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  1. Dizzy Reed continues to release more music than Axl

    Another new cover:
  2. Live playing energy

    wtf are you talking about, people have been shitting on Frank since 2006 The 2009-2010 shows were the best nuGNR shows IMO, because Ron and Frank both sounded significantly better than they did in '06, but even then people still complained about them. Between 2011-14 he become more comfortable making the songs 'his own', like DJ did, except he wasn't nearly as bad as DJ. It didn't take too many performances of Estranged before people started complaining about the drums, for example.
  3. Not counting multiple versions of the same songs, there was 42 songs (I think?) and 17 had Axl vocals. So about 40%
  4. NITL live videos on youtube

    I think the next one will probably be 2016... I've seen a bunch of comments about Houston 2016 on reddit in the last couple weeks, so Fernando's probably seen them too lol. Plus he initially mentioned the Troubadour show. Maybe they've read the comments about no audience noise in the last video, so they'll overcorrect and we'll get a SA 2016 show where we can't hear the band
  5. Live playing energy

    You're Crazy or Pretty Tied Up would be cool opening songs.
  6. Live playing energy

    If anything, I'd say Franks sound/style is 'too metal' for GNR... I definitely don't think of him as a pop drummer
  7. Live playing energy

    I don't know what to tell you man. Yea the crowd gets excited when they start playing it, but the 12+ minute version is tedious. Doesn't matter if you're watching it live or on youtube, it drags on for too long. He can kinda get away with the clean voice on YCBM because it's a high-energy hit song that gets the crowd going, but like I originally said, the weak voice is especially noticeable on the deeper cuts like Better, Coma, Yesterdays, etc.
  8. Live playing energy

    Yea he was good on the YCBM bridge at the Mexico show. Better should've been dropped around 2018, though. It's honestly painful to listen to him scream during the bridge part now... it sounds like he's about to spit out his vocal chords and actually hurt himself. I agree about Franks tom sound.
  9. Live playing energy

    It really doesn't 'go down a treat every time'. Yes, the crowd likes it, but when they extend it to 12+ minutes it gets tedious. Nothing to do with watching every show online, I'm talking about when I was at the shows. You can definitely feel it start to drag once they've been going for like 10 minutes and Fortus is on his 3rd solo. Also my comment wasn't really about 'clean vs raspy', because he can still pull off a strong clean voice at times... but on some songs like the ones I mentioned, he just sounds weak. There's no power, no swagger, he's just trying to get through the song. November Rain is another good example of that.
  10. Live playing energy

    This. Even if they want to keep doing a 'long' version with the extended solos and singalong, there's no reason KOHD should be more than 8 minutes long. Their 12-13 minute version is ridiculous. I don't think Frank is the problem as far as bringing the energy, even though I don't like his drum sound. The biggest fault of this lineup is Axl. Anyone who says you can't notice the Mickey voice when you're at a show is lying... songs like Better, Yesterdays, Coma, Rocket Queen, etc. his weak vocals just suck all the energy out of the show when they're playing the deeper cuts.
  11. Nah, I like the acoustic version. The drums and piano are especially nice.
  12. Wow...Sailing!!!!

    Izzy is also playing on that cover. He joined them for Sailing, Sway (Rolling Stones), 'Back In The Fuckin UK' (Beatles), and 4 or 5 GNR songs. It'd be amazing if they released footage from that show.
  13. RAR 2006 - When the stars aligned

    Great versions of Nightrain and Knockin' On Heavens Door at this show.
  14. NITL live videos on youtube

    We'd have to wait until somebody posts that list on reddit, apparently
  15. NITL live videos on youtube

    That'd be pretty awesome. This would be the ideal set in 2020/21 IMO: