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  1. Slash to score Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man

    His 'Universal Monsters' soundtrack was really cool, looking forward to hearing whatever he does for this one.
  2. Duff interview.

    Axl didn't sound very good when they did it in 2012... it was cool for the novelty of seeing Axl and Izzy play it, but he would've sounded dreadful on the chorus in 2017-18. As for Dust N Bones.... that one would be cool. Duff used to play it with Loaded, I honestly wouldn't be bothered if they brought that back to the set and let Duff sing lead on it.
  3. Duff interview.

    Frankly, it's delusional to expect that Izzy would've made the same amount of money as Axl, Slash or Duff. Even when Slash and Duff weren't in the band, they were still part of the business partnership. They were still involved with legal and business issues surrounding GNR. Izzy has had nothing to do with GNR since the early 90's. He was integral to the classic line-up, but this isn't 30 years ago. Why would he deserve an equal piece of the loot?
  4. What Are You Listening To 2019

  5. It would be a total "WTF moment" if the first new GNR song we hear, has vocals from 1999. It would be bizarre, yet not really unexpected. Honestly though I expect any vocals will be a mix of old and new, and probably be layered to death (like Rock The Rock). He sounds good on the songs you mentioned, but when I read people complain about the "CD voice" I assume they're referring to his vocals on Catcher or If The World, but I thought his clean voice sounded good on those songs too. Rock The Rock sounded good, but he still clearly sounded like 'modern' Axl, and anything he recorded in 2010 or earlier is gonna sound better than what he can do now. And like Tom-Ass said, anyone can sound good when you layer a bunch of tracks over one another. At the very least, if they're gonna layer a bunch of vocal takes, I hope they add Duff and Melissa's vocals into that mix.
  6. Vinyl LP and Turntable Discussion

    Nice. Probably tied for their best album, with All Of a Sudden I Miss Everyone.
  7. They should go back to the 2002 version of KOHD. It wasn't as 'rocking' as the 80's version but IMO it was the best version overall - no singalong, just do the chorus twice after the solo and end the song before it gets much longer than 5 mins. I think the shortest, and therefore the best, version of KOHD on the NITL tour was the first night in Vegas. It was 'only' about 8~ minutes I think... I hate when they stretch it out to 10+ minutes.
  8. The Gear Thread

    Picked up a kit for a really good price, it's got some dings and scratches but it sounds soooo good - a big, boomy, heavy arena rock sound. The kick is a 26" beast: Once I replace the heads and clean it up a bit, it's gonna be a great kit. It's not a big brand-name either, it's from a custom shop near Atlanta.
  9. After reading some debate on another forum about re-recorded vocals on the L&L singles (Shadow Of Your Love and Move To The City acoustic), I've isolated the vocal channels from those tracks. They're not modern recordings, but they're really cool to listen to. The vocals on Move To The City are fantastic, vintage Axl. I'm gonna try to make multi-tracks for the whole AFD album and Lies/SOYL, unless someone else has already done that?
  10. Velvet Revolver - 'Messages' on any CD? (physical release)

    I don't think it was ever physically released, it was just an itunes bonus track.
  11. What Are You Listening To 2019

  12. After watching this and googling the new Terminator, it doesn't look like they've 'Ghostbuster-ed' it. Haven't seen a proper trailer for it but, it seems like the kinda movie where a hard rocking GNR song would fit well, with the nostalgia factor.
  13. Anderson .Paak - Ventura

    This track came out today, it's pretty cool. One of his better features, I think:
  14. The Home Cookin' Thread W/ Recipes

    Yea, there's sechuan peppercorns in the sauce, I'm not sure how 'numbing' it is tho Usually when I make pulled pork, I use piri-piri and ghost pepper seasonings, with some 'curry habanero' sauce too. Since the Last Dab is kind of mustard-y I think it will work well in pulled pork. Apparently 'XO sauce' also contains ham.... I'm kind of intrigued, but not exactly eager to try it
  15. I don't really follow news about movies... what makes the new Terminator a 'feminist' movie? Have they Ghostbuster-ed it?