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  1. Will this be the night we finally get Hard School I wonder.
  2. Other than The Police, KISS is like the worst band of all time. They have literally 4 songs I like and that's it. But whatever, let their fans continue to be lured in by KISS coffins and KISS underwear.
  3. Dead Horse and Locomotive at the same show. Comon Axl, break out Hard School now.
  4. I think they have the potential to sound good, absolutely. I'm just concerned if they break out Dead Horse he'd sound like shit, cause that has a lot of high rasp notes.
  5. He may still like that music but won't let it come out into new Guns material. Slash and Duff probably wouldn't be into it, since Duff at least didn't want to work on Oh My God. I play in a black metal band and I like classic rock and ambient music, etc, but I don't bring it into my band's music.
  6. Slash killed Locomotive. Goddamn he was dead on, especially his solos. Axl sounded good on it too. Makes me think that the possibility of them breaking out Hard School and Dead Horse are higher now.
  7. State of Grace is ok. Zodiac doesn't do much for me, same as Eye On You. Perhaps is alright though.
  8. Of all the leaks, only Hard School, Atlas, Me and My Elvis, and Oklahoma should be used. Make the rest brand new material.
  9. Why no Street of Dreams?

    Yeah two men can be really close of course. I'm close with a couple of my friends, but the lyrics to me seem more about a romantic relationship gone wrong.
  10. Why no Street of Dreams?

    I still don't believe the song is about Slash. If so, Axl sure has some problems.
  11. 1. November Rain 2. Estranged 3. Locomotive 4. Perfect Crime 5. The Blues (recent leak version)
  12. Hopefully Izzy has or will have a hand in writing for the new album. I imagine he'd be down if they asked him.
  13. Where did the magazines get titles like Zip It, Friend or Foe, Cock-a-roach Soup, Hearts Always Get Killed, Closing In On You, etc from?
  14. The big "Fuck Bob Ezrin" thread

    The only really industrial songs I've heard are Silkworms, Oh My God, and Eye on You. The others mentioned don't really sound in any way industrial.
  15. November Rain doesn't have a chorus, same with Estranged. Hard School is the obvious choice for a first single. Add a killer Slash solo on there and you've got a great radio song.