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  1. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Man this band is as tight as any band in music right now - Slash is just killing it right now with the extended jams ๐Ÿ’ฏ Iโ€™ve been waiting to hear Slash do extended jams with SMKC - Wicked Stone is off the hook with the jam- Nighttrain and RQ are unreal๐Ÿ’ฏ - Wof and Anastasia are monster jams - Slash and the Conspirators are bringing it every gig and Myles is simply the best Rock singer in the biz - Damn what a live band - best Rock n roll band on the planet
  2. 1- When is the band gonna begin writing and recording sessions 2 - After This tour ends will u make a appearance with SMKC ? 3- With other songs already recorded from CD is the band gonna rework or erase all the music and keep your vocals or it will everything be all new ? 4- How much has Slashโ€™ s playing improved or impressed you since his departure from Gnr in 96 ? 5- What Direction will the new album go in ? 6- Are there a chance Izzy or Steven will play together with the band ? 7- How is your Family doing ? 8- What do u think of Slash and Fortus working together ? 9- What new bands do u listen to ? 10- Is there a possibility that Mike Clink will produce the new album ?
  3. My Andidote Serve You Right Mind your Manners Lost inside the Girl The Great Pretender
  4. This album keeps getting better the more I listen to it Slow Grind I rated a 4 now itโ€™s a 8 ezy - No bad songs once again - Rock n Roll album of the year - Slash - Myles and the Conspirators are getting better - I LOVE IT ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽธ๐ŸŽฉ๐ŸŽฉ๐ŸŽฉ๐ŸŽฉ๐ŸŽฉ๐ŸŽฉ๐ŸŽฉ๐ŸŽฉ๐ŸŽฉ๐ŸŽฉ๐ŸŽฉ๐ŸŽฉ
  5. Useless Thread -there will be another GNR record guaranteed
  6. Velvet Revolver 1- illegal Eye 2- Slither 3- Headspace 4- Loving the Alien 5- Sucker Train Blues Smkc 1- Anastasia 2- Beneath The Savage Sun 3- Wicked Stone 4- Serve you Right 5- My Andidote
  7. My Review of "LIVING THE DREAM " 1- Call of the Wild- Opening riff with delay is futuristic , cool way to start the song -then ACDC type riff to lead the song , the breakdown in the middle of the song is great "WHEN YOU ARE A SLAVE TO THE MACHINE " lYRIC LEADS TO A KILLER BUT SHORT SLASH solo- Lyrics and Myles singing are killer -outro solo is smoking with Brent killing the drums , 8 out of 10 2- SERVE YOU RIGHT - Riff is killer , MYLES singing in low tone and then comes back to his normal register -- Dirty Rock N roll , drums, bass, vox and guitar are perfect , SLASH AND MYLES KILL ON THIS ONE , MY fav so far , SLASH is a beast on this one , Sounds like a 70s rock number - fucking brilliant , SLASH ON KILL , SOLOS ARE KILLER INCLUDING A THICK TONE, SLASH SOLOING AND mYLES SINGING OVER THEM A GREAT MIX -10 out of 10 3- MY Andidote -- SCRATCH riff is heavy as fuck , wish the whole song was like this - the licks leading into the beginning lyrics are purely SLASH and I love that - whole song rocks , SLASH throwing in wah wah licks , Only wish MYLES would have sung this one with a 'ONE LAST THRILL kinda vox" drums are killer and the solo is the best SLASH has done in a while on tape in the studio , the best wah wah player in the world -SLASH SHINES ON THIS ONE - KILLER NUMBER - 10 out of 10 , EPIC theme SLASH AND THE DRUMMER -BRENT FITZ are killing on every track 4- Mind YouR MATTERS -- opening RIFF is fantastic , then the usual SLASH lick underneath , 'YOUR LOVE IS SORROW BUT IN THE END IM GLORY BOUND" Maybe a message to PERLA , WHO KNOWS ? SOLO is fucking EPIC , ELVIS did a great job this time capturing "SLASH'S live Tone' OUTRO SOLO I love it -WHOLE BAND IS ON FIRE - 8 out of 10 5- LOst inside the girl - first curveball on the record - MYLES is on fire on this number , EPIC vocals by MR KENNEDY -- SLASH is playing at the top level on this record , damn this is a killer song , didnt dig it when I heard it a while back , MYLES'S personal baby , the solos are EPIC