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  1. Ah, thanks. I was picturing a border more like the Gorge or Seattle '16 litho or something, not just the normal white border. I still like that one tho.
  2. Drop BHS and swap This I Love for CITR, and play the songs in this order and you have a way tighter show, IMO. Nightrain Welcome To The Jungle Chinese Democracy Mr. Brownstone It's So Easy Better Live And Let Die Civil War Rocket Queen Double Talkin' Jive (extended solo) -Wish You Were Here Patience Wichita Lineman Used To Love Her -Layla November Rain New Rose/Attitude My Michelle You Could Be Mine Yesterdays Don't Cry Coma Catcher In The Rye The Seeker Knockin' On Heavens Door -Godfather/solo Sweet Child O' Mine encore: Madagascar Estranged Paradise City
  3. Robin's solo is just the perfect fit for the song. It bleeds emotion, and isn't out of line with what you'd expect on a "GNR ballad". DJ's take on the solo... I mean it wasn't the worst thing ever, if nothing else his approach was better than Slash's - he admittedly couldn't do the studio version justice, so he wrote his own version of it. Even though it sucked, at least he was pretty consistent, which definitely can't be said about Slash. Slash just doesn't seem to give the slightest fuck about the song, it's like he said to the band 'yea, we'll do TIL, gimme some time to come up with a solo and it'll be all good', then completely forgot to write a solo and just decided to fuck around on it each night. ....all that said, I still kinda think the version with no lead guitar is the best:
  4. Nice, are there pics of those around?
  5. I like that one, but it would've looked cooler with some kind of border IMO.
  6. CD sounds good live the way it is. If anything about it were to change, it should be louder synths. The 2002 versions were pretty good too though.
  7. I think you're right, and only a couple times in SA 2016 if I remember right. I was at the Seattle 2016 show too, and it was a highlight at that show as well.
  8. Yea, I would've guessed Sorry would be the extra CD song, but I'm always fine with CITR. Pretty sure it was the only time they've played it in 2017 too?
  9. I kinda think the only reason they played Catcher in Vancouver was because me and a couple other people on the rail were chanting for Madagascar throughout the show (we heard them soundcheck it), and they weren't ready to play Maddy yet so they threw us a bone with CITR Madagascar would've been great though, Axl's sounded decent to pretty damn good on the videos I've seen so far.
  10. What Albums Are You Looking Forward To?

    Yea I really like that acoustic version. Basically any time Yela does a stripped down/acoustic version of something it sounds great. The song with Kid Rock apparently drops tonight too btw, I saw him do a verse from it live over the summer and I think it'll be awesome, it sounds so much better than Let's Roll based on what I've heard from it.
  11. Is there 2 separate pits, or is there just one row of people in the center section of the pit? It's hard to tell, but either way, the pit section(s) look tiny.
  12. What Albums Are You Looking Forward To?

    Yea, I wish he'd do another EP or something with Travis, they're good together (Out Of Control is a solid, underrated track). Punk, to me anyway, has sort of an Arena Rap vibe, but with enough different things going on that I wouldn't say it sounds like any of his old stuff. It would be a killer track if Yela did something for the chorus instead of having Juicy J on there, but I've never been a fan of J anyway.
  13. Slim Shady vs Donald Trump

    Saw this last night, was cringey as fuck.
  14. I them them in 2010, twice in 2011 (both with Duff opening and guesting), twice in 2012 (both with Izzy guesting), twice in 2014, three times in 2016 and twice in 2017. 2010 is still my favourite, Axl was simply on fire, and the setlist was surprising and CD-heavy (which was great for me). Vegas '16 night 1 is my second favourite, simply because of the experience (Coma was the best concert-moment I've experienced). Seattle '16 was better than Vegas, but Vegas has sentiment so it ranks 2nd. But the Seattle '16 show was easily my favourite since 2010. That said, the shows I saw this year were just not as good as last year. Axl's voice has deteriorated significantly, and it is noticeable at the shows. People can come up with whatever excuses they want, but it's very obvious when Axl is in full on Mickey mode - it's just also easier not to care because you can focus on someone else. I wish he was as good as he was in 2012, and that's just sad.
  15. What Albums Are You Looking Forward To?

    Yea, One Man Army had a couple stand-outs but this one is better as a whole. Also, @J Dog, TRIAL BY FIRE IS COMING.