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  1. With Brent playing some keys , I hope its a blues jam with the band , Slash and the Conspitators kill it on tour , SLASH please play some more WAH -WAH- on some solos , I think Slash playing his WAH WAH pedal is the meanest tone in rock , JIMI and SLASH really make the WAH WAH scream to perfection
  2. It is cool how that SMKC are gonna kicking ass again , Cant wait to hear the stuff -SLASH and the conspirators had a albums worth of material written 3 years ago - be interesting to hear how they changed and if some ideas were put into , which probably were , SLASH AND MYLES usually discuss all the songs along with TODD "DAMMIT" KERNS interviews , so we will get to know in the fall , I am anxious to hear songs titles , is there gonna be just a band JAM -I hope so - Interesting that ELVIS and Jeff are producing the album in LA , Slash doesn't fuck around , he is a workaholic
  3. I dont see how anyone can't love Myles Voice - he has the golden pipes , along with the conspirators what a fucking band -- SLASH and MYLES are rocks top duo and it isnt even close in today's world of rock , Cant wait to hear SLASH and the boys on the new album -SMKC dont make bad songs not 1 -SO this is gonna be EPIC - 10 straight up hard rocking jams
  4. I enjoyed it every time , EPIC PERFORMANCES, A lot of bands get my money , going to see Black label Society for the 20th time in August , SMKC will get my money as well along with STEVE VAI, Eric Johnson , GNR WILL AGAIN, OZZY AND ZAKK WILL TO -Money well spent by EPIC performers -NOW if u wanna say a cash Grab -that would be AXL and his clown wanna be's band he called GNR , they didnt get my money and never will
  5. Nothing should be considered a cash grab that the fans have been wanting 23 years- for - we all asked for it and got it-I seen the tour 3 times -every time was bad ass - last show I seen was over 4 hours -that isnt a cash grab that is doing something they missed and loved

    These Cats are ripping right now , with the addition of DEREK DAY on vocals makes this band a monster - Cat has it -lyrics , stage presence , killer pipes , The band is killing it - Nico is a killer guitar player , Dane is a killer player , Bass Player is a killer player -London is a monster on drums , kills it , pounds them , beast
  7. Great interview - Just for a day 1 fan brings back a lot of bad memories of the best band in the world breaking up over nothing -- AXL and Slash its on u 2 the most - But IMO AXL takes the majority of the blame for being a flake , he thought he was bigger than SLASH and the band and us DAY 1 fans that love AXL AND SLASH knew better - AXL U won u fucked up the best band of all time -- Now u can't get in shape enough to sing a new gnr album - thanks for fucking us again - still love you as the singer of my favorite band - get your shit together motherfucker - if u cant sing well enough to record -then Retire -if u kill it on a ACDC album and have the voice back and dont record withGNR -fuck you again
  8. I wonder if we will get to see reel 2 reel part 2 -During World on Fire album cameras were rolling , I hope it is the same way this time , Love to hear some new riffs and interviews with the band and interview Frank and see what he says about being the rythmn player on this record , I think its gonna be a epic album from what i have read -10 epic straight up rock anthems
  9. 1-new song 2- One Last Thrill 3-Wicked Stone 4-beneath the savage sun 5- new song 6-halo 7-shots fired 8- Rocket queen 9- civil war 10-anatasia 11- slash solo 12- band jam 13- scom 14-double talking jive 15--standing in the sun 16-new song 17-bent to fly 18-new somg 19-starlight 20- back to cali 21- youre a lie 22-Hard and fast 23- nothing 2 say encore 24-paradise city 245 slither 26-safari inn- jizz da pit jam 27- new song 28- world on fire
  10. A little tidbit I think most fans are thinking , Did AXL listen to the RIFFS and solos that Slash has made for SMKC and say hey can we use that in GNR , did Slash come up with some different Riffs after that for SMKC and save a few AXL liked or all of them , I have always said due to the schedule that GNR new record be would 2019 , Ill believe the ACDC thing when I hear it !! you know that AXL probably asked SLASH what have u been working on ? there was a rumor floating he was in SLASH'S studio during some of the recording -pre production for SMKC , ----SMKC havent made it to ORLANDO to finish up at ELVIS'S studio yet
  11. ILLUSIONS 1 and 2 need to be remixed and remastered , the demos floating on the internet sound 10 times better than some of the songs on the album- and something that would make most every gnr fan fan -remove the piano on breakdown, civil war, the effects on garden of eden , Coma , etc
  12. You couldn't get your shit togetherCouldn't bring yourself to right'cause it's hard to tellWhen you're so unwellIf you're in Hell or paradise
  13. Question about Mr.brownstone

    “Motherfucker Motherfucker won’t leave my ass alone “ It’s all heroine homies
  14. I dont agree with that at all brother -Slash has already written the new SMKC record before the reunion -AXL chose to do ACDC instead of GNR , at least I hope he does something -SLASH will not continue to sit around , he makes and plays Music , that is what he is wired to do in his dna , SMKC WILL BE KILLER - I hope ACDC WITH AXL HAPPENS - GNR will reunite and record a album in 2019 it has been the plan all along -hate to tell I told u so but read some of my back threads I said this a year ago !!! day 1 fan of gnr sometimes u can read into what they are doing - IF AX does or don't decide to do acdc. but it has been confirmed too by ANGRY ANDERSON that he will , I am happy for him , tour with ACDC -SLASH WITH SMKC and then get the long awaited GNR ALBUM , IT IS GONNA HAPPEN , GREAT TIME TO BE A GNR FAN MAN!! GNR make epic songs -AXL AND SLASH make 7 minute songs , ACDC rockers all about 3 to 4 minutes , both great bands - gonna be a cool 2 to 3 years man - I hope AXL does ACDC , he will do GNR too , acdc last album will feature AXL ROSE , I will go to that shit 4 sure and I KNOW I WILL GO SEE SLASH AND SMKC - HELL YES
  15. Slash's tone is ripping -thank u Adam Day --- #THE SLASH TONE " is back