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  1. Locomotive outro without question. Breakdown is such a great song, almost ruined by that spoken outro section by Axl. What WAS he thinking with that? Beyond that, the song (both songs, in fact) are superb. But that Locomotive outro
  2. I always thought it was "I'm gonna be mean"
  3. Usually it's "good fucking night"
  4. Interesting - what's the story there?
  5. Got the Live Nation pre-sale tickets today for me and a few friends. Roll on August
  6. Maiden, Guns and Priest all together? Plus Ozzy and Megadeth? I normally hate festivals, but I have to admit that is pretty superb.
  7. Do we know if they're going to be doing the ticketless entry system again?
  8. Just heard it. Not bad - the quotes are a little high in the mix, but then the solo is also given a little more emphasis at the same time. Seems, on the whole, more in line with the 2001-2002 performances. I like it, and I also prefer the song without the intro synths that ended up on the final version. I remember first hearing the 2007 Maddy leak (and then the final album version) and being amazed at how differently Axl sung it to before. Not bad, just different, but the cleaner vocals seems to work better. IMO, the 2001 Rio version is still the definitive version of that song.
  9. Sounds like I missed something.... Anyone able to Pleasure Me?
  10. Incidentally, though - I'd FAR rather they get themselves back into the studio before they set foot on another stage. In two weeks' time it'll have been 9 years exactly since CD came out and there's not been any serious peep about anything new being put out. 6 albums in 30 years, one of which is a covers album, is NOT enough for a band this good.
  11. Looking at the Download announcement, they've made no comment that it's their only UK show. So it's probably a safe bet that arena shows will follow at some point, so I'm going to hold out for them.
  12. That's very true. With any luck, a few other dates here and there will be announced. In 2006 they did both Download and a full UK tour, so fingers crossed. I can't see that they've said this date is their sole UK gig, either.