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  1. Oreo cookies

  2. Oreo cookies

  3. Oreo cookies

    Shaolin shadow boxing
  4. Oreo cookies

    I stand by everything I said even though I can't remember what I said 😁 can I get a WU TANG
  5. Oreo cookies

    I've drunk so much this afternoon
  6. Oreo cookies

    Not my era so I don't give a fuck. It's like you don't give a shit about Charlie George when Arsenal are playing next Saturday. Is any sport more nostalgic than boxing.
  7. Oreo cookies

    Fucking loves Del Boy (sorry, WAR😁). I'm a big fan of Whyte he is game as they come and deserves another title attempt somewhere along the line but I hope Chisora pulls this one off the mad bastard.

    A complete fucking joke. I would seriously be looking to sell every single player asap except for Martial, Rashford and the goalie. Fucking useless not good enough by a million miles.
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    Fucking hell Grace that's a new twist on Brexit.
  10. The Boxing Thread

  11. General Chat / Random Musings

    A Christmas cracker is small cheap gift inserted into the cardboard tube that holds toilet paper. (There is a strip of cardboard running through the middle with a small gunpowder charge )It's stuffed with a folded up piece of paper to wear as a hat and another slip of paper with a little joke or word of wisdom.
  12. Oreo cookies

    I do like these but they taste a bit like toothpaste if you eat too many.
  13. The Boxing Thread

    Luke is so far gone at this point doing a few Hail Mary's will be as pointless as the popes cock. It's self flagellation now for you Luke my boy.
  14. Oreo cookies

    I'm on a Bechams flu relief all dayer so after some wine this evening I'll revisit the Oreos and see what I think.
  15. Oreo cookies

    I don't like them they don't taste of chocolate. It's just a dark biscuit with overly sweet icing in the middle.