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  1. In the Summer-time!

    Same😄 Read yours aswell from when you were 21 bless. I read it in a high pitched Scottish accent. And @Dazey youthful adventures before he became a total degenerate husk of a man. Who if not in the local Spoons sits around in his pants all day playing computer games and drinking Stella. From hitting the open road taking in the sights of "Frisco" hanging with his new buddies on the West coast to essentially becoming Bernard Manning in less than a decade is quite remarkable really.
  2. General Chat / Random Musings

    Its Wildean. I sometimes question why I carry on coming to this site after over 10 years and that post is the answer😂
  3. General Chat / Random Musings

    What is Generation X exactly? I always thought it was slackers from the 90s listening to Sonic Youth and getting jobs in IT. Actually I've got no fucking clue what it is.
  4. General Chat / Random Musings

    Up north they call those Would, Would and Wouldn't.
  5. Kindness

    He is a vegan now old Rick.
  6. Kindness

    You should have kept watching. Joanna Lumley was on it. What that woman can do just by speaking in a posh voice is basically porn.
  7. We need a cricket thread here

    The value is always in betting against England in Test matches. England are always ridiculously overpriced by the bookies in a home series.
  8. British Politics

    It's like me taking the piss out of @DieselDaisy for being bald. I know he's probably not bald and that's what amuses me about doing it. (That and because he bites everytime 😄). So if he posted a picture of himself and he had a smooth head like a fucking snooker ball it would ruin it for me.
  9. General Chat / Random Musings

    And did you?
  10. General Chat / Random Musings

    You have to bury your face in a load of froth to drink any of that pint. You come up looking like you've been custard pied for half a sip of beer.
  11. British Politics

    But there does come a point where there's no where else to go with someone like Boris Johnson. You'd have to start going into the realms of the surreal and fantasy to take it further than he has gone in real life. He's already got stuck on a zip wire in union Jack helmet and fucking poleaxed a Chinese kid when having staged game of rugby 😂 Those would be good spitting image sketches but he's already fucking done it 😂
  12. British Politics

    It used to be proper puppets like Punch and Judy when I was a kid. I liked the Kinnock and Major characters.Major was all grey and Kinnock was a burgular trying to break into number 10 😄
  13. I know 😄 Straight out of the Jolly Roger Cookbook
  14. General Chat / Random Musings

    Pity it didn't happen at night then they could have charged a few quid for that.
  15. The Boxing Thread

    I agree, I got that same vibe from the middleweight behind the gloves that he did. The only unbeaten fighter there, ok you can debate the resumes etc but unbeaten as champion is impressive. I think at the time Froch just didn't interest him. I certainly don't think he ducked him. I think if towards the end of Joe's career Froch was a fight that was 80k at Wembely he would have got up for it and beat him comfortably. Having said that, at the time Froch seemed more dangerous prospect than what he actually turned out to be.