once again -a little wah wah , this tone is a gnr tone , SLASH is SLASH -DAMN this cat is on fire , the breakdown chording almost has a" shots fired intro " to it , MYLES IS A 10 ON THIS ONE -Slash solos fit perfect with Myles on this one and MYLES DOESNT SING SO SOFT ON THIS ONE -EPIC ballad --8 out of 10 6- Read between the Lines- has a VR feel to me on this one - the formula Myles has and the band have on this one is EPIC , the back vox - sound just like the 80s , Pretty straight up Riff , Still love TODD mixed in the song - he is great , wah wah solo is killer - pretty much a evolving theme to every song , wish the riff was mixed up higher in the mix- overall a great number the solo makes this a 8 instead of a 7 - 8 out of 10 7- SLOW GRIND - a LITTLE FUNKY , THE BASS LICK KINDA SOUNDS like the Munsters theme song in a cool way , good song not great , SLASH solo is on fire , didnt really dig this one when I first heard it , better than when I first heard it but so far the weakest track on the record - 4 out of 10 8- The one you loved is gone- ALTERBRIDGE sounding song - MYLES shines once again on this one , Killer SONG , this is a myles song , SLASH solo COMES FROM a place ive heard before , in the 80s this would have been a number 1 hit on MTV top 5 of the day - SLASH kills on this one too- 8 out of 10 SLASHS SOLO IS EPIC 9- Driving Rain -- everyone has their own description on this number , OPENING RIFF and DRUMS are killer , Myles singing about a lost love - Sounds like the lyrics are perfect response to the divorce , " to avoid all confusion she said she has been using but not again " The melody is a little weak in what otherwise is a killer sonng -SLASH IS EPIC on this one too -sound familar ? GET USED TO IT !!! 6 out of 10 10 -Sugar cane - Opening Riff is killer -jam type of riff - Todd is killing the bass on thIS number - he has the whole record , just stands out to me a little more on this number - groove riff - almost got a superstition vibe to it -great jam song , live will be EPIC , WISH Slash would have went off on this one for like 3 minutes , has that jam feel to it -- 6 out of 10 11- The great Pretender- Virtuoso lick to open the song , a little GARY MOORE influence for sure , a lot more JEFF BECK influence to me , classical lick that most instumental players use in one form or another , the hooks , the lyrics are classic , MYLES whether u like it or not is KIlling on this one too , Slash's SOLO is breath taking fits the song perfect , then the clean strumming is awesome , the opening lick to MYLES singing to SLASH'S Solos are outstanding from the beginning to the end --10 out of 10 12-Boulevard of Broken Hearts - almost a fleetwood mac type of into , very different for SLASH , HAS A WOF type feel to this one , guitaR tone is thick and mean -FUCK YES - thank YOU ELVIS and JEFF for getting SLASH'S tone on record , most cant do that and u cats have done just that outstanding , Myles sings like the wof album on this more than most , Myles is outstanding on thIS one again , SLASH is on kill once again -LOVE this song , the intro is way different but I dig it after hearing the solo 'MYLES FUCKING KENNEDY " the lick after the song ends is killer 8 out of 10 SLASH killed on this record in every way possible , MYLES IS MYLES , Brent impressed me , I ve heard him live and he is so powerful and this record captures that - Todd 's playing is second to none on this record, everyone knows his back ground vox are killer but give the cat credit for crushing the bass , Frank is very impressive , listen to in headphones and listen to Franks parts , he and Slash mix well together , almost IZZY LIKE , FRANK is a rythmn player and doesnt fuck around - SLASH didnt dissapoint , man this cat keeps getting better , virtuoso in every genre he wants to play , love that there is outro solos on most every number as a SLASH fan thats what we always wished for , MYLES is outstanding , his clean