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  1. And yet, we're still a bunch of downloading motherfuckers!
  2. That's almost definitely unrelated to the leak, though. This song (and 15~ other new ones) were bought/traded/hoarded a few weeks ago.
  3. And now I'm listening to Chinese Democracy demos all day.... sometimes I forget how great this album is. I had honestly given up on ever hearing more '99-01 material, but days like today remind me why I love that era of the band. Hard School might be "just a straight-forward rocker" but God damn, that's what Axl Fucking Rose does best.
  4. @axlrosefan4life get the fuck in here you hoarding bastard.
  5. 1. Chinese Democracy 2. Oh My God 3. IRS 4. Hard School 5. Madagascar 6. The Blues 7. Catcher In The Rye 8. Riad And The Bedouins 9. There Was A Time 10. Prostitute Why the fuck wasn't this album released in 2000??
  6. Well, yea... it's a straight ahead rocker, which is refreshing in comparison to stuff like Better or Riad, IMO. The intro is fine, and the last minute of the song is really good. Axl sounds great, there's some cool guitar parts and the drumming is fantastic.
  7. I don't think it needs anything other than a proper mix. But if this is the kind of stuff that's sitting in the vault, I don't know how any GNR fan would be opposed to Slash and Duff adding their parts to 'CD leftovers'.
  8. This is way better than any of the rockers that actually made CD, aside from maybe Better.
  9. I made a few changes but I think this is pretty close?
  10. The last 50 seconds are eargasmic. Holy fuck. This is gonna be on repeat all day.
  11. What Are You Listening To 2019

  12. The Gear Thread

    ^This snare is mostly re-built, but I ended up getting another couple snares and it got put on the back-burner. Mostly I've been working on a late 1960's Olympic 1182 snare in Gold Sparkle finish. I replaced all the lugs, the hoops, throw-off, plate, wires, heads - literally stripped it down to just the shell and put all new hardware on it. And holy shit, am I ever happy with the result. This is the most glam rock, arena rock, 70's sounding snare that I have. It's spacey and reverb-heavy yet still very 'thick' and powerful - not too bright or thin sounding, but not dull either. It sounds and looks fucking amazing. I put a 'Starfire' reflective gold batter head on it, and after some tweaking, it's finally done. This thing is a beauty! (before I cleaned the dust off the chrome)
  13. Your satisfaction lies in your illusions...
  14. Bizarre songs

    I was kinda hoping this thread would be about this guy:
  15. What Are You Listening To 2019

    Eminem - Nut Up It's a track from the Relapse sessions that leaked today. @Len Cnut you heard it yet?
  16. What's the deal with the cassette? Was there one in every box? I saw a picture of a L&L box in a record store (I wanna say it was Amoeba Records) and it specifically stated that it didn't come with a cassette.
  17. When I saw them in 2010 he was surprisingly talkative, between CD and Jungle he told a story about getting to the venue, talked for a while during KOHD (dedicated the song to people), played a joke on Bubbles and laughed about for quite a while... I know he told stories before a few other songs but they've slipped my mind. In 2011, even though he didn't really talk to the crowd much, he did kick someone out of the venue for trying to fight people. Then he said "The guy looked like Kumar and was trying to fight people. Well, he can go fight with his dick in the parking lot." But yea, since about mid-2010 he's been less, uh, spontaneous.
  18. Chinese Democracy hasn't aged well IMO

    Apparently this one was originally intended as a GNR song... I could imagine Axl on the chorus but overall I don't think it's very 'GNR' sounding. There was at least one other song that he offered to Axl but I don't remember what it was.
  19. What Are You Listening To 2019

    This is a good one from Dirty Honey:
  20. I've heard those recordings and remember them being pretty bad, vocally. He sounded pretty rough in Asia, decent in NZ/Australia, then pretty rough at the start of the Euro leg... he was really hit-or-miss in 2017.
  21. I think it was actually from live nation, but I got a couple pit tickets to the Gorge 2017 show right when they went on general sale.