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  1. The first rule of GNR is that you do not talk about GNR.
  2. Gotta say Axl sounds fucking good on this
  3. I’m thinking of the Axl interview where the guy asks him if they’re like Maiden and Axl says “I hope not.” At least Maiden give a shit about their fans and being creative enough to want to write new albums and most importantly, release them.
  4. I’d rather he reform Snakepit with Rod Jackson
  5. Special Alert for GNR Fans!

    I already have 2 original copies on tape along with all other GNR albums so I’ll pass
  6. I’d personally like the album to be written by Slash and Duff with contributions from Matt and Gilby but never gonna happen. I hope Izzy is involved to some extent.
  7. Who is the MVP of GNR?

    Duff for being the bridge between Axl and Slash. Then Slash for saving this basically dead band.
  8. I’d only want the 1999 version of the album as a bonus if they would re-release CD. I don’t give a fuck about the remix album as all the ones I heard did nothing for me. Add Checkmate, Atlas, and The General on there and I’d buy.
  9. Axl doesn’t seem the type to me that would like extreme metal, in regards to Solstafir.
  10. Would be very interesting to hear those 7 songs
  11. Please tell me you’re joking about Maiden.
  12. Or did Slash win because Axl had no choice. It was either Slash or dive bars
  13. In an alternate universe Guns never broke up and they continued to release new albums on a consistent basis. In another alternate universe Axl released the three albums with nuGuns.
  14. Guns N‘ Roses Tattoos

    I have the AFD cross in the same spot as Axl