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  1. Don't make yourself look like a fool on April 1st.
  2. As much as I want to hear new music, I wouldn't be too disappointed if Prostitute remained as the 'last song' released by GNR. It's almost a perfect outro for both CD as an album, and for Axl as a creative musician.
  3. There's really not that many left who still defend them... most people seem to accept them for what they are now. Some still enjoy it, and others are just entertained by the circus.
  4. They could do a surprise drop but they'd have to do a lot at once - drop the album, a single (with at least a lyric video), have physicals ready to pre-order, maybe some special edition or colour-variant vinyl, and do a real interview. Basically 10 years worth of activities in GNR-time, in one moment. They're not really in a place where they can just drop an album, tweet about it once, and watch the cash come pouring in. They're not as popular as they think they are, but the draw of the reunion album is still there. It's really the last ace they have up their sleeve. It will be big news, but they'll still have to do some promo. I agree with your last paragraph though.
  5. Oh I agree that if GNR wanted to do a surprise release, they definitely could. One thing I found funny about the Eminem release, there was a big thread on one forum called "Something Is Coming". It was basically the "new album" thread, but on an Eminem site. It was up for almost 2 months I think, and after plenty of cryptic hints, speculation, fake tracklists, etc, one of the mods changed the thread title to "Nothing Is Coming". The album dropped like a week later
  6. That's not true actually, there was speculation for several weeks that something was coming from Em. There were definitely rumors. If you'd checked hiphop/Em boards, there was a couple (very long) threads anticipating new music, with plenty of 'cryptic hints' along the way. Edit: I'm talking about his newest album, not Kamikaze.
  7. Fair enough, I prefer the night 1 design despite it not really being Vegas-themed. It's a fairly simple design but it's well done, with the vertical guns and roses in the center it's more like an acknowledgement that the band was finally back for a big show instead of 'GNR plays x city'. There was always something about the night 2 style that I didn't like, it does capture a sort of sleazy neon vibe but it came across like something from a Motley Crue poster. There's a cheesy element to it, but it's still well-done. The lithos I have are Vegas 1 & 2, Seattle, Vancouver and Gorge btw, so those are what I compare it to.
  8. 1 year to write and record, and 7 years to re-record and release. I wanted to like the new Ozzy album too... but aside from Ordinary Man w/ Elton and Slash, I don't like it.
  9. For one, it's never been mentioned. It isn't even a weird fan-theory, like thinking they re-recorded SOYL, this is literally the first time I've seen someone say that Slash plays on Rock The Rock. Here's an interview with the guys who wrote that Looney Tunes episide. They talk about Axl's recording session and they say the song was written beforehand. I can't remember who played the instruments, but it might've been them? Either way, if Slash had played on it, there's no way they'd skip over that here. Again, what makes you think Slash is on it?
  10. Some bands get some really great artwork for their show posters, and some bands use some pretty bad artwork. GNR are kind of average, they're mostly nice lithos/posters but I can only think of maybe 5 from the whole tour that were really good/great. That said, I like the ones I've got... the Vegas 2016 2nd night is my least favourite but @amaninjapan praised that one in the podcast
  11. professionally filmed shows for dvd / tv not released?

    San Diego and Toronto 2016 were both professionally recorded. Edit: does London 2012 count? They played it at a couple movie theaters but it wasn't really properly released. Same with Rose Bar 2010 and Hiro Ballroom 2012 - the full shows were probably recorded but only a few songs were posted online.
  12. Axl, Shut-Up and Sing

    Thank you
  13. Music to be Murdered By - Eminem

    In the interview he just did (I posted it on the 2nd page) he admits that sometimes he's just rhyming for the sake of it, for the sport of the craft, because that's what he enjoys doing. Some of the punchlines are stupid but they're still fun for him. I agree about Darkness tho, but I think one of the most interesting things Em could do at this point is a real concept-project. Relapse and MTBMB were attempts but they're not really cohesive concepts. Something that's 100% 'in character' could be more interesting than political or social songs, IMO.