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  1. the eating stuff thread

    Steak sandwich with a layer of this stuff.
  2. ASHBA (TM) - New Music - EDM - Anyone ? Anyone ? 🤣

    He spent more time practising this move than he did writing the song.
  3. Hell yea! 2021: UYI box set 2022: NITL live album 2025: Greatest Hits 2
  4. US Politics/Elections Thread

    Even Axl knows Kamala was a bad choice.
  5. Mygnr in 2026: The tenth anniversary of NITL is the perfect time to finally release the new album. It didn't make sense to release it before now, it would've been too soon and a band like GNR can't just rush into things. But I'm sure Fernando's daughter will update us any day now. Mygnr in 2027: Well, they couldn't release a new album and a line of NITL anniversary t-shirts. But they've obviously been working on stuff and they wouldn't record all those songs and not release them. Slash seems optimistic! Mygnr in 2028: Guys, nobody has seen Axl in 8 years, I'm starting to think maybe the album isn't coming as soon as we thought it would... but Fernando said on Discorddit that we'd hear something "new" soon. ...and so on.
  6. Tokyo '92 isn't bad, but between 1991-93 there were times when he sounded so incredibly fucking good, that it makes Tokyo seems like an 'average' or maybe even 'weak' show. So in the context of that whole tour, it's not the best show. But it's still good.
  7. If they did a compilation of songs, they'd be able to find good versions of pretty much every song except SCOM and November Rain. RQ was hit-or-miss but there were some really good performances of it.
  8. Axl Rose in the studio in 1990 recording the Use Your Illusion albums.

    About 1:25 of this video, he picks up a joint that someone threw on stage and puts it on his side table thing. He collected at least 3 or 4 over the course of the show https://streamable.com/a3b555
  9. If it's just re-worked CD songs, I'd rather hear the vocals from when he still sounded great than hear Rock The Rock style vocals throughout an album. He won't be able to do the songs properly live, but that hasn't stopped him over the last few years.
  10. The Gear Thread

    The bottom is 1.5", and I cut the top one to about 3/4". Still have to sand it a bit and I'll probably paint them black, but I've been waiting about 2 months for these to arrive so I had to throw them on and play for a while I'll probably cut the bottom hoop down to 3/4" too. This was already my favourite snare, and it looks and sounds even cooler now.
  11. I'm not a fan of BHS but after Cornell's Patience cover, I don't think they'll drop it. If they did the AFD version of You're Crazy he'd have to scream his way through it, like SOYL. I prefer the Lies version anyway.
  12. The word you're looking for is "trolling". But yea, I can't imagine a debate going well for Biden.