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  1. The Boxing Thread

    Yeah fair play to Warrington he set about him in the first round and kept it up pretty well the whole fight. Got to give him credit there was only one winner in that fight. Cracking fight though.
  2. The Boxing Thread

    Kaiser chiefs what the fuck is this guy on
  3. What can you say at this point? Fucking ridiculous.
  4. The Boxing Thread

    Me too. Ive got fifty quid on it.
  5. The love/sex/relationship thread

    She's had her curtains drawn for 3 days now after what happened. Drinking gin she was at noon. I should think she would be embarressed. I happened to glanced in earlier on the way to the shops not being nosey mind, just popped over the fence and shimmeyed up the drainpipe you couldn't miss her sat outside the tart..... and did I tell you Joans daughter is on the game?
  6. Bill Cosby

    I always thought the way he spoke in that show made it sound like he'd had a stroke. Turns out I was right 😁
  7. General Chat / Random Musings

    Not the third one. That ones got no chance whatsoever of getting the top job so will just be another gormless looking twat poncing around the countryside in a land rover and meeting the occasional aids victim or Polynesian diplomat.
  8. Trunk: “Rock Stars do not want to meet you”

    Never in a million years would I pay to meet anybody famous. It's the most demeaning thing I can imagine.
  9. We need a cricket thread here

    @DieselDaisy What do you think off this? Might as well just toss a bloody coin if you ask me. www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/43824037
  10. Your view, right now

    Is that the Premier Inn in Bloomsbury?
  11. General Chat / Random Musings

    They will be fruit pasties Jan, duh the article clearly says it just meat version that are held back before 9. Don' look happy do they.
  12. General Chat / Random Musings

    I always assumed Timmy Mallet would be getting Yewtree'd at some point. Maybe plod will have another look now.
  13. The Boxing Thread

  14. The Boxing Thread

    Andrew Selby is pretty handy aswell. I dont think Warrington can win. The Leeds fans might lift him at the end of the early rounds but out pointing him over the distance is not gonna happen.
  15. The Boxing Thread

    Who do you reckon wins in the Selby/Warrington fight Len?