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  1. I'm replacing my phone screen

    The back panel will be easier to remove if you microwave it for 20 seconds. It's also good for the battery.
  2. Rate this Magnificent Clip

    Probably the next best Bruno clip: Truly a cinematic masterpiece
  3. I doubt he'd write the whole album but wouldn't be surprised if he wrote a couple tracks. I hope this actually turns into a good duo. I could see the result being similar to Bon-era stuff like Whole Lotta Rosie or Walk All Over You, or even Bad Apples for a GNR comparison. But I wouldn't be surprised if the result is actually more like Rock Or Bust, or Rock N Roll (Night)Train or something
  4. What Are You Listening To 2017

  5. The Doors - opinions?

    That's more like what I think of when I think "standard Doors song". Honestly, Morrison is my least favourite part of the band, I can't get into his style for the most part. I guess they're not for me..
  6. Critically acclaimed bands/artists you hate

    As far as the Beatles and the Stones, I only like a handful of songs by each, but I can appreciate them for what they were, and what they inspired. Better bands have come and gone IMO, but there's no denying the influence of either band on rock/pop music. And their good songs are fuckin good songs really. Van Halen don't deserve to be mentioned among those bands
  7. Locomotive vs. Coma Live

    While Coma is probably my favourite GnR song, some of the live versions from NITL are just brutal, the soundboards like Rio being especially bad. I hope they swap it for Locomotive and Axl and Melissa share the vocals.
  8. Fair enough, I think Cleveland was better than the official Newark one but neither are stellar by any means. But I like the borders, I mean George '17 is one of my favourites (of the ones that I own) so it kinda makes sense I'd like that unofficial one. And I wasn't sure if it had been posted before so figured why not share it, but now I kinda regret it if it'll end up on ebay....
  9. I thought it was way nicer than the official one, and I know it's not official but the guy has done lithos for Eminem, the Roots, A Perfect Circle, and so on. It's not quite the same as some random guy just giving them some, uh, shit.
  10. This is probably the worst litho IMO, especially knowing another design was given to the band: https://www.behance.net/gallery/57762515/Guns-N-Roses-Poster-Prudential-Center-101217
  11. Critically acclaimed bands/artists you hate

    Last year I went to a show where Korn was the headliner and didn't even stay for their set.
  12. She sounds great on Chinese Democracy, Sorry (when you can hear her), and November Rain too.
  13. Could the liner notes be related to the hospital(s) he visited in '06? (for a cancer charity, btw)
  14. Buckethead Updated 2018 Tour

    Buckethead invited one of his fans, who's been posting covers on youtube since 2009, to play Soothsayer on stage. How fucking awesome is that? Here's the guy's (Marlboro123456) own video: (worse quality, cooler video)
  15. The Doors - opinions?

    Thanks, that was one of their better songs.