17 - Tulsa, OK - BOK Center

    Fantastic show! So exciting to see the guys from front row pit section. Duff threw me a pic during KOHD, but someone else got it. lol. So Great to see Dave Grohl too. Wasn't expecting that. 3 1/2 hour show. Couldn't have been better. All smiles here.