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  1. The 6 Nations thread.

    Thought I'd have heard them all by now but suckerpunched at the end you baldy fucker 😄
  2. The 6 Nations thread.

    Shame because a lot in that Irish side have had the beating of knew Zealand over the last 5 years or so whether with Ireland or the Lions. Ireland seem.to have gone backwards in the last year.
  3. British Politics

    The technique is awful. This is more promising...Shows the defender the ball then drops the shoulder in.
  4. British Politics

    Its a terrible rugby tackle, in fact it would be a penalty as he doesn't wrap his arms around he just shoulder barges.
  5. British Politics

    What the hell was that thing I was watching last night, The Draft. It looked like a fucking game show with ex players choosing players or some bollocks. So it's 100 balls an innings? They just might as well just toss a coin and choose the winner that way.
  6. British Politics

    I'm a peaceful observer. I still believe it was a million I want a recount.
  7. British Politics

    I think it has a bit.
  8. British Politics

    Don't take the piss please, not in this thread. This thread is for politics and politics only not joking around. That goes for you too you fat cunt fairs fair 😄
  9. British Politics

    Why did big Mog bring little Mog to parliament today? Its not bring your fucking Mog to work day. It's a pretty emotive vote they were having and he must have known there would be protests. Shame on him for using his child to suck cretins like you in. I know though i know, you don't care.
  10. British Politics

    I've had more of your hot dinners than you've had hot dinners 😄 I just made that up on the spot😄
  11. British Politics

    Whatever way you voted three years ago I think it's turned into a complete mess and that ruddy cheeked pig fucker should be held accountable.
  12. The Boxing Thread

    Fuck that
  13. British Politics

    Are we counting people or tents? There are loads of tents in the outer fields that must have at least two or three people in them.
  14. British Politics

    What are your sources for that figure baldy?
  15. British Politics

    I want to know how I can win the van. Do they still have the tits on page 3?