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  1. Axl Rose's 2011 Vocal Style Started in 2010

    That sandpaper rasp Youtube videos are fairly accurate, although sometimes when you're at a show his 'mickey' voice doesn't sound quite as weak (because it's echoing through a stadium). I saw 2 shows in 2017. The songs he sounded good on when I heard them live, also sound pretty good on youtube (Nightrain, Catcher, I Feel Good, Wichita Lineman... from the Vancouver show) and the songs he sounded shitty on, sound like shit on youtube. Either way though, he simply didn't sound as good in 2017, as he did in 2006-10. No NITL show was at that level vocally, especially the 2017-18 shows. The soundboards from 2017 sound atrocious.
  2. Concerts in 2019

    Joshua Hedley does DJ sets? Or is that just odd line-up placement on the poster? I've heard him feature on a couple hiphop tracks but that'd be 'interesting'...
  3. What Are You Listening To 2019

    Yelawolf - Trunk Muzik 3 Intro Gets officially released tomorrow... album drops at the end of the month and I can't fuckin wait, the guy is at the top of his game right now. (btw Len it's his last album on Shady Records, check out the new song and his latest freestyle if you haven't heard his recent stuff).
  4. What was the price, if you don't mind sharing? I'm not interested in selling mine but I'm curious what it's worth...
  5. What Are You Listening To 2019

  6. I really, really hope that at least some of Brain's drumming (and Buckethead's guitar playing) will be on the next album. Technically, "Guns N' Roses" consists of only 3 people. Frank is "the Guns N' Roses drummer" but not a part of the legal entity/brand... kinda like how Matt Sorum was an "additional musician".
  7. Pets!

    Sorry to hear that. Pitties are so wonderful, they have incredible personalities. Truly great dogs. They're not just a 'pack', but 'a group of individuals', it's extra heartbreaking when the other animals know what's happened.
  8. I do this too, but it's unreasonable to expect 10,000+ people to do the same. I enjoyed the shows that started between 10 PM and midnight, I didn't care about the late start times because I expected them, but we're definitely in the minority here...
  9. Guns N' Roses played Heartbreak Hotel in 2012?

    Wasn't this show filmed by NYC Bitch Committee? (and a couple other UCAP 2012 shows?) If anyone could send that to me it'd be appreciated
  10. Concerts in 2019

    I got tickets to see Anderson .Paak this summer, holy shit I'm excited for this, one of the best frontmen out there and he's dropping a new album about 2 months before the show.
  11. Back in Time: Las Vegas 2000

    Sounds like 1993 Axl, I don't think Gilby had a piano player in his band, and I'm almost certain that's Matt Sorum on drums. Cool find, but it's not the 2000 performance by Axl and Gilby.
  12. Back in Time: Las Vegas 2000

    He wasn't trying to sound like his UYI-era self though. It was a deliberate, new approach (if what he said in the China Exchange interview is to be believed). If anything, he sounds most similar to his pre-Appetite self, his voice at the HOB show resembles his '86 voice at parts IMO. It's high-pitched and clean but he could clearly sing with an edge when he wanted to. I think the UYI tour absolutely damaged his voice and his voice in '01-02 was both a result of that damage, and a conscious effort to avoid furthering that damage.
  13. What Are You Listening To 2019