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  1. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    1. That SCOM sucks. 2. That Crash Diet is the best GNR non-directly-related track EVER. 3. That the 2016 version of Rocket Queen at the Apollo was one of the best band performances I've ever seen. 4. That Buckethead was not a good fit for the band. 5. That DJ Ashba or Bumble are not good players (they are technical but zero emotion or charisma there). 6. That Melissa is better than Chris Pitman. 7. That the band doesn't need Dizzy Reed (Teddy Zig Zag Andreas was a cooler and more talented musician to be there). 8. That both Slash's Snakepit CDs would be the best GNR work with Axl's voice on it. 9. That none of the guys are as good in their solo career's as when they are together (Izzy's work is awful, after Snakepit Slash just produced generic rock, Duff is good, but His songs are not that eletric, Matt's awfull, Steven's just awful work, Gilby is cool but too Rolling Stone-esc, ChiDem, well, you know). 10. And that Izzy may have the charisma, but the best rythm that the band had ever had was Fortus.