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  1. Since this was exactly where I was sitting. Slash's amp was right there, so every note was crisp and clear. Which was awesome! Yeah, what you hear on this is just how it sounded.
  2. Since I was there. Slash Introduced Richard as a special guest. It was a fantastic show! 2 hours! Amazing Richard showed up for only 1 song. Richard took the first lead in the RQ solo then Slash kicked in. I started in the 4th row but ended up on the rail. Got some great pics. It was a great night.
  3. Going to see Slash tonight. 4th row in front of Slash. Should be fun.
  4. L & L box is $877.60 right now on Amazon. Audio CD 3 New from $877.60
  5. The last thing I ever want to see is Slash turning Axls' garbage music into a song. Just start new. Don't take the easy way.
  6. I've always known this song as "that something".
  7. Kings Of Chaos Nightrain

    Uh, yes they are. I am a drummer. I leaned to play drums to these songs. I know what I'm talking about.
  8. Kings Of Chaos Nightrain

    Amazing vids of UYI line up. Matt plays exactly the same way as the original. They energy from the guys is phenomenal too.
  9. Hmm, I thought this thread was about the movie SOLO and TWAT was in it... I was wrong. Nice solo though
  10. Ain’t Going Down

    Hmm, I doubt you would call this "Finished".
  11. I didn't buy it (yet) got the music for free. It's all that really mattered to me. We'll see if the price drops then I may reconsider.
  12. Everything on Sling TV. Recently canceled my cable after 20 years. Best decision ever. Live tv and (almost) everything streaming for one low price.