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  1. Don't know what Axl's talking about in regards to double bass on AFD. There is no double kick used on the album whatsoever. Remember they took away Steven's 2nd kick drum.
  2. I can see why too. They abandoned everything they were about and what brought them to the dance: metal. Anyway, with Guns I think an album between 94-96 would have done extremely well. By 96 Grunge was dead and a GNR album would have filled the void. I remember during that time that even teenagers were still discovering and listening to Guns. Great music doesn't just go away and become buried. People always find the older bands and always will.
  3. Next GN'R Album Name Rumors?

    I always liked the title 2000 Intentions. Could use that if an album ever comes into being. Stay of Execution is also a very good title, or could call it Use Your Illusion III I suppose.
  4. I'm going to the Guns show in Madrid (well Download Fest), anyone else gonna be there? Very curious to hear Dizzy's response to questions about new music and the setlist. I imagine he won't say much but you never know.
  5. I think that's a good point to make, the quick and massive success the band had pretty early on. Sometimes when a situation like that occurs one may feel a bit entitled and perhaps Axl thought that since the band was huge, he could take things easy and not be so gung ho anymore because he knew things would stay on that level. Ultimately I think there were many factors that halted the band and in some ways it was just destiny for the band to implode. It took 20 years but I think that period was necessary for the big 3 guys to realize what they had together. Now I'm curious, which song did Sean not work on? I'd have to go with Shacklers but who knows. Did he say? Haven't had time to listen to the interview yet.
  6. I'm convinced that if he could do it, Axl would have played all instruments on CD. The part about the vocals is interesting, especially when you compare the timelines of UYI and CD. The Illusions would have been out in 89/90 had Axl not kept holding it up due to concerns over his vocals. Perhaps if Slash had been there, CD would have been out many years before it finally did.
  7. I'll agree that Korn isn't metal. That's about it though. Slash and Duff are back and the partnership is the big 3 guys. Bucket, Finck, Tommy, Axl's gardener, were not a part of the partnership. Hence forth, a solo album.
  8. Exactly as Ronin said. A fucking solo album with session guys whose stuff was compiled bit by bit.
  9. We now believe even more.
  10. Oh Jesus. It doesn't matter who has a writing credit or not on the album. The fact is that it was Axl's vision and not 5 guys all writing as a band. If Axl said he wanted 10 piano ballads and no rockers there would be exactly that. CD is a solo album and a failed one at that. Nobody bought the charade that NuGNR was an actual band like the original was except for some tranny in South America with a DJ Assba fetish.
  11. Lol, ok so he just said write whatever you want. I don't give a fuck what it sounds like. Yeah right. Face it, it's an Axl solo album.
  12. You think Axl didn't have any control over what was written? I guarantee he told those guys exactly what he wanted and had to approve of each riff, each solo, etc. If someone came to Axl with a riff he didn't like I can guarantee that riff didn't end up on the album.
  13. I'm in two bands and in one I write all the music cause I'm the only guitar player, and the other I do lead guitar. In the latter it's me and two other guys who are basically session live guys for the time being. We learn the songs that the main guy wrote and recorded. It's his vision and his alone that has any merit. We're there to do a job and that's rounding out the lineup so we can do live gigs. After we tour we will become full members and write as a band. See any similarities (other than the becoming full members/writing as a band part?) NuGNR was AXL'S SOLO PROJECT. His band members did exactly what I'm doing now: learning someone else's music. How anyone can call GNR 99-2015 an actual band and not laugh at the same time is either a moron, diluted, ignorant, or all of the above.
  14. Which songs should they add/drop?

    Drop all covers including LALD and KOHD except add It's Alright back before November Rain. Add Perfect Crime, Bad Apples, Don't Damn Me, Locomotive, etc. Unrealistic: add Oh My God, Atlas, The General, Checkmate.