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  1. What Are You Listening To 2019

  2. Floyd Discussion

  3. gunsnroses.com/tour ?? NITL continues...

    Now that's an epic finale to a tour... playing two countries at the same time!
  4. Best Live Recordings per era?

    Music Machine 1986 Ritz 1987 MSG (3rd night) 1991 Paris 1992 Saskatoon/Hartford/Boston 1993 Columbus 2002 Universal City (final show) 2006 London/Bucharest 2010 Vegas/Houston 2016
  5. The Gear Thread

    Just picked up this beauty.
  6. The 2017 shows I saw weren't bad but they really made me realize how drawn out and bloated the set was. To be fair, the stadium in Vancouver has notoriously shitty sound, but there were times I wondered why the band even bothered playing certain songs. Axl botched TIL, and sounded pretty brutal during songs like Better, Yesterdays, Nov Rain, etc. The best songs of the show were the covers (I Feel Good and Wichita Lineman). It's pretty obvious that Axl couldn't give less of a fuck about singing the old songs for the billionth time. He still sounds good on a handful of songs but he's mostly been coasting since 2017.
  7. What Made Guns N' Roses Special?

    Chinese Democracy.
  8. Did you miss their "brand new single" Shadow Of You Love? It's only logical they would promote that single with another 3 years of touring. Seriously tho, I agree with you. They were already sounding tired when I saw them in 2017, and they've only gone downhill since then.
  9. Dj Ashba proves he is shitter than ever

    The guy doing the introduction didn't know what his current band's name is. His playing is still #demented.
  10. Agreed... Perhaps and State Of Grace are not only the best songs from the recent leaks, they're the songs Axl would probably sound best on live nowadays.
  11. What Are You Listening To 2019

    The best Eminem feature I've heard in quite a while. @Len Cnut
  12. It's also weird when people say you don't notice his mickey voice when you're at the show... it's easier not to care about it when you're at the show, but it's definitely still noticeable. I'm one of the people who would prefer a 90~ minute set where Axl is giving 100% for the full show, instead of 3 hours where he 'paces himself' by half-assing large portions of the show. The guy has struggled with YCBM, Better, Coma, etc. for years now but he's gotten used to coasting through them, so they stay in the set. As an example, I saw Aerosmith in 2010 and I think they played maybe 20 songs (including drum/guitar solos) but it was a consistently great show. If Axl is aware of the complaints about his 'mickey' voice, he's probably aware of the praise for his lower voices, so it's even more frustrating that he refuses to adapt the setlist to his current abilities. There's not that many songs that they really 'have to play' for the casual fans that they couldn't overhaul the setlist.
  13. Atlas is definitely my least favourite of the 'new' songs that leaked. It's kinda boring... it doesn't really go anywhere, the vocals can be annoying, and Brian May was definitely the best part of the song. It's not really a 'bad' song but it's definitely not as good as Hardschool, Perhaps or State Of Grace. Those were only leaked demos too, and that's all they're being judged as, but Atlas is still the weakest song of the bunch.
  14. What Are You Listening To 2019

    Whether you love or hate the guy, this is just a good song.
  15. GNR Announce Miami 2020 Super Bowl Fest Show

    Is this broadcast anywhere? Never heard of the 'super bowl music fest' before...