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  1. I assumed he means general song structures/melodies which he had written and which Axl would have had to work around
  2. I was watching an episode of Frasier last night, as it happens. Love the show - used to watch it all the time a few years back. Cheers has its moments, too.
  3. Boom. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/40945305/daniel-craig-confirms-hell-play-james-bond-again
  4. It seems to be a common thing that he doesn't do many photographs. I met Slash after the show at Nottingham Arena in 2013. There was a queue of probably around fifty of us. We were explicitly told one signature each, and no photographs.
  5. Thanks for uploading - it says a decryption key is needed, though?
  6. It's just a band. It's just music. There's really no benefit in getting so passionate and/or angry about it.
  7. It's just music. It's just a band. It's five men who are able to make their own decisions on things. I'll never understand why people take stuff like this so personally.
  8. Some of those clips are pretty great - I really dig the Chinese Democracy one in particular.
  9. Judas Priest thread

    Love the Priest - looking forward to the new record and (hopefully) the subsequent tour. You're not missing much. Cathedral Spires from Jugulator is probably worth a try, though.
  10. I was there both nights and thought he sounded fine. Don't listen to the bitching. If the people at the shows enjoy it, that's all matters. They're the ones who bought the tickets, not people watching online.
  11. No. I just did both nights and London and can safely say I had a great time. That's more than good enough for me.
  12. Us Brits don't do well in such temperatures. It scares and confuses us. Though it does at least mean that the ladies bring the skirts, shorts and sandals out....
  13. Now on the coach after the gig. Another solid show - Axl in particular seemed a lot more fired up and into it tonight. The crowd in the GC again seemed a bit subdued than you might expect - very likely due to the serious heat. The place was boiling today! But the band played great, and the setlist variances made it worth doing both nights. Still seems like I'm destined never to see TWAT live though