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  1. As bad as u critics are I hate to think what u are gonna say when the new album drops all this hate for the band what in the hell are u here for anyways Axls voice is toast but I still want s record and we are gonna get 1 - let’s hope with the time off he has seeked help and is near 100 percent A lot things have to happen Who the fuck is gonna be the drummer? Who us gonna produce the album A single album or a double album Can Axl sing or they gonna take his vox from Cd sessions
  2. I love all of Slash’s work Smkc is the best band on the planet rite now I would like to see a New Gnr Record a new Smkc Record Also If he did another solo record with all different singers here would be my choices 1-Ritchie Kotzen 2- Brendan Maier 3- Rocco Delucca 4- Phil Anselmo 5 - Rod Jackson 6- Eric Dover 7- singer from Monster Truck 8- Singer from Hillbilly Hearld 9- Dave Mustaine 10-Axl Rose 11- singer from Halestorm 12- Jack White 13- Todd Kerns 14- Steven Tyler
  3. Slash and Smkc jams

    And btw Slash and the boys using Gnr ‘ s wireless plug in on the instruments and Myles using Gnrs Telepromter - All is well
  4. Slash and Smkc jams

    After seeing the live videos on the tube I love the jams the band is doing The intro on Serve You Right is Wicked with the Srv and Roy Buchanan type licks and the wah solo is point on - outro Jam is Killer My Andidote is pure pumped up Arena Rock - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️This one Wicked Stone has become SMKC version of RQ - 10 to 20 minute jam that just rips and burns man World on Fire Jam with band intros and Fitzy drum solo is Epic Anastasia to close out the gig us EPIC SMKC - the best Rock n roll band on the planet Cant wait to see the boys in Nashville
  5. As far as new music - what do u cats think Slash is doing with the month of March off and then Gnr plays a festival in September- I would bet and I don’t know but I would say he is in the studio with Gnr as we speak - Slash doesn’t take time off it is all articulated around a schedule - Look for a new Gnr album sooner than later - most likely early 2020 and then the touring cycle starts again - Myles with Alterbridge recording now and then a tour - Gnr recording and then a tour and then Slash back to Smkc again - great day to be a Slash fan - hell to the yes
  6. If GNR headlined an important world event

    Wttj scom Double talking jive nighttrain coma a civil war
  7. Gnr coming back to my hometown- I love it - I’ll be there to jam down - Slash in Nashville in August and then GNFNR in September- Badass
  8. 1 - Axl has got a break from “NITLT” tour - plenty of times to record - Axl has a 2 albums of vocals recorded already from the CD album Instead of Slash writing the Music first and then the vocals - Axl already had them ready plus he can always and I’m certain he has wrote some great stuff since being back within Slash 2- The timing is write - Slash is always gonna be with SMKC and I love that - We Get Slash For 2 Bands -Gnr Record When Slash gets off the road in August - Myles back to Alterbridge “ Slash back to GNR 3 - Both Duff And Slash have hinted at new material being jammed on along with Richard - Hey Brent Fitz or Tommy Cluetos can u cats record on the new record - I think this needs to happen 4- Axl loves being the Talk of the Rock World - He performed every night 100 percent on tour -I think he is having the time of his life right now in his band - he is enjoying himself - he is gonna show the world at least 1 more Record