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  1. Ah, I listened to part of the podcast but missed that, thanks.
  2. https://www.revolvermag.com/music/slash-talks-miraculous-guns-n-roses-reunion-new-album-lemmys-death-more "Axl said, 'Let's try Slither'" is an interesting bit I hadn't read before. Is "Then we're going to start looking at what the next step is going to be" the new "start looking very seriously at what we're doing in that regard"?
  3. The lyrics on Sugar Cane are what kill the song for me, but I like the quick, poppy instrumental. It's just a 'fun' little song. Myles ruins Slow Grind (and honestly the whole album) for me but I don't find the instrumental to be offensively bad - but it's definitely not great either. Safari Inn is one of the only songs I still listen to off WOF. I didn't like Watch This or Jizz Da Pit but Safari Inn is alright, the live version with Orianthi and a Grandpa Walrus is pretty cool: (even though the mix is fucked up ) Also, pre-NITL I would've agreed that he generally doesn't have good instrumentals. But his solos were a highlight of the 2017 shows I saw, which is why I would've loved to hear a new instrumental.
  4. Axl's Magnum Opus

    November Rain, Estranged and Prostitute are his best songs, IMO. Honourable mention to This I Love, the instrumental is fantastic, but the lyrics and vocal layers knock it down a couple levels. I think CD was supposed to be his magnum opus - 3 albums, bonus discs, alternate artwork - it could've been his Wall or Physical Graffiti, but because of leaks and labels and general insanity, it ended up being something totally different.
  5. After a few listens I think Lost Inside The Girl is the best song. I like Sugar Cane for the silly pop song that it is, same with The One You Loved Is Gone. I'm starting to dig Slow Grind too. It would've been nice to hear an instrumental on this album though, IMO. I've never seen SMKC live but I always thought it'd be cool if they opened with an instrumental. If I bought a ticket to see Slash's band it'd be great to see him start the show with a rockin instrumental (then go straight into another song).
  6. Last full album you listened to?

    Debut album from The Cruel Intentions - raw, sleazy, rock n' roll. Vains Of Jenna was one of my favourite bands and I've wanted a new record from Lizzy for years, and this didn't disappoint. It kinda sounds like Vains' 'Demo album' and Lit Up/Let Down, which is awesome. If you're into bands like Vains Of Jenna or Santa Cruz, definitely check this album out.
  7. Haven't you heard? People want #woke Axl. https://www.vogue.com/article/woke-axl-rose
  8. Machine Gun Kelly - Rap Devil (Eminem Diss)

    I saw that posted on a hiphop forum a few days ago and thought it was funny, in fairness it's an unreleased song but it's still been easily available for years, I'm surprised it's got as much attention as it has really.
  9. On first listen: The Call of the Wild - Decent track, pretty much what I expect a SMKC album-opener to be. Not much replay value though. Serve You Right - I feel like I've heard a faster version of this song before, but I can't place it. Wtf is it? Slash sounds great on this one but the melodies are boring. My Antidote - Easily the best single, and one of the best songs on the album too. Kind of a "standard" SMKC-song overall but the riff is awesome and Slash's solo on this one stands out. Mind Your Manners - Generic SMKC rocker. meh. Lost Inside the Girl - This song makes me want a GNR album. Axl could've really done something with it, and Duff and Richard would've been interesting. I've never been a Myles fan, and this is another song he brings down. It reminds me of GNR the same way Fall To Pieces does - "what if?" Read Between the Lines - One of the better songs on the album, I don't care for the chorus at all but I like the intro/verses/solo. The chorus tho. Slow Grind - My least favourite song on the album. Same Old Song Story-line indeed. The One You Loved Is Gone - Definitely one of the best on the album, but the 'la la la' bit almost ruins it for me. It adds nothing but cheese, and disrupts a great solo. It's a great song up till then... at least it's near the end. I imagine this is what other people feel like when listening to Chinese Democracy - "why did they add that!?" Driving Rain - One of the weakest. Boring melodies, again. I like the guitar parts though. Sugar Cane - Better than Mind Your Manners and Driving Rain but it's in the same league. Slash and the band sound great, Myles is actually alright, but the lyrics kill this one for me. The Great Pretender - Another song that sounds familiar. It's alright, the reviews I read before listening made it seem like this song was gonna be a lot better than it is. The solo's are cool but other than that the song is kinda boring honestly. Boulevard of Broken Hearts - Not bad and not great. It's the kind of song I expect on a SMKC album.
  10. Did Guns N' Roses ever use ghost writers?

    Not ghost writers, just friends like Paul, West, Del, etc. Paul Huge is still locked in the vault, fine-tuning The General right now.
  11. Machine Gun Kelly - Rap Devil (Eminem Diss)

    This is an old song from the Radioactive era called "Gangsta of Love"
  12. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    At this point I've accepted The Seeker (it's under 3 mins, it's uptempo and Axl sounds good on it. He should've left it with the NuGNR era but I'll take it as an 'extra'). I hope they end the tour on a high note, instead of the bloated shows they've been doing since 2017. Cut it back to about 2.5 hours, definitely keep it under 3 hours, get rid of songs that just drag (Yesterdays, Coma, Black Hole Sun, This I Love, WYWH, etc), keep Shadow and Slither, and bring back OTGM. Keep it 'short' and powerful. When Axl has to pace himself over 3.5-4 hours, the shows suffer overall.
  13. I agree with most people here... this album doesn't seem very exciting. The first 2 songs were pretty weak, though My Antidote is good and Call Of The Wild sounds promising (I've only heard live versions of COTW though, is the studio version out yet? I haven't been following this album/thread very closely). I'll download the album whenever it leaks or gets posted, hopefully there's a couple stand-out tracks.
  14. I wish that whole show would surface. Or any show from that era in that quality.
  15. Last full album you listened to?

    Picked up the new Monster Truck album True Rockers. I definitely like it more than their last album (Sittin' Heavy) but I still think their early EP's and first album are their best records.