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  1. I m in for the VILLE - getting to take my daughter for her first time seeing GNR - cant wait - gonna be epic
  2. Here is my take - GUNS will record a new album for certain - Slash will make a SMKC album and tour in 2018 - guns take a break till September or later and release a new record in summer 2019 - SMKC will tour through 2018 - SLASH-DUFF-AXL -will release a new record in the spring or summer of 2019 - and then its on again a new record and new tour - exciting times to be a SLASH fan
  3. Myles Kennedy has said in interviews he has jammed with SLASH and LONDON together a bunch at SLASH'S house -
  4. I didnt even wanna post this but since a few of u are acting crazy - Our Hotel was walking distance to the stadium @winston salem -- like maybe less than a block - I heard soundcheck that day - I heard this song because u could look inside the stadium with the - back of the stadium was a open air look - had no clue this was LONDON on drums - SLASH-DUFF played 3 acdc songs - Touch to much- Beating around the bush and Night Prowler- London played on all of them I thought it was the drum tech because I could tell it wasn't Frank - they had the video screen on for it as well - didnt have a clue it was LONDON - I did hear several new Riffs from SLASH - all I can say is fuck - they are along the lines of his riffs for the second Snakepit album to me!! they were ripping fucking riffs --- Frank was behind the kit for this - it was fucking killer
  5. U cats need to give FRANK a break - I seen the Nashville gig and I agree he wasn't there yet - PLAYING WITH SLASH AND DUFF is the real deal - I just seen the Winston SALEM gig last friday FRANK KILLED IT - his tempo and his chops are perfect - he is playing the exact timing and fills for the song - with the other band all of them gave their take on GNR songs -with SLASH AND DUFF he knew that shit wasnt gonna work - they rehearse way more than the other band according to RICHARD- it shows with FRANK - he is killing it -playing every number perfect with a groove - I was very impressed by FRANK
  6. Well Deserved -SLASH is out on the road with this tour killing it - letting a whole new generation discover the guitar - fuck yea- His whole career he has carried the torch - GIBSON AND SLASH are what rock n roll are all about - Slash has carried the torch for a long time its only fitting that the biggest guitar brand in the world names the biggest name in the guitar player world as it's first ever ambassador - As a man that loves playing guitar and hearing guitar players wail this is as good as it gets !! CONGRATS SLASH WELL FUCKING DESERVED - #guitarslayer
  7. My Review The venue was cool as fuck - mini bars all over the streets walking from the hotel - which was a straight to the venue maybe 2 blocks at most - GNR fans partying everywhere on the streets leading up to the venue - get in and the venue is rad - acoustics were killer - 1- AXL no mickey mouse at all he killed it - his voice never broke 1 time during the whole gig - he brought the goods - great stage presence - maybe the best I have heard him or up there with the best the whole tour - amazing - Axl Rose is back 2-SLASH - ripped- every song all night - his tone was clear - we heard every note he played - DTTJ WAS MONSTEROUS- YCBM- BROWNSTONE- MY GOD COMA was blazing - another highlight during the wish u were here solo - Slash played the 3 solo section with just his left hand and killed it - It is Slash' s show for sure - I can write a review of every song because he killed on all of them - he was really into the gig - nobody has SLASH'S SOUND right now in the world - top notch ty ADAM DAY 3 Overall and in every GNR tour the longer they play together the more they get tighter as a unit and they cant get much tighter - WHOLE BAND IS ON FIRE One of the best concerts I have ever seen - period
  8. The band sound amazing best ifever heard Axl - slash is a killer
  9. Liiquor and steak burgers 🎸
  10. Place looks cool as hell cant wait till tommorow
  11. Hated Illusions Songs??

    WHO HATES LOCOMOTIVE? it is one the best songs the band has ever done -EPIC- only thing I dislike about Bad Apples is the piano in the mix - should have never been there - and several others songs as well as far as locomotive - DAMN - MY favorite off the album with COMA and PERFECT CRIME
  12. I ll be there too - leaving early the morning of the show -it is about a 4 and half hour drive from where I live - any body meeting up before or want too - there are 5 of us going - lets party and talk GNR - Love to meet some of us loyal mygnrforum members - lets have a blast together - LOVE TO SEE ANY OF U THERE
  13. A great man as cool as u get - his stories on Jimi were outstanding - he told me to look up on youtube Slash jamming with him - i did - it was killer - he opened the show - he and his band killed it
  14. Not everybody likes taking pictues -Slash isnt a millennial nor am I - Prime example I went to the HENDRIX EXPERIENCE to see ZAKK- KWS-BUDDY GUY and a bunch of guitar players slay JIMI numbers - I noticed Billy Cox was in the lobby of the venue signing autographed cd's of his new album and taking pics for 20 bucks - Billy is a great guy - I went over to him and thanked him for his contributions to music and also his service to the country @FT KNOX in my home state - we had a 10 to 15 minute conversation about music - I was wearing a PANTERA t shirt - he said u like Metal I see - I was like yes sir - he gave me autographed cd I didnt ask for it or try to pay for it - I told him have a great show and he said lets take a picture - My first instinct was I said "I don't do the picture thing " he said ok - then my buddies as I started to walk away said BILLY COX wants a picture with you dumbass - then it hit me - how cool was that of him to ask me - we had a great music talk about SLASH- ZAKK - VAI - HENDRIX and so own - I met his beautiful wife and Daughter - great family - I took the picture with a superstar in the music world an he asked me pretty cool since I said no - Some people are shy like myself and don't want that its not being a prick because u don't want your pic took - it is a millennial thing not for me but glad I did