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  1. Where? I'd like to see it.
  2. VPN recommendations

    Hmm, that price seems kinda' high for a guy like me who likes to download stuff for free Seems like it would be cheaper to Redbox a movie for 1.99 than to pay 100 dollars. lol. Is this free? what's the price?
  3. VPN recommendations

    I've been downloading from torrents for years. Recently my ISP has been cutting me off for it. Is there a safe way to do this? Any recommendations for a good VPN? Are they free or should I pay? Advice on how to use one would be helpful also.
  4. Adler's Appetite Has New Singer

    Huh? Not sure what you're talking about? What's the reason he's not as successful as Axl & Slash? To many reasons to list... He's a drummer, not a singer. His constant drug abuse. It's been 28 years since he's been in GN'R. He pretty much only plays Appetite songs. Rock is not mainstream anymore... ect... ect...
  5. Adler's Appetite Has New Singer

    Love Adler but the band has never been about the singer, It's Steven. Similar to GN'R 1999 -2016 Only the original member mattered.
  6. It's the lyrics mixed with some cool guitars that make it nice. Instrumentally by itself it would be crap.
  7. Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Superman couldn't shave his mustache for this. It better be worth it.
  8. Help me ask for a pay rise

    This is how it's done.
  9. Didn't know there was any physical copies of Rapidfire demos. I thought the guy said people only wanted digital.
  10. The Star Trek

    This will be the first non-prequel series/movie in 16 years. I'm excited! Still won't pay for CBS all access though. There are other ways.
  11. The Star Trek

    Sir Patrick Stewart returns to be Captain Picard in a new series on CBS. MAKE IT SO!!! http://www.comingsoon.net/tv/news/963361-breaking-patrick-stewart-to-star-in-new-star-trek-series

    Unbelievable. The internet has been censored.
  13. Bad Obsession - Matt's drumming

    Most UYI songs were written before Matt joined. Hard to say what he wrote other than putting his own drum fills on songs. Locomotive ending sounds like a Matt creation (and I love it) but even that song was written before he joined. I believe Steven wrote most and Matt put his own embellishments on the songs.
  14. This is what I'm hearing. Call... Call it The Plague Call again, call ... ... call (the names?) that you won't Cause you know that you are but you just won't (bleed?) me So you've been nailed to a cross What it cost What you lost But you know that a cheap imitation just won't free me I don't know what you been putting me through But I'll put it to an end You been walking on thin ice You're on the skids and where you gonna' find your (???) I won't take it anymore I won't take it anymore I won't take it anymore I won't take it anymore
  15. Dang, Never knew of this. It's great! I Learned something new.