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  1. British Politics

    What i meant cue ball is in the sense that an appointment to have your leg amputated is the date your leg is gone but the physio resulting from it learning to get around etc will take a lot longer.
  2. British Politics

    Its miles away from being done. When we leave that's just the start.
  3. British Politics

    Probably. But what he's saying is correct unfortunately Gra, as depressing as that is.
  4. British Politics

    Where's the shrooms and carbs?
  5. General Chat / Random Musings

    Its like toothpaste in chocolate fucking rank.
  6. British Politics

    It's a feint at worst. The fact remains that the NHS arrived under a Labour government. Both you and I know if we go back 80 years and trawl through any party manifesto every single sentence and paragraph will be carefully worded to paint the party in the best possible light. If you really wanted to hold up each and every statement said politician has said over the last 80 years to the flimsiest scrutiny you'd get these sort of shocking (not in the slightest) revelations. But you've focused on one particular Labour one which isn't even a lie. Its reasonable and predictable for you to do that because you don't want a Labour government which is fair enough. But it's disingenious to pretend every other party doesn't use these sort of tactics. You bald headed fucker you.
  7. British Politics

    That's all bluster and a flourish of dates that have no relevance to anything.
  8. Mice

    I'll make an example of this one and then hopefully the word will get out.
  9. Mice

    Its just weird having something untamed running around the house pissing and shitting anywhere they want. If I go to sleep whats to say it's not gonna run across my face or somthing? No no no no fuck that. Its in hand anyway. Yesterday I bought 3 spring traps, 4 bait stations loaded with poison, and nine sticky sheets which I sprinkled a digestive biscuit on and put all over the house. If I catch it alive in the sticky trap and I'm feeling kind I might set it free up the park but I'll probably just chuck it in a bucket of water.

    Too far behind to challenge now and Liverpool definately wont mess this up now. The league is pretty much dead as a spectacle now. Top three sorted, one more CL spot but how interesting is that race for 4th really? Chelsea probably but who really cares. Then you've got Europa league qualification and again with respect, who gives a fuck about that. Relegation will be Watford, Norwich and Southampton and the rest will just drift along like they always do.
  11. We need a cricket thread here

    There is a game on at the moment where an outfit called the Falcon Hunters are taking on the Heat Stormers in a ten over match. Seriously where is the appetite for this shite? It is a terrible thing to watch must be even worse live. Go all the way to the ground, find somewhere to sit, duck out of the way of a few 6's and it's all over, finished. Why not just have a zero overs match and toss a coin. Terrible technique.
  12. The Boxing Thread

    Have you got a decent stream mine are all closed down.
  13. The Boxing Thread

    Hunter and Povetkin is a good fight.
  14. Mice

    Yes, thank you Graeme 😄
  15. Mice

    I haven't figured that out for certain but I have a utility room where we keep the washing machine and their is a vent which goes outside but it's about 6 inches off the floor and the grill is very narrow. So unless it/they dived through I don't know. Or maybe there is s gap somewhere I haven't found.