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  1. I think I have those saved as the 'Bloody Roses Remasters', was that the username? Those were the most popular ones before 2008 I think. I'll try to listen to the whole podcast tonight or tomorrow.
  2. At this point I think if they release a live album, it'll be one show, warts and all, like Appetite for Democracy. (LA or Toronto 2016 maybe? I don't remember if any other shows were pro-shot and had the posters around the venues about filming). At most I think they might post a live video of SOYL once this leg of the tour ends. With an advertisement at the end for the box set and SOYL t-shirt
  3. Seattle 2011 was honestly one of the best shows I've been to. I think Axl was in a particularly good mood that night, as it was the first time Duff had joined them since 2010. They played Shackler's pretty early in the set because me and the guy beside me started chanting for it
  4. Chinese Democracy "Easter Eggs" - Discussion

    That section on TWAT where Axl's playing guitar is one of the highlights of the song, and it's one of the best songs on the album. Though didn't he say that it's not really him playing that guitar part, but pieces of his guitar playing spliced together with other guitar parts? I seem to remember his saying he played only 'bits and pieces' or something, and the guitar part was 'built' from different recordings. Also the string section underneath the solo on TIL is amazing, honestly that part is just as good without the solo. The 'second chorus' in Scraped wasn't even fully included in the video, they missed half of it. but I do like that buried chorus, "I'd give anything to know, how you live with yourself, I would have never made it so far, all by myself..."
  5. Rank The Songs on LIES

    Reckless Life is one of the best if we're talking live performances, IMO:
  6. Rank The Songs on LIES

    You're Crazy Reckless Life Patience One In A Million Nice Boys Mama Kin Move To The City Used To Love Her
  7. The Gear Thread

    I got a ridiculously good deal on some hi-hats, they are used but in great shape (they were the seller's secondary pair). They're Paiste 2002 'Rock' Heavy Hi-Hats, worth probably $250~ CDN (they're $500~ new), and I grabbed them for $100. They sound killer, I'm very happy with them.
  8. Axl has always been so versatile that, even though I've criticized him since 2017, I can't count him out. He's stilll got 'good voices' left; his deep voice on Slither or DTJ is strong, his Wichita Lineman voice is good (similar to his Don't Cry or Sorry vocals), his screaming SOYL voice is still good, his CD and Nightrain rasp is still good... but his falsetto on songs like Better or YCBM are so weak and out-of-place that comparisons to 'singers' like Vince Neil are unfortunately valid.
  9. To Those Who Buys/Collects Sports Jersey- With Player's Name or Blank?

    I have 2 Vancouver Canucks jerseys... One is an early 2000's alternate jersey, no name or number on the back (though I got it signed by Matt Cooke in 2006 or 2007). Got this in 2002 or 2003... it definitely looks "of its time" and one Trevor Linden jersey that I got in 2008 (the one I have is slightly different but this pic is close enough)
  10. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    Agreed, except for This I Love post-2016, and TWAT is hit or miss. Would love to hear other CD songs like If The World, Street of Dreams, or IRS.
  11. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    At the shows I attended Axl seemed to be talking quite a bit to the band, it's just through the 'internal channel' on the IEMs so the audience doesn't hear it. At the show at the Gorge in 2017 he was quite interactive, especially with Melissa. And he waved at me. And he waves at people in the crowd at almost every show. Interaction isn't really an issue. My biggest complaint is actually the opposite of yours - I'd prefer the guy just stands still for 3 hours if it means better vocals... and the AC/DC shows (and nuGNR shows where Axl was pissed off) suggest that less moving does impact his vocals for the better.
  12. Yea 2016 had more energy for sure, but to be fair those were the first stadium gigs and WTTJ was the first huge 'anthem' in the set so it makes sense that the band and Axl had more energy for it then. I would say the first Vegas 2016 show would be a good 'bar' at this point performance-wise, and right now he's still below that standard IMO.
  13. The whole first verse is weak, but the rest is actually 'fine'. In NA 2016 he'd sing the first line in a clean voice, after 2 years he's singing the first 8~ lines clean. 2nd verse is better but still a mix of clean and very forced rasp. He really gets going about halfway through the song, like he did last year. It's sort of a 'standard' WTTJ at this point but that doesn't mean it wasn't objectively bad... even in 2011-14, Jungle was usually one of the songs we could point to and say 'well, at least he cant still bring it on some songs when he wants to', but in 2017-18 that's not really the case 'cause he almost always sounds weak on the first half of the song.
  14. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    It's been a good tour that has dragged on a bit too long, but good overall. Pro's: -The hype of the Vegas 2016 shows was unreal, it was great to be in an arena with such an electric atmosphere, that first show was such a great experience. Seeing them perform Coma on April 8 is honestly the best concert moment I've experienced. -The NA 2016 tour and Axl/DC shows were easily the best shows since 2010. -The setlist, while basically the same for the majority of the tour, is great. Coma, DTJ, Madagascar, CITR, and SOYL and Slither on this leg are nice additions. Con's: -Axl's voice deteriorated after the NA 2016 shows -If you've been to 1 or 2 shows already, the setlist is predictable. -Too many covers. FUCK BLACK HOLE SUN. -Basically everything about TIL has sucked since 2017 yet they won't drop it from the set. -Ticket prices.
  15. House of Blues 2001 ***NO LINKS***

    Yea there were some strong shows in 2002, mostly towards the end of the tour, but unfortunately the weak shows kinda overshadow them.