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  1. Slash and Smkc are wrapping up their tour in August I will Be There in Nashville Guns Playing festivals in Sept and some isolated dates after that New Record getting ready to record - Don’t Be suprised if it’s a double album NO RUMORS or anything like that just the record has been confirmed by Slash -Duff And Richard THE thing that has my mind spinning is Smkc are using Gnr Cordless wiring for guitar and Axls TelePrompTer Brent Fitz is using Gnr Drum tech not his usual one on the Smkc can it be that Brent will Record And tour with Gnr - We can all hope Slash will not sit still and not tour for long - So the timing is perfect and I believe Axl is ripping and ready for the first time since 96 if they don’t record a album or tour - Slash will tour with the pit or bluesball because Myles will be touring with Alterbridge with their new record Either wAy it’s a win win for SLASH fan like myself The time is getting near
  2. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    @Gibbo u have Wof this has been a monster jam on this tour
  3. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Nashville next Month with Dirty Honey as support act Gonna be Epic Slash as I always say is playing on another level Beast Mode - The Band is cooking - Almost at the end of the tour and Smkc is greasy and slamming hard Slash a monster among men#guitarslayer
  4. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    I hope Wicked Stone is 30 minutes in Nashville I love the jam - it’s the reason I’m there to see Slash slay it Wof is a sic - funky Led Zeppelin on steroids type jam ❤️❤️❤️It Serve You Right is bad ass Can’t wait for the gig and the extended solos which Slash has made his trademark in Gnr and Smkc If you’re not interested in a long Slash Jam your probably at the wrong gig Slash is in beast mode
  5. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Cory plays in Toque with Brent and Todd - Great musician
  6. Debuted early in the morning- I was up early to see it back then MTV would play a video and show what was next on the bottom right of the screen I was pumped to see it debut - First Time searing Slash play a Bc Rich
  7. Most Revealing thing I heard about Snakepit was Kelly talking about that recorded everything while rehearsing @slashs studio He said they had several songs and ideas still sitting around that weren’t used on anything that were recorded
  8. I do love how Axl And his Voice are more raspier on Cd songs than AFD and Illusions Numbers Dont know if it’s on purpose or it is AXL Being Axl Different Vox on his CD songs - been saying this since the tour started
  9. Chill out Homies Album is coming -if it has some left overs from Cd so be it There will Be new Rockers 4 sure Never Liked Cd never will but when Slash twisted them live it gave them new energy TIL is killer Live 🎩🎩 Democracy and Better are killer live with Slash All the other CD numbers are pretty lame imo The reason that might have re-record some old Cd Numbers is the vox Axl was in tune then and the band can use his isolated vocals to jam 2 I hope Axl proves me wrong in September @louder than life with his vox I’m there to see Slash and I know he won’t dissapoint
  10. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Best Rock n Roll band on the planet
  11. Not to upset the Apple Cart

    But what if Gnr hired Brent Fitz as their recording and touring Drummer I am even down with Frank Sidoris being the Timekeeper on other guitar Before the bashing I know Richard Fortus is Outstanding lead guitar player - not a time keeper that’s not his role Gnr besides CD has always been Slash’s baby on guitar only on lead I dug Richards playing the 3 times I seen the NITL tour very much - great player AXL - Slash -Duff have had musical chairs throughout Touring with Gnr Just my Take - If I cant have both I really would love for Brent Fitz to be the drummer - that would be Epic
  12. It’s all outdoors man - Great venue Wish it was the expo center - I Seen Pantera There - Damn #dimebag
  13. Slash 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩
  14. Underrated Slash solos

    Serial Killer is sweet from Snakepit - Messages from Vr is SIC Street Child is a master piece Beneath The Savage Sun is shredders delight - outstanding
  15. Underrated Slash solos

    Don’t damn Me from uyi 1 Hard and Fast from Apocalyptic Love