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  1. I can see Axl writing the very, very basic guitar parts but not anything beyond that.
  2. I’ll take Rod Jackson
  3. Paul was also partly responsible for Matt’s exit.
  4. He finally has Slash and Duff back, which I think singlehandedly made him feel much better. He realizes he could never replace them and he has his friends back.
  5. Wishlist (Not Setlist!)

    New album and Matt + Gilby.
  6. This I Love Remix **NO LINKS***

    I’ve long thought that the vault is just full of unfinished demo #143, song idea #18, etc and only a few complete or somewhat complete songs. Wouldn’t surprise me if Atlas, The General, and Checkmate are all there is.
  7. Slash “accidentally” hit Axl as payback for all those years of ranting about him.
  8. TWAT was a title in that Rolling Stone article and they even mention it as There Was a Time.
  9. What's the consensus on this? Some have said this is Atlas.
  10. Seems odd that with the current tour just starting that these would all be leaked.
  11. Will be interesting to see what comes next, but why now do all these come out? Can we deny that the Guns camp have anything to do with this?
  12. The Blues 2001 is gone from YouTube but there’s a 2002 version unless it’s the same thing. Earlier there were two versions.
  13. TWAT without the extended solo isn’t as good imo.
  14. It would just be nice to hear. What’s the consensus on the clip on YouTube that has the sitar at the beginning?