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  1. Ill review the album today -after a few more spins --early reaction , its very GOOD- Aerosmith on Steroids type feel so far
  2. THE ALORE OF GNR - I love it , just like no one knew anything about what GNR were doing during the tour and who knows they may have a record in the can , SMKC has no leaks at all in this time and age -fucking brilliant -I love that
  3. Very cool review , I guess myself and a few on this board love the new album , because I do , but most of the haters on here don't and that's cool too, as a lifelong SLASH fan -I am a happy MOFO because SLASH slays on this record , riffs and solos like no other JUST LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES -SLASH is a the top of his game right now-HEY AXL? WHERE THE FUCK U AT? Because SLASH is ready to create the best GNR ALBUM POSSIBLE, STEP AND LETS GET THIS DON E PS I play guitar in a band and have for a long time , making a record is very hard, so all of you critics bashing MYLES , how many records have u cats made ? do u cats even play a instrument ?
  4. I have said for a few months the songs the band brings out first arent the best ones - Driving Rain decent but listenable - Mind Your matters a lot better , My Andidote the best so far -ripping guitar riffs and a melting solo , best from SLASH IN A WHILE , Guess what the best is yet to come , I have been saying this all alone , if this is the worst of the album wait till u hear the rest , it only gets better, and for the 1, 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 time , yes I got very Lucky to hear the whole album a while back , call it luck , working in the radio business, right place , right time , who knows but I still LOVE THIS RECORD , oNLY SONG I havent heard is BOBH --SLASH shreds all over this mofo
  5. KILLER ALBUM so far - I love the musicans in this band , EVERYONE IS EXPECTING A GNR SOUND - this is SMKC , MY Andidote is killer , Myles melodys are what this band does, I dont like them but I can understand where they are coming from , But MYLES CAN SING HIS ASS OFF - and for whoever said BRENT COULDN'T DRUM his own PARTS !! ARE U TONE FUCKING DEAF ? Dumbest statement made so far about this band , NEW GNR COMING SOON 2019 !!
  6. My Andidote is my fav so far -was Call of the Wild but havent heard that 1 in a while, THE OUTRO SOLO on SCOM after the song ends where Slash goes off for a couple minutes ON THE GNR TOUR , you get to hear some of the licks on this one -LOVE IT , lyrics are great , the music composition is terrific, The Tribal beats by BRENT ALONG WITH SLASH TO START THE RIFF IS KILLER , OOH-OOH-OOH- "i guess ive been defined by my condition "I guess I ve been defined by what they want" "though this song is my Salvation its the beast I cant control" I keep wishing MYLES WOULD FUCKING SCREAM like AXL during the chorus instead of being so clean with his voice but that a MYLES THING, WAH WAH solo is great , the tone is magic , the wah the whole song is great , HAS SLASH Gotten BETTER ON GUITAR ? HELL yes and does with this solo , SO FAR , SO GOOD , Just Wish I could hear some more anger from MYLES, but that isnt his thing , MYLES is great , but the band is out of this world GREAT
  7. Drum intro with Slash ‘ Riff crushing - Myles is Myles with his chorus ‘s - Hard Rock Metal tune
  8. My andidote has a virtuoso wah wah solo - one of Slash’s best ever - This band slams
  9. THE RIFF for call of the wild sounds like something ive heard on the NITLT TOUR- Cant place yet -but heard some of the that chord progression before on the tour -maybe Loose Rocket Queen Jam before the song kicks in maybe not, somewhere heard this riff on the tour somewhere
  10. I have =still cant wait to hear it again -I dont have a copy man, All I did was listen to it , no big deal , its great just like ive always said =and I have always said in my posts CALL OF THE WILD was my favorite , I wanan listen again because I liked all of them
  11. SLASH just keeps on keeping on -THE CAT IN THE HAT never lets the fans down - new SKMC AND TOUR -GNR TOUR , NEW GNR RECORD? Cant wait to hear the release on SEPT 22
  12. WHY so much hate towards Myles- if u dont like him dont go , I love the new songs
  13. GREAT FOR SLASH -he seems to be a great dad to his boys and this settlement shows it-he is taking care of his boys for the rest of their lives like a great DAD does, LONDON is recording in Snakepit studios right now "CLASSLESS ACT"
  14. HILLBILLY HEARLD IS badass rock n roll band -LOVE TO HEAR SLASH collaborate with this singer for a killer track-singer sounds a lot like BON SCOTT