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  1. I’d personally like the album to be written by Slash and Duff with contributions from Matt and Gilby but never gonna happen. I hope Izzy is involved to some extent.
  2. Who is the MVP of GNR?

    Duff for being the bridge between Axl and Slash. Then Slash for saving this basically dead band.
  3. I’d only want the 1999 version of the album as a bonus if they would re-release CD. I don’t give a fuck about the remix album as all the ones I heard did nothing for me. Add Checkmate, Atlas, and The General on there and I’d buy.
  4. Axl doesn’t seem the type to me that would like extreme metal, in regards to Solstafir.
  5. Would be very interesting to hear those 7 songs
  6. Please tell me you’re joking about Maiden.
  7. Or did Slash win because Axl had no choice. It was either Slash or dive bars
  8. In an alternate universe Guns never broke up and they continued to release new albums on a consistent basis. In another alternate universe Axl released the three albums with nuGuns.
  9. Guns N‘ Roses Tattoos

    I have the AFD cross in the same spot as Axl
  10. What if D.J. and Bumblefoot were never a part of GNR?

    I think Slash would have come back much much sooner had Bumble never joined. I could see it possibly being Izzy and Slash in 2006.
  11. It makes sense. I wonder what a combo of Slash and Robin would be like.
  12. I think Axl saw Robin as the new Slash and that’s why he was so close to him.
  13. The album version lacks those little guitar fills that make the song.
  14. How bad did the CD tour do?

    Saw them in 2006 in Huntington, WV and if I remember right it was probably 85-90% full. I got a pit ticket outside for cheap which was cool. I think something that helped was that people were expecting CD to drop that year.
  15. Great show. Axl sounded really good. I’d give him a 7/10 for most of it and 9/10 at some points. My only complaint is too many covers and too much jamming.