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  1. The Home Cookin' Thread W/ Recipes

    I agree porter's are generally a fall/winter type of beer but that blackberry one's a good one for after dinner or around a campfire or something relaxing. The helles is a 'crack one open after work' kinda beer. I do residential electrical, monday and wednesday I was in a boom lift doing the outside services on a duplex. Was hot af. As for the chicken pasta.... I've been there.
  2. The Weed Thread

    It's long overdue, and it'll still be interesting to see what happens with edibles, but 10/17 will be a good day regardless.
  3. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    Yea, he looked normal at the next show: Wait what thread is this again? The Blues from this HOB show is definitely among my favourite versions. LALD is awesome too. The whole show is pretty great really.
  4. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    He's gotten some unfair shit for his looks over the years, I mean it's natural for people to discuss it but it's an odd topic on some GNR forums lol. I don't really care how he looks though, I saw the show that followed the infamous 'fat Axl pic' in 2010, he sounded great and brought the intensity.
  5. The Home Cookin' Thread W/ Recipes

    I'll have to do some experimenting soon I don't know what the actual average temp is here, but for last few days it's been stupidly hot - Monday was about 32 and I've been working outside all week. The brewery is Vancouver Island Brewing. They also make a decent hazy IPA. Because great minds think alike! edit: that blackberry beer is a nice light, subtle one. On the flip side, this is a pretty good dark blackberry beer (from Penticton),
  6. To be fair, Axl hitting the high notes and Axl just screaming is apparently the same thing. His natural voice was always diverse and kinda raspy; But I'm not sure I get what you're saying? Plant's singing and talking voices weren't really the same, Tyler's is close but there's still a difference. Axl might not use his 'natural tone' when singing but he's still a 'natural vocalist', actually he is/was an exceptional vocalist.
  7. Not only does he use his 'real voice' on songs like Mr Brownstone, Patience, Sorry etc, but how the hell does someone with his range not count as a real vocalist? The guy used a super high, clean voice all over their most famous album. In the early days he had a piercing clean voice. In 2002 and 2006 his clean voice was hit or miss, but when it hit, it was great. Nowadays his best songs are It's So Easy, Slither and Wichita Lineman... Your argument sucks Yes, anyone can do a 'raspy voice' of some kind. Not everyone can sing in a powerful raspy voice while running across a big stage, or maintain that singing style for a 2 hour ACDC set.
  8. The Weed Thread

    This video belongs here. You're welcome.
  9. The Home Cookin' Thread W/ Recipes

    Haven't thought to try it on ice cream, mostly cuz I rarely buy ice cream but.... I should put blueberries in ice cream and then add the blueberry sauce. And maybe add the second half of that brownie. On a side note, I kind of hate summertime as I top out at about 15° but I like the berry/seasonal beers - the breweries in town make some good blackberry and raspberry beers. I usually prefer sauces that aren't too runny but if the sauce is good it doesn't really matter. Ghost pepper blueberry and Sichuan ghost pepper are both fairly thin yet good. I've made the mistake of trying a spoonful of the sichuan ghost pepper sauce, it was not worth it
  10. In general, Jungle is definitely the better opener. In the context of current performances, It's So Easy is definitely the better opener. Shadow Of Your Love or Nightrain would be better than both, though.
  11. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    @downzy tell @Fernando to log back in. @MrMojo needs to have a 3 hour meeting with him. Thanks.
  12. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    Tell Fernando to release the show in fancy packaging with a t-shirt and I think we've got something. Hell, while we're at it, press some old shows on vinyl, I'd throw money at that faster than you can say 'Live at the House Of Blues'.
  13. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    The 2006 and 2010 documentaries are even more interesting to me than the Perfect Crime documentary. I used to think there was no chance we'd ever see them, but I didn't think HOB would leak and this thread would exist either so, what do I know