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  1. Rank The Songs on LIES

  2. Queens of the stone age has some super riffs ? I didnt know that , Jerry Cantrell is badass , still cant riff with SLASH
  3. Slash is the riff master of the era - He has wrote more incredible riffs since illusions than than anyone in the hard rock business playing right now , His solos , jamfests and outro solos have never stopped live or on record , SLASH is Killing right now and has since he stared
  4. Very Rare do the greats get better after 30 years but they are a few exceptions - SLASH-STEVE VAI-ZAKK WYLDE -DIMEBAG DARRELL , Slash's take on TIL blows away the album version or any other version played live before him , Damn have u any of u listened to his solo on this tour mindblowing , Blues lead is killer and shredding the GF , SLASH is playing at the top of his game right now , hell dont ask me just listen to what the late Vinnie PAUL said about him after attending a how on the NITLT , go find out what ZAKK WYLDE said about him after playing a few gigs on this tour , listen to Dave Navaroo and his quotes , Listen to LARS , lISTEN tO MARK TREMONTI , Check out on the net what STEVE VAI HAS SAID about Slash and his chops on this tour , listen to what Joe Perry, Angus Young and Ron Wood say about playing right now -SLASH is in Elite company right now just like he was from DAY 1 , and if u want my opinion I seen this tour 3 times -he is playing mindblowing licks , how about the wahwah outro and the end of SCOM , GET U SOME OF THAT -TOP 5 PLAYER ON THIS PLANET
  5. Just My Opinion , the boys had to learn to become friends again and it looks like they have become tight just like before, more mature, SLASH-AXL-DUFF and the rest of GNR will release a new album I personally guarntee that , it takes time , they still dont talk to the MEDIA -I LOVE THAT -no one knows anything -BETA is promoting SLASH with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators new album -check out her IG , the boys will make a new record and the machine is back !!
  6. It always Takes AXL some time to get his voice ready -back in the day and now , I always try to catch the tour after a few months -AXL IS A BEAST RIGHT NOW
  7. Cant wait to hear the new single -Living the Dream - iF THE SINGLE HAS THAT GOOD OF A riff , iMAGINE how the rest of the lp sounds - Deep Cuts are always the best on any album -ELVIS is in love with this album , 12 ripping numbers -cant fucking wait -Single dropped soon
  8. Slash didn't record this so its hard to say who plays it better - But Live SLASH owns this , the studio version doesnt' half the emotion or tone SLASH plays with but it is SLASH , I was impressed Robin COULD play a solo , didnt know he had the chops
  9. Killer solo By Slash , Bad ass Blues Riff leading into Johnny b Goode , Ripping one of his best of the tour , Fucking Mean ass Shredd Fest , Fuck he is Killing it , What tone , Fuck yes WHEN u play a festival with this many bands sometimes u gotta show who's playground it is , WELCOME TO THE SLASH PLAYGROUND-ALL OTHER GUITAR PLAYERS SIT BACK AND WATCH the man, THE BEAST WILL SHOW YOU THE WAY
  10. Slash And Duff are back in his life , not many times u get to do things over again , Slash And Axl were brothers they fell apart over something , they both felt each other let the other down , Now they are back playing Music together with DUFF too, They are back on top of the world in music , when a close friend like a brother and yourself reconnect it has to be happy times , they feel like a new band again , they are excited , they have grown up , both of them and that is great for us fans
  11. Slash put out this record because he loves this band - it was already written , just needed to be put to tape and they will tour more in 2019 , IMO AXL will show up for a gig and GNR will put out a album in 19 , kinda been looking that way 4 a while
  12. SMKC aren't GNR so Get over it , Gnr is my fav off all time , SMKC is the best Rock Band in today's world and BEFORE I GET CHASTISED -lets hear who u say is better , there isn't another better guitar player playing RNFNR than Slash , Todd is badass bass player -epic singer - Frank brings the energy and youth , Brent is up there with the best drummers in the world , and MYLES can hit notes no other singer can get , low register , screaming , holding his voice, never heard it crack and MYLES is badass on Guitar too , SMKC live are good as it gets in today's world of new ROCK N ROLL BANDS , Long Slash Jams , killer band jams , MYLES killing and Brent crushing the drums , MYLES sounds just like the record live , the whole band does , they are professionals , SMKC WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER GNR , BUT WHO TH EFUCK IS" RIGHT - NO FUCKING BODY !!! As a lifetime GNR FAN read most posts u should know , Just enjoy SMKC they are as real as it gets , no need comparing them to anyone but themselves -a hard Rock driven , riff driven Guitar band with a wicked Singer and a BADASS BAND #conspirators
  13. im staying on topic , This will be the rock n roll album of the year - The sonic sounds on the teaser, SMKC said it would be 10 rocking tracks , looks like we may get 12 cant wait to hear it unleashed
  14. to each their own man , Dave Grohl u gotta be fucking kidding, M shadows -good singer - Coey Taylor good singer , SLASH worked with C Taylor and cut demos , he said this guy isnt cutting it , still not better than Myles IMO FROM this teaser sounds fucking mean I love that - ELVIS has created a Epic Sound
  15. WE all know that HOMIE MYLES is a bad ass mofo on the vocals , name me a singer other than AXL , u dont think u can for rock n roll