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  1. COMA - My favorite Gnr song ever - bad ass - Killer work as always man
  2. Have you did the godfather solo from the Apollo Yet? Love to hear a soundboard of that -Thank you man
  3. I am no insider because very few are withGNR- But I think a new album is in the works - IMO here is the deal -AXL and his vocals -as the tour got longer AXL started KILLING IT - His Voice got so much stronger after the vocal coach and getting his mind and body right - I seen GNR in Nashville- AXL7/10 in Winston Salem a year later 9/10 in Louisville a few months later 10/10 , If AXL is happy with his Vocals there will be a album -SLASH and DUFF are playing at the very top of their game- SLASH always is and can write a albums worth of riffs easily- Duff is rock steady- Richard is a beast live-Can he write? I think so - Frank has never recorded with GNR but Frank improved by a 1000 percent since NITLT started - Axl should have enough venom with the press and his fellow peers in the music biz giving him shit to kill a albums worth of songs possibly a double album - THE BALL is in AXL'S court if we get and I think we will get music -I f Axl does his thing its FUCKING ON AGAIN!! #gnfnr
  4. London posted a shot of Slash in the Studio laying down some tracks for pre production , Looks like Adam Day was there , A guess on my part but I would say this is the studio that Slash had built - or at his buddy's Big Chris studio , The good thing is like always he is jamming some new material albeit GNR or SMKC or for something else for another artist - Clues* The Conspirators were seen with Slash recently - Todd Kerns played with Hookers and Blow -Dizzys Band recently , Richard Saying they have recorded Some Ideas * Slash stating he was back to work * With the Conspirators knowing that GNR was reuniting and knew for a while and keeping it hush hush - I think AXL is cool with them for that * Gnr and SMKC will make a record - SMKC WILL TOUR AFTER GNR tour this summer with a new Record - Gnr will record a album and tour 2019-2020 - Great time to be a SLASH FAN !!!!!!!!
  5. Breakdown outro is the rocket on that tune
  6. He introduced Slash before bad obsession - and before the Stones jam and also before Knocking on Heavens Door when I seen them in Lexington in 91 -Slash spoke to the crowd before Paradise City "turn the house lights on fuckers, I see you know " this has been the best crowd so far on this tour " Glad u motherfuckers came out and rocked our fucking heads off " This is paradise City"
  7. I feel good

    THEY KILLED IT - i just dont dig it at all - Band sounds great - but not my cup of tea
  8. I think after listening to the band jam on instagram they have a groove - Nico is into ZEP-GNR-ACDC , London is into ZEP-ACDC PANTERA AEROSMITH , he mentioned Vinnie Paul as one of his main influences , PANTERA as a influence with all the other influences this band will rip , It doesnt matter whos son his , I watched several instagram jams of this band and they get it - Groove hard rock , killer band
  9. Funny Story , yes I am 47 - I loved locomotive , I named my softball team LOCOMOTIVES IN 1991 - It still has the name I just don't play anymore , Locomotive- Coma - Perfect Crime -Dont Damn Me were my go to tunes when I boughtthe album the day it came out and still are - pretty cool , BREAKDOWN is epic and very underrated song that I still jam all the time , I did on new years eve, by jammimg I mean on guitar , My new years eve party consists of my high school friends and myself still playing together in a band , only happens a few times a year now but we still slay Locomotive and Breakdown , both songs are epic , but I will ALWAYS prefer Locomotive
  10. I know you are joking like you said they never said that - Nico was talking about the killer riffs on 5 o clock somewhere
  11. This has a weird feel like the time SNAKEPIT were on the road in 1995 and AXL called Slash back in to record new GNR music - SLASH is ready to release a new SMKC on us but I think AXL is really wanting to put some new music together and record , I think it is gonna happen , AXL has songs recorded already - erase all the non gnr songs, he HAS the lyrics just let SLASH and Duff do their thing and and write the music - its simple - SLASH can make 2 albums of killer riffs with ease - may get a real GNR record , first since ILLUSIONS and A SMKC as well - GOOD TIMES
  12. Slash's New Album - Conspirators III

    All of these interviews about no SMKC give me a break ! SMKC knew for over a year about the GNR reunion and said nothing , WITH the conspirators already in hollywood- Todd Kerns just played the viper room , Todd is also playing with DIZZY in Hookers and Blow, Pre Production is always first then Myles comes in and sings , of course we want a GNR Record it takes AXL longer than Slash to break it out in the studio , SMKC will get it done and so will GNR
  13. Slash was always friends with NIKKI and Tommy , after AXL and IZZY had their riff with Vince and before the riff and still is - SLASH is on the show with his favorite Riffs cant wait to hear it - dont know where u cats get off subject
  14. Slash was the last guest on SIXX SENSE syndicated talk show by Nikki Sixx - Slash appears on MY FAVORITE RIFF-- Cant wait to here the Slash man favorite riffs and interview
  15. Slash's New Album - Conspirators III

    Pre Production for SMKC - it starts now