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  1. Your all like a bunch of little kids having a cry over who said what at lunch time or who took the last lollipop get over yourselves what's makes amaninjapan the god of lithographs anyways thruth is unless the band make some statement nobody knows the truth behind any of these in unumbered Lithographs that a floating around on Fleebay
  2. Anyone from Australia got there's yet
  3. Yes I have and very happy with the product
  4. Ok so there is someone selling a weekend one Coachella on fleebay $1600 USD any takers
  5. Yep Perth here got my email on Thursday saying it's been shipped
  6. Hello guys and girls has anyone received or got an email about the new nightrain packages yet
  7. Not in this lifetime tour items

    What else do you have man
  8. Hello all can anyone tell me if there was a second buffalo lithograph cheers
  9. really where man I've had a look and can't find them
  10. I'm going buy one of them that is numbered and if I think it's a fake I'm just going to get my coin back
  11. So we're all lithographs on the tour numbered yes or no
  12. Most of his lithographs aren't numbered at all
  13. Haha more than likely a fake just like the rest of his on eBay
  14. yes some people are greedy for cash just go to the show and buy merchandise them boom on eBay for 4 times the price before the show even starts see me I'm at the other end of the scale when it comes to trading lithographs i wish people would sell them as well as trade them because I'm getting my lithograph collection together like most people are doing but I'm only getting certain designs that i like and not collecting every single one like most people are doing and i suppose other will be doing what I'm doing as well just getting the ones they like but why not sell them as well for what people are prepared to pay then that way you have cash in your pocket for other lithographs that may come up for sale because people don't want to trade but this is just my opinion