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  1. Fan made live era

    Hello does anyone have any of the fan made live eras for download ? Preferably 01-02 or 01-2010
  2. Best moments from the NITL tour!

    This tour has been amazing, waited 14 hrs for the troubour show(thanks to Mygnrforum for that heads up).. drove to vegas for the first of the t mobile arena shows... went to both dodger stadium shows(1 up front pit & 1 nose bleed). Also attended the 3 Los Angeles shows last week, Wednesday was amazing because the 4 hr show, but Im glad I went to the staples center show last minute, axl sounded really fucking fierce during that show idk why. Also seen Gn’R 18 times now since 2006, the kroq inland invasion show was my first, I was only 14 at the time.. haven’t looked back

    Ok thanks, gonna check it out.. frank ferrer made it, they’re selling his image at kohls now

    Anyone know if this shirt is being sold in stores & not just ebay, saw some random guy last week wearing this https://m.ebay.com/itm/GUNS-N-ROSES-SLASH-AXL-ROSE-LIVE-T-Shirt-MEDIUM-Band-NEW-w-TAG/263348637489?hash=item3d50cd4f31:g:tNUAAOSw63FZ~8N5
  5. Okay thank you, I had no idea about these remixes or the better gone one.. Also anyone remember the leak with tommy stinson on vocals? I cant remember the name
  6. I think I am missing something, Can someone fill me in on this whole brain & melissa remix Did one of them ever mention something about a remix album? Also where can I hear these remixes you guys speak of?

    Anyone have any extra shirts from any of the LA shows? Or a Chicago/jordan shirt they would be willing to sell?
  8. Can someone post this link on here so I can play the video through mygnrforum? I’m at work & it wont let me play it through periscopes website for some reason. https://www.periscope.tv/buhler4/1ypKdNAZldQJW?t=14s
  9. Can anybody post a periscope link that I can play through mygnrforum? For some reason my phone wont let me play it on periscopes website.. im at work!
  10. Any links to a good periscope?
  11. I’m super thankful DTJMF is on the list. Also on at staples center I was sitting as close to the side stage where Axl’s little tent is and I kept yelling “oh my God”, “silkworms” & “back off bitch” as loud as I could at every quiet moment of the show(I got some pipes in me).. I know Axl heard me at least twice. would love to hear back off bitch, breakdown, dont damn me, so fine, aint it fun, irs, if the world & of course oh my god
  12. Any tickets for ANY of the la shows? Except upperdeck.. anything from mid level to lower
  13. Why the hell are the la show so expensive? Lol they werent that much last year .. god dam talk about money grab... whatever still going