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  1. Back in Time: Las Vegas 2000

    I get that aspect, that's why we can't post leaks publicly... but why remove posts where people are asking for links? It's not illegal to ask where to find a copy of a (almost 20 year old) concert, right?
  2. Back in Time: Las Vegas 2000

    The fact that people can't even ask where to find this show is completely absurd. It's already 'out there'... if some random GNR fan like myself has access to it then anyone else who posts on this board should be able to find it just as easily, even if we can't post it openly.
  3. 34 tracks actually, you forgot Slash's 'Universal Monsters' soundtrack
  4. What Are You Listening To 2019

  5. I wasn't trying to say that they sound exactly like UYI songs, but Axl's influence on the material is recognizable enough that CD isn't totally alien to the rest of the catalogue, especially considering that each of the classic albums progressed and explored new styles. Given what we've heard about Axl's musical tastes in the early-mid 90's it's not hard to imagine he would've explored songs like TWAT and Madagascar regardless of who was in the band. Sorry is like a progression of the experimental UYI stuff, like the outro to Locomotive or The Garden, just by a 40-something Axl instead of a 20-something Axl. We agree that it's a different style from the previous albums, but there are some similarities, mainly to the 'Axl songs' where he had to pull Slash out of his comfort zone. Buckethead's solo on There Was A Time, for example, isn't something that's really 'true to the spirit' of classic GNR. (It's still the best solo on the album tho). But Robin's solo on This I Love, for example, is good enough to hold up to the classic material and isn't a complete stylistic departure from 'GNR'. It's definitely still Robin's style of playing, and I'm not saying it's necessarily better or worse than any classic solo, but it's 'Robin doing a GNR-esque solo', which is all you could really expect on an album like CD. I think CD is a good enough album to hold up to the back catalog, and I view it as Axl progressing the GNR sound (and not doing something totally unexpected, like an album full of Silkworms-type songs), but I can see the other side of the argument too.
  6. Thanks There's plenty to debate and disagree with about this band, but we're all fans for one reason or another, I enjoy discussing and reading other opinions about them.
  7. This is sort of how you have to look at CD, though. Obviously the band was different, there is no "It's So Easy" or "You Could Be Mine" on CD, and that kind of sound isn't really what I compare it to. I look at it like this: Garden of Eden, Dead Horse, Breakdown, Coma, they're all great rock songs, filled with "Axl-isms". Axl was taking the basic hard rock sound of the band, and adding effects to it, for better or worse. In general, that's what he did with CD, IRS, Scraped, etc. And the 'epics/ballads' are a fairly clear progression IMO. But there is some retention of the classic styles, even though they're not exactly what Slash would've done. There's lots of bluesy soloing on the record, plenty of songs that Slash could've easily adapted to IMO. It's not as far removed from UYI as some people make it out to be.
  8. Ah, I misread it, sorry. Will check out the Tommy one though.
  9. The Weed Thread

  10. I can see why people think it's too far removed - it's a different band and a different sound. The production is very different from the other albums. But the themes/ideas/styles are at least somewhat comparable, the sounds are different but the artist behind them (Axl) is recognizable. Aside from the intro/outro of Better, it's basically the kind of song I would expect to hear from Axl Rose in the mid-2000's. It's a rocker with modern elements, that retains some classic characteristics (the vocals, the guitar solo, etc). Same with IRS, at it's core it's a bluesy hard rock song with modern elements (though the final version suffers a lot from over-production). If Slash and Duff can keep the 'Axl-isms' to a minimum then I can imagine an album of similar rockers. Is the song Chinese Democracy, aside from the intro, really that far removed from say, Garden of Eden? Slash doing 'heavier' (I don't want to say 'metal') stuff like Nothing To Say, or some stuff from Contraband, makes me think he'd fit songs similar to Better or CD quite well in the studio.
  11. The Weed Thread

    Indica is probably what kept you from moving out of the chair I usually smoke indica, that's what I grow for myself. As far as the 'milder' strains, I would recommend researching/trying Blueberry Kush or Northern Lights. Both are relatively low in THC (usually >15%) and are among the most popular strains. Or there are strains like this which are low in THC and high in CBD, which is more relaxing and less anxiety-inducing. If you don't want to smoke it, those strains or similar ones should be easy to find in a vaporizer, or you could try capsules (they're like normal pills or vitamins). Failing that, you could make cannabis-butter and make cookies, brownies, etc. Sativa is basically the opposite of indica, it's mostly a 'head high' instead of a 'body high'. You'll probably have some 'brilliant' stoner thought and ramble and giggle about it for more time than you realize. If you can track it down, Willie Nelson is a great strain. Otherwise I'd recommend Super Silver Haze or Sour Diesel. Some of the fruity strains like Tangerine Dream are nice too. @soon I'm also high and this kinda took a while but c'mon, share your thoughts
  12. Don't get me wrong, it's understandable why you didn't ask certain questions. But with a GNR-based podcast interviewing the current GNR guitar player, I was hoping for more. Looking forward to you next interview with Fortus though.... do you know when we can expect to hear it?
  13. CD isn't that much of a departure from UYI, though. It could be argued that Street Of Dreams, Prostitute, Catcher, and This I Love are fairly natural progressions from the piano-based UYI songs (like November Rain or Estranged), or that Sorry, Madagascar and maybe There Was A Time are progressions of the 'experimental' songs (like The Garden, Coma or My World). CD, Better and IRS are relatively traditional rockers... the only songs that really stick out as 'non-GNR sounding' are Shackler's, If The World, Scraped and Riad.
  14. [KISS] The Final Tour Ever - End Of The Road World Tour

    There's video evidence that proves they use vocal tracks... I'm not trying to take away from the show, I'm sure it's still enjoyable for KISS fans, and I've been to shows where I knew the band/singer used vocal tracks and I still had fun, but it is what it is. Is the whole show being lip-synced? No. But it's obvious that they do use tracks to 'help' them perform.
  15. It's cool you got to interview him, but that was pretty underwhelming as far as GNR stuff...