vox are secong to none , I love his lyrics , the next SMKC record will be even better , every album they get better as a fan thats all we can hope for !! Overall a great record considering these cats hadnt played together in a few years A fact A lot of people dont know about this band , ALL of these cats -SLASH, MYLES, BRENT , TODD and FRANK are all virtusos of their craft , this band can make a progressive record, a heavy metal record, a rock n roll record , a blues record which i would love to hear !!! a acoustic record there isnt any type of music this band cant play -A TRUE ROCK N ROLL BAND 8 out of 10 overall "living the dream"
  8. Ill review the album today -after a few more spins --early reaction , its very GOOD- Aerosmith on Steroids type feel so far
  9. THE ALORE OF GNR - I love it , just like no one knew anything about what GNR were doing during the tour and who knows they may have a record in the can , SMKC has no leaks at all in this time and age -fucking brilliant -I love that
  10. Very cool review , I guess myself and a few on this board love the new album , because I do , but most of the haters on here don't and that's cool too, as a lifelong SLASH fan -I am a happy MOFO because SLASH slays on this record , riffs and solos like no other JUST LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES -SLASH is a the top of his game right now-HEY AXL? WHERE THE FUCK U AT? Because SLASH is ready to create the best GNR ALBUM POSSIBLE, STEP AND LETS GET THIS DON E PS I play guitar in a band and have for a long time , making a record is very hard, so all of you critics bashing MYLES , how many records have u cats made ? do u cats even play a instrument ?
  11. I have said for a few months the songs the band brings out first arent the best ones - Driving Rain decent but listenable - Mind Your matters a lot better , My Andidote the best so far -ripping guitar riffs and a melting solo , best from SLASH IN A WHILE , Guess what the best is yet to come , I have been saying this all alone , if this is the worst of the album wait till u hear the rest , it only gets better, and for the 1, 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 time , yes I got very Lucky to hear the whole album a while back , call it luck , working in the radio business, right place , right time , who knows but I still LOVE THIS RECORD , oNLY SONG I havent heard is BOBH --SLASH shreds all over this mofo
  12. KILLER ALBUM so far - I love the musicans in this band , EVERYONE IS EXPECTING A GNR SOUND - this is SMKC , MY Andidote is killer , Myles melodys are what this band does, I dont like them but I can understand where they are coming from , But MYLES CAN SING HIS ASS OFF - and for whoever said BRENT COULDN'T DRUM his own PARTS !! ARE U TONE FUCKING DEAF ? Dumbest statement made so far about this band , NEW GNR COMING SOON 2019 !!
  13. My Andidote is my fav so far -was Call of the Wild but havent heard that 1 in a while, THE OUTRO SOLO on SCOM after the song ends where Slash goes off for a couple minutes ON THE GNR TOUR , you get to hear some of the licks on this one -LOVE IT , lyrics are great , the music composition is terrific, The Tribal beats by BRENT ALONG WITH SLASH TO START THE RIFF IS KILLER , OOH-OOH-OOH- "i guess ive been defined by my condition "I guess I ve been defined by what they want" "though this song is my Salvation its the beast I cant control" I keep wishing MYLES WOULD FUCKING SCREAM like AXL during the chorus instead of being so clean with his voice but that a MYLES THING, WAH WAH solo is great , the tone is magic , the wah the whole song is great , HAS SLASH Gotten BETTER ON GUITAR ? HELL yes and does with this solo , SO FAR , SO GOOD , Just Wish I could hear some more anger from MYLES, but that isnt his thing , MYLES is great , but the band is out of this world GREAT
  14. Drum intro with Slash โ€˜ Riff crushing - Myles is Myles with his chorus โ€˜s - Hard Rock Metal